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I see you sitting alone at the bar and ask if I can sit beside you, as you turn to answer my eyes scan over your body from your heels, up your stocking clad legs to the short skirt half way up your thighs, the buttons on your shirt straining to hold your boobs in. Our eyes meet and you can see by the twinkle in my eye that I am hungry, ready to devour you.

You stammer “yes” so I sit down with my knees either side of yours stopping you from turning away from my stare. You are stuck facing me and we start talking, I order us both a drink and we cheers, our eyes locked across the top of the glasses. I shuffle my bar stool closer so my knees are surrounding yours, I close my thighs and briefly touch your stockings, you flinch but have no where to go so I touch again quickly, this time you don’t flinch so I rest my thighs on your knees feeling the warmth of your skin.

I move my stool back a little, the hand that was on my knee moves to your knee and I see you stop yourself from moving away. My fingertips circle on the top of your silky stockings then my other hand does the same on your other knee, both drawing invisible circles on the top of your knees. The circles getting bigger, moving up your thighs, you can’t move your eyes away from mine but I know you want to see my fingers move to the inside of your knees and ease them apart, after a second of resistance you let your knees be moved by me. The curve of your thighs covered in the dark stockings are being exposed to me, the shadows forming between your thighs and I keep pushing open until your skirt stops your thighs going wider. Leaning forward an inch I breath in the air, sniffing deeply, a little smile in the corner of my mouth so you know I can smell your pussy and we both know you are hot and wet.

My hands forgotten on your knees start their circle motion again, this time on the inside of your knees and moving slowly up the inside of your thighs until my hands disappear under the skirt that is only just covering your stocking tops. I feel the warm soft flesh of your thigh for the first time, that gentle bulge where the stockings are tight to your skin. My hands keep moving until they are at the junction between your thighs and your pussy, one finger moved to your panties to press them between your swollen lips. I put my hands back to my own knees after wiping my glistening finger on my lip. Holding my hand out I simply say “panties” curling my finger indicating to you what I want. You look shocked and flushed and start to climb down off the stool, numbly following the instruction that would normally horrify you.

Before you can move far I stop your movements, not letting you down to go to the toilet, “here” I state, you look around the bar, hotel bars are always busy, no one appears to be looking our way and the barman is busy with other customers so you wiggle in your seat, sliding your fingers under your skirt both sides of your legs. Tugging your panties down under your skirt, having to bounce a little to get them off your bum, each bounce creating a wonderful show under your shirt. You can see my eyes on your chest and try to limit how much your boobs are swinging and bouncing, you look down and see that your nipples are protruding through your tight shirt. With one final look around to make sure no one is watching you whip your panties down your legs and over your shoes.

Sitting back up with the scrap of black satin balled up in your hand you look around again and then from my eyes to my hand held out waiting. You push the panties against my hand hoping no one will see, as you sit back I open my hand, your panties visible to anyone who might look, and raise them to my face inhaling. I move them between my fingers until I find the wettest spot, watching you blush because you anadolu yakası escort can see the moisture too, I lick the panties slowly with the tip of my tongue. Satisfied, I fold the panties neatly and sit them on the bar between our two glasses. I can see the fear in your eyes seeing your panties on public display but your attention is quickly diverted back to your knees as my fingers return to them, easing your thighs apart and moving back under your skirt

All your wriggling to take your panties off means your skirt is much higher up your thighs, your stocking tops peeking out. My fingers followed the path they travelled earlier, back to where your thighs meet and the one finger that previously pushed your panties between your lips repeated the same motion but this time I am touching the burning fire that is your pussy lips. Running my finger up and down just along your lips, gathering moisture, taking your wetness and searching for your clit hidden at the top of your dripping pussy. Rubbing my wet finger around your clit I see your face redden and your nipples poke harder at your shirt. With one finger toying your clit I use two more fingers from that same hand to ease open your lips and as I do a sigh escapes your lips. My left hand holds your thigh tightly, not enough to hurt but enough to make sure you know there is no escape. Two fingers delve slowly in to your pussy making your juices run out along my fingers. Lubricating my fingers as they build up a rhythm sliding in and out of you. Your breath is short but otherwise we appear to be just a couple of colleagues having a private conversation at the bar.

No one knows I move a third finger inside you and my thumb takes over rubbing your hard clit. I can feel your body responding, gently rocking to aide my fingers as they penetrate deep and fast, the walls of your pussy grasping and tightening against my fingers. Driving my fingers deeper, harder, curling my finger tips to rub against your g-spot, you are not able to stop yourself moving around but my hand on your thigh reminds you with a little squeeze. Pounding your pussy now, movements barely visible by any one else I can see your eyes rolling back in your head and I thrust deep in you and pinch your clit at the same time. Feeling your orgasm hit you, your pussy grasping my fingers, your juices flow all over my fingers, there will be a wet spot on the back of your skirt, and the bar stool no doubt. I can see the red flush roll up your chest and to your neck, the beads of sweat on your forehead and your hand holding the bar to steady yourself.

I reach into my pocket and drop a room key next to your panties, with a single glistening finger I slide the card towards you along the bar, tapping it twice with my nail as I lean in to you as you are still recovering I whisper in your ear “226”. Standing up I turn to the bar, drain my glass and picking up your panties, I inhale as I put them to my face as if whipping my mouth, you watch your panties go in my trouser pocket which draws your attention to the bulge in my groin

I look you in the eye, smile and walk away…

The gentle tap on the door of room 226 was barely audible inside the room, I knew you would be battling with yourself about whether to come to the room or not, the quiet knock indicating you were still looking for a way out, hoping that something or someone else would intervene and stop you from going through with this. As you sigh with relief and start to turn to walk away the door opens, you stop dead, eyes slowing lifting to look me in the eye. Without a word I open the door fully, giving you space to enter. Just as your foot steps across the threshold I grasp your arm and stop you, learning atalar escort forward my lips against your ear I speak normally, my deep voice causing reverberations in your head and goosebumps on your skin “If you decide to step in this room, you are giving yourself to me” I feel your whole body shiver, you look to the corridor and I’m not sure if you are looking for an escape route or looking to see if anyone else heard what I said. I released my gentle hold on your arm, waiting for your answer and after only a second or two you step forward in to the room.

I can see you are still unsure as you stand in the middle of the room looking around, trying to assess what will happen in here. Quietly I walk up behind you and put my hands on your shoulders, up high and gently massaging your neck with my thumbs, stopping you from turning. With a soft push I walk your forward to the large window looking out over the city and to the other high rise buildings nearby. After taking in the view for a minute, my massage continuing all this time moves from your shoulders and neck to the top of your chest. My fingers stretching over your shoulders to the upper slopes of your breasts, the heat transferring between our skin is like fire until I pull my hands back up and this time when I caress over your shoulders and down I am inside your shirt and it feels like I am scorching your skin.

My hands stop their up and down path and start roaming left and right over your upper chest, to your neck and out to slip under the straps of your bra. Keeping my hands under the straps or your bra I lift them from your body and the tension on the straps lift your boobs, I shake them for just a second before return the straps to your body. My hands are now back outside your shirt, easing each of the buttons open, exposing your skin more with each button, as I reach the last button and pull open your shirt you put your hands up to cover your now exposed bra and wobbling boobs. My head is already next to yours because I’m reaching around you, I simply “tut-tut” next to your ear and your hands fall back down to your sides.

The lights are low in the room so you’re hoping that no one can see inside, can see you with your bra on show, can see the goose bumps forming on your skin as you realise there are hundreds of windows with a view of you. I pull the shirt off your shoulders and let it drop down your arms and flutter to the floor. My fingers touch your back and you shiver, finding the clasp to your skirt I pop it open and the quiet room is suddenly load with the noise of your zip being pulled down. Your skirt falls over your hips to pool at your feet next to the discarded blouse. I take in the view from behind, your fleshy rump, I can’t resist but caress the curves of your bum, feeling the satin smooth warm skin. Finger tips trace the line of your spine, moving up slowly until I find the clasp on your bra. I hear you breath in sharply as I release the clasp and watch the weight of your boobs bounce a little with the freedom. Pushing the straps down your arms we are both watching the reflection in the window as your nipples come in the view, we can both see your nipples hardening. Enjoying the show my eyes watch yours in the window while your stare is fixed on the bra dropping to the floor.

My hands drop to your hips, pushing forward gently you get the idea and step closer to the world outside, “window” my only word but you understand and place your palms against the glass, it causes you to bend forward as I keep hold of your hips. Your bum now pushing backwards, I have to resist sliding my hard cock in to you right there and then, but resist I do, instead my fingers slide between your thighs to your stockings. I drop to one ataşehir escort knee putting my face inches from your bum, your position means I can also see your pussy lips swollen and red and covered with a sheen of moisture. I roll each of your stockings down, lifting each foot to remove your shoes and the stockings. I kiss each of your bum cheeks then slide my tongue between them licking all the way up in your crevice as I stand.

My hips press against your bum, you can feel my hard cock rest between your bum cheeks as I push you forward until you gasp at the relative cold of the glass on your nipples, I keep moving forward until your breasts are squashed flat against the window. I can see you blushing as you look out the window pressed against your face, knowing you can see people so if they looked they would be able to see you and your exposed body. The pressure from my hips disappear but you stay in place, I kneel down once again, this time my tongue finds your juicy pussy, I can see you juice almost dripping. I start to lap up the moisture formed on the outside of your lips, you taste sweet but tangy. I can hear a quiet moan form in your throat, I keep licking your lips, the tip of my tongue tapping your clit. My tongue circles the outside of your pussy and I know you want more as you roll your hips to try and get me inside.

Instead my hands move up and hold your cheeks wide exposing your tight anus, my waste no time in spreading the pussy juice from my tongue all over the puckered little hole. I can feel your body tense up, so I dip my head back down to your pussy and gather more of the juice leaking from you and move back to your rear spreading the juice as my tongue probes your hole. I feel you relax a little as I am able to penetrate you, fucking your arse with my tongue, you even reach back to hold your bum cheeks open for me freeing my hands to move up your thighs to cup your eager pussy.

I can feel your wetness and the heat coming from your pussy, i ease a finger in with shorts pokes matching what my tongue is doing to your bum. One finger turns to two, the short penetrations blend in to deep thrusts. Keeping my fingers pistoning in and out of your pussy I stand and take my hard cock in my hand, rubbing the head up and done your bum crack. I feel you tense again as i press my cock against your little hole and just as you think I’m applying too much pressure i withdraw my fingers from your pussy and drive my hard cock in to the space the left empty. The first real noise from you is a low, animalistic moan as my cock slides all the way in you with one smooth motion, Keeping your tits against the glass i start thrusting in to your pussy, you are pushing back trying to get my cock deeper in you.

I adjust the angle of my hips so my cock is rubbing against your g-spot each time i thrust, I can feel your juices coating my cock. My thrusts are more urgent now, the clenching of your pussy that i felt on my fingers in the bar is back and it feels even better on my cock, Each thrust is met with a “Ugh”, “ugh”. I can hear in your voice and see from your glistening skin that your orgasm is getting close, I can feel the familiar sensation in my balls, the tightening that tells me my orgasm is also close but I can’t stop now though, i wanted to make this first fuck last but you are just too sexy and I have to take you, passion out of control.

Reaching around I find your clit, rubbing it as fast and my fingers are able. My thrusts now so hard that you have to put your hands back on the window, our skin clapping together now each time I drive forward into you, Your grunts matching my own as I push in to your welcoming pussy. Just as I think i can’t take it anymore I hear you scream and feel a flood of juice over my balls and down my thighs, it tips me over the edge and you feel spurt after spurt of hot burning cum shoot in to your sensitive pussy. We remain still for a few minutes, our only movements the rise of our chests as we gasp for air and the invisible twitching and flexing of my cock and your pussy. I rest my chin on your shoulder and look out through the window with you and ask “did they see?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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