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Jessica looked up the length of Melody’s writhing body and smiled against the sopping warmth pressed to her face. Even in the gloom of her parked car, Jessica could tell Melody was flushed. Her eyes were screwed shut, and one of Melody’s hands tweaked at her exposed nipple while the other was hooked in Jessica’s dark hair. She was positively twitching with pleasure, and Jessica couldn’t have been more satisfied. She flicked her tongue sharply and was rewarded with an equally sharp kick of Melody’s foot, perched up on the front seat’s headrest.

“Ooh God!” Melody gasped as she bucked her hips. “Jessica! Jessica! Oh Jess! Uugh…ah…! Fuck! Oh fuck! Oh! Oh! …yes! Jesus fucking…! Again, again!” Jessica did it again. “God! Aaaah! Ah! Ah!”

Melody was about to climax. Jessica knew the signs, craved them, and did the only reasonable thing once they showed…she slowed down. She worked her mouth carefully to maintain pleasure but quell Melody’s storming reactions. Eventually she moved away from the target area entirely, and instead kissed and nibbled at Melody’s thighs and hips, at her naval, at the soft bed of hair just below it, at any place she could reach from her position on her knees save for the one that really mattered. Melody’s chest was heaving, and her hand moved to massage herself where Jessica would not.

“No, no,” Jessica muttered, and gently moved the hand away.

She continued kissing strategic circles around Melody’s legs, while Melody played at her own breast all the more vigorously. She attempted to touch herself once more, and was again deflected by Jessica. So Melody placed her hand in her mouth to still it. At last Jessica began playing between Melody’s legs with her own fingers. Slowly, but the sensation of being touched again obviously had a strong effect on Melody. She began panting around the hand in her mouth, and her grip mecidiyeköy escort on Jessica’s hair tightened. Jessica nibbled methodically just next to Melody’s pelvic bone as she worked her fingers, and gazed up at Melody’s face with passionate brown eyes. She began moving her hand faster against Melody, and inside her. Melody bit hard on her fist and moaned. Jessica could see sweat beginning to bead on Melody’s cheeks and nose, and she made her move.

With lightening quickness she moved her hand and replaced it with her mouth once more. She worked furiously and tactically, and the reaction from Melody was a near-scream.

“Oh fuck! Aah! Aah! Aah! Holy shit! Jessica! Ooh! Uuuuughoh god! Jessie! I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

She came.

Smiling broadly, Jessica sat up on the car seat next to Melody. She wiped at her mouth the back of her hand, but when that proved inadequate she produced a laced handkerchief from the cleavage of her dress and dabbed at her face with it.

Regarding the amount of wetness that came away onto the cloth, Jessica turned to Melody and remarked, “Not bad, then?”

Melody had no answer other than to look at Jessica with wide, happy eyes. She was still somewhat sprawled, having failed to even lower her leg from the headrest. She was sweating, and what little clothing she still wore was bunched and damp. Melody was an utter mess—and utterly content.

“That was fantastic,” she breathed.

“I have been practicing,” Jessica said, stuffing her handkerchief back into her bosom.

“Oh really? Practicing with who, pray tell?”

“A very charming and lovely young woman. You know her well. She has gorgeous black hair and perfect, pale skin, not to mention the most alluring curves to ever fill out a black dress.”

“Your sister?”

“Myself, you depraved hussy!”

“Wow,” şişli escort Melody chuckled as she at last repositioned herself to sit normally. “You must be flexible.”

“I practiced the general concepts rather than the specific technique. Although truth to tell, I did indeed put my flexibility to the test, although the results were, of course, several inches short of remarkable.”

“Aww. Well, keep up the yoga, babe—you’ll get there someday. But in the meantime, I guess you’re just going to have to accept some outside help…”

Melody slinked her arms around Jessica’s neck and began kissing softly behind her ear. Jessica shuttered excitedly, and wriggled slightly on the seat as her body began to warm. Such heat was obvious to Melody as she swung her leg around and straddled Jessica’s lap. Their lips met, and Jessica couldn’t help but to tweak at Melody’s still bare nipple as their tongues danced together in a slippery tango. Melody began unbuttoning the front of Jessica’s dress and exposed the creamy swell of her breasts, still bound by a black bra. Pulling back from their kiss, Melody plucked Jessica’s handkerchief from the bra and, grinning devilishly, began sucking on the still-moist fabric.

“Oh, you are depraved…” Jessica whispered.

Melody winked at her and slid downwards off Jessica’s lap onto the floor of the car. Smacking her lips theatrically, she flipped up the skirt of Jessica’s dress and began kissing a path up the inside of her smooth thighs. Yet just as Melody’s lips began to graze the crotch of her panties, Jessica reached down and lifted her chin.

“What do you think you are doing?” Jessica said lightly.

Melody cocked her brow. “Unless I’m completely wrong about the little oral performance you just gave me, then I do believe it’s your turn, honey babe.”

“No, kağıthane escort I do not get a turn. What I did was a gift to you. A reward for your wonderful theatrical debut earlier this evening.”

“Oh c’mon, it was just a little school play-“

“That you were wonderful in.”

“-and you already gave me flowers. Roses at that! Where’d you get that kind of cash?”

“I worked an extra shift at the library. I intended to buy you a necklace as well, but my funds ran dry. Hence the back seat, front door exuberance.”

“My point is, I hardly deserved the flowers, much less a good tongue lashing.”

“I will be the judge of you deserve, dearest.” Jessica caressed Melody’s cheek and petted her short brown hair. “And I say you deserve the Earth and the sky, and all the pleasures that they contain.”

Melody smiled warmly and crawled up from the floor to hug Jessica tight. She sniffled against Jessica’s shoulder as a pair of stray tears trickled from her eyes.

“I love you, Jess,” she said. “I really, really love you.”

“Mmm, and I love you,” Jessica said. “You are my star…”

After several moments, Melody pulled away and began to reluctantly redress. Jessica fetched her handkerchief and stuffed it back inside her bra before buttoning her dress closed. Once Melody was clothed and tidied, both women slipped into the front seats of the car. Jessica started the engine and pulled back onto the main road nearby. As they drove through the night towards home, Melody took her rose bouquet from the dashboard and breathed in the strong, sweet scent of the crimson flowers. She reached over and grasped Jessica’s hand.

“Y’know,” she said, “you’re not getting out of getting fucked that easily.”

“I hope not,” Jessica replied. “I intended the roadside entertainment only as a generous precursor to the evening’s activities. Have no doubt that as soon as I get you in bed, I will be glad to accept any and all favors you wish to bestow upon me.”

“You sure you can handle it? ‘Cause you better believe I’m gonna favor your brains out.”

“I would not have it any other way,” Jessica breathed as she pulled into the driveway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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