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Summer rains catch people off guard. Sometimes you go into a store for a few minutes and, when you come back out, you find that it has rained while you were shopping. Other times – like now – you come back out and find that a storm is just approaching.

“Fuck!” Mia swore, looking across the parking lot in the direction of her house. She had put off going to the store just in case it started to rain. It hadn’t, so she had taken the chance and ridden her bike. Now, two miles away, her neighborhood was being battered by a storm that would reach her location within the next few minutes. “Fuuuck,” she repeated as a roll of thunder rumbled around her.

“Do you need a ride?” asked an up-beat masculine voice beside her. A man had just exited the store behind her and was also looking at the approaching storm. But, while she was frowning, he was smiling.

Mia looked at him. An older man, about her father’s age, offering her a ride? He didn’t look like an axe murderer. Nor was he quite Harrison Ford. Still, he was tall, fit, dressed “business casual” like most white-collar workers do on Fridays these days. The sort of older man who makes teen girls’ hearts flutter. The topic of late-night conversations at hundreds of slumber parties.

“If you have anything frozen, you probably can’t wait it out,” he warned. He knew she had frozen items. He had been watching her select ice cream – double fudge brownie in fact. She had been bent over, reading the cartons, when he had been mesmerized by the sight of her ass in the tiny denim shorts she wore. The desire to hold her and caress her ass had nearly shut down all his other brain functions.

Mia assessed the man further. His offer was tempting, possibly an opportunity to experience forbidden pleasures she had only dreamed about in the past. Did the potential outweigh the risk?

Mia mentally flipped a coin, knowing it would surely turn up “heads”, the outcome she wanted. Now that she was eighteen, this “adulting” thing was turning out to be pretty easy.

“Sure, but only if you can fit my bike in your car too,” she answered after another moment’s thought.

The man thumbed a button on his car key and the rear hatch of a nearby SUV began to hum open. “I’ll take your groceries, you get your bike, and I think we can load up before the storm hits,” he said.

He had stowed her groceries along with his own by the time she had wheeled her bike over. He lifted it inside and the hatch was closing as the first fat drops of rain had started to hit them. They quickly got into the car and she gave him directions to her house as he drove.

“Fucking rain,” Mia swore glumly as the SUV sloshed through puddles, wipers beating away at the deluge. She fluttered the front of her blouse, trying to dry it.

“I love summer rains,” the man stated, still up-beat. “Good things happen when it rains.”

Mia grimaced and continued to sulk. After a minute, she turned to him and asked, “were you checking out my ass in the ice cream aisle?”

“Yes,” he confirmed. “You have a fabulous ass. I couldn’t help but gaze upon its perfection with wonder.”

That made her laugh. “I saw you fondling the oranges in the produce aisle,” she teased back. She was starting to warm up to this man she had only just met.

He held up a hand, formed as if to grasp an orange, “they fill my hands just perfectly.”

After some renewed laughter, she managed to say, “now you’re talking about my boobs, aren’t you?” She studied his face, unable to make eye contact while he concentrated on driving through the storm.

“Yes. While you were sizing up the bananas, I was sizing up your boobs. They look as delightful as your ass.”

Mia smiled. She had been sure he was checking her out in the store. Why else would she need two whole minutes to select double fudge brownie ice cream? Spotting him again in the produce aisle had given her the idea to tease him by stroking a banana she had selected. Mia knew that older men checked her out. She knew that tiny shorts and a loosely tied blouse over a cropped cami top would get their attention. And, with her B-cup breasts, she rarely wore a bra. She had dressed this way today to tease any men who were shopping at the store after work. But she had never dreamed that she would go beyond teasing. Now the thought of this man’s hands caressing her breasts had turned her on and started her pussy moistening. She was supposed to be peddling her bike home right now. So why was she riding in his car and showing him where she lived?

“The next house, on the right, here, just pull into the driveway,” Mia instructed as they near her home.

He parked and shut off the engine. The storm was moving on, but a few drops were still falling onto the roof of the SUV. They sat for a minute and listened to the sound of the intermittent drops. Mia wasn’t sure what she wanted to happen escort bostancı next. Half her mind told her not to be such a slut while the other half reassured her that it’s not being a slut when the man is this good looking.

He had been a gentleman so far. Should she invite him in and see where this chance encounter would lead? Or send him on his way and forever wonder what might have happened this stormy summer evening?

Flip, heads again, she’d invite him in.

“Here’s the thing,” Mia began hesitantly after steeling her nerve, knowing her parents would disapprove of her choice. She paused and made eye contact with him. “My parents are away for the weekend.” Her heart pounded in her chest. Her throat constricted, as if to keep her from finishing her invitation. “W… would you like… to come in… for dinner?” she was finally able to ask. She wasn’t surprised that he accepted, yet his acceptance made her smile brightly. Together, they got her bicycle into the garage and her groceries into the kitchen. She began getting things ready to prepare dinner.

“I was just planning on having some linguini and jarred marinara with some home-grown zucchini in it,” she stated as she began filling a pot with water.

“That sounds fine. Can I help?” he asked.

“Sure, if you want salad or garlic bread you can do that.” She poured the sauce into a pan to heat and started slicing a zucchini.

The two chatted companionably as they prepared their meal together. The salad required only a few minutes, then after setting the table, he stood behind her and began to caress her shoulders. The unexpected contact startled her and some sauce was splattered on her blouse.

“Fuck!” she cried in surprise. “Sorry, I… I wasn’t expecting that is all. It’s OK… really.” She looked down at her soiled blouse with some despair. He kissed the back of her neck to soothe her nerves as he lowered the blouse down her arms. She watched as he expertly removed the sauce from the surface of the blouse and eliminated the stain before it had even had time to form. He hung the blouse up to dry.

She looked at him with renewed curiosity, thinking, “I guess if you’re going to be picked up by a good-looking stranger, at least pick one who can make a salad and clean a tomato stain from a blouse.”

“What?” he asked, when he noticed her thoughtful look. He shrugged, “my mother raised me right.”

Mia knew the time for teasing and flirtation was past. But was she ready to cross that threshold and give herself to this incredible man whom she had met barely an hour earlier?

Flip, heads again, imagine that.

She raised her arms above her head, “I don’t want to get tomato stains on my cami either,” she managed to say with more confidence than she felt, hoping her courage would hold out long enough for him to remove it.

He had watched the girl’s flat midriff come into view as the small garment was lifted by the rise of her shoulders. She had a belly-button piercing as so many girls did today. Looking higher, he saw her hardened nipples poking against the delicate material in invitation. She looked adorably cute and vulnerable with her arms raised, as if surrendering to her desires – to his desires.

He took the helm of her cami in his hands and lifted it up and off her slender frame as he moved in closer to her offered body. Her B-cup breasts were revealed to be as perfect as he had imagined in the store. Her unblemished flesh marked only by a tattoo of a stylized sun surrounding her left areola.

Their hands met above her head and he lowered his mouth to hers. He kissed her. She returned his kiss tenderly, chastely at first. Her heart thrilled at the intimacy with a hint of naughtiness which that simple act embodied – standing bare-breasted in the middle of her mother’s kitchen, kissing a man much older than herself. Knowing so little about him, yet desiring him so much. She kissed him hungrily as she shed her inhibitions and allowed herself to enjoy the experience.

Breaking the kiss, she lowered her arms to press herself against him in a rapturous embrace. With her cheek pressed to his chest, she breathed in his masculine scent and sighed, imagining that Indiana Jones probably smelled just like this when his female students would visit his office after class.

He lowered his arms, his hands seeking out her breasts, those marvelous breasts. Sized like a pair of grapefruit halves, they fit his hands as perfectly as he had expected. Her hard nipples tantalized his palms as he explored her feminine contours.

Mia thrilled at the feel of his gentle caresses upon her breasts – the touch she’d been longing for since she had gotten into his car. “I think we’d better postpone dinner for a half hour or so,” she said before kissing him again and beginning to unbutton his shirt.

“Just a half hour?” he ümraniye escort asked with a smile as he watched her delicate fingers work their way down his torso.

“I desperately need you to make me come,” she replied, “but you, your orgasm, will have to wait until after dinner.”

“I suppose that’s fair,” he said as he watched her unbutton the fly on her impossible shorts and begin to shimmy them down her legs. He hung his shirt neatly on a chair.

She struggled to get the shorts down her thighs. “I had pictured myself doing this more seductively when the time came – immediately after dinner preferably – but, fuck you’ve made me so horny I can’t wait any longer.”

Once she had finally freed herself of the deceptively treacherous shorts, she stood before him in just her moist panties. Her plans for the evening had originally only involved eating ice cream and masturbating while watching old movies with handsome leading men, now here she was, about to give herself to a man she barely knew.

She dragged him to the living room couch, sat down, and slid her panties down her legs as she pulled her knees back to her shoulders, offering her bare pussy to him. “The sooner you make me come, the sooner I make you come. Tick-tock, time’s a-wastin’, mister.”

Little more than an hour earlier, he had first noticed this girl bent over in the ice cream aisle and his cock had twitched as the unachievable fantasy of having sex with such a sexy young woman passed through his mind, yet now, against all odds, he found himself kneeling in her living room about to eat her obviously very wet pussy.

Her sex was moist with her dew and deep pink with her arousal. Her delicate inner lips peeked out from the cleft of her outer lips. A narrow crescent of close-cropped hair adorned her mons to indicate her womanhood. He caressed her thighs and inhaled her scent. Sweet sweet pussy, like nothing else on Earth. He gently swirled the tip of his tongue around her engorged clitoral nub.

Mia moaned at the first tentative brush of the man’s tongue upon her over-excited pussy. He sucked her nub between his lips and her mind reeled in pleasure. He slid his tongue all the way down her lips to her hole and back up to encircle her clit again.

He sucked her clit more firmly, causing her to moan again and arch her back in pleasure. He worked a finger into her and began to seek out her G-spot.

“Oh, fuck, yeah, right there,” she acknowledged, “fill me with your fingers.”

After inserting three fingers, he began fucking her with them, ensuring that he paid particular attention to the spot she had indicated. Then he resumed alternately sucking and licking her clit with occasional long licks of her inner labia. The reality of eating this girl’s pussy lived up to his earlier fantasy and he wanted to be sure that he pleased her in return.

“Ooohhh… fuck fuck fuck, yes!” she cried out. “Oh, fuck I’m gonna cum all over your face, mister.”

He felt her hands caressing his head, pressing his mouth more firmly against her sex. Then she came and he held onto her quivering body and allowed her to enjoy her obviously powerful orgasm. Her vaginal muscles pulsed against his fingers as she rode the waves of her climax.

Lowering her legs to his shoulders and breathing hard, she relaxed into afterglow. She caressed his hair and held his eyes with hers, smiling sweetly. “Fuck I needed that, mister. That was so fucking intense.” They spent another minute enjoying each other’s tender caresses. “Now we can have dinner,” she eventually announced.

He helped her stand and pulled her into an embrace, her bare breasts pressed against his chest, while they kissed some more.

Following her back to the kitchen, he finally had a good look at the ass that had started all the trouble. The young woman before him moved with confidence, unlike the nervous girl who could barely summon the courage to invite him in earlier.

Upon re-entering the kitchen, she lifted his shirt from the chair where he’d left it and put it on before serving the linguini. He served the salad and they enjoyed their simple meal while continuing to get to know one another better.

After dinner, he helped her clear the table and load the dishwasher. As she was cleaning the stovetop, he caressed her shoulders and kissed her neck.

“Mmmm…” she moaned in approval. She had looked forward to his touch all through dinner. The orgasm he had given her earlier had relieved her immediate need, but now she was ready for more.

She turned in his arms and they kissed. His hands found her ass and squeezed it while he pulled her tight against his body as they fed their mutual hunger for each other.

She broke the kiss to undo his belt. His pants fell to the floor and she stroked his cock through his boxer shorts. She was impressed, it felt big, her mouth watered kartal escort bayan as she lowered his boxers and it came into view.

“Mmmm, yes, this will do very nicely, mister,” she said before kissing him again. She led him to her bedroom and had him lie down on her bed. She continued to stroke his cock as she positioned herself so he would have easy access to her pussy while she played with his cock.

She felt him insert two fingers into her cunt and strum her clit as she licked all around his cock head. Cradling his sack in one hand, she took the head into her mouth and swirled her tongue all around it, enjoying the slick surface with its delicious coating of pre-cum. She stroked his shaft as she worked more of it into her mouth. Her saliva ran down and lubed her hand as she ensured that she stroked the entire length of his cock. Her frequent fantasies of being seduced by an older man had centered around having his big cock in her mouth and this man’s cock didn’t disappoint. It was big and he smelled the way a man should smell after a day of work.

Mia loved sucking cock and prided herself on her skill. She sank as much of his cock into her throat as she could before triggering her gag reflex. She eased off and continued to stroke his shaft. The pleasure his fingers were giving her pussy fed her desire to swallow his cum. She licked and sucked and stroked his cock, wanting to please him as he had pleased her.

Before long, he grunted in pleasure as he reached orgasm. His cock blasted spurt after spurt of his seed into her waiting mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, but also allowed some to run down his shaft so she could lick it up. She licked his cock clean, ensuring she got all his cum.

His cock barely had time to deflate before she had him hard again and was preparing to mount him. She straddled his thighs and rubbed her pussy up and down his shaft. Her slick pussy juices coated his shaft.

She guided his hands to her breasts as she began to sink his cock into her cunt. She felt her pussy stretching to accommodate his unfamiliar cock.

Mia loved everything about sex and relished the sensation of fullness of a big cock filling her up, her lover’s hands upon her breasts, the taste of his cum in her mouth. She began to work her pussy up and down this man’s cock, feeling her orgasm beginning to build deep within her.

Mia fucked herself upon her lover’s cock. Craving adventure and romance, she closed her eyes and imagined herself as Marion Ravenwood seducing Indiana Jones. Fucking him to earn his trust, hoping he’d bring her along on his next adventure, yearning to escape her boring suburban existence.

Having a big cock thrusting in and out of her pussy soon had Mia cresting toward a glorious climax. She came noisily and felt the man’s cock pumping her cunt full of his hot jism. Her body quaked and her pussy flexed in orgasmic release.

She flopped, spent, onto his chest. She breathed deeply, filling her nose with his scent, the scent of a man, not one of the high school boys she’d been with previously.

He caressed her as she recovered. His cock had softened and receded from her pussy, but still she continued to lie upon him, not wanting to part.

“Can you spend the night?” she asked finally, hoping he could.

“No, I have to get home before my dog reports me missing.”

He rolled Mia off his chest and onto her back, his shirt splayed out beneath her on her bed. He continued to play with her breasts and kiss her, also not wanting their time together to end so soon.

“If you like, I could take you out on a proper date tomorrow,” he offered.

“Yes, I’d like that,” she replied, “you, me, and your dog can make a day of it.” She smiled up at him, already looking forward to whatever adventure the three of them could have together.

Still wearing just his shirt, she watched him dress and walked him to the door to see him out. He seemed resigned to driving home shirtless. An evening of passion with such a horny teen girl and the promise of more the following day was well worth the loss of a shirt.

She embraced him at the door. “And to think this all started with a summer rain.”

“Good things happen when it rains,” he restated.

“Good things happen when it rains,” she agreed as she kissed him one last time before he departed.

Mia leaned against the door after she closed it behind him. She reviewed the events of the evening in her mind, ordering her thoughts so she could record them in her journal.

She retrieved her clothes from the kitchen and returned to her room. Sitting cross-legged on her bed with her laptop, she began typing in her experiences for the day. Occasionally she’d pause to smell the man’s shirt while she recalled some detail about him, or to hold her panties to her nose as she remembered how wet she had become while imagining his hands caressing her. Her nipples remained hard as she recalled each thrilling touch.

Mia snuggled into her bed and savored the aroma of the man’s shirt as she drifted off to sleep, perchance to dream of what adventures awaited her the following day.

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