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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me. Your opinions are welcome but your attacks are not.


Every week when I was at the contractor’s office, I tried to at least catch a glimpse of Sonya, usually as she was leaving the meeting that was before mine. We’d sat in plenty of meetings together early in the project, so I’d had plenty of opportunity to check her out and I definitely missed that. She might not be somebody that every guy would drool over, but she certainly got plenty of attention. She worked for a contractor, so she was tough and she was fit with sandy-blonde hair and a really nice set of tits on her thin frame. It was interesting because sometimes you barely realized what a rack she had and other times it was like she was putting those babies out on display. On those days, I had to be particularly careful not to get distracted and end up staring. So far, I think I’d done pretty well.

“Hey, how come you blew off our happy hour?” she asked as we were passing between meetings one Wednesday morning.

“You mean the one last Friday?” I asked, “That’d be because I found out about it yesterday.”

“Well make sure you show up this week, then,” she replied, as she went on her way, “No excuses.”

Naturally I made sure that my calendar was open on Friday evening, not only because she’d personally invited me, but also because I’d never had the opportunity to socialize with her outside of work. I was curious to see if she was a flirt and, if so, who with, especially in front of her coworkers. I would absolutely have had no qualms if it ended up being me but I wasn’t holding my breath. As it turned out, she was friendly but not very flirtatious and she wasn’t really drinking so there was no expectation of alcohol causing things to change. I had a nice time talking to her about things other than the job, though, and we realized that we lived in the same general area. I’d had a few drinks because I’d been planning to take the light rail home but I was also careful not to let the alcohol allow me to say or do anything stupid.

Around the time I was starting to think about hitting the road, Sonya tracked me down.

“Hey, I was getting ready to head out of here and I thought maybe I could give you a ride,” she said.

“Yeah, that’d be great,” I replied, “Let me just hit the bathroom first.”

“I’ll tell you what,” she said, “so that it doesn’t look like we’re leaving together, why don’t I go get my truck and I’ll pick you up around the corner?”

I was cool with that because I imagine her coworkers would give her some shit even if we just happened to walk out the door at the same time. I went and took a leak then grabbed my things and headed out the door. She was idling at the curb around the corner in what was clearly her work truck so I hopped in, noting the bench front seat.

“They don’t make trucks like this anymore, do they?” I mentioned.

“That’s why I hang onto her,” Sonya replied, “She can take a beating on the job site and she isn’t full of electronic toys and storage bins and multiple cup holders.”

“No school like the old school,” I said, “How long have you had her?”

“Long enough to perfect this move,” she replied as she took a turn that sent me sliding across the bench front seat until I was right next to her, “Hi!”

“Hi,” I responded, not sure if I should move back to where I’d been or if she wanted me right next to her, “You use that move much?”

“I only use it when I mean it,” she stated then turned her head to face me since we’d stopped at a traffic light. We looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before I felt like it was safe to go for a kiss. Turned out it was and it was so well received that we got honked at when the light turned green and we were still kissing. We both laughed as she started driving and when I dropped my hand onto her knee and gave it a squeeze, she slid it to her upper thigh.

“How would you feel about making a stop somewhere along the way so I can show you what else this bench front seat is good for?” she asked as I caressed her inner thigh through her faded jeans.

“That sounds like an outstanding idea,” I replied, letting my fingers brush against her pussy.

She drove to a nearby Park-n-Ride where some of the parking was under a viaduct, which would provide us a bit of seclusion but wouldn’t cause us to stick out or look suspicious. Once she’d parked, Sonya turned toward me as she started unbuttoning her jeans.

“Help me out of these,” she said, so I helped slide them down, revealing yenibosna escort her panties and her long, thin legs. As I cast her jeans aside, she reached for the sides of her panties, but I stopped her. I kissed along her smooth inner thighs until I reached her panties, then started to slide them off myself. Her dark blonde bush was neatly groomed and I wanted to bury my face in it, but I didn’t think that this was going to be the right time for that. If all went well, I was pretty sure I’d eventually get an opportunity, though.

“Now yours,” she said, sitting up, so I unfastened my belt and jeans and started to slide them down along with my underwear. My cock was rigid and popped free and she was reaching for it while getting up onto her knees. I didn’t even have a chance to kick my jeans and shoes off before she was straddling me so I held her waist as she guided my cock toward her pussy. We both moaned as she lowered herself onto my rigid tool, her hot, wet pussy engulfing my full length. I ran my hands around to caress her smooth ass as she started to bounce up and down on my lap before my attention was drawn to her bouncing tits.

Her pussy felt so absolutely incredible as it slid up and down my tool that I had momentarily forgotten how much I’d wanted to get my hands on her tits. My hands were soon traveling up her back from her ass to unfasten her bra, then around to caress the soft, smooth flesh. I wondered if finally getting my hands on her tits had caused my cock to become even harder because Sonya suddenly moaned and seemed to ride me even harder. I suppose it could have just been my hands on her tits and caressing her hard nipples that had done that so I continued to fondle them while pushing her shirt up so I could get a look at them.

I was definitely not disappointed when those beauties were exposed. I even stopped caressing them as I held her shirt and bra above them and just watched them bouncing. They were every bit as spectacular as I’d imagined. I couldn’t resist for long, however, and my hands were soon back on them as I started pushing up each time Sonya came down on me. She was moaning pretty continuously and I could feel her pussy becoming even hotter and wetter the longer she was riding me. When she dropped hard onto my lap and remained there as her entire body trembled, I was definitely pleased that she’d cum so quickly because it would bode well for future encounters.

“That’s one thing a bench seat is good for,” she finally said, breathlessly, “but it’s not the only thing.”

She climbed off of me and I was only briefly disappointed that her tits moved away from my hands because she got on all-fours beside me, her ass aimed right at me. I quickly kicked my jeans and shoes off and got onto my knees on the bench seat. I ran my hands over her sweet ass then straightened up as much as I could without banging my head on the roof and guided my cock back into her hot, slippery pussy. She moaned as I pushed in until my hips were touching her ass, then started to slowly fuck her, holding onto her hips. I noticed that one of her hands had reached back under her and I assumed it was to stroke her clit. Since she was taking care of that herself, I slipped my hands up from her hips to cup her swinging tits once I had a nice rhythm going.

Since I was leaning forward to fondle Sonya’s tits, it wasn’t too bad fucking doggie-style on the front seat of her truck. Her pussy still felt amazing and, though I couldn’t see her tits in this position, I was still beyond stoked by the opportunity to get my hands on them. She was pushing back against my incoming thrusts so I was giving her maximum penetration and she was clearly happy about that. Her soft moaning was growing in volume the longer we were fucking and she was pushing back harder so I didn’t have much choice but to pick up the pace. I could feel an orgasm beginning to build, which wasn’t surprising given how her pussy just continued to get even hotter and more slippery. She was apparently working some magic with her fingers, though, because her body started to shake again and it was clear that she was having another orgasm.

I continued fucking her as she came but, once she’d let out a sigh and her hand slipped out from under her, I extracted my cock from her hot pussy and had her flip onto her back. I don’t know if she was expecting me to mount her in the missionary position, but I moved up and straddled her, pushing her shirt and bra up to her chin. I lay my cock between her succulent tits and then squeezed them against it before starting to fuck her cleavage. This position was awesome because I could see and feel her tits, both in my hands and against my tool, but I could also look at her face and watch her varying expressions. She seemed focused on my cockhead as it disappeared and reappeared, though I wasn’t sure if she was watching for my cumshot.

With her shirt and bra still on her upper chest, I thought it would be a bad idea to just blow my load all over them since she still had to wear them home. I didn’t expect that she’d have an issue zeytinburnu escort with what I had planned instead. She was running her hands along my thighs and ass as I continued to savor the feel of her soft, smooth flesh against my throbbing cock. My orgasm was slowly building and was relishing the increasing pleasure. When I knew I was getting dangerously close to cumming, I released her tits and moved up so that my cock approached her face. She immediately took it in one hand and guided it to her mouth. I moaned as she engulfed it.

I started to move my hips, fucking her mouth as she pumped the base of my cock, my orgasm building even more quickly. It didn’t take long before my cock was swelling even more in anticipation of blowing my load down her throat. I let out a cry when I finally exploded into her mouth and she hungrily swallowed my load, continuing to suck my cock until I was completely spent. When I pulled it from her mouth and moved off of her, we both sat there, partially dressed, to catch our breath.

“I’m assuming those aren’t the only things this seat is good for,” I finally said.

“No,” she replied, “definitely not. I take it you are interested in further demonstrations.”

“Absolutely,” I told her, “I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed myself so much.”

She moved toward me and we made out for a bit before deciding it might be a good idea to pull our clothes back on. I watched her, wanting to get a few last looks at her tits and her blonde bush before they were covered, then pulled my jeans and underwear back on. Once we were both dressed, we made out again for a bit before we headed out and she dropped me off. Neither of us was available over the weekend, but we knew we’d see each other at a meeting early the following week. I guessed that we’d see then if the fire was still burning for both of us and we’d figure out then what our next step should be.

When I walked into the meeting I couldn’t help but wonder whether she looked so spectacular because she knew she’d be seeing me. I knew that I’d been particular about how I looked and how I’d dressed that morning because I knew I’d be seeing her. It was also one of those days, whether because of me or not, that she had her tits right out on display. I noticed a lot of guys looking and she certainly didn’t seem to be trying to discourage it. I was not surprised after the meeting when she asked if she could speak to me in her office. I knew that her office had one big glass wall so we definitely wouldn’t be able to do anything in there, but I was hoping that she had a plan of some kind because I so wanted to get my hands on her tits again.

“Do you mind if I stare openly at your breasts?” I asked in a low voice after confirming that no one else was within earshot.

“I’d hoped you’d want to,” she replied, “but I’d rather give you the opportunity to fuck them again.”

“More fun in your truck?” I asked.

“Well, we’d have to move it,” she said, “because we couldn’t in the parking lot here. I was wondering if there might be someplace else for this time, though.”

“What about one of your conference rooms?” I asked.

“They all have windows, though,” she replied, “What about at your office?”

“It seems as though any room with a door has a window alongside it,” I said, “except for one conference room. It has a window, but for some reason there is only this one that has frosted glass. How about if I go back to my office and confirm whether it is available and, if it is, we’ll set up a meeting in there?”

“Perfect,” she replied, “and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll pick you up and we’ll use my truck again.”

“Excellent,” I responded and had to fight the urge to give her a kiss. Instead, I headed back to my office, which was only ten blocks away. I found the conference room I wanted unoccupied so I reserved it for a couple of hours and called Sonya who was immediately on her way. When she arrived, we headed into the conference room as if we were having a meeting, then closed the door. It didn’t have a lock on it but the table was small enough that we were able to move it against the door so that no one could walk in on us. That done, we were in each other’s arms, making out. Of course my hands started out on her ass, but soon moved up to caress her luscious tits. Since we had to separate for me to fondle her tits, she reached between us and started to open my pants. My cock was rock hard and she was soon pumping it in her hand.

“Sit down, I want to do something,” she finally said. I sat with my pants and underwear at my ankles while she pulled her blouse up over her head, revealing an incredibly sexy, low-cut bra. She leaned forward to give me a good look at her succulent cleavage while reaching back to unfasten her bra, which then went slack and slid down to reveal her fleshy beauties. She brought them close to my face as her bra dropped to the floor so I reached out to caress them while licking and sucking her hard nipples. She moaned softly while indulging me for a few minutes before dropping to her knees and acıbadem escort squeezing her tits around my throbbing tool. I relished the feeling as she slid the soft, smooth flesh up and down.

She started out slowly but gradually found a rhythm and increased her pace. I was totally cool with blowing a load all over her cleavage since I planned to bury my face in her pussy once I’d cum, so I was just savoring the pleasure I was feeling. Although she’d occasionally smile up at me, her focus seemed to be on her tits and my cock, which was okay because that was where my focus was, as well. I could feel an orgasm slowly beginning to build but, before I had a chance to spew on her tits, Sonya changed things up. I don’t know if she started feeling some discomfort or if she was just craving a mouthful of cock, but she ended up letting go of her tits and engulfing my tool in her mouth.

I let out a soft moan as she inhaled my tool then she gripped the base and started to pump it as she slid her mouth up and down. I continued to watch, absolutely aroused even more seeing my tool disappear into her mouth. My orgasm continued to build even faster as a result of her superior oral skills and the level of pleasure I was feeling was incredibly intense. I wasn’t trying to hold back to enjoy the pleasure for longer, especially given where we were, but she skillfully drew out the pleasure I was feeling. When I finally exploded into her mouth, it was with a feeling of relief as well as satisfaction. She continued to suck me off until I was completely spent, swallowing my load before letting my softening cock fall from her mouth.

“That was fantastic,” I told her as she smiled up at me, “but now it’s your turn.”

She didn’t try to argue or suggest that it wasn’t necessary, which I appreciated. I helped her to stand then started to open her jeans after a quick caress of her succulent titties. Her jeans and panties were quickly at her ankles and she stepped out of them as I kissed her lower abdomen and hips. Since she was completely naked, I kicked off my shoes and likewise shed the rest of my clothes. I stood, running my hands over her bare ass and tits as I leaned down to kiss her. As we made out, I lifted her and carried her to the table, setting her down on the edge. I turned and grabbed the closest chair, then sat before her as she lay back and spread her legs.

Her dark blonde bush was well-groomed and I briefly admired it before kissing her smooth inner thighs, working my way closer to it. As I ran my tongue up along her slit, tasting the abundant juices that were flowing, I felt her hand land on my head. I glanced up and could see that her free hand was alternating from one tit to the other, gently tugging her hard nipples. I smiled as I realized that even she couldn’t keep her hands off of her luscious tits. I focused my efforts on providing her with a high degree of pleasure for an extended period of time. My goal was not just to make her cum; I wanted her to cum after experiencing a great deal of pleasure while building up to an intense orgasm.

I lapped at her pussy for a bit before slipping a finger into her while focusing the actions of my tongue on her clit. She gasped as I began to lick and suck her clit and when I easily slipped a second finger into her due to the copious lubrication, she let out a soft moan. I was going slowly at first, focusing on her pleasure, which, based on the occasional soft gasp and the subtle movement of her hips, was being achieved. As much as my focus was typically on her tits going back to the first few times I’d seen her, since I’d gotten my first look at her pussy in her truck that evening, I had been thinking about that a lot. With our professional relationship I knew there was no promise of anything consistent between us in the future, so I was eating and savoring her pussy as if it was the last chance I’d have to do so.

As her hip gyrations were becoming more pronounced, I gradually picked up my pace in response. I could feel her pussy, already hot and slippery, becoming more engorged as, I presumed, she got closer to cumming. I could tell that she was having trouble suppressing the moans that wanted to escape and her other hand soon joined the first on the back of my head. She was forcing her pussy up toward my face and I was enthusiastically devouring it. Glancing up again, I couldn’t see her face beyond the mountains of her tits, squeezed together between her arms. She was starting to tense up while I continued to eat her and, finally, just as she was nearly rigid, her body went limp and began to tremble.

I didn’t let up and I like to think that is why she came so long and so hard. I could feel the table vibrating as she came and hoped that it wasn’t making any noise on the other side of the door. Only after she finally went still did I raise my head and slip my fingers from her juicy pussy into my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised that my cock was almost fully rigid again at this point so I stood up and, even though I wasn’t completely hard, I was able to slip easily into her pussy due to the flood of lubrication that came with her orgasm. She moaned softly as I eased all the way into her, smiling up at me as she brought her legs up and rested them on my shoulders. I started fucking her slowly, leaning forward to caress her tits, but this time it did seem like the table was vibrating the door. When I couldn’t make any adjustments to make it stop, I figured it would be a good idea to change positions.

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