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I had been sat on the porch for close to an hour now, not that time was relevant to me right then, I just sat, watched the stars and chilled, something I hadn’t been able to do for many weeks now due to one or the other of us having work or family commitments, tonight it just felt right to do so. Stacey had joined me a few minutes after I came out, sat next to me snuggled up and just went with the flow, I was a lucky man to have a woman like Stacey in my life, we had met in the mall, or I should say I fell over her in the mall and boy she knew many a word that could make a sailor blush and had used most of them on me for not seeing her. When her temper and her knowledge of all her swear words had subsided enough for me to get a word in edgeways all she see was a guy with a huge grin on his face looking at her.

With her face still flushed she said, “so what are you grinning at?”

I just smiled even more and said, “you think it’s about time I offered to take you over there for a coffee now?”

She looked at me and then over to some tables the other side of the mall, a few people were sitting and watching the spectacle of a woman giving this man a good roasting,

“yeah I suppose it is.”

That was over a year ago now, I was a gentleman and since I had said a coffee, coffee was all we sat and drank, we were there for the rest of the afternoon, it was a strange conversation really, not one that perfect strangers would ever have. It would see saw back and fourth and be brutally honest in its content, from that meeting it progressed to another at the coffee shop, Stacey said it was best we meet at the coffee shop since she didn’t want me to run her over again in the mall.

That led onto a date and the rest as they say is history, my revelry was broken when she got up off the couch held her hand out,

“time for bed big guy, I need skin.”

Our holding hands lasted as far as the door, then she let go and as she made her way to the bedroom she was taking her clothes off as she walked letting then drop to the floor as she went, she never wore much in the house at the best of times and now wasn’t any different, she got to the bedroom as naked as the day she was born, I took my lead from her and had also dropped my clothes on the floor, she walked into the bathroom and I made myself comfortable on the bed.

Moments later she came out, and stood by the door totally in naked mode. Stacey naked was one of God’s gifts to man. She stood there and allowed me to take in her body which was glorious in every aspect. To me she had an athletic body, yet had more curves than anyone could imagine when seen clothed. Her hair was up which served to not only frame her beautiful face but also give the appearance of her being more naked. Her breasts were full and round and though having a slight pendulous sag stood proudly from her chest. Her stomach was tight but possessed the same evidence of child-birth that I’ve always found enticing, to me she was and always will be sex on legs.

At a loss for words and lost in my thoughts she gave me another moment of viewing pleasure before slowly sauntering over to me. Her walk was natural but her hips seemed to sway a foot in either direction with every step she took. Standing directly in front of me by the bed I took more time to drink in her body before getting up on my knees on the bed, I was now at the right height to give her a deep passionate kiss and rest my hands on her firm ass cheeks.

The kiss did its job of stirring my penis into hardness which was not lost on her as she grounded her pelvis against my crotch squashing her hairless pubic bone against my hard penis.

She stepped back and simply said “My turn”

Before pushing me backwards onto the bed, landing between my open legs. Her eyes never left my crotch nor did the smile ataşehir escort leave her face. She let out a soft sigh as her fingers in one torturously slow and fluid movement slipped around my rock hard penis, letting out another moan. Her eyes lit up and her face filled with a look of lust as she stared at my manhood the back up to my face. She grabbed the base in one hand and fondled my balls with the other before taking what remained outside her hand into her warm mouth.

She licked it, kissed and rubbed it all over her face while softly moaning. She nuzzled her nose into my ball sac and let my cock lay on her face as she sucked each of my balls into her mouth and tested their texture and flavor with a tongue that was busy softly making circles. As her tongue bathed my ball sack and my bloated penis rested across her face leaking pre-cum onto her forehead my head was filled with thoughts I so desperately wanted to take her, my blood was fuelled with lust now, Stacey was lost in the act and my penis hardened like it had not been in ages and was now bouncing over her face, on her nose, streams of pre-cum painting her hair, and her mouth didn’t stop alternately licking and kissing.

Then trying to suck both my balls into her mouth, causing me to wince slightly and making me realize that if I didn’t stop her sucking she would spend the rest of this night just tending to my balls. I placed my hand on her forehead and pushed her away from my balls, this was the first time I really ‘saw’ her face and the look on it, I would say from that evening both our lives changed.

Her face was flushed and obscenely covered in a combination of our fluids, her chest heaved and was blotched in red marks, as if licking my balls had caused her to break out in a rash, those marvelous breasts whose areola’s were just moments before had complimented her breasts had given up some of their flesh and transformed into long thick nipples, what little areola’s were left was now a much darker skin.

But it was the look on her face. Part animal but at the same time childlike, as if her favorite toy had been abruptly removed and wasn’t sure if she should cry or fight to get it back. In either regard, it touched something inside of me that was equally contradictory, partly dark and part gentleman. We stared at each other for what seemed to be much longer than the few moments it took for us to come to a silent understanding. I grabbed a handful of her hair in one hand and with the other directed my swollen penis into her waiting, open mouth.

In all of the year of being with Stacey and those many experiences when I was single never have I so roughly shoved myself in to a woman’s mouth, but now it seemed not only natural but the only option I had. I held her head and pushed my entire length in her mouth and down her throat causing her to gag and then pulling out to give her some air only to shove myself back inside until she gagged and moaned in pleasure. I continued to do this until she eventually held my ass when I wanted to pull out and in fact she was the one who had kept my penis deep in her throat until tears formed in her eyes. I did pull out and she gasped for air and again I heard her speak the one word that has seemed to have now defined our relationship from that moment on.


I put my hand behind her neck and dropped my penis down her throat till she gagged on it again, but this time I was in control and did not give in, I pushed her head back so I could force my penis deeper down her throat, the gags were no longer coming from her throat but somewhere deep within her, their sound more guttural, the sound more erotic and yet almost animal. Every time I withdrew myself my penis quivered and slapped her face, causing her face to get redder and her moans of desire to become louder and more kadıköy escort desperate.

I lifted her to her feet and grabbed her ass with both my hands and pushed her into me while we kissed. Her hands where all over my head, entangled in my hair as my tongue continued raping her mouth. Our kisses were not romantic in any way, they were hot, wet, sloppy and full of a desperate need, a fire now burned deep within both of us now and I don’t think either of us knew at that moment just what it would take to satisfy that lust, that all consuming passion for each other.

Surprisingly enough, I was not ready to come, there was more I needed to do, more pleasure, more what, I was not sure but I was sure there would be more.

I broke our kiss long enough to tell her to “bend over.”

She took two steps towards the bed and bent over. Part of the spell had been broken now because she let out an embarrassed sounding,

“oh God!”

As I spread her legs wide apart with my foot exposing all of her most sensitive parts to me. Juices from her now deeply red and swollen vaginal lips seemed to be running freely down the insides of her legs now. I rubbed my penis up and down her ass crack as my hands roughly massaged her lower back. Every time my cock would touch her vagina or her ass hole she would let out a little moan and her hands would clutch harder at the bed spread as if bracing herself for whatever part of her I chose to enter.

I began to massage her ass cheeks holding them around my penis as it moved between them. Then I would spread her cheeks apart fully exposing her rosebud to me and causing her to murmur weak objections to being exposed so much. This went on for sometime, my penis toying with her, not needing release but for the first time in my life enjoying the power it held over her.

I believe in that one moment we had reached a point in our relationship that needed both of us to understand just were it would lead to, the lust in both of us simmered as we stood on the brink of an understanding that one more faltering step and both of us could never go back, this one act would define us both from now on, not so much master and slave. More an acceptance that we would no longer have barriers in this relationship, yet this could also be a double edged blade, all we did to each other would be to satisfy our darker carnal side, but also build a stronger bond between both of us and a willingness to open this new chapter in our lives.

As my penis again hovered over her vaginal lips Stacey eased back onto my rock hard penis, a gentle moan escaped her lips as I slipped so easily into her sopping vagina, she had in that moment chosen to take that step, she had become a willing partner.

I rammed myself deep into her willing vagina, her juices aiding my entry burying myself as deep into her as I could truly go, there wasn’t even a way you could see were I stopped and Stacey started, we were that deeply joined now, not only as man and woman but as two souls so deeply entwined, then I withdrew.

There was a stunned silence from Stacey, she looked around and our eyes locked the remnants of a soft moan on her lips, her eyes almost childlike, there were genuine tears in them now, she looked deeply hurt, so much of her was exposed to me on so many levels, so many defenses within her were down. That very evening she had felt safe and confident enough to surrender herself to me and she looked betrayed, a tear rolled down her cheek.

It was at that moment in time I truly see every aspect of our relationship, that new faltering step, the, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, nervousness that our relationship had now come to, it’s sometimes said that partners truly know each other before words are spoken, when we had become friends, then lovers and now we had both bostancı escort bayan come to a brink, do we both just trust in ourselves to survive, or hold back and forever wonder at what may have been, but also would the feeling of betrayal be like from the partner, that gapping wound in the relationship ever mend.

It was in that fraction of a second I came to realize just how much I loved her and how much she indeed loved me, I looked down and my penis just looked and felt so hard and so blotted, it wanted Stacey and so did the rest of me, I pushed two fingers into her vagina, she gasped and buried her head into the bed and hooking my fingers down I quickly found her g-spot, her body bucked and convulsed into another orgasm, juices flowed freely from her now.

Stacey was gasping and panting into the bed now, her hands were practically wringing the very life from the bed sheets, I withdrew my fingers from her and watched as a torrent of her juices flowed freely from her, I placed my cum soaked hand on her ass hole, then forced a finger inside.

I heard “oh god” again escape her lips,

As I then added another, She eased herself backwards onto my fingers, then moved forward, I withdrew my fingers run them along her sobbing wet vagina and proceeded to push her juices into her ass and around my penis, then placing a hand on either cheek, I felt her tense for the fraction of a second as she understood what I was going to do next. The head of my penis now rested at the entrance to her, that glistening rosebud that had been opened slightly by my fingers look so inviting, I pushed gently towards it pushing her ass cheeks further apart as I went forward.

There was a slight plop then all resistance ended as the head of my penis was now in her, I pulled back slightly, Stacey must have thought I was going to remove myself from her and pushed backward onto me, I guided myself deeper into her, hearing her moaning into the bed just served to urge me onwards. I released her ass cheeks and wrapped an arm around her waste almost lifting her off the bed as I plunged myself as deep as I could go, my balls now felt the wetness of her vagina as they now met, another orgasm wracked her body, her ass muscles clamping down on my penis and I knew I was close to coming now. I was pumping furiously into her now, slamming into her so hard she now raised her head.

Sucking in air to her lungs, panted “fuck me, oh yes,”

I moved and arm under her to add to her support and my other hand went to her clitoris only to find she had got there first and was furiously rubbing it herself I now held her tight as I fucked her ass, my balls slapping against her vaginal lips as I then came to an abrupt halt, Stacey pushed her hand out between her legs and finding my balls, played with them as they forced cum into her ass.

We both held our positions for what seemed to us both to have been an eternity, words were useless to us now, we had both reached an understanding about our relationship that had lodged itself in our hearts. That evening Stacy had shown me all she could of herself and I had respected and loved her for it, we both knew that this relationship could only go from strength to strength now.

I knew I was holding her up, Stacey’s legs had given away when her orgasm had hit her, her legs were useless to her now, so I gently laid her down on the bed, a soft moan left her lips as my penis left her ass, I lay next to the sweat soaked panting body of Stacy, cum from both of us leaking out of both her vagina and ass.

At that very moment I knew I loved this woman, more deeply than I thought I could love anyone, it was then I remembered what she had said on the porch, she needed skin, so slowly I moved close in behind her, draped an arm over her and grabbed her breast, Stacey then understood what I was doing and with what little strength she had left in her body, wiggled in close to spoon me, a slow moan escaped her, she had wanted skin and I gave her as much as I could before I noticed her breathing had changed and she had slipped into a contented sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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