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Chapter 4 – May-September Romance

When we reached Carrie’s bedroom, I saw she had it already prepared for my seduction. Large candles around the room provided the only light to illuminate her king-size bed which was already turned down. Reaching the bed, she turned to face me again. Her eyes were alight with a flame of their own and I couldn’t miss the excitement in her voice. “Last chance to back out!” she warned. At the same time, her hands moved down to start pulling my t-shirt up and over my head.

“Not in a hurry, are you?” I teased. I ducked down a little to help her remove my shirt and then I took her wrists in my hands and held them still in front of me.

“What’s going on?” I asked. “What was all that stull about not wanting a one-night stand or just being fuck-buddies?”

“I never said anything about fuck-buddies,” Carrie replied as she struggled a little to free her hands. “And who said this was just going to be a one-night stand?”

“I’m serious,” I continued. “Was everything you said earlier just a bunch of B.S.? I want to know your intentions.”

The tone in my voice caused Carrie’s smile to fade. “No, it wasn’t B.S., but after listening to you, I grew hopeful that we would want a physical relationship like I described and I got a little impatient. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been with a man, and I miss that feeling a lot. Does that really upset you?”

“No,” I said slowly as I eased the pressure on her wrists. I paused to decide whether to tell her more. Taking another breath, I said, “It may have been a long time for you, but this is a first time for me. It probably sounds corny, but I’d like it to mean something for both of us.” I felt my face growing red from my admission and had a hard time holding her gaze.

Carrie’s expression changed immediately. “Oh darling! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Of course this means something to me. It means more than something. And if I’m your first, I want this to be special for you, too.”

I released her wrists and her hands slowly lowered in front of her. “I’m just confused by how fast everything is going. I want to make love to you, but I don’t want to rush through it,” I said dully.

“Of course not! Here, sit down on the bed,” she said as she pulled me around and guided me to sit on the side of her bed. As soon as I sat down, she stood in front of me between my legs and asked softly, “Would you like to undress me?”

I nodded and then my hands tentatively went up to the top of her night gown. Seeing that I wasn’t sure how it fastened, Carrie took my hands and moved them to the small bow behind her neck where the two ties were fastened. I pulled the bow free and the neckline of her gown opened wider. I carefully pulled it over her shoulders and watched it drop down further until it caught on the swell of her breasts.

My mouth went dry and my throat tightened up in anticipation of what was to come. Carrie remained still and her eyes followed my every move. With one hand, I took the neckline of her gown where it rested on top of her bosom and carefully tugged it over the firm round shape if covered. As soon as her nipple was exposed, the gown slipped off the other breasts and fell to her waist, where a sash held it up.

The pale white skin of her breasts were in sharp contrast to her small, dark nipples. Their color reminded me of my Aunt DJ’s nipples, but while my aunt’s areolae were at least two inches across, Carries were half that size. Carrie’s breasts looked more like Kacie’s than my mother’s or Aunt DJ’s, even though I never really got a clear view of either my aunt’s or mother’s bare breasts. I ran my finger lightly over one of Carrie’s nipples and felt the soft little bump give way until my finger was past it. As I repeated the movement, I felt it harden and stand out a little more, which I found intriguing.

I leaned in and kissed each of her nipples in turn and then sat back to look up at her. Carrie gave an encouraging smile and said, “Go ahead and play with them. They don’t bite.” She giggled and I moved in with more confidence to suck and lick on them the way I had done with Kacie’s a couple weeks before. I heard Carrie give a soft moan of pleasure when she felt the warm wetness of my mouth and tongue over her breast and her hands softly cradled my head.

After a minute of me sucking and kissing her nipples, Carrie whispered, “You can go ahead and bite them a little, just not too hard.” I took her left nipple between my front teeth and bit down until I heard her gasp and then I immediately released it. I looked up at her in apology, but she was still smiling. “Just like that,” she whispered. I went back and repeated the action on her left nipple, only after my teeth took hold of it, she used her hands to guide my head backwards. Thinking she wanted me to let go, I released her breast. “

“Oh no,” she groaned. “I wanted you to hold on to me.” For the third time, I bit down on her breasts and then moved my head back Kolej Escort so that my teeth were pulling her breast straight out by the nipple. “That’s it,” she quietly gasped. Her hands held my head still and then she used them to move me slowly from side to side. As she moved my head, I maintained my hold on her teat and her breast followed along with the movements. After a minute, she pulled me closer and had me release her poor teat. As it fell from my mouth, I could see the red marks where my teeth had gripped her skin.

“Now kiss and lick it to make it feel better,” she directed softly. After finishing with her left breast, she had me shift to her right side and I did the same thing to it, but without her assistance or guidance. After giving her right nipple one last kiss, I looked up at Carrie. Her face was flushed and she was smiling happily.

“I’m a little embarrassed to let you see the rest of me,” she began. “I’m warning you now that it’s quite a letdown after the pictures you saw of me when I was younger.” That was the first mention of those images since I had left earlier that afternoon and she didn’t seem to give them another thought. “Maybe you’ll let me have a turn tasting you, first?”

I took a breath and decided to plunge ahead. “Let’s finish undressing and then you can have your turn.”

She remained standing, so I reached under the top of her gown and found the sash holding it up around her waist. A couple tugs and the knot came undone. Her gown fell to the floor around her feet and left her standing in front of me wearing just a pair of black, lacey panties that were cut up high on her hips. From the front, I saw a long, triangle of fabric that had points on either hip and one down between her legs, and the overall impression was quite sexy.

Carrie seemed embarrassed by my staring at her nearly nude body and commented, “I’m sorry I’m not the pretty girl you must have dreamed about.”

I just looked up and said, “Don’t say things like that. I’m just amazed at how beautiful you are.” That made her blush and feel even more self-conscious.

Changing the topic, she suddenly said, “Okay, stand up. It’s my turn!”

I rose up and let Carrie release my belt and undo the fasteners on my jeans so she could pull them down to my ankles. As soon as the waistband of my jeans moved over my cock, the rise under my thin boxers became quite noticeable; I suddenly felt very self-conscious about her seeing me like that. I knew Carrie had seen the same thing many times before with other men, Kacie was the only other person to ever see my erection and I always felt nervous even around her.

“Mmmm… I see someone else is getting excited, too,” Carrie commented. She released my jeans and slowly lowered my boxers. As the material rubbed over the head of my cock underneath the sorts, it caused my arousal to grow. It became my turn to blush when my nearly rigid cock sprang out over the top of the boxers as they were pulled down further and nearly hit Carrie in her face.

She wasted no time taking my cock in her hand and stroking it to full hardness. Like Kacie, Carrie held my stiff dick lightly in her hand which increased the sensitivity of my turgid member. Kneeling down, she carefully licked around the head and let her lips and teeth move across the tender surface as well which quickly resulted in drops of pre-cum leaking from the tip. I watched in fascination as this older woman took her time and showed apparent delight in tasting and sucking my cock.

“Be careful,” I croaked out. “I might cum too early for you.”

She just looked up at me and smiled. “That’s what I’m looking forward to!” Her mouth descended over my cock and fully engulfed the head for the first time. My legs suddenly felt weak. She did everything slowly and that had the effect of making me want to climax even faster. I recognized a lot of similarities between how she and Kacie each fellated and that made me recognize that Kacie must have been enjoying sex with boys in her school for a lot longer than I suspected.

“Oh, God!” I suddenly cried out. My balls started churning and I felt the spams at the base of my cock which drove my warm cream up through my dick and blasting into Carrie’s waiting mouth. She was obviously expecting it and handled the whole thing easily. I completely lost control and just enjoyed feeling every pulse of my cock as it released load after load of my sperm into Carrie’s mouth. When my climax was over, she carefully sucked the last traces of my cum off of my dick and swallowed everything.

She stood up smiling and used her finger to wipe up the little bits that managed to leak out the corners of her lips. “Mmmmm, you taste so good!” she practically squealed. She bent down and removed her delicate-looking panties and then joined me naked on the bed.

I followed her lead and we reclined back together on our sides facing one another with expectant smiles. “I know you Sincan Escort need some time to recover, but now that we’ve got that first part taken care of, is there something you’d like to do?”

I kissed her lips softly and felt her respond. “I don’t know. I’m new at this sort of thing,” I whispered. “How can I make you feel as good as you did for me?”

She kissed me back, this time opening her lips for a long French Kiss. For the first time, I got a hint of what my cum must taste like, but I was surprised it didn’t shock or bother me. “I’m in no hurry. We can lay here and cuddle. You can explore my entire body anyway that you wish. If you want, you can lick my pussy. I promise, everything is clean for you.”

I hadn’t even thought about that last part. I rolled her over on her back and began examining and enjoying her soft, plump body. Her breasts were firm and stood up high over her chest, even when she was on her back. I noticed the faint marks where her bra strap pressed into her sides and kissed her there. Then, I started slowly kissing her everywhere. I didn’t have a plan in mind; I just moved where the feeling took me and sometimes I kissed her, sometimes I licked her, and sometimes I just nuzzled against her soft, smooth skin.

Carrie had developed a noticeable tummy roll over the years which then curved down into her hips and pubic mound. She had a small neatly trimmed triangle of black curls covering her pussy, but her outer labia were clearly visible and glistening with wetness in the candlelight. I could smell the scent of her sex and wondered if she expected me to go down on her pussy. I was nervous about doing so because even though I thought I knew the basics, I really wasn’t sure what I would be doing. My only exposure to eating pussy came from listening to guys talking in school and watching a couple porn videos on the internet.

As my mouth moved closer to her fur-covered slit, Carrie’s hand moved to my head in gentle encouragement. When I was practically in her dark bush, I stuck my tongue out and hesitantly pushed it between her closed labia. Sensing my lack of experience, Carrie used her fingers to open her pussy lips and reveal the shiny wet pinkness they protected. The scent of her sex grew stronger and I gave her a short lick up the middle of her exposed slit. When she didn’t react negatively, I licked her more forcefully and felt her hand pressing my head down deeper between her lovely thighs.

In hindsight, my first attempt at cunnilingus was pretty abysmal, but to her credit, Carrie didn’t seem to mind. After a couple minutes, I recognized that I was doing very little to excite her and not wishing to risk further humiliation, I slowly extracted myself and moved further down her soft body.

I noticed when she was standing earlier that her legs had a very nice shape, despite their heaviness. Up close, I found them surprisingly firm and smooth. While her midsection was a little flabby, her legs were not. Her feet, like her hands, seemed small and delicate compared to the rest of her body. Along my tour of her body, I discovered several areas that were ticklish and had fun with that until she began threatening removal of my manhood if I persisted. We both laughed and as we laid together cuddling, kissing, and giggling during our mutual exploration, I happened to notice the clock on her bed table.

“Shit! It’s getting late and Mom will be getting worried,” I blurted out.

Carrie rolled over to look at the clock and then got up from the bed. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” she said. Carrie picked up her phone and called my mother. “Hi Donna, it’s me. I just wanted to let you I invited Tom over to share a glass of wine and celebrate. I went into the kitchen to put together some snacks and got delayed by a phone call I had to take. When I came back to the living room, the poor boy was asleep on my couch. I guess he was working most of the night for the past couple of days while helping me out, and didn’t get much rest. Anyway, rather than wake him up to go home, it’s probably best if I just let him stay here sleeping on the sofa. I put a blanket on him and when I last checked, he was looking completely peaceful.”

My mother must have agreed and after they chatted another minute, Carrie hung up. “There! You’re staying here tonight. Just remember that you fell asleep on my sofa, not in my bed,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes. She climbed back into bed and snuggled against me. “Now, where were we?”

Her hand reached down between us and started fondling my soft dick. After a sluggish beginning, it suddenly became very responsive to her touch and I was a bit proud at how quickly it grew. She made several admiring remarks about my hard-on which made me blush a bit from modesty. I really had no frame of reference with which to compare myself, and I always assumed I was about average. From Carrie’s comments, she made it sound like I had the largest, Yenimahalle Escort most perfectly shaped cock she had ever seen. Her commentary eventually reached the point of what I considered absurdity and I stopped taking her seriously.

However, there was no mistaking how much she wanted to feel me inside her, and I was eager to enter her for the first time. We had a brief discussion about what position to start with, which then made me wonder, “how many other positions are we going to try tonight?” We decided that she would be on top and that would let her control things better.

I watched her smoothly move over my reclining body and straddle my waist. My cock was still completely hard, but lying back over my stomach. She took it in her hand and brought it to the entrance of her love canal. She paused briefly and then slowly settled herself over my upraised shaft.

Her pussy was very tight and despite already being wet, she had difficulty taking me. “You’re so big!” she exclaimed. She later commented that it had been a very long time since she made love to a man, which I came to believe was the real reason for her tightness. At that moment, I didn’t care about the reason and found myself fighting hard not to climax before I was even halfway inside her. Carrie moved herself just enough to drive me in and out of her cunt just an inch or two at a time as she waited for her vagina to expand more. It also helped spread her juice over my shaft which reduced the discomfort we both felt when I first penetrated her. The sudden, intense excitement radiating from my cock eventually started to fade and I was able to relax and breathe more normally.

By then, I was completely embedded inside the lovely woman sitting astride me and we both took a moment to compose ourselves. I was completely captivated watching her body undulate in a graceful rhythm as she worked my cock in and out of her pussy. My hands rested on her hips and I felt her strong muscles flex and relax over and over beneath my fingertips. Her eyes were half-closed, but I noticed her watching me to gauge my response. After my first ejaculation, my cock seemed less sensitive and I was pleasantly surprised that I had lasted that long.

After a minute or so, Carrie leaned over and brought her one of her breasts to my lips. I eagerly took it and began sucking, licking, and biting it the way she had shown me earlier in the evening. She let me work on one tit for a while before shifting me to the other one and continued to alternate them as she maintained a slow, steady motion with her hips.

I was caught off-guard when she gave a small cry and thought I had hurt her somehow, but then felt the sudden wetness of her warm pussy juice flowing over my shaft and between my legs. I also felt her pussy contracting over and over again over my hard dick and realized she was having an orgasm. I felt a sudden sense of pride that I was able to make her climax and I bit down on her tit a little harder than I intended.

“Ow!” she cried out in pain. She straightened up holding her abused breast and looked down at me reprovingly, but just then, another orgasmic wave coursed through her and I watched her whole body tremble. “Oh, God!” she cried out louder. She gave another brief shudder and then slowly collapsed over me.

We laid coupled together like that for several seconds and my hands automatically moved to rub and caress her smooth back. I found myself wanting to hold her forever like that and could feel the pounding of her heart against my chest. I couldn’t believe how close I felt to her, not just physically, but emotionally.

Carrie raised her head and kissed my lips. She started softly and eventually parted her lips to engage my mouth more fully. This kiss wasn’t full of lust and unbridled passion like our earlier kisses. It was softer, loving, and full of tenderness. I continued to stroke her back and even squeeze and caress her large, round ass. When I playfully pulled her cheeks apart, she broke away from my lips and looked down at me strangely. Her eyes were searching mine for something, but I had no idea what was going through her mind. Seeing my confusion, her eyes softened and she gave my lips a quick peck.

“I haven’t done that in a long time, either. I don’t mind it, but let’s wait a while before going there,” she said softly. I was still completely lost about what she was talking about. We resumed our previous kiss and as I caressed her body, I suddenly understood that she was talking about anal sex. When I pulled her cheeks apart, she must have thought I wanted to go in there. I was so naïve and inexperienced that I had never even considered having anal sex with her or any other woman. I knew that people tended to have strong views on it, one way or the other, but I was one of the few who probably didn’t know enough to think about it or form much of an opinion.

“Ready to be on top?” she whispered. Without waiting for my answer, she held on to me and rolled herself over on her back, pulling me on top of her without letting my penis slip out of her pussy. I started raising and lowering my hips to thrust into her and she bent and spread her legs wider to give me more room. I pounded into her for several minutes before slowing to catch my breath. Along the way, my cock remained stimulated, but not enough to ejaculate.

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