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(This is a continuation of a Mother’s training of Her 18-yo daughter; read Chapters 1 & 2 first, please)


I awoke to the sound of Jessica’s alarm clock. It was Friday morning and the girls had to go to school. Damn.

We were still in a jumble of arms and legs on Jessica’s bed, my pretty naked girls and me. Sara got up to start the shower. Turning to Jessica, I wiped the hair from her eyes and told her how much I love her and how proud I was of her. “Now, get ready for school.”

After their shower, Jessica found a pair of jeans and a T-shirt to put on.

“Why don’t you wear a skirt today, Jess? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.”

“Is this OK, Mom?” she asked me, holding up a flowered print skirt.

“That’s fine, honey.” I stopped her again when she started to put on her panties.

“No, Jessica. The whole idea of a skirt is to be bare underneath; to feel the air; to get all hot thinking about being open. And no bra, either.” She looked so pretty when she left; so uncomfortable about not wearing any underwear — just her skirt, T-shirt, sandals, and collar.

“Don’t forget to kiss Mommy goodbye.” She bent down and opened her mouth, pressing her lips to mine. We kissed for only a minute, then I gave Sara her turn. Parting our lips, I told her, “Sara, I really enjoyed last night, but I think Jessica and I need some mother and daughter time by ourselves. You can come back Sunday morning before I leave, though. Hurry home after school, Jess.”

I was waiting for her on the couch when Jessica got home that evening, wearing only my corset.

“New rule, Jessica. As soon as you get home, I want you naked. In fact, as soon as you get inside the building, I want you barefoot. You understand?”

“Yes, Mom,” she answered and started to strip.

“Wait, Jess. As long as you are still dressed this time, why don’t you come over here and strip for me?” She came over and started to strip. Once she was nude, though, she didn’t know what to do and I had to try to talk her through lap dancing. “Oh, never mind,” I finally told her. “I’ll take you to a strip bar so you can see what they do.”

“So how you like not wearing any panties or bra today?”

“It felt kind of weird.”

“Did it make you hot?”

“Yah, sometimes.”

“That’s good, Jess. It’s good to feel all hot and sexy. Take this bag and gather up all of your bras, panties, socks, and pantyhose for me; clean and the ones in the laundry.” She looked confused but went into her room with the shopping bag. When she returned, I had another instruction.

“Now, take this bag and fill it with your jeans and other pants, and all your sneakers. You can leave out one pair of sneakers for gym class.”

By now, she had probably figured the gist of what we were going to do, but she complied without a word.

“Now, get your robe, my robe, and whatever you think are my sexiest shoes. Leave the bags.” When she returned, I directed her to get down and put my shoes on me. I then arose and tied the robe around my waist, before instructing her to do likewise. “Is all of your underwear and socks and stuff in there?”


“And these are all of your jeans and sneakers?”

“‘Cept for my gym pair.”

“Pick up the bags and come with me.” I led her down the hall to the garbage chute. “It felt good to be hot, didn’t it, Jess?”

“Yes,” she answered hesitantly.

“I don’t want you wearing any underwear any more, Jess … and I think you want to go without it too, don’t you?”

“I guess so.”

“Your legs are so pretty. Girls with pretty legs shouldn’t wear pants. At least not girls who are submissive to me. Don’t you agree?”

“I don’t know… I guess so.”

“Well then, you know what to do.” She opened the hatch and dropped the bags down. “We’ll go shopping for some new clothes for you this weekend,” I assured her before we walked back to the apartment

Upon our return to the apartment, however, she forgot to remove her robe. “Jessica, what did I tell you about wearing anything in the apartment?”

“Oh, right. Sorry,” she said and took off her robe.

“I see I’m going to have to remind you. Go into my toy drawer and bring me a paddle.”

“God, I said I was sorry!”

“You just doubled your punishment, Jess. Now get in there!” I commanded, pointing at my bedroom.

I selected a firm, thin switch that I knew would sting enough for her to get my point.

“Bend over and put your hands on the bed, Jess. I’m not going to tie you down; you have to learn to take your punishments. Each time you move away, I am going to add two swats to your punishment. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, ma’am,” she replied in resignation, her ass turned up to face my kartal escort bayan switch.

“Good. Now spread your feet farther apart.”

I pulled back and let my daughter have it, swatting forward and back across her round, young bottom.

“Ahhh!” she screamed.

“Every time you scream, I am adding two more, Jessica.”

I could hear the whistle of the air as I resumed swinging the switch back and forth across Jessica’s round butt cheeks.

“Stand up and turn around,” I commanded.

The tears on Jessica’s face betrayed her otherwise stoic demeanour. Putting aside the switch, I cupped both of her heaving breasts in my hands and caressed them, kneading her firm but soft boobies. Eventually, I concentrated my attentions on her nipples, which I manipulated to full erections.

“Put your arms over your eyes, Jess.” She complied and I whipped the switch across her orbs, hitting the sensitive areolae. Though she naturally flinched, she did not move away. I then held the switch down and swung it up between her outstretched legs, landing it on her slopping wet pussy.

“Eeeeeiiiioooo!” she wailed.

“What did I tell you about screaming, Jessica?! That was going to be your last one, but now you bought yourself two more strokes.” Again, I swung up to strike her tender vagina. This time, however, my daughter didn’t make a sound.

“Good, Jess. Now just one more.” I swung my arm up and she took a step back. “Don’t think that only got you two extra, Jess. That was a deliberate insult!”

I went off, swinging the switch over and over; I moved around her to catch her tits, ass and pussy before finally stopping and stepping back a few feet away.

Snapping my fingers and pointing at the floor, I ordered, “Down!”

Jessica dropped to her knees.

“Crawl over here.”

Jessica crawled across the carpet to me.

I put one foot out in front of me, snapped my fingers again, and pointed at it.

Jessica leaned forward to kiss and lick my toes through the straps of my shoe. “Keep licking your way up, Jessica.”

Her tongue slid along my ankle and up my leg, bringing her face to my crotch, where I pulled it to me tight. My daughter’s tongue fucked my pussy and she tugged at my clit. I came quickly, of course, and kept Jessica down between my legs to bring me off some more. Mum.

Afterwards, I pulled her up to me and kissed her long and passionately.

“You are learning well, my baby. I’m not going to whip you any more tonight, though. Why don’t you take a quick shower and pick out something to wear for dinner across the street. Put your make up on, but leave your clothes off, of course.”

Jessica ran off to her bathroom while I similarly prepared myself. When we were otherwise ready to leave, I let Jessica pull on her skirt and tank top next to the door and pick up her sandals, which she in turn was allowed to put on only once we were up to the outer door. We shared a pleasant meal; something of a cross between mother-daughter love and a woman on a date with a hot, little youngster.

After dinner, Jessica remembered to step out of her sandals as soon as we entered the building and to strip the moment she was in the apartment.

I took her by her hand and led her to my bed, where we made happy, eager, uninhibited love for hours; finally falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Saturday was time for… shopping!

I had just cashed my paycheque, so I was loaded and eager to spend it on my daughter … and on my sexual fantasies. I told Jessica to shower, shave, and pick out some clothes that would make her look like trailer park trash. I don’t know why; I just felt like dressing her up different.

Jessica picked out a denim microskirt, belly shirt, and flip-flops. When I let her get dressed, she looked as trashy as Tanya Harding. I was so turned on, I took her in my arms and pressed my lips to her mouth, diving my tongue in. I grabbed both of her bare ass cheeks in my hands under her skirt. Pulling her cheeks apart, I tickled her anus. “Baby,” I told her when I could finally pull my mouth away from the hot little minx my daughter had become, “when we get home, I am going to fuck your little ass harder and longer than you ever dreamed.”

“Thank you, Mommy,” she replied with a giggle.

More than a few people at the mall turned their heads to leer at Jessica; she looked so cute and trampy … but she was all mine. As we went from store to store, the salesmen — and most of the saleswomen — fought each other over the privilege of waiting on us. The shoe stores were the best; with Jessica’s microskirt, her bare pussy was plainly visible to the clerk helping to put her feet into the whore shoes I picked out for her to escort maltepe wear outside the house. From then on, I decreed, her toes and heals were to be visible at all times.

We picked up some more tiny skirts and revealing tops before concentrating our attention on jewellery. I spotted a fairly large, jingling anklet that would look so hot on my baby.

“Can I have this soldered closed here?” I asked the jeweller.

“Well, yes, ma’am. You want it soldered closed?”

“Yes, on her.” Turning to Jessica, “Baby, sit here and put your right foot on the counter.” Of course, when she did that, the jeweller could see her beautiful, bald pussy. He managed to pay attention to his work long enough to permanently secure the anklet around my daughter’s ankle.

“Mum, perfect,” I cooed when Jessica stood up. I liked it so much I got her a matching belly chain, necklace, and arm bracelet. The only things missing were toe rings, which I quickly remedied. I want her nude, yes, but bejewelled — and since the belly chain and anklet are soldered, they are constant reminders of her enslavement to her mother.

Our last stop was for a much needed small appliance — a laser hair removal kit. “Jessica, your homework this week is to get rid of all of your pussy hair and ass hair. I want you totally smooth without razor bumps… forever. After that, you can take care of your armpits, then legs, and so forth. If you finish your pussy and ass this week, I’ll let you get that navel ring you wanted.”

Jessica’s eyes lit up and she suggested that if we had two lasers, she and Sara could both work on her hair at the same time. I agreed and bought two.

We left the mall, but had another stop to make. I took Jess for her first trip into an adult toy shop. It wasn’t one of those seedy bookstores with horny weirdoes browsing the pornography. Black Market Chicago has clothes and toys in a women’s environment.

“Jessica, while I am in Atlanta, I want you to continue your ass training, so you will be nice and ready for me on the weekend.” Holding a good sized, rubber butt plug, I continued, “Keep this in your bottom all day. Wash it when you shower and when you go to the bathroom; but keep it in the rest of the time.” I also bought her some sparkle crème I’ll have her wear sometime.

Jessica immediately pulled off her flip-flops when we entered the building and pealed down to skin the instant she stepped into our apartment. Without being instructed, she even dropped to her knees in front of me.

“Mommy, thank you for the stuff you bought me today. I’ll get rid of my pubes this week. I promise.”

I reached out and ran my fingers through her hair. “That’s my baby.” I pushed my skirt over my ass and let it fall to the floor. “Don’t spill a drop, Jess or you’ll be scrubbing the carpet.” Her mouth clamped over my urethra and I peed into my daughter’s mouth. She kept up, swallowing fast.

When my bladder was empty, Jessica’s tongue licked around, searching for any last drops of my pee. I kept her face in my pussy for other purposes. Mum… her young mouth was made for pleasuring a woman’s pussy. I came repeatedly, flooding her mouth with my steaming cum.

“Jessica,” I told her, “your pussy eating is great, but I told you before we left I am going to fuck your little asshole raw. I hope you weren’t trying to distract me just now.”

“No, Mommy, I was thanking you for everything you bought me.”

“Well, you’re welcome, baby. Now, fill up an enema bag with hot, soapy water and bring it to me.”

“Yes, Mommy.” I loved the look of her ass as she ran away to obey me.

I was on the couch, nude but for my shoes when Jessica returned with the enema bag. She knelt down and held the bag out for me.

“Hold the bag up with one hand and put your chin on the floor,” I directed while stepping around to her beautiful, upturned ass. I shoved the tip into her tight brownie and opened the clamp.

As the water flowed into her belly, Jessica began to moan. It didn’t sound like a moan of pain, though.

“Is my baby learning to enjoy enemas?” I asked, petting her back.

“Uhhhh. Yes, Mommy.”

“Are you cramping up?”

“Ohhh, yes, Mommy.”

“And you still like it?”

“Yes, Mommy! Ughhh!”

“Good, girl,” I told her, continuing to pet her back. When the bag was empty, I pulled out the tip and led my daughter to my bedroom. “Don’t even think about letting go on the carpet,” I warned her while searching for the necessary toys. “Turn around,” I said with a devilish smile.” I handcuffed her wrists behind her back and picked up a leg spreader bar before leading her to the shower.

“Do you feel like you’re going to burst?” I asked, while securing the spreader pendik escort bar to her ankles. “Well, don’t. For every minute you hold it in while I tickle you, I am going to let you cum once. But you still have to ask my permission before you go, or I will have to punish you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

I lightly scraped my fingernail over Jessica’s belly and she began giggling. This was going to be fun. Soon, I had her hysterical, laughing like a madwoman, pleading for me to stop and to let her open her sphincter.

Pulling my hand away, I acquiesced, “OK, Jessica, you can let it out.”

The filthy water hit the floor of the tub with a splash. I looked at my watch and saw that Jess had earned herself three orgasms. When she was empty, I un-cuffed her wrists and ordered, “Scrub yourself and the spreader bar, and report to my bed for your fucking. You have five minutes.”

Back in my bedroom, I strapped on my dildo and hopped into bed to await my precious daughter. While I waited, I casually stroked the dildo, feeling its power and strength. She wasn’t ready yet for my new dildo, but this one was still bigger than most real cocks anyway; not that she will necessarily ever know about real cocks.

My baby arrived promptly. She looked so pretty; all clean and smooth. I opened my arms and called her to me, “Come up here and give your mom a kiss.” We kissed like only women can, sharing our mouths and tongues.

“Jessica, you held out for three minutes while I tickled you, so you get to cum three times. Now, let’s start working my cock into your ass, then I’ll tickle your clit to orgasm.” I reached around and pried my daughter’s ass cheeks apart “You do this part, Jessica.” My hands were replaced on her ass by her own, so I could grab the dildo and aim it for her back door. “Kiss me, Jessica.”

Her lips returned to mine, while I slid my dildo into her tight bottom. She opened up well; like a precious few girls, she was blessed with an easily relaxed sphincter. I rolled us both over so I could be on top. I then pushed her legs up to her chest and told her to hold them up. Now, I could really pound my sweet baby’s ass – and pound I did. Harder and harder, I drove the dildo up her ass.

Then I suddenly stopped, the dildo all the way in.

“Don’t stop! Please, Mommy, fuck me!” Jessica yelled out.

I unstrapped the dildo and told Jessica to get up on her hands and knees. While she rearranged herself, I strapped on my big, new dildo. What the hell, if she opened up so well for the other one, it will just take a little work to fit this one in.

I climbed back up behind my daughter and grabbed onto the dildo still stuck in her butt. I pulled it in and out, twisting and turning it, making sure she was still nice and relaxed. I pulled it out and quickly pressed the head of the monster against her brownie.

“Ahhhgg!!” she screamed, “Ow, that hurts, Mom!”

“I know, baby, it is supposed to hurt. That’s what so fun about anal sex. Remember when I first fucked you yesterday? Remember how you liked the way it hurt?”

“Ah, I guess so.”

“Besides, I promised to fuck you harder than ever today, didn’t I? And you wouldn’t want me to break my promise, would you?”

“Ah, no… I’m sorry, Mommy. Oh, ah, eeyo, agh, ah, ah… Oh, yes, Mommy, please fuck me hard! Ah, Yes!”

I drove my huge dildo into Jessica’s rectum and all the way back; then slammed it forward, slapping my belly against her ass. I grabbed her tiny waist and pulled her toward me, then away. Harder and faster I fucked my daughter. She screamed in ecstasy as she came without her pussy even being touched.

I kindly allowed Jessica to practice her pussy eating and ass eating skills for the rest of the evening.

The next morning, Sara returned to bid me farewell before I left back to Atlanta.

“Sara,” I instructed, “Girls are not allowed to wear clothes in this apartment.

“I’m sorry. I’ll take care of that right away,” she answered with a grin and quickly stripped bare. Yes, that’s how I like my young girls; nude and smooth.

“Come over here, Sara, and show me again how good you are at eating pussy.”

“Mum, yes ma’am!” She quickly scampered over to me and I laid back on the couch. Her hands grabbed hold of my hips and her face dived into my crotch.

Oh, that tongue! My daughter has such talented friends. Sara flicked at my clit and alternately sucked on one labia, then the other. She pushed her nose hard against my clit and tongue fucked my pussy with great gusto.

“Oh, g-d!” I screamed. My cum flooded Sara’s mouth, but she swallowed and swallowed my feminine juice. I poured a river of sauce down her throat.

“Oh, oh, yes!” Another load. My, my, Sara is a thirsty girl!

When I couldn’t take another cum, I finally pushed Sara’s head away from me. “Oh, wow, that was fantastic!” I told her. “I have to shower and get going, though. Now, help Jessica get rid of her pussy hair, so she can get the navel ring she wants.”

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