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OT: This is my first submission here on Lit, comments, suggestions, and criticism all greatly appreciated, Thanks and enjoy!


I never knew that I could be this way with a woman before, but there was just something about her that made a switch in my mind flip, and turned me from my normal unassuming, compassionate self, into a lustful, aggressive, dominant.

You see, I am a clean cut, mostly normal guy, who has always kept his dark passions to himself, and I’ve always been a bit intimidated and shy around women.

Then, Sheila came into my life.

She was a bartender at the dive bar closest to my apartment, which I frequented on occasion after work. I had to wear a shirt and tie to work, so I was always looking a bit overdressed while I sipped my bourbon compared to the other clientele.

Sheila, to put it mildly, was a tease. She was young, short, and curvy, and she was blessed with, as she liked to put it, “Perfect tits and a spank-able ass.” She loved to flirt, and loved to tease, and it always got her bigger tips from everyone. Especially me.

Well, Sheila and I became fast friends, her laid back demeanor and flirtatious nature made it easy for me to be myself, and before too long I was heading to the bar on Friday nights, and kicking out the drunks at bar-close and helping her clean up the place. The worst part was, she was an even bigger tease when we were alone. Rubbing her chest on my back, shaking her ass when she bent over. To her, I must’ve seemed harmless, and I was… until…

She was wearing a long flowing skirt, and a black halter-top. All night she’d been bending over in front of me, to either flaunt her ass, or her cleavage, while my bourbon was going down like water. The liquid courage made me a bit more confident, and a lot more horny, and I told her flat out, “You’d better be careful tonight, or you might finally ataşehir escort get what you’ve been pushing me to.”

She laughed that off, like it was nothing.

Closing time came around, and after we kicked all the other drunks out, I started to help her clean up. While I moved all the tables back to their proper place, she started washing dishes… which, of course, pointed her cleavage in my direction… and she made sure I noticed it. I stared for a minute, and told her, “That’s your last warning.” She giggled again, rolled her eyes, and went back to her dishes.

Once I finished with the tables, I wandered behind the bar to help her, I cleaned bottles while she finished up the glassware, at one point I turned around to hand her a bottle, she spun around, pressed her ass into my groin and ground it into me. My mind went blank. Something shorted in my brain.

I set down the bottle I was holding and suddenly grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling it hard and pushing her face down onto the bar as I pushed my hips into her ass, my free hand spanking her once, as hard as I could, then reaching down and flipping her skirt up onto her back… exposing her thong to me as I leaned down on top of her, pinning her there, and whispering into her ear…. “I warned you. You didn’t listen. Now I’m going to fuck you.” Grinding my hips against her as the last two words escaped my lips, I felt her hips pushing back against mine as she moaned ever so softly. She didn’t say a word as I pulled her thong to the side, and kicked her feet apart, spreading her legs as I pulled out my cock, still pulling her hair and pinning her chest and face to the bar.

I couldn’t believe how hard my cock was, as I guided the head between her legs, feeling how wet her pussy was as I probed it with just the head, and rubbed it up and down, from her ass to her clit. Teasing her just that little bit before I buried kadıköy escort bayan my entire length inside her in one long, smooth thrust.

I just held my cock there, for what seemed like an eternity. Pushing my hips against her ass, and almost laying my upper body down across her back as it was my turn to grind my hips into her. Then, I started to fuck her. There was no tenderness. No softness. No sweetness. Just pure carnal lust as I pounded into her from behind. Every long, hard thrust, trying to shove more of my cock into her wetness, my hand spanking her ass, pulling those cheeks apart, even teasing her tight little asshole with the tip of my thumb.

I pulled back on her hair as my hand reached up beneath her halter top, and pinched one of her nipples hard through her bra while I slowly grunted out,”You fucking teased me too much. You’re finally getting what you deserve, you slut.” Those words, and that pleasure and pain of her nipple being tormented drove her over the edge. She started to cum. She started gasping, and moaning, her legs quivered and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock like a velvet vice. It suddenly took all my strength just to keep my cock inside her, as if her entire body was contracting into her pussy.

Once her pussy stopped spasming, I started to thrust again. There was only one thing I wanted now. I needed to cum. My thrusts became more urgent… I pounded into her pussy as my hips moved faster, and my cock swelled inside her. I felt her body start to quiver again and heard her moans getting louder…. and I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I heard her half-moan half-whisper, “Please don’t stop.”

I stepped back and pulled her hair, pulling her off the bar and down onto her knees in front of me, making her look up at me as my cock throbbed just inches from her face. Her eyes kept moving from mine to my cock as her hand reached down between her legs escort maltepe to give herself the release she so desperately needed. “Don’t even think about it. You’re only cumming for my cock tonight.” Coupled with another hard tug on her hair, her hand slinked away from her pussy. “That’s a good slut. Now, make me cum.”

I saw her lips curl into the tiniest grin as her hands moved from her sides to my cock. I watched as her lips wrapped around my head as she started to stroke my shaft, tickle my balls and tease my cock with her tongue. When I felt her start bobbing her mouth on my shaft was when I pulled her hair again and pushed her head forward and pushed my hips forward at the same time. I felt the head of my cock hit her throat and heard her gag as she stared up at me, wide eyed, tears starting to form as I pulled my hips back and looked at how wet her mouth had made my cock.

This time, she pushed her head forward as her hands moved to my ass, and pulled my cock back into her mouth. My hips pushed forward again and this time, I felt my cock slide right down her throat. I started to fuck her mouth with her nails digging into my ass, I moved my hips in long, slow thrusts and soon, my balls were tightening and I was on the edge. I held back for as long as I could, but when her fingers slid between my legs and found that perfect spot between my balls and my ass, I lost control. I pulled her hair back and pulled my hips back and watched as my cock popped out of her mouth, the first stream of my cum covering her face… as her mouth opened wider, I let the head of my cock find her tongue again, as shot after shot poured out into her mouth.

I pushed my hips forward, burying my entire length into her mouth, as she eagerly sucked the last drops of cum from my shaft. Staring down at her, my cum running down across her face I held my shaft there, and then slowly let go of her hair, and pulled my hips back. Licking my lips, a lustful smile crossed my face as she looked up at me, and stuttered out a whisper, “I’ve never…. no one has ever… you… please…. more….” and I felt her lips move to my balls, as she hungrily sucked them into her mouth.

[To Be Continued?]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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