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New York at the end of July. Few places on the earth are as hot and stifling. Those with money and time leave. Those with no other choice stay and work.

I fell into the second category. I was 20 years old and in between my first and second year of college at NYU. I was working full time at a swanky restaurant downtown and had finally saved up enough money to move into my own cramped studio apartment on the lower east side. Two of the other girls I cocktailed with at the restaurant and I had spent all day moving my stuff into the top floor apartment. I had become fast friends with Jenny and Rene when I started my job two months ago and they both owed me favors from all their shifts I had covered. The three of us now sat by the open window with a bottle of tequila and a pile of limes from the corner store.

We talked of all the things you might expect three young girls living in the city to talk about. It was like an HBO sitcom, only the dialogue wasn’t as witty. However, as the bottle emptied the conversation turned lewd. We began to talk about sex, boyfriends, and our bodies. Jenny was 100% WASP. Blonde, blue eyed, gym toned body. When she squeezed into her tight little cocktail waitress outfit, she was guaranteed 20% tips all night long. Of course, she wanted her nose to be a little smaller, her breasts to be a little perkier. Rene was from Nicaragua and was cute as could be. She was short with big round eyes, pouty lips, and olive colored skin. She fell under the classification of exotic beauty, but I think that she wished she was Jenny. And then there’s me, Casey. I’ve got freckles and big tits. I’m sure that’s what the guys always say behind my back, so I’ll just be up front about it.

Anyway, at about 3:30 in the morning the tequila was gone and Rene was already passed out in my bed. Jenny had gone downstairs to hail a cab, but the stairs had proved a little too much of a challenge to her and the tequila. She asked if she could just crash with me until she sobered up. Sure, I said, Ren’s already in the bed – it’ll be a sleepover! As I said, I had just moved into a New York studio – basically one big room and one big closet. I didn’t have a couch yet, and my bed was shoved into the closet to give the impression that I actually had a bedroom.

Even at 3:30 in the morning it was still about 80 degrees outside. Rene lay under just a sheet in her panties. In the moonlight I caught a glimpse of her small breasts and light brown nipples. I followed suit, ataşehir escort leaving only my underwear on before I crashed into bed next to her. I was almost asleep already when I felt the bed creak under Jenny’s weight on the other side of me. The room spun for about a minute and then I blacked out.

Soon, I was having an amazing dream. I was in a dark, moonlit room. I was surrounded by people whom I couldn’t see, but whose presence I could sense. The air was charged with sexual energy. I was aware of soft moaning in the darkness. And I began to get aroused just from the mystery of it. I felt hands caress my thighs and stomach. I could smell jasmine. I felt more hands on my breasts and ass. I felt as though I was stretching out and curling up at the same time. I felt the hand on my stomach slide down and through my sparse pubic hair. I parted my legs as a finger slipped through my pussy lips, over my clit, and into my cunt. I felt hair in my face and breath on my neck. As the fingers slid out of my pussy and trailed down toward my asshole I let out a gasp and woke myself up.

I lay breathing heavily, staring into the darkness. I realized that it was Rene’s hair in my face, her back to me, and that her shampoo smelled of jasmine. I thought I felt Jenny stir behind me, but she sounded asleep. My breathing calmed back down and I began to drift off again, hoping to catch up with the dream I was having.

I thought I was asleep again, but Rene’s hair was still in my face. But there was definitely a hand running over my hip and under the waist of my panties. I turned over quickly and Jenny’s hand got caught in my underwear.

“Jenny! What are you doing?” I whispered.

“Relax. You were so into it a second ago. I was just lying here and you started to sigh and moan. It kinda turned me on. Then I felt your hand brush against me and I decided to make a move. You really seemed to be enjoying it,” she said. The truth was, I had been enjoying it in the dream. But knowing that it was Jenny? I took the easy way out. “But we’ll wake up Rene,” I said.

“Please. Rene is so passed out she may never wake up. C’mon, when are we ever going to be drunk enough to let this happen again? Let’s just see if we like it.” As Jenny whispered into my ear she already had a hand on my breast. She gently pinched my nipple and I gave in.

A minute later and our underwear was off. My thigh was wedged in between hers, and avcılar escort hers was between mine. I pressed my mound into her thigh as we kissed passionately. We were too drunk for foreplay. Our tits pressed together as Jenny licked and sucked my lips. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her closer. Her pussy was wet and her juices rubbed all over my thigh. She moaned as I pressed my self into her. We parted momentarily and her fingers went straight to my pussy. Mine did the same and we began to rub each other’s clits. It felt fucking awesome. I stuck a finger into her pussy and then bought it up to our mouths as we kissed. We both licked her juices from my finger.

Jenny whispered into my ear, “I want you to eat me out. Please. I’ll do you after, but I need you to lick my pussy right now.” I had gone this far, why stop? I slid down her body and curled at the bottom of the bed. I licked up the inside of her thigh and then around her coochie. Then, spreading her legs wide, I licked from her asshole up to her clit. I slid my tongue back down and stuck it as far into her wet snatch as I could.

I thought I felt Rene shifting on the bed behind me, but I only thought about it for a moment. I was eating pussy for the first time and loving it. I licked all over Jenny’s pussy like an ice cream cone. She was shaved bald and it felt great to have my soft lips rub all over her smooth, wet pussy lips. I stuck my tongue back into her cunt and rubbed her clit with my nose. I heard Jenny squeal and then laugh. I hoped I was doing a good job.

Suddenly I felt pressure on the back of my head. Rene was awake! She had rolled over and her thigh was pressing against the back of my head. But I heard both her and Jen giggle, and then what sounded like a wet, smacking kiss, so I assumed everything was copacetic. I went back to licking and sucking Jenny’s wet, shaved pussy. Soon, Rene’s thigh covered my ear. I could tell she was pressing against Jenny and that they were probably making out up there. I felt fingers come down and intertwine with my tongue in Jen’s wet cunt. I thought about coming up for air. I shifted down even farther toward the foot of the bed and as I moved out of the way, Rene and Jenny came together in a tight embrace. I looked up and saw both their pussies side by side. I moved back up their thighs and went to work on Rene’s dark, fuzzy pussy. She gasped as I licked her cunt lips. “Oh Casey!” she cried out, “that feels avrupa yakası escort so good!”

In this position I was able to go from Rene’s pussy to Jenny’s pussy and back almost seamlessly. I buried my face in-between their thighs and went back and forth between their two vaginas. I licked Rene’s puckered asshole and then between her wet pussy lips, over her clit and then across to Jenny’s clit, down through her wet pussy and all the way back to her anus. I then slid up to get some air and was met with a three-way tongue kiss. Both Rene and Jenny licked each other’s pussy wetness from my lips and tongue. Our hands roved over each other’s bodies and we became a tangled mass of arms, legs, tits, and pussies. I couldn’t tell whose hand was on my cunt, whose tongue was in my mouth or whose tits were in my hand.

Jenny’s said, “Let’s repay the favor to Casey!” Rene agreed and they quickly took control. They threw off the sheet and grabbed a couple pillows. Jenny stuck two under my ass, bending my body into a U shape, with my crotch sticking almost straight into the air.

I spread my legs wide and said, “Make me cum girls! Fuck my pussy good!”

They both put their heads down between my legs. Jenny licked my pussy while Rene tongued my anus. It was so wet I could hear slurping sounds. Every once and a while I could see their tongues meet in the folds of my pussy, their faces covered in drool and pussy juice. Jenny licked my clit rapidly and Rene stuck her tongue into my butt. I came all over Jenny’s face. Rene looked up and licked all the wetness from Jen’s lips.

Rene said, “I want to rub pussies with you Casey.” She pushed Jenny out of the way and scissored her legs between mine. I could feel her wet, soft pussy lips squish against mine. Our cunts made loud sucking noises as they rubbed and kissed each other. I could feel her stiff little clit rubbing against mine.

“Jenny,” I said “come sit on my face. I want to lick your shaved, wet cunt.” Jen did as I asked and pressed her pussy to my mouth as Rene and I fucked pussies. Jen ground her snatch into my mouth. Rene grabbed my legs and pressed our vaginas together.

Jen called out that she was going to come in my mouth. “Oh god, Lick my pussy you fucking lesbo slut! Eat me! Eat my cunt!” she cried out.

This really turned me on and I rubbed my wet snatch into Rene’s even harder. I felt an orgasm coming. Rene said, “Oh! fuck me Casey! Fuck my pussy! I’m cuuuuming!” Both Rene and I came at the same time, our pussy juices blending together, making our cunts wet and slippery as they rubbed together. Jen came all over my face and I stuck a finger up her butt. She screamed out and then flopped forward so that her face was in between mine and Rene’s pussies. I drifted off as I felt her licking and nibbling at my cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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