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Peter used to be a very good lawyer in a top legal practice. He sold his share in that practice to do what he always wanted to do, become involved in music. He bought a rundown recording studio in LA and refurbished it as his pet project.

While waiting for the refurbishment of the studio to be completed, Peter worked as a session pianist in nightclubs and anywhere else he could gain experience. While doing a stint at a Las Vegas nightclub he met vivacious singer/dancer Emma. Emma was a long time friend of Sally. Through Emma Peter reconnected with Sally after she left Hugo Simpson. The three of them had a threesome and became close friends.

An open relationship existed between Peter, Sally and Emma. He invited them to become involved with his recording studio. Peter changed the name of the studio to “Highmoon” to give it a clean slate.

Peter did the Engineering, Sally managed the office and legal work; and Emma dropped in to do some back-up vocals when needed. It was a slow start, but word was getting around and business was building.

It was another slow day at the studio. Sally was at the front desk filing her nails. Peter was in the mastering suite experimenting with recordings. A sports car pulled into the car park. Sally stopped filing her nails and placed the booking roster on her desk.

Two women stepped out of the car. One was dressed elegantly, wearing large frame glasses and the other was a teen.

They stepped up to the front desk. “Hello I’m Penny Ryan. I am interested in booking some recording time for my daughter” the elegant woman said. “Is it possible for me to do a deal on the price?”

“I can only offer you our standard prices. You’ll need to speak to Peter if you want anything not on the list. I’ll go get him.”

Sally returned with Peter following close behind her.

“Hi, I’m Peter. Please come into my office and we can discuss an arrangement.”

The two women entered the office and Peter shut the door. When they sat before him he was floored by the stunning beauties. The mother was in a low cut grey cotton/wool blend dress which fell to her mid thighs. She was a tall buxom woman with golden complexion. The daughter was a full figured lass in denim skirt and white shirt.

“I’m Penny and this is my daughter Jessica. I used to be in adult entertainment, in case I look familiar to you. I started off in music but ended up in adult entertainment. My daughter has much more musical talent than me and I think she is good enough to have a career in music.”

“Does Jessica have a manager?”

“My manager also manages her. He knows about adult entertainment but not about the music industry. I’ll have to get Jess a better manager. If she had a proper manager I wouldn’t have to arrange all this stuff.”

“What is your goal with the recordings?”

“I want some good demos done so Jessica can get a good recording contract. She’s done enough live gigs, she needs to progress.”

The term “show biz mom” went through Peter’s mind.

“Depending on how much you want to put into a demo Jessica may only need one session. Each session is 5hrs. Will the sessions be for a band or just Jessica playing solo. We have a small studio, and a main studio. The small studio will probably be more suited for solo recording.”

“Jessica solo. Look, book her in for 2 sessions to be safe, in the small studio. What are payments for the sessions? Can I have payments on credit?”

“It won’t be viable to have a credit arrangement for just 2 sessions.”

“Please.” Penny pleaded as she leant forward to display more cleavage and turn on the charm. She looked into Peter’s eyes and pouted her lips. She was trying all her moves.

Peter glanced over at Jessica. The daughter had covered her mouth with her hands. She was laughing.

It was the moment in which Peter decided it would be interesting to have a deal with the mother and daughter.

“Okay. I’ll put you on an arrangement. Can you make payment in 2 weeks?”

“Yes, that’ll be good.”

“When do you want the sessions.”

“Tomorrow if possible.”

“The sessions are afternoon and evening. Afternoon is 12pm to 5pm and evening in 5.30pm to 10.30pm. Jessica, try and get here about 30 minutes before the start of the sessions.”

Jessica nodded.

Peter stepped into the foyer with his clients. “Sally, book Jessica in for two sessions in the small studio for tomorrow. Thanks.”

The next day Penny and Jessica showed up. Jessica was carrying a guitar case and dressed in jeans and t-shirt.

Her light blonde hair was in plaits. She was ready for work. Mom was wearing glasses, shorts and a tight fitting Eastern print blouse, with the top button left open to show a nice bit of cleavage.

Peter showed them into the studio and setup Jessica with the mikes. He was relieved Penny had wound back her sexy persona. He did not want that distraction. Penny stood behind Peter in the mixing booth until recording started.

“Looks like its going well. I have to do some chores, I’ll be back later.” Penny said çekmeköy escort before disappearing.

Jessica worked fast. She was good enough to knock off the demo in one session. Peter wondered if the second session was required.

Penny did not return until the end of the first session. She joined Jessica and Peter in the mixing booth while they were doing a check of the recording. Jessica had packed up all her gear.

“Good to see you’re finished. Is the flash drive with the demo ready?” Penny asked Peter.

Peter removed a flash drive from the console and handed it to Penny. “It went well. Jessica did a good job.”

‘Oh thank you!’ Penny exclaimed as she hugged Peter. ‘Do we need to pay for the second session?’

“Well the credit was on the basis there would be two sessions. I would still like payment for two sessions in 14 days. You could defer the second session and use it later. If you only want one session then you will need to pay today.”

“Jess, wait for me in the car please.”

Jessica walked out of the booth rolling her eyes.

“Peter I don’t have the money today. I’m a single mother, with a high maintenance daughter. I have a modelling assignment in a few days and it will pay well. A lot of men pay good money to look at this” she said while expanding her chest. To emphasize she hooked her fingers on the top of the blouse and pulled it down to show a great pair of tits.

Peter closed his eyes. He was too embarrassed to look. Penny laughed.

“You won’t lose money. You’ll get paid, plus more.” Penny gave him her most charming look and licked her lips.

“Fine, you can pay in 14 days.”

“You’re a good man. One of the best I’ve met.” Penny moved in and kissed Peter on the mouth. “I’ll let you know how we go with the demo.” Penny stepped out of the studio.

The next day Sally laughed when she heard what happened.

“I think this will lead on to better things. Jessica has real talent.” Peter explained. He did not tell Sally that Penny flashed her tits and kissed him.

A week later Peter arrived at the studio early, the sun wasn’t up yet. As he drove in he noticed a car in the far corner of the car park, away from street lights. He figured it was someone sleeping in the car so he just continued with opening the studio and setting up for the day.

He made himself a coffee and looked out the window as the sun rose. There was still no movement in the car. He went out to investigate. There was a female sleeping in the backseat under a picnic blanket. Peter knocked on the window. She woke up startled. It was a dishevelled looking Jessica. She rolled the window down.

“Jessica what are you doing here?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Come inside.”

Wearing only t-shirt and panty Jessica stepped out of the car. She was smelling of sex. Peter led her to the studio guest room. “You can have a shower in the washroom through there. Do you have any fresh clothing in the car?”

“No. I’ll explain later.”

Peter sat on one of the two guest room beds and thought for a while. “Would you like me to call your mom?” He called out.


“Teens” he muttered to himself.

When Jessica came out of the bathroom all she had on was a white towel wrapped around her torso. She was carrying her soiled t-shirt and panty. She looked at Peter, with a look of shame.

“We’ll have to find you something to wear. All I have is a spare shirt and underpants.” Peter went to a cupboard and picked out a shirt and boxer short and handed them to her. “I use the guest room as a crash pad for late night sessions.”

“Thank you.” Jessica said as she collected the clothing and went back to the bathroom. She came back out looking peaches and cream and as sexy as all get go. “I think the soiled t-shirt and panty can be thrown away.”

“Come on. You need some breakfast.” Peter took Jessica to the dining room “we don’t have much. Cereal okay?”

“Yes that’ll be fine”

Peter placed a bowl of cereal and milk on the table.

“Are you going to tell me what is going on?” He asked.

“I’m managed by my mother’s manager, Rodney. She figured that with his connections in adult entertainment he would be able to develop my musical career like he built mom’s entertainment career. I have been doing okay but money has been slow. Rodney suggested I do some porn to earn quick money to finance my music goals. Mom was against it. With mom being away for a few days, I thought it might be worth a crack to do some porn. I know we owe you money for the demo.

I’m only 19 but I’ve had my share of sex. I was having a secret relationship with Rodney. He said I could make a lot of money in a porn job and all I had to do was to be filmed having sex with him. I was fucking him anyway so getting paid big bucks for it made sense to me. Yesterday evening I went with him to a house not far from here. The production was professional. I was made up to look like a co-ed who went to the wrong fraternity party.

Everything was going cevizli escort okay. I was having sex with Rodney in the scene, when another guy arrived. I was in a cowgirl position. He started to touch me. It felt good so I went along with it. A camera man also started to fondle me, playing with my breasts. I had lights in my eyes and there seemed to be a lot of hands on me. A penis appeared near my face and I was forced to suck it. I had sucked cocks so I went along with it, for the money.

The fondling of my body made me quite excited and I came but Rodney was required to cum. He kept fucking me. The Director pushed me down on Rodney, he said I should press my tits against his chest. When I lay on Rodney, a guy spat on my butt crack and massaged my back passage. It felt good so I let it continue. He then inserted an oily finger in my ass. I thought that went too far. I was about to get off Rodney when he grabbed me in his arms and held be against him. He said I should stay with it just a little bit longer because it would earn me more money. The finger masturbated my butt for a while, it felt okay.

They trickled a whole lot of oil on my butt cheeks and rubbed it all over. Slapping it now and again. It stimulated by nerve ends. My ass was tingling and I was about to cum again. Rodney asked me if I was enjoying it. I said yes.

I noticed a black guy was moving behind me. A big penis was pressing at my butt hole, but it kept slipping on the oil and not go in. Then a little bit went in and it hurt. Rodney was holding me down so I couldn’t move. I asked Rodney to let me go but he would not. He said that if I relaxed my butthole it would not hurt. I relaxed my butt and the big penis went into me. It hurt.

They fucked me from front and back and another guy tried to put his penis in my mouth. My butt wasn’t hurting as much now and Rodney came in my pussy. His warm sperm made my pussy cum and I opened my mouth. The guy who was trying to stick his penis in my mouth, stuck his penis in my mouth and he came all over my face.

That seemed to be the signal for everyone to cum in me, or on me. They were very pleased with the performance. I was given a round of applause, but all I wanted to do was get out of there. I got off Rodney, put on my panty and t-shirt and ran out of there. I could not find my jeans.”

The salacious nature of the story did titillate Peter. He did not say anything for a while. He thought maybe Jessica had to get that off her chest.

“I’m sorry that happened to you. Why didn’t you go home, instead of sleeping in the car?

“I was afraid mom would be home. Some times she returns early. I did not want her to see me covered in cum.”

Is there anything you would like me to do?” Peter enquired.

“I’d like to get paid for the porn job. I’d like to slap Rodney’s face and I want a new manager.”

“It seems that your current manager has only been exploiting you. I’ll ask around and see if we can find a good manager for you. How have you gone with the demo recording?”

“That’s in the car. Rodney was going to play it to someone.”

“Give it to me. I’ll see if I can find a label that’ll want to sign you.”

The look on Jessica’s face changed completely. “Fantastic!” She yelled with a look of delight.

“You must tell your mother what happened when she returns. She’ll need to be warned about your manager.”

Sally arrived and saw Jessica in Peter’s shirt. “Everything okay?” She asked.

“It is now. Good morning Sally” was all Jessica said as she walked to her car.


Peter could not get anyone interested in signing Jessica. The 14 day limit for Penny to pay for the studio rental had fallen due.

Sally, Peter and Emma met in his office as part of their social routine. The conversation eventually came around to Jessica.

“What are we going to do with this overdue bill? You’ve been doing a lot of work for nothing. I’ve heard the demo it is good. Sign her onto your label, record an album and release that. Deduct costs from proceeds.” Sally suggested.

“Yes, that sounds like a good idea. I think Jessica could be the star signing we need for our label and studio. She is very marketable. She’s gorgeous.” Emma chimed in.

Life is all about place and timing. At that moment Penny Ryan pulled up in the car park.

Sally returned to the foyer.

“Hope she brought some money. Good luck. I’ll get going, I have a show to prepare for.” Emma said as she left.

Sally showed Penny Ryan into the office and shut the door.

“Jessica told me what happened. Here is your shirt and underpants. Thank you for what you’ve done for her. I’ll pay what I owe. Has there been any interest in the demo?”

“I’m afraid not. What is her manager situation like?”

“Rodney is gone. I don’t want any of my girl’s managers to fuck her. They can fuck me.” At that moment Penny’s small puffy lips seemed to get puffier. Peter’s eyes fixed on her mouth. He wondered if Rodney had fucked Penny. Lucky bastard.

“The erenköy escort majors don’t think Jessica is commercial. We think she is. We are interested in signing her to our Highmoon label.”

“I like that idea. Would you be her manager?”

“I am stuck in the studio a lot. It might be better to have someone else as her manager. I can put you in touch with Emma’s manager. She’s the singer who just left.”

“Is Emma’s manager a guy?” Penny asked squinting her eyes.

“No. Her manager is female.”

“Great. This visit has proven very productive. Let me know when you have a recording contract ready to sign. I’ll get in touch with Emma’s manager. I think Jessica has enough material for an album and is ready to go. I won’t take up anymore of your time. Thank you for your help.” Penny stood up to leave but stopped. She looked at Peter.

“I was knocked up as a teen. I was only 14. Life is hard for a single teenage mother. I’m a 33 year old woman with a 19 year old daughter. I’m still learning about life, I try my best for Jessica. Thank you very much Peter.”

Peter stood up. Penny hugged Peter and left the office.

“Sally, we’re in the record business. We’ll be signing Jessica on as our first act. Prepare a contract for our client and courier it to her.”

A few days later Peter received a call from Penny Ryan. “Hi Peter. I’ve sprained my ankle and I want to finalise the signing of the contract urgently. Can you come and see me at my place now?”

“No problem. I’ll come over right away.” It seemed Penny Ryan was high maintenance but Peter was prepared to play along until the deal was signed.

When Peter arrived at the Ryan residence he found it was a stylish house in the good part of the city. “Mom must be good at what she does” he thought. He rang the door bell.

Penny answered the door very quickly. She had a big smile on her face and an excited look in her blue eyes. She was wearing tight navy blue denim jeans and a knitted grey half tank top which showed off a curvy midriff. She was not wearing any bra so her titties jiggled as she moved.

“Come in Peter.”

“You have a lovely place Penny. I hope your ankle is feeling better.” Peter noted.

“Thank you. Buy my ankle could do with a massage.”

Penny led Peter to a large lounge room furnished with a charcoal coloured fabric lounge suite.

“Sit down” she said waving to a 2.5 seater. “Jessica has signed the contract and she had to leave to buy a new guitar. Here’s the contract. It’s been signed by Jessica and witnessed by her new manager, who you recommended. You can sign now and I’ll witness your signature.” Penny sat close to Peter and placed the contract on the coffee table in front of him.

No amendments had been made. Peter was happy enough to take out his pen and sign. He was about to move the contract over to Penny to witness but she leaned across him and slowly signed the contract. Her jiggling breasts were nearly on his lap.

When Penny finished signing she removed her glasses and stayed close. She sat up and asked in a low voice “are you single?”

“Yes” he answered avoiding Penny’s eyes.

Penny smiled. “Have you ever married?”

“No” Peter answered feeling uncomfortable.

Penny moved her lips up to Peter’s ear and murmured “don’t let yourself go to waste. Your seed needs to be shared.”

Peter turned and looked into her eyes. He leant forward to kiss her. She stopped him “not yet” she said.

Penny Ryan was playing out a fantasy. She sat back from him, not taking her eyes off him. She straightened her torso and leaned back against the sofa. That action pushed her tank top covered breasts up. She smiled.

Peter was enjoying this performance.

“My ankle is sore, would you massage it for me please?” She offered her ankle, resting it on his lap.

“Well it is swollen. I’m not surprised you were not able to bring the contract to the studio.” Peter said as he placed his hand on her foot and gently rubbed and massaged it. “Does that feel better?”

“Just a little harder please.” Penny shifted her foot further along Peter’s lap so that it rested on his cock.

Peter massaged her ankle and feet, rubbing her foot on his cock. “Let me know if I do it too hard Ms Ryan.”

“You’re doing if perfectly.”

Ms Ryan put the second foot on Peter’s cock and lay back in the sofa. “I think my other ankle also needs to be rubbed.”

Smiling, Peter massaged and manipulated her feet with his fingers and thumbs as she rubbed his cock with them.

“I my calves are also sore” she said giving a pained look. She bent her legs forward, placing her calves closer to her buttocks.

Peter moved himself closer so he could reach her calves. He ran his hand up her calves to her knees, massaging each calf in turn. He rested his hands on the top of each knee. She opened her legs and his hands slid down from her knees, over her thighs and to her warm, intimate area.

Peter rubbed her crotch.

“Not yet” she said, giving a slight jiggle of her breasts.

Peter reached out between her thighs and gently fondled her soft breasts. As he touched her breasts it provoked her torso to push her breasts even more into his hands. They were a handful and he gripped them gently at first before increasing the vigour by which he squeeze and massaged them. It wasn’t long before Peter could see Penny’s nipples were erect under the tank top.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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