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Natalie sat there in front of her computer, looking at things she knew she wasn’t supposed to be. Of course she was eight-teen and all things she viewed were legal for her to look at, she knew if she got caught computer privileges were going to be revoked and the spanking she got would surely be worse than the last time.

Natalie was an extremely cute black girl. She’s got dark brown hair that reaches her shoulders highlighted with blonde streaks. She’s around five foot five, 145 pounds with hazel eyes (an unusual site for a girl of her color). Her chest is small and modest but her ass- her ass is simply perfect, not too big, but certainly big enough. She was a modest girl, only wearing a skirt to school (she went to Catholic school; her stepfather insisted), and to church. Other than that, she was pretty much t-shirt and jeans. But today, she had on a skirt. A really cute boy had just enrolled and she wanted to impress him.

Now, Natalie pointed and clicked on every free porn-site she saw. She was totally shocked…and aroused. She didn’t know it was possible for a woman to take three cocks at once, be fucked by a dog, or get an entire fist into your vagina! She loved and wanted to try just about everything she viewed. The girl was so enchanted by the sight of the large bust blonde covered in a thick coating of cum, that she didn’t notice the sounds of her step-father of 16 years coming into the house. He fiddled around down stairs, getting a glass of water, checking the mail and rummaging through the fridge for a snack.. For the third day in a row, he found nothing. He decided to head upstairs and tell Natalie go to the store. He pushed open her door without bothering to knock..

“Hey Nats, I need you to…what the hell are you looking at?”

Natalie panicked. She reached forward and turned of the monitor as quickly as she could .

“What are you looking at little girl?”

“Nothing Daddy, I swear!”

“Turn the monitor back on…..NOW.”

Natalie reached up with her quivering little hand and pushed the button for the monitor to come back on. Seconds later, a full size .mpg file of a woman getting fucked in her ass was in their view. It played over and over (it was only three seconds long) and Sean (the stepfather’s name) was shocked. It wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen, or even done to Natalie’s mother before, he was simply shocked that his pretty little girl was watching something like this.

“What did I tell you about this? Huh? Only perverts and whores watch movies like this. Then you know what? Those people grow up to STAR in movies like that. You wanna be a whore, Natalie? You want millions of people to see you getting sodomized? ANSWER ME!”

Natalie was completely flustered. She held her head down and whispered and almost inaudible “No, sir.”

“Stand up and put your hands on your bed. I want you bent over. You know and understand what coming little girl.”

And indeed, Natalie did know. She stood up out of the chair and placed her hands on her bed, bending her slightly at the waist. Sean reached down and pushed the skirt up so it bunched up on her tiny waist. Her round ass was exposed covered only by her thin pink cotton panties.

“Hey, you know the routine. Spread ‘em Natalie.”

She parted her legs slightly and as soon as she had, she felt the canlı bahis first hard wack on her right ass cheek. She gasped at the sudden stinging impact. Again, Sean slapped her ass hard, alternating between ass cheeks and taking a second or two to watch it jiggle after each smack. She moaned and whimpered every time his hand met her tender little bottom. He hated to admit it but the noises she was making were getting him a bit excited. He had stopped for a moment to allow Natalie to wipe the tears from her face when he noticed it- a small, dark spot in the crotch of Natalie’s panties. He couldn’t believe it! His sweet little stepdaughter that he had raised as his own, was getting wet as he spanked her.

“I don’t believe this! My little girl has turned into a fucking slut!”

“What are you talking about Daddy?” Natalie whimpered.

“Your…you..your pussy is wet! That’s what the fuck I’m talking about!” Natalie was taken aback from Sean’s abrasive language. “I knew it…you’ve been fucking those boys from school, haven’t you?

“No, I haven’t Daddy! I swear!”

“So you’re telling me that your panties are wet because you pissed on yourself, right?”

Natalie was once again shocked. “Well, no Daddy.”

“Either you’ve been playing with your cunt, or you’ve been peddling your pussy around that school, correct?”

“No Daddy! I’d never do that!” Sean glared at her. “Well, I haven’t had sex with the boys from school Daddy, I promise.”

“How do I know that those are your own juices and not spunk from some young little bastard at that damned school? Huh?”

Natalie couldn’t answer.

“Pull your underwear down.” Natalie did as she was told. She stood up straight and pulled her panties down. After letting them fall to her ankles, she turned to look at the only father she’d ever known. “I promise Daddy, I’ve haven’t had sex with any boys.” Natalie lied. It made no difference anyway. By this time, Sean was out of his mind with lust. Natalie stood before him, skirt still bunched up around her waist with her shaved little pussy completely exposed. He wanted-no, HAD to taste that little clit. He thought for a moment as he stared and finally came up with a reason to justify it.

“Do you believe me Daddy?”

“No, I don’t. There’s only one way I can be sure…you’re not going to understand this, but I have to put my mouth on it you taste and see. If I get down there and get a mouthful of some guy’s cum, there’ll be hell to pay, you hear me little girl?” Natalie nodded.

Sean got on his knees and was eye level with Natalie’s hairless pussy. He slowly stuck out his tongue and flicked her clit with the tip. It immediately began to harden. He moved in closer and closer until finally, his mouth was completely covering her clit. He suckled it and then moved his tongue down to lick her pussy lips. She moaned softly as he tongued her tight little privates. As soon as his tongue probed into her slit, he got a mouthful of thick, sweet pussy juice. He swallowed it and looked up at the pretty young girl above him.

“You were right sweetie, it is just you.”

“I told you Daddy, I’d never lie to you.” she reached down and ran her fingers through Sean’s thick hair.

“I haven’t fucked any of the boys from school.” she paused.

“But Daddy, please don’t stop. It feels bahis siteleri really good.”

That was just the encouragement Sean needed. He pushed Natalie back into the bed, causing her to sit down hard. He shuffled over to her, took a thigh in each hand and spread the legs wide. The pink inside of her cunt glistened with wetness. He dove face first back into her pussy and drove his tongue deep into it. Sean felt Natalie contract around his tongue and realized he couldn’t wait to get his dick in her…but one thing at a time he reminded himself. He looked up at Natalie and she had lifted her shirt to play with her pert little nipples. Her 34 c titties bounced a little as she fondled herself. She moaned and gasped as Sean licked and sucked her sweet little puss. Sensing she was about to cum, cruelly Sean stopped.

“Now Daddy needs pleasure. Can you do that for me baby?” Natalie nodded, immediately dropped to her knees.

She looked up at Sean and smiled as she unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and unzipped them as well. His boxer briefs tinted perversely but Natalie paid no mind. She slid her hand up his thigh and into the leg hole of his boxers. She felt a thick mass of pubic hair, and gently ran her fingers across it. She found Sean’s big balls and rubbed them lightly. She then took her hand and ran it up the shaft of Sean’s cock. It was of average length but was incredibly thick. She tried to close her little hand around it but tried to no avail. She began to squeeze and message the thick dick in her hands.

“Do you like that Daddy?” She asked quietly. “Oh yeah baby…rub my fat dick baby.” Natalie continued rubbing, when finally she decided to take it to the next level.

She let go of her daddy’s dick and slid it out of his underwear. She reached up and pulled the underwear until they were bunched up around his ankles. Sean’s cock bounced up and brushed against her cheek. A thin line of precum was left on her face. Natalie opened her mouth as wide as she could and took the enormous mushroom head of Sean’s dick into her mouth. She sucked it hard and used one of her hands to stroke his shaft as the other played with his ballsack. Sean groaned in ecstasy. He knew for sure now that she had been sucking cock for a while…no one is born that good. Natalie sucked and licked Sean fat cock and Sean grabbed the back of her head to “encourage” her to take it deeper. She did and she gagged. Sean shuddered after feeling her throat tighten around his dick. He repeated this action a few more times and almost shot an enormous loud down her throat. He pulled his dick out of her mouth quickly. Natalie coughed and breathed hard.

“Yeah baby, catch your breath.” He whispered as he patted her on the head.

“Now babe, tell me. Do you want to sit on Daddy’s dick or you wanna lay back and get fucked like a little slut?” Natalie looked puzzled. She wasn’t sure which one he’d like most.

“Big girls ride dicks sweetheart.” he hinted. Sean reached down and stroked his cock, still wet with Natalie’s saliva.

“Okay Daddy, I wanna ride it like a big girl,” she said proudly.

Sean stepped out of his pants and laid back on his stepdaughter’s bed. He pulled up this long-sleeve blue shirt to expose his chest and stomach (and to prevent her pussy juices from getting on it). He reached down bahis şirketleri and stroked his cock some more. Natalie climbed on top of him and straddled her stepdaddy. His dick rubbed against her dripping wet pussy lips. She moved back and forth, rubbing the head of his dick on her clit. It was getting nice and hard again and Natalie was ready to get fucked.

She began to lower herself down onto Sean thick dick. She moaned loudly as the head of his cock parted her dark outer lips, then her soft pink inner lips. She tried to take more but his dick was too wide for her tight young hole. Sean decided to offer a hand a took hold of each of her hips and slowly but steadily pushed himself deep into her young cunt. Finally, his entire cock was in her pussy. They both remained still to allow Natalie’s little pussy to adjust to its new intruder. Slowly, Natalie began to rock back and forth, and soon up and down on Sean’s dick . It still hurt a bit, but got better with each stroke. Sean, still holding her hips, began to grind his dick into her.

“Show me what you learned watching that smut little girl. Show your Daddy what you learned to do with this tight cunt,” Sean groaned.

Natalie leaned forwards, placing her hands on either side of her stepdad’s head. She kissed his lips softly and then began to grind her pussy down onto his dick. His big hairy balls rubbed up against her ass. He groaned and breathed deeply. Natalie moaned and began to mumble incoherently. They were getting close to cumming. Louder and louder they became, not caring who heard them.

After bucking, grin and a few good ass smacks, Sean felt Natalie’s little cunt clamp down on his dick. She was cumming and cumming hard.

“Oh god! Oh god! Daddy! DADDY! I LOVE YOU! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” she screamed.

Sean felt a torrent of juice flow over his dick, out of her twat, and onto his balls. Natalie fell forward onto his chest. Sean wrapped his arms around her as she panted and sweated, and rolled over, dick still in her twitching, pulsating pussy. Now it was Sean’s turn to cum. He took a foot in each of his hands and spread her legs wide. Sean pounded the poor little girl’s pussy, the slurping and slapping noises driving him to fuck harder.

“Are you ready, Nats? Ready for Daddy’s cum?”

Natalie nodded.

“Beg for it! Beg me for my hot spunk!”

“Please Daddy. Please gimme me your thick hot cum. I need it so bad! Please give it to me Daddy! I love you and I need your cum.”

This drove Sean over the edge. He felt his balls tighten and he withdrew from her twat quickly. Sean sprung up onto his knees and began stroking his dick furiously. After 5 or 6 strokes a stream of thick white jizz erupted from the head of his cock and landed right across Natalie’s lips. Groaned ans cursed loudly as spurt after spurt landed on the 18 year old’s face and tits, leaving a disgusting thick layer of hot man seed on her face. Finally after 15 seconds of solid cumming, Sean squeezed the last bit of hot cum out onto Natalie’s right nipple. He laid back on the bed and closed his eyes. Natalie used her teddy bear to wipe her face. They laid there next to one another in silence for several minutes. Natalie spoke first.

“You aren’t still made at me, are you Daddy?” she said sweetly.

Sean quickly sat up. “Of course I am! You’re grounded for a month and don’t you DARE turn that computer on again!”


All feedback is greatly appreciated! If you guys liked my story (or didn’t) let me know why! You are the reason why I write!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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