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Sex with brand new husband Scott is never a problem. He’s skilled, long-lasting, enthusiastic, imaginative and marvelously endowed.

He loves role-playing. One of his favourites is wearing a white priest’s dog-collar and black clergy shirt — nothing else — and hearing my wildly imaginative confession while I suck his cock and lick his balls. “Bless you my daughter …” he whispers as he cums “… for I have inherited the kingdom of heaven.”

Scott delights in exploring the wilder shores of sensuality. In particular, he loves giving head (a rare gift for a girl), spanking, sixty-nine and groups. Threesomes, foursomes, moresomes. Scott’s a generously social fucker.

Late one night in bed after a particularly energetic evening with three of Scott’s friends I ask him casually why he isn’t jealous when other men fuck me. “Don’t you care?”

“Not really.”

I push. “I’m your wife. You want me to fuck these guys … you watch when they undress me …”

He interrupts. “You usually undress yourself. They don’t have to. Not often, anyway.”

I ignore him. ” … and they stick their cocks in my mouth and my cunt …”

“Guess I’m just not the jealous type.”

“And it turns you on when I cum with other men … in front of you. Me? Your precious new wife?”

“Turns me on … but doesn’t make me jealous.”

All drowsy from lovemaking, I pretend to be offended. “Why not? You should be protecting my honour, you bastard … not encouraging me to give it away to your friends and all those Big Men who can help your acting career.”

Scott laughs, slips an arm around my neck, nestles my head on his shoulder. “I learn early.”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t want to know. You’ll be shocked.”

I wake up. “What the hell could shock me, Scott? After all we’ve done together … after tonight? I fuck two below-the-title stars for you and that damned hairdresser — by the way I think he wants you, not me — what the hell could shock me? Anyway, what do you mean, you learned early?”

He settles in the bed. “You promise you won’t be shocked?”

“Oh jesus, Scott …” I pull out of the shelter of his arm and turn away from him, on my side. “I’m going to sleep.”

“Ok … ok” he says hurriedly. “If you really want to know I’ll tell you. Here’s the picture … I’m eighteen, my father has loads of money … divorces my mother … gets custody of me because my mother is a slut with a serious drinking problem.” He thinks back. “My father marries this great-looking redhead. Gorgeous. Big fleshy woman … huge breasts … like ripe melons … like yours. Built entirely of curves. She’s how I learned to love big boobs. Much younger than him … only about four years older than me, in fact. As for me, I work out a lot … I’ve got a good build and enormous cock.”

“Stop boasting.”

“I’m telling the truth. Do you want to hear the story or not?”

“Sorry. Go on.”

“My stepmother’s an exhibitionist … even I know it. Likes to hang around the house wearing almost nothing … all see-through and breast and nipple and thigh … and I spend a lot of time trying to see as much of her as I can without being caught. I’m obsessed with her body. Remember, I’m she’s an older women … something like twenty-two.”

“Dirty pervert.”

Scott ignores me. “One morning, soon after she moves in, I walk past the bedroom she shares with my dad and the door’s open and she’s naked, sitting on their bed facing the door and rubbing some sort of white cream on her boobs. She catches me standing there, staring at her, and doesn’t even try to cover herself. Just smiles … says ‘hi honey’ … and keeps looking at me, smiling all the time, while she smears the white stuff on her boobs … so they sway, all sexy. Then she rubs the stuff on her belly and between her legs, still looking at me with this funny teasing expression, until I get embarrassed and say ‘sorry” and she says ‘no problem, honey’ and I walk away even though I want to stay forever and watch her rub white stuff all over every inch of her incredible body.”

“I’ve never seen you embarrassed.”

He ignores me again. “We live in this big house … my stepmother doesn’t actually work … she likes going out to dinner and parties instead. Particularly when my father’s away on business. Well, one late evening … only a couple of weeks after they marry … Dad’s out of town … my stepmother’s out at some party … and I’m in bed with a copy of Playboy. The room’s dark except for the bedside lamp … and I’m drooling over the pictures and jerking off while the centerfold smiles at me. I’ve left my bedroom door part open because it’s a warm night and there’s nobody in the house except me. I’m pounding away when I catch this movement out of the corner of my eye. I look up and see my new stepmother standing in the hallway, holding her shoes in one hand, watching me jerk off. I’ve no idea how long she’s been there.”

“Wow … ” I turn back to Scott, pull his arm around my illegal bahis shoulders again. “This is sexy. What do you do?”

He shrugs. “What can I do? I pull the sheets up to cover everything and say something silly like ‘hi … didn’t expect you back so soon. How was your evening?'”

“And …” I reach for Scott’s cock. In spite of his world-class performance right after his friends fuck me, it’s hard again. I guess he’s really enjoying telling me about his stepmother. Anyway, he seems to have a perpetual erection. Part of his charm. I hold him, fondle gently.

“She comes into my bedroom and sits down on the side of my bed. She’s wearing this real sexy red dress … shows lots of tit and leg … I remember ever detail … and says the sort of words the experts say you’re supposed to say at such moments. I don’t remember what they are but something like ‘don’t be ashamed … it’s perfectly natural for a teenage boy to masturbate … would be unnatural if you don’t’. You know the sort of thing …”

“Not really. I’ve never been a teenage boy and certainly never jerked off to Playboy. But go on.”

“She sits there on my bed and her breasts are literally inches from my face … and her skin is shining like she’s sweating or something. And she puts a hand under the sheet. I think for one wonderful moment that she’s going to grab my cock. But instead she pulls out the Playboy. She opens it at the centrefold, turns it around so it opens up and examines it. Then she asks me if I think the girl is sexy. I’ve no idea what’s going on. All I can think of is to I tell her sure, I think she’s sexy. Then my stepmother asks me if I think the girl in the centerfold is sexier than she is.”

I giggle. “Crucial moment, my love. And?”

“Even then I know something about women. Enough to know that there’s only one correct answer. I tell my stepmother the naked girl in the Playboy centrefold isn’t nearly as sexy as she is.”

“Good for you, lover. And …”

Scott’s voice is gravelly now and his cock pushes rhythmically against my hand. “She leans forward so I can see down the top of her dress … lacy black bra … real huge tits, like goddam mountains … kisses me sweetly on my forehead and laughs and tells me the Playboy women are all idealized and airbrushed. Not real. Then she asks ‘have you ever seen a naked woman … a real naked woman … not just a girl?’ I don’t remind her about catching her naked, rubbing that white stuff on her boobs a couple of days before. Instead I tell her the only real naked woman I’ve seen is my mother. She says that doesn’t count. The conversation is getting very sexy by this time … and it gets even sexier.

“My stepmother asks ‘would you like to … see a real naked woman, I mean? It’s about time you did. You’re certainly old enough’. And I tell her ‘yes, of course … I’d really like that’. And she puts a hand over the hand I’ve been jerking off with …” long pause “… and my stepmother asks ‘would you like to see me naked?'”

“Wow. Fan-fucking-tastic.”

“Her voice gets all breathy and husky. She says she’ll show me her body if I want to see it because the human body is nothing to be ashamed of. The naked body is a beautiful thing. Nudity is a beautiful thing. She says teenage boys shouldn’t have to buy Playboy to find out what real women look like. So because there’s nothing to be ashamed of in nudity … she’ll show me her body if I really want to see it. But she’ll only do it if I promise not to tell anyone. Particularly my father. And I mustn’t try to touch her. Of course, I promise. I’ll promise to jump out of a plane without a parachute … I’ll wrestle a great white shark … if that’s what it takes to get my gorgeous, sexy stepmother out of her clothes again.

“The next thing I know she turns her back and asks me to unzip her dress. I can hardly handle the zipper, I’m so excited. But I fumble around and manage. Then she stands up, pulls the dress down and steps out of it … pulls her panties down, drops them on the floor. She sits back on my bed and tells me ‘Undo my bra.’ So I do that. I’ve had some experience with bras so there’s no big problem. And she lets the bra fall off … stands up again, stares at me … real slow like she’s challenging me or something … and slowly turns around like a model on a runway. She’s naked as the day she’s born. Incredible tight ass … great, heavy breasts … she’s mostly shaved … just a little fringe of ginger hair … they call it a landing strip … at the bottom of her belly … right there in my bedroom. It’s a teenage boy’s wettest fantasy. I almost cum right there.”

This is great stuff. I wonder if it’s true. After all, Scott’s an actor and actors aren’t famous for doing reality. “Go on … go on lover…”

“I tell her she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. And then I take the big chance.” Scott pauses dramatically.

“What? What do you do? Jump her?”

“No. I’m no fool. I pull back the sheet … real slow … so illegal bahis siteleri she can see my cock again. It’s enormous. I’ve never seen it so big … all hard and throbbing and jerking and sticking up in the air. I take a big chance and ask her if I can jerk off looking at her instead of at the centrefold … because she’s so much more beautiful than the girl in the centerfold.”

Nobody could invent this. Not even Scott. “You’re a genius, darling. A goddam genius.”


He’s smug. “What can she say? She considers the idea … then she says she’d like that. It would be a compliment to her, she says. Because there’s nothing wrong with masturbation, in spite of what the church says. Masturbation is natural. Like nudity. She sits down on the side of my bed again … I’ve never seen so much shiny, glowing, naked female flesh so close. She bursts with flesh. Right next to me. Her nipples are hard and stick out like little fingers … so close I can lick them if I want. And she smells wonderful … sex and sweat and wine … I wonder if she fucks somebody when she’s out this evening. Wouldn’t be at all surprised.”

Scott’s voice is a low growl. “I lie there, drowning in her body … fantasizing about fucking her … and I start slowly moving my hand up and down on my cock … watching my stepmother … watch my hand.”

Another long pause. I scratch his scrotum with long fingernails. “Don’t stop lover. Don’t stop. Then what …”

“She gives a sort of sigh as if she’s finally made a difficult decision … she doesn’t say anything just reaches out … pushes my hand away … takes my cock in her own hand. It’s like she has no choice. She can’t resist. I don’t say anything, just lie back in the bed and let her jerk me off. Like … I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“Do you cum?”

Scott laughs. “Do I cum? Almost as soon as she touches me. A fucking great ocean of cum. Spurts and spurts and spurts. More than I’ve ever seen in my life … and even then I’ve seen a lot. We watch it spray like Vesuvius … squirt up in the air … splash on my hand … all over her breasts … seems to last forever.

“When it finally stops I take an even bigger risk. I reach out and wipe my cum all over her breasts. First one breast … then the other. They’re all sweaty and tight and hot and soft. She doesn’t try to stop me … even though I’ve promised not to touch her. Just watches me wipe the cum … watches it drip off her hard nipples. Sits there on the side of my bed breathing heavily and doesn’t say anything while I wipe my cum all over her wonderful soft breasts.”

“Your first hand job … at least with someone else. Congratulations, darling. How does it end?”

Scott’s voice is soft and far away. “She kisses me on the forehead again … stands up … picks up her clothes and shoes from the floor … says ‘good night … sweet dreams … don’t tell anyone or I’ll kill you’ … and walks out of my bedroom stark naked … my cum still on her breasts. Just as if nothing unusual has happened.”

Long pause. Scott turns over on his side with his back to me. I kiss the back of his neck. “There’s more. I know there’s more …”

“How do you know there’s more?”

“You’re an actor. That was a theatrical pause. For effect, I know that. And, anyway, there’s always more with you.”

“Ok. If you want to know … I wait maybe a minute … then I get out of bed, go to her bedroom … the one she shares with my father. She’s lying on top of the bed rubbing my cum on her tits and down on her pussy like this …” Scott turns back to me, slides fingers down my belly into my pussy, still sloppy with cum from our party with his friends. In and out. In and out. “She doesn’t say a word … just takes my hand and covers it with hers … keeps pushing my fingers and my cum into her pussy until she screams … she’s a real screamer … and cums right there next to me on my father’s bed.”

“That’s rather sweet. And after that?”

“I go back to my bedroom and jerk off, of course The next day we just act normal … stepmother and stepson … and don’t do anything until my dad leaves on a business trip again a week later.” Scott’s voice gets softer and softer. “I’m doing my homework in my room and she comes back from driving my dad to the airport and I get a hard-on as soon as I hear the front door close. She comes straight up to my room and kisses the back of my neck … takes her clothes off … all without a word … lies down on my bed and spreads her legs. I don’t need to be told what to do next. I leave my homework, take my own clothes off as fast as I can and join her. She mumbles something about thinking of my big cock all morning, runs her tongue down my chest and belly and takes my cock in her mouth. She sucks until I cum. Then I fuck her. It’s incredible. The first time I’ve ever been sucked and fucked by a real woman.

“After that we don’t wait for my father to go away on trips. We do it whenever we can. One Sunday morning … my father’s playing canlı bahis siteleri golf … she teaches me how to go down on a woman. She teaches me to open her pussy lips with my fingers and fuck her with my tongue. Teaches me what women like and don’t like.”

“So that’s where you learn. So young. I’m impressed.”

“Soon I just wait until my dad’s left the house to go to work early in the morning then I go down the corridor to their bedroom and climb into bed with her. Sometimes … not often … she’s still got my dad’s cum in her when I fuck her. Kinky. Like lubricant. It’s great. Then I go to school.”

I sense that Scott’s trying to end the story. “So what’s this got to do with you not being jealous when other men fuck me? That was my question, lover. Remember?”

Scott grins. His teeth flash white in the dark. “I’m never jealous with you because I’m never jealous of my stepmother. Not when she’s with my dad … and not when she fucks my friends.”

“What do you mean ‘fucks your friends.’? You didn’t tell me that.”

Scott shrugs. “You didn’t ask.”

“You shit.”

He’s not even slightly offended. “It’s brilliant. And after the first time, it’s easy.”

“What do you mean … ‘after the first time’?”

Scott explains that it’s all really a matter of young male pride.


Scott can’t wait to tell his best friends at school, Don and Barry, that his beautiful stepmother has taken her clothes off for him so he can see a real woman naked. But he doesn’t mention that they’ve gone a lot further than that. For one thing, he doesn’t think they’ll believe him. Which is just as well, because they don’t even believe the naked stepmother part. After all, he’s still a teenager and she’s a grown woman in her twenties. Also, Barry reminds him, she’s his stepmother.

“Gross …” says Don.

Scott tells him he’s just jealous. He swears it’s all true and suggests maybe be can get his stepmother to take her clothes off for them too. So they can see a real woman naked. Of course, he has no idea how he’ll do that, but he’s a teenaged boy and he’s been challenged and teenaged boys don’t back down on challenges.

One Friday when his father’s out of town, Scott invites Don and Barry to a sleepover at his place. As soon as they get permission from their mothers he starts to panic. What if he suggests his stepmother takes her clothes off for his friends and she gets mad and tells his father? This could be the end. He wonders if teenage Canadian boys are eligible to disappear into the French Foreign Legion for the rest of their lives.

Scott’s stepmother isn’t there when Don and Barry get home after school so they do homework together, watch TV, unfreeze some food and watch some more TV until it’s nearly midnight and they troop up to Scott’s bedroom. It has three beds, one for Scott and two bunk beds, one of top of the other, for visitors.

The boys undress without looking at each other. Seems boys never look at other boys when they’re naked because they’re scared the other boys will think they’re gay. Maybe that’s why no lover I’ve ever had knows whether his male friends have cocks like stallions or rabbits.

Nobody mentions Scott’s stepmother. Instead, they get into pajama bottoms — cool guys don’t wear pajama tops — and sit on their beds and talk about school and soccer and tell lies about girls they’ve dated and how far they’ve been able to get until they hear the front door open and close. The sound of footsteps comes up the stairs and along the passage. The footsteps stop at Scott’s bedroom door. There’s a long pause before the handle turns and the door opens.

Scott’s stepmother steps in, smiling. She’s in full war paint — false eyelashes, vivid pink lipstick and a long, curling fall — and dressed to kill in a slinky, black outfit that clings to her body like a second skin. Four inch heels. “Hi lover …” She sees Don and Barry and stops. “Oh … I was at a party … I didn’t know. I’m sorry … I didn’t know you had friends over …”

“It’s ok” says Scott. “It’s only Don and Barry.”

Don climbs down from the top bunk and he and Barry shake hands with Scott’s stepmother. She holds their hands a little longer than seems necessary. “You’re both very welcome” she says. Her eyes linger on the boy’s half-naked bodies. “You guys want some cool drinks or anything before I go to bed?”

Don and Barry say “thank you … that would be nice” at the same time. They sit down next to each other on the lower bunk bed opposite Scott’s bed.

Scott’s stepmother smiles “won’t be long.” They hear her footsteps start down the stairs towards the kitchen and stop. It’s as if she’s trying to decide something. She obviously makes a decision because the footsteps go back up the stairs and they all watch as she passes Scott’s bedroom door in her clingy black dress and heads towards the bedroom she shares with Scott’s father.

“Hey … she’s really great” says Don admiringly. “You really see her naked?”

“Sure” says Scott. “Great tits. Pigeon tits.”

“What’s pigeon tits?” asks Don.

“Really high … nipples that point upward … to the sky.”

“Ohmygod” says Don.

“When’s she gonna take her clothes?” ask Barry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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