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I swear it started as an innocent accident. Well, maybe not totally innocent.

My brother and his family were spending a couple of days with us this summer, staying in our guest room. That’s the room where I keep all of my clothes, so I’m in there grabbing my dirty stuff for the laundry. There’s a pile of clothes on the bed, and I grab it to throw in the bag, then realize that it’s a pile of Karin’s underwear. It isn’t folded up, just lying there in a mound, but as I grab it I can kind of tell that it’s actually clean clothes.

I lift the handful to my nose to check, and smell a fresh floral scent, so I don’t know if it’s her perfume on worn clothes, or just her regular laundry smell. I drop the pile on the bed, and notice that it’s a bunch of her panties and bras, then think that she might find them in a different order than she left them, and think I’m some kind of pervert and I’ve been going through her panties.

Now, did I mention that I’ve had a few beers out on the beach? So from there, the seed is planted. Karin’s got a sweet ass, these are her panties, maybe clean, maybe not. So I take a closer look. No, don’t see any signs of wear in the panel, I take a sniff. Smell pretty clean. So now I’m sniffing my sister-in law’s panties. Oops.

I’ll just wash them and tell her I thought it was a pile of dirty laundry. So I dump them in the hamper, but kind of notice what’s there. And they’re all granny panties, nothing remotely sexy there. WTF? When’s the last time women wore this crap when they’re not on their period? Well, maybe that’s what’s going on.

I turn away from the bed, and see a couple of things on the floor, some socks and a pair of pink panties. Picking them up, I notice that these have definitely been worn, a little telltale smear in the crotch, and I take a quick sniff, curious is all. Now I’m sniffing Karin’s dirty panties, I really am a pervert. I can’t be doing this, and I go to put them down. But the smell of her cuts to my core. Oh my god. The musky perfume of her pussy is like a drug. I’m hard instantly, and I take a longer deeper sniff. Holy shit, I want to keep these. I mean, I love the smell of a woman, but this is a whole new experience, it is like an actual physical aphrodisiac.

I pull my cock out of my shorts, and rub the satin across the tip, a drop of clear fluid oozes out of me, and I wipe it on the mark on her crotch. Now the smell is so powerful that it makes me sit down. I need to cum. I look around for something to shoot in, but realize that I’m washing this stuff anyway…

I takes me less than 30 seconds, breathing Karin’s scent through the soiled undies, rubbing one of her clean silky pairs on my cock, and I blast a shot of cum all over them, filling the crotch panel, and flowing down my shaft.

I’m instantly relieved, and embarrassed. What the hell am I doing? What’s come over me? I shove all of the clothes into the hamper, and take them down to the washer. As I dump them, the dirty pair lies there on top, like an accusation. I can’t help but pick them up and take another sample of Karin’s pussy. I’m instantly hard again, rock hard. If I could bottle that stuff, I’d be rich. Holy shit, I’ll never be able to look her in the face again. I’ll be staring at her crotch. I force myself to drop them back in, and start it up. Nothing hurt, it’s all good. I laugh at myself, what a perv.

I’m watching tv when Karin comes back from the beach. She’s had enough sun, everybody else is staying awhile. She’s wearing a one-piece bathing suit, which does little to show off her nice body. She’s about 5’3″, blonde, kind of big upstairs. She used to be kind of chunky, but a lot of gym time has slimmed her down some, and her ass is really nice, firm and round. I take note as she walks down the hall, sexy little wiggle, and think about that smell again. I feel the warm buzz of an erection starting.

Karin comes back down the hall, wearing a light dress, barefoot, and holding a rolled up towel in her crossed arms. “I had a pile of clothes on the bed, and I can’t find them.” She looks confused, not pissed or suspicious.

“Oh, I threw a bunch of stuff in the wash, I thought it was your dirty stuff. It’s all in the washer now.”

She’s canlı bahis looking perplexed, and I realize that she’s standing there with nothing on under the dress, all of her panties and bras are in the wash. Yeah, the thought hits me. Swirling around in my cum. When did I get so twisted?

“They’ll be done in an hour or so.”

Still standing there, thinking.

“Is there something you need to borrow? I have plenty of shorts and tshirts,” I tease her.

“Um, well, I kind of … I don’t have any clean underwear.”

“Well, mine are going to be kind of big on you.” That gets a reaction, she looks up and starts to respond, then realizes that I’m just kidding. But gets me thinking about her ass wearing my boxers, leaving me a little gift.

She’s smiling, still holding the towel, hiding her nipples I’m guessing. “I’ll grab you something,” I tell her, and head to our room. I go to Lisa’s pantie drawer, and find a little white cotton thong, lace trimmed, sheer above the crotch panel. It’s a dainty little thing, and her pussy will be so pretty in it. She’s following me down the hall, but I shut the drawer, I don’t want her input on the loaner.

Karin enters the room, towel still there, and I hold up the thong. Her big blue eyes widen under the blonde bangs, “Oh, Mikey, I couldn’t wear something like that.”

“Like what?”

She’s so cute, blushing and hiding her nipples from me. “Y’know, a thong.”

I laugh, “Karin, I’m a little embarrassed to tell you this, but I saw what you usually wear, and I was a little surprised that you don’t have some sexier undies.” She looks down, really blushing now. “Seriously, you’re a good looking woman, in nice shape, you ought to have some nice stuff like this.” I dangle the thong.

“Well, I’ve lost some weight, and I only have my old stuff that fits. And I never wore thongs, I think they’re kind of slutty, and they don’t look comfortable.” She looks up quickly, “Oh, I don’t mean that Lisa…”

I laugh, “don’t worry about it, but here’s your chance to try one out, and if you don’t like it, no problem. So, it’s either this,” and I dangle it in front of her, “or commando! And I don’t think Mark wants you walking around his brother’s house with nothing on under your dress.” I pointedly look between her legs as I tell her this. “So, come on, it’ll be fun.”

I kneel down and hold the legs open for her to step into.


“What? You can’t hold that towel over your nipples and hold this at the same time.”

Her jaw drops. “Mikey!!”

I ignore her and move to her bare feet. Sexy little feet, pink toenail polish. “Come on now.”

And she steps in to one leg hole, then the other. Looking down over the towel at my hands. I start to slide them up her legs, and she seems ok until I get to her knees. Then she starts to fidget. “Ok, I think …” and I quickly slip them up under the dress, up her thighs. Her smooth warm thighs. When my fingertips reach the curve of her ass, she jumps back and drops the towel on my head. “What are you doing?”

I sit back and laugh, and she reaches under her dress and grabs the thong, wiggling her hips as she slides it over her cheeks, and goes to adjust it over her mound. I’m mesmerized watching her. Her thighs come into view as she pulls it up, then the dress drops, hiding her treasure. I’m picturing the placement of the little strap over her anus, the panel over her pussy. I look up and her nipples are jutting out through the thin cotton of the dress. What a babe she’s become.

“If you’ve never worn a thong, it’s a little tricky, sure you don’t want me to help?” I ask.

She glares at me, “I think I can figure it out.” But it takes her some time, and reaching front and back she seems a little unsure. “Ok, you can leave now funny guy.”

I honor her request, and leave the room. A minute later she calls, “Mikey, do you think I could borrow a bra?”

“Karin, you know Lisa’s bras won’t do it for you, you’ll just have to carry around a towel, or let your nipples have some freedom.”

She looks around the corner at me, a stern expression. “What has gotten into you today?”

I don’t laugh it off, “I don’t know, Karin, something bahis siteleri about the whole subject of your panties, I really don’t know.”

She walks over to me, and sits down facing me on the couch, one leg pulled up and sitting on her foot. I think about the white lacy garment pressed against her pussy, see her nipples pressing out, her areole visible through the cotton. “Are you just teasing me? Or are you teasing me.”

I dodge the question, “So tell me about wearing a thong for the first time, Karin. Doesn’t it make you feel special? Like you’re keeping a secret, being reminded of how sexy you are, the little tickle under your dress?”

That was the moment. Something clicked. Right then, she decided she wanted, or needed, to be fucked. Her eyes got a little glazed look, she stopped breathing, her chest flushed bright pink.

I reach for her hand, lying on her thigh. I take it, and rest my hand there. We lock eyes, and she starts to move her hand, but not to move me away. She draws my hand up her thigh, very slowly. Up, under the hem of the dress. Staring into my eyes, gauging my reaction. “Do I have it on right, Mikey?”

I feel the heat before the panties, she radiates heat from her core. Then my fingers touch the lace. It’s my turn to shudder in anticipation. I run a finger slowly around the waistband, pulling her towards me. She buries her face in my neck, not wanting to see me as I touch her forbidden spot. I smell her perfume, faint and floral. My finger slips under the rear strap, slides down, pulling it just away from her crack. My fingertip brushes the ridged circle around her anus, and she shivers against me. I continue down between her firm thighs, still pulling the fabric away. Now in the valley of her sex. I feel the considerable mat of her pubic hair. She’s such a conservative Catholic wife, good girls don’t shave their vaginas!

Now the heat and wetness meet the back of my hand. Slippery and sticky at the same time, I turn my hand and cup her mound. She moans into my neck, kisses me lightly.

“Mmm, you are wet, baby.” I slip one finger into the slit, parting the hair, amazed at the arousal. “And so hot, you’re on fire.”

She nuzzles in, kissing and licking lightly. I stroke her back and forth, finding her little nub. Every time I stroke over it, there’s an involuntary twitch. “Oooh, you like it when I touch your clitty, don’t you.” I turn her face to mine. “You are going to love it when I lick you there, aren’t you?” She doesn’t respond, just closes her eyes, and makes a little grunt each time I touch it.

On the next stroke, I slip my middle finger into her channel, marveling at the position I’m in. Sitting here with my hand up my brother’s wife’s dress, my finger preparing her for what lies ahead. And she makes no pretense of resisting, when I pull it out, her hips follow my finger.

I bring it to my face, and smell it, touching it to my nose to leave the scent. I lick it, and smile, then touch it to her lips and run it around the opening of her mouth. Leaving it there like lip gloss. She sucks it in, and begins to lick and suck at it, looking at me with lust. I’m in ecstasy. She reaches up to me and kisses me lightly on my lips. Backs off and smiles sweetly, then leans in and starts to lick them, opening them and sloppily drooling around my mouth and chin. Her tongue slides in and she starts fucking my mouth with it. The sound of our illicit game fills the room.

I’m intoxicated. But it’s not about fucking her, cheating with my sister-in-law, getting laid. It’s about Karin’s pussy. The smell of her womanhood completely controls me. I need to smell her, taste her, pleasure her. She’s lost the beautiful sexy woman in her. She’s become a housewife, her pussy neglected, wanting. I want her to writhe in pleasure, her legs spread to offer her nectar to me. And she needs it.

“Do you think that I could try another pair?” she asks. “These are getting a little wet.” I run my hand back down between her legs, up into her crotch, pressing into her slit. Her head goes down, hair hanging in her face. I stroke the thatch of her bush, and feel the gooey wetness leaking through it. She’s sopping wet.

I stand up and pull her bahis şirketleri with me, almost run down the hall, her hanging onto my hand. I turn as I enter the room, falling back on the bed, pulling her onto me. She spreads her knees, her pussy poised above my waist. Her face inches from mine, hair hanging down around us. Looking into my eyes, she lowers herself onto me, feeling the hardness rise between her thighs. She begins to rub herself against me, up and down. Feeling my cock leap towards contact. Wetness seeps through her dress, through my shorts.

Then she kisses me, soft and wet, licking around my mouth, her tongue dipping in to spar with mine. She sucks my tongue, our saliva mixing as we eat at each other.

I hear the front door open, voices and footsteps as the family returns from the beach. She draws back, slightly, holds her lips to mine, our eyes locked. None of the footsteps head down the hallway, and her tongue comes out to lick my mouth again, smiling as she rubs her mound up and down my shaft.

I push her up, reach under her thighs, and scoot her up my chest. She raises up onto her knees, and steps them over my shoulders, sitting high on my chest.

And the scent of her. It flows over me, even as she leaks it onto my chest. I pull the thong aside. Her pussy now inches from my face, thick blonde hair, barely trimmed around her bikini line, opened up to reveal a beautiful vermillion gash. Red and inflamed, wet and oozing. I rip away the borrowed panties. They hang in shreds framing her cunt. A puddle forms as I slowly open her up with my thumbs. I slip my hands behind her buttocks, and tickle her, urging her forward. My tongue reaches for her, the first taste beyond belief. My eyes roll back as I press my face into her body, her pussy covering me from my chin to my nose.

Karin groans as I snake my tongue into her, reaching for the source of her juices. She begins to spasm, her thighs quivering, the movement quickening as she grinds herself onto my face. Then she cums, and it is all I had hoped for. “Oh god, Ooooh god, Yes Yes baby yesss.” A deep low growl, an animal noise I could never imagine coming from this reserved straight-laced housewife. Her hips begin to gyrate above me, her cunt covering my face, her entire ass circling my mouth, wet and slippery with her cum. I lick at her, my fingers seek her holes, circling them lightly, plunging in and out, and she explodes.

She is all but incoherent, slipping back into orgasm again and again. Shuddering, twitching, juices flowing.

It is all I dreamed, and I don’t even care if I get mine. But she does.

Still spasming, she slips down off my face, down my chest. Her knees over the shoulders, and slips right down my chest until my cock touches her. She never slows, driving herself right onto it, bottoming out as our faces meet again. She looks into my eyes, her mouth hanging open. Drool hangs from her lower lip and falls on my chin. She follows it, kissing me, licking me. Tasting herself as I explode into the forbidden vagina.

“OHHhhhh yes.” I moan as I coat her insides with blasts of cum.

“Are you cumming in me?” she whispers in a little girl voice. “Are you cumming in my pussy?” Fuck was I. That sent me into what felt like a second orgasm. Who is this crazy sexy bitch?

“Oooh, that’s it, cum in mommy’s pussy,” she moans. “Make mommy all wet inside. “I pump into her long after I run dry. My hands caress her slippery ass, feeling the gooey hairy opening. I can’t believe how wet she is, we are. Covered in her musk, my cum dribbling from her hole, through her matted hair.

Finally we stop. My sister-in-law, probably hasn’t had her pussy eaten in years, coming down off multiple orgasms, still twitches around my cock. I’m still hard, deep inside her, feeling every movement of her through it. She leans on her hands, face to face again, stares into my eyes. “You are bad news Mikey, don’t ever mess with my panties again.”

“Or what?”

“Or I’m going to..” And she squeezes me, hard. Her pussy like a vise. “I’m going to do that,” she smiles.

“Better keep that,” and I pulse inside her, “in shape, I plan on making it a habit. As a matter of fact, we have to get going.”

“What? Where?”

“Victoria’s Secret. We have some shopping to do, those granny panties aren’t doing it for me.” As she squeezes me inside, I flex in return. This relationship is going to get dangerous.

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