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At first it was a joke, something she brought up in soft, warm words they shared after making love that became a recurring joke between them. She would whisper in his ear as he entered her or the moment after their kiss broke. “I mean it Andres,” she’d say is a sultry, practiced voice. “You wait. One day it will be your turn.” He would turn and see the look in her eyes. “I’m serious.”

He’d laugh it off, never believing the day would truly come but those nights, when she clenched the full tightness of his ass, pulling him deeper inside her, she couldn’t ignore the fantasy. She knew he’d never give in easily. This took some patience and some careful planning. He loved her. He’d come around.

It was easiest when they were intimate. Then she knew he would do anything she asked. If she wanted him to eat dirt all she had to do was hand him a shovel. Especially as she handled his cock. When she touched him he was helpless.

And so it was that night. Lying prone between his legs, she focused all her attention on his member. She loved how he was; long, thick and so responsive. Sometimes she would swear it had a mind of it’s own, inflating at the sound of her voice, pulsing and beckoning for her touch. It seemed to know her personally and Greta adored it. It was perfect for pleasing her, just the right size and always hard whenever she liked. Always so warm and satisfying, it brought her to climax dozens upon dozens of times.

She pondered this as she lovingly licked and stroked his cock. As always, he was very vocal, moaning, gasping and whining with each calculated touch. With a gentle push, she lifted his legs and brought his knees to his chest. Without a thought he did as she hoped, putting himself in her favorite position. Below her laid his asshole, an area he was usually so protective of. Caught in the teasing ministrations of her tongue, he didn’t notice as it opened to her.

His ass was another of her favorites. It was the first thing she usually noticed in a man and what made her go up and speak to him after class that day. She was drawn to his ass, perfectly round and tight, as she liked, and still enjoyed looking at it, grabbing it and touching it whenever she had a chance. She enjoyed his body thoroughly but his ass was an area he seemed very reticent about.

She took him whole in her mouth, his considerable length traveling down her tongue, filling her throat and pressing further. Mouthing him had taken some practice but she worked at it as she was desperate to make him happy. He was large and after all the effort she had she had gotten more accustomed to him. Her mouth fit easily over her shaft, soothing and pleasuring it in the warmth of her lips. The act always made her mouth water, coating him in a thick mixture of precome and saliva. It dripped down her chin and along his shaft to collect between the firm cheeks of his ass.

With her pinky finger she massaged the wetness into his tight hole. He usually stopped at this point but she caught him as he tried to sit up. Her fingers never leaving his body she reassured him and slowly eased him onto his back. The head of his cock pressed brusquely between her lips, begging for reentry.

Slowly, so slowly, with the slightest pressure, she pressed against his back passage. He was tight and she knew he’d resisted anything like this before but she was lovingly persistent and, after a great deal of gentle caresses, the very tip of her smallest finger penetrated him. He seemed not to notice, her mouth still happily circling his cock head. She pressed deeper into him and felt him tighten as she was a knuckle deep in his ass.

Her other hand gently rotated around the base of his shaft, squeezing him slightly, the way she knew he liked it. Slowly her pinky finger pressed further and she felt the tightness of his ass loosen, almost inviting her to explore further.

Drool, mixed with his arousal, dripped from her mouth and slickened his shaft. It reached her finger and eased her entry as she explored his ass. With an up and down motion, her other hand pumped the base of his cock as his climax approaced. Andres was writhing. He moaned and gasped, his torso gulping lungfuls of air as his body prepared itself to ejaculate. His reaction just before peak always got her wet.

She felt his prostate, a tiny walnut shaped bump inside his back passage. It had clenched, eager to expel the seed that currently churned and frothed in his body. He was on the brink but, rather than push him towards ecstasy and open the gates for his orgasm, her finger scooted past his tiny gland, exploring further.

At that moment she felt his entire body stiffen. The interlocking muscles in his abdomen became rigid and he gripped the sheets with white knuckles. His cock in her mouth, the back of her tongue teased the heated the throbbing head. His body stopped, every muscle held at its utmost tension as he let out a slow, deep wail. The ring of his anus clamped around her tiny digit, holding it firmly. Bullets of semen struck the back of her mouth and flowed down her throat leaving a trail of heat as bahis siteleri it slowly passed down to her belly.

It was a heavy load, greater than she was used to and she was certain he never experienced an orgasm like this before. His body, now on its third cycle of gesticulations, was flushed a deep pink from forehead to pubic bone. She slurping him quickly, vainly trying to capture the unexpected amounts of his come. It pushed out her mouth, dribbled down her lips and traveled slowly down her neck.

It took some time for them to recover. His body slowly descended, coming down from the intense pleasure that had just passed. His breathing slowed until he was still, almost asleep. She swallowed quickly and enjoyed the thick pools of warmth as they filled her belly. He was sensitive now and she took her mouth from his organ, admiring its slightly weakened state. Resting peacefully on his opened thigh, she gently covered it with kisses of admiration. Her finger, now free from the restricting grip of his asshole, slid from his body easily. As it came out he made a sad sound of loss, as if taking a favorite toy from a child. She doubted he even realized it.

Tonight they shared something special. Neither of them said a word but both were aware a special point in their relationship had been breached. It would be much easier for her now she knew, and he would be so much more appreciative when she did.

She wasn’t sure what time it was, or how long they had been there, all she considered then was how at peace she felt as she dozed against his sleeping body.

As she had hoped, their relationship continued perfectly. In the evenings they made love, each time more passionate than the last. Together they shared uncounted orgasms and pleased each other in ways they never thought possible. Never one to be shy about how she felt, Greta couldn’t restrain herself from letting her feelings known to him each time they met with a kiss, a touch or sincere words that caused him to float through the day on clouds made of untouchable air.

He was ecstatic and believed he found the one woman he’d always hoped for. The most skilled lover he’d ever encountered, she was also the most intelligent, warmest and most loving woman he had ever met. He opened to her in ways he never had, bringing her into all aspects of his life. They shared days, weeks and months together in happiness that astounded both of them. Never had they felt more fortunate.

When she called him at work to schedule a date he thought nothing of it. Taking her instructions, he arrived home early to prepare for their evening together. After showering, shaving and applying her favorite cologne, he chose the shirt and tie combination she selected, along with his best shoes, pants and was applying the finishing touches on his hair when he heard her at the door.

His shirt was untucked from his pants as he allowed her in, apologizing and running back to the bathroom to finish preparing himself.

“Though I’d come early,” she called from the vestibule. “Didn’t know you’d still be getting ready. Should I come back?”

“No no,” he called as he ran a comb through his freshly spritzed hair. “It won’t be too long.”

“Isn’t that just like a man- always keeping a woman waiting.”

He acted like he didn’t hear her and worked quickly to finish. She grew aggravated and watched him, tapping her foot against the hardwood floor. “Hurry up, sweetie, we’ve got reservations for eight.”

He turned to see her slightly harried expression and took her offered hand. “Come now, let’s go.” She pulled him behind her, out the front door and opened the passenger door for him.

He was confused by her actions, not even receiving a hug or a welcome home kiss. Inquiring as much, she stuck her head down as he sat and offered her lips. With a tentative peck, he placed a perfunctory kiss on her.

“Now then,” she said, buckling herself in and checking to make sure he was secure. “Let’s get some food.” She revved the engine, shifted the stick and pulled out of the driveway with a charge.

There was a definite change in her, something Andres had never seen. It quieted him and he found himself sitting with his hands in his lap and gazing aimlessly out the window. As she drove, she flipped through the stations of the radio, passing through hard rock, alternative and finally settling on the classic rock station. Aerosmith was playing. He recognized it as a single they released in the late eighties.

“Like this one?” She asked. “It’s one of my favorites.” She hummed along as he listened to the song.

Eventually they pulled into the parking lot of an expensive Italian restaurant. He beamed as she opened the car door, helping him out. Holding the door for him, she allowed him entry and spoke to the hostess.

“Welcome, Ma’am,” said the young girl, a pretty blond with crisp blue eyes and hair pulled back in a ponytail. “We have your table all ready.” She led the couple, with Andres following in the rear, to a secluded corner of the restaurant. The lights were dimmed and the two candles canlı bahis siteleri on the crisp while silk added to the ambiance. A fresh rose in a thin glass vase completed the setting.

“Oh, how romantic,” gushed Greta. “Isn’t it beautiful sweetie?”

“Lovely,” he answered, still unsure of the evening.

In no time at all their server appeared and as he finished describing the specials Greta asked about the cuts of meat. Andres couldn’t get a word in. She ordered a salad for him, followed by salmon with fresh vegetables and wine. He tried to protest, growing upset that she hadn’t even asked what he wanted but a stern look silenced him.

As they waited for the food they talked. She led the conversation, asking him questions and listening as he responded. When the food came, neither spoke but instead ate happily, the long day adding to their hunger. When she finished Greta called the waiter over and asked for the bill. Andres had eaten his fill so she politely asked for a doggie bag to take home and, signing the bill, left a generous tip and stood up. He followed her lead and, as before, she took his hand and led him from the restaurant.

“Did you enjoy the meal, honey?” she asked sweetly.

He nodded and thanked her but asked why she had paid. “It’s my responsibility. You paid last time we went out.”

She chuckled to herself, “And maybe I’ll pay the next time and the next time and the time after that…” Seeing his look of confusion, she placed a hand on his thigh and added; “Don’t you worry about it, sweetie. It’s your night. I want you to feel special.”

He thanked her and she responded with a possessive squeeze of his inner thigh.

They pulled into a nightclub he’d never visited before.

“The Oak Room,” she said, escorting him out of his side of the car. “The finest couples dancing on the East Coast. I’ve always wanted to go here.”

“Greta, I don’t know. I’m not much of a slow dancer.”

She shushed him with a quick plant on his lips. “Just be quiet, darling. Leave everything to me.”

Andres was shocked to learn what a great dancer his girlfriend was. She must have taken lessons without him knowing because as soon as she walked on to the dancefloor, grabbed his wrist and pulled him into her, she seemed in her element. He felt awkward and certain everyone in the room was watching him and sneering at the unprepared newcomer.

The room was darkened and illuminated by a large chandelier that hung above their heads. Faceless couples swerved around them appearing like spirits to Greta and Andres. He took notice that they were the youngest couple in the room. Noticing his trepidation, Greta pulled him close and rested his head on her shoulder.

He sighed warmly, allowing himself to be taken into her arms. Her hand rested on the back of his neck where she stroked him tenderly. His body swayed, mimicking her motions. As they danced he felt at peace and extraordinarily calm. The scent of her perfume, a heady, feminine scent, lulled him into a state where he thought of nothing but being immersed in her. Her soft, fragrant skin, her full, sweet lips, All seemed so intoxicating to him. She was placing tiny kisses along the side of his neck, allowing him to slip deeper into her. Her hands rested on the seat of his pants, kneading the strong flesh of his ass. He sighed contentedly.

It didn’t seem so strange at first, he thought he imagined it but, as she pressed his pelvis against her he could feel it pressing back. It was real- a firm stiffness pressing threateningly into his groin. He raised his head to look at her but she held him close.


“Shhhh,” she whispered, laying soft kisses around the rim of his mouth. “Just dance with me.”

He was scared now, she could tell. “I don’t think I can. I won’t.”

Her opened mouth was at his ear, breathing hot air against it. “Dance with me. There’s nothing to be scared of. This is my night. Don’t ruin it.”

Reluctantly, he gave in and pressed against her, becoming docile. She undulated her crotch against his, her member a threat of later that night. For the moment he put it out of his mind, enjoying the feel of his girlfriend, this woman he loved pressed against him. Her breasts felt full against him and, despite what he knew she had planned, he felt himself stiffen at the thought of laying with her.

As the night closed both bodies, wearied from a long night, made their way to the parking lot. She gripped his wrist, keeping him close amongst the heavy crowd. His legs felt like cement, he knew he was shaking and did his best to hide it. When she opened the door, he meekly entered without a word.

For much of the drive there was silence. She broke the tension by asking him one simple question.

“What are your feelings?”

He didn’t know how to respond, not sure if he knew them himself. “I don’t know Greta, I really don’t,” he sighed fretfully. “You know I love you and would do anything to make you happy but this…this…I don’t know.”

“And why not?”

“I’m not gay, Greta.”

She canlı bahis laughed quickly at this, unable to hold the outburst but quickly catching it before it upset him. “Andres, of course you’re not gay. Do you think a gay man would have sex with a woman every night, sometimes two or three times, for months.”

“Exactly. I mean, what is your obsession with my ass? Why so eager for this?”

“I wouldn’t know if I’d call it an obsession,” she said, trying her best not to sound amused by his choice of words. “I just think you have a beautiful ass, like every part of you; your cock, your chest, your eyes, chin, fingers, earlobes- all beautiful. I want to touch it. I want to taste it. I want it to feel good.”

“I mean, what do you get out of it really?”

“Jason,” she said, reaching over to run her hand through his light brown hair, “I enjoy making you feel good. That’s always been my goal when we’ve made love.”

It was his turn to laugh. “Make love? Is that what you call it?”

“Jason,” she said, growing firm. “I’m tired of this. If you don’t trust me enough to make you feel good than I’m really disappointed. I love you and I want you to enjoy yourself in every way. I know men are shy about such things but a man’s butt can be a great source of sexual pleasure. It takes a good woman to show a man just how wonderful she can make him feel.” She switched gears and looked into his eyes. “I want to be that woman. I want to be the one that makes you feel like you never knew you could. I want to be the one that takes your virginity.”

He swallowed hard, considering those words. His virginity? He felt like he was getting in way over his head.

As they pulled into his driveway, she walked beside him and stood on the porch as he unlocked the door. Before he entered, she pulled him to her and kissed him deeply. He gave in to her and allowed her to slip her tongue between his open lips and stroke his gently. Her hands reached behind him and caressed his backside. Though she was frenzied and her body pushed her to take him, she paced herself, enjoying the man in her arms.

As they broke, she looked at him sweetly. “May I come in?”

“Honey, please…not tonight.”

She pulled him close again and he showed token resistance. He was hard- she felt it against her and beneath her clothes, behind the member she tucked comfortably along her thigh, she was warm and wet. With a few soft kisses, he was hugging her. The tips of his fingers skated down her lower back, feeling the muscles along her spine, down to the giving swell of her ass cheeks. She knew it was his favorite part of her. Bending down to feel her lips against his ear, she whispered to him. “Let me make love to you. Give yourself to me,” he sighed happily, warming to the idea. “You sweet, beautiful man.”

He couldn’t hold her eyes and, with her hand placed firmly on his backside, he turned and led her into his home. She took his hand and led him behind her to the bedroom. It was neat with fresh sheets that smelled of him. Sitting him down, he hugged her waist as she lightly ran her fingers through his hair. He adored her, that was very clear, and though he was very nervous and more than a little afraid, he would acquiesce to her for tonight. It made her love him that much more.

Reaching down, she pulled off his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt. He leaned back to give her access, his eyes never leaving hers. A warm sound of approval came from her lips as she took it off and slid her hands down his chest, tweaking his nipples with her thumbs. The tight muscles of his belly flexed in anticipation. She was awed.

“Beautiful…” She whispered.

Making for him to stand, she dropped to one knee and looked up at him. With a gentle urge, she placed his wrists at his sides and unbuckled his belt. He was trembling visibly now, both from excitement and anxiety of what was about to happen. She calmed him with the softest of kisses above the waistband of his briefs, causing him to exhale slowly. “That’s it, baby. Just relax. I’m here for you.”

As she pulled the briefs off his body, he stood still. She was glad to see his cock erect, a sure sign of his acceptance of his position. She held it in her hand and enjoyed the feel of his girth. Her moist lips pressed against the head and she tasted the thick, male flavor of his leaking arousal. She cradled his shaft, stroking him up and down while her lips slid against the soft skin.

Looking up at him, she could see he was getting better. He seemed to be relaxing and enjoying himself more. Which she thought very important. He reached to stroke her hair as she opened her mouth and bobbed it on his cockhead. This brought a deep groan of relief and his body responded. His hips pressed forward yet she held him. His balls, warm and full in his sack, rested in her palm.

“Easy now, baby,” She held his cock head between her closed lips and swirled her tongue around the rim. He squirmed out of need but she held him fast. Her hand left his balls, moving slowly underneath and between his legs. As she continued teasing, her finger found his hole and slowly pressed into him. This time he welcomed the intrusion and gasped in pleasure as she entered him. Her right hand squeezed his shaft in time with his penetration, allowing him to enjoy it further.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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