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Spin Dinner Party Ch 6

Oh my, are we late or early? I heard from across the room. I looked up to see Cara and Alex standing at the French doors.

Cara began stripping off her clothes as she walked towards us. She had her top off in a flash exposing her luscious round breast. Her pink areolas were already puffy with her dark pink nipples at full attention.

All our eyes were focused on Cara as she strutted into the living room. She unsnapped her skirt and let it fall to the floor as she stepped out of it, exposing her smooth hairless pink snatch.

I don’t know why at this point in our relationship, it surprised me that Cara wasn’t wearing panties, but it did.

Maria let out a long slow moan of approval and then rattled off something in Spanish. All I understood was Caliente, which she kept saying over and over as she stared at Cara’s tall lean naked figure.

Maria switched back to English and said, “Oh my lord Cara, you are gorgeous. I didn’t get to see what a gorgeous figure you have the other night. You are beautiful.”

Cara gave us a little TaDa pose and smiled at us.

“So, you three sexy people started without me,” Cara said.

Seeing Cara’s gorgeous naked body my cock was rock hard and pulsating to be inside her. I thought that I am one serious greedy bastard. I just had my cock buried in Maria’s fat pussy and now all I could think about was sinking my shaft into Cara’s tight pink snatch.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Alex was still standing at the door, fully dressed.

“Alex, are you going to join the party?” I said.

Cara looked at me and she had a devilish smile on her face.

“Stay right where you are Alex. I will let you know when and IF you can join us,” Cara said.

“Yes dear,” Alex responded.

Cara moved over to the girls and gave Amy a long deep kiss. The two of them reached out and ran their hands over each other’s bodies.

Cara then turned her attention to Maria and said, “mmm you look good enough to eat you spicy thing, I think I will.”

Maria was still staring at Cara with a slightly stunned look on her face. I wasn’t sure she had planned on things going this far, but she didn’t show any signs of putting a stop to Cara’s clear intentions of eating out her pussy.

With that, Cara crawled over to Maria and kissed her long and hard. Cara’s hand went straight to Maria’s full breasts. As the two of them kissed, Cara massaged and caressed Maria’s breasts.

Maria was sitting with her back up against the couch. Cara had moved in front of Maria and between Maria’s silky brown thighs. Maria had her eyes closed as Cara continued to kiss her.

As they continued kissing, I watched Cara slide her hand down between Maria’s thighs. Maria instinctively parted her thighs giving Cara’s hand free roam of her pussy.

Maria’s eyes shot open wide, I looked down to see Cara had pushed two fingers deep inside Maria’s fat swollen pussy.

Cara broke off the kiss. She pulled her fingers out of Maria’s pussy and brought them up to her mouth and sucked her fingers into her mouth. Maria’s eyes were the size of saucers as she watched.

“Mmm I was right, you taste delicious, especially with Johns’s thick cream filling I can taste inside you,” Cara said with a smile.

Cara then adjusted her position so she was kneeling between Maria’s legs. Cara was rubbing her hands up and down Maria’s thighs and now and then teasing Maria’s fat cunt lips with her fingers.

Maria was moaning as Cara continued massaging her legs. Cara gave Maria’s legs a little push to spread them and Maria didn’t hesitate. She pulled her legs up and let them fall wide open, exposing her swollen fat labia to Cara.

I turned my gaze to Amy and she had one hand massaging her breast and pinching her nipple while her other hand was between her legs, slowly fingering her wet pussy.

My cock was throbbing and I needed to put it, Cara.

Cara leaned down and began kissing and licking her way up Maria’s thighs. Maria was moaning and grunting and speaking Spanish again. I couldn’t understand her but was positive she was happy with the current situation she found herself in.

Cara said, “Maria, you have such a luscious fat cunt. This Irish slut is going to eat your cunt until you scream for me to stop,”

I was surprised at how quiet Amy was being. She was all eyes as she watched Cara kiss her way up to Maria’s pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah, Mi Amor, you are going to love the way that Irish whore eats your sweet fat taco,” Amy grunted out.

We all knew the moment Cara’s tongue reached Maria’s pussy.

In half Spanish half English, Maria screamed out her approval of Cara’s tongue finding its way in between her fat lips.

Cara looked up from Maria’s pussy and said, “Alex, take off your clothes and come sit over here so you can watch your Irish whore of a wife eat out Maria’s fat cunt while John fucks your Irish whore of a wife’s cunt with his fat cock and makes her cum like the dirty Irish whore, eryaman genç escort she has become for him.”

I watched as Alex undressed and shyly walked across the room and sat down in the chair. His cock was rock hard and kept twitching as he moved.

“Don’t you dare jerk off either,” Cara said in an authoritative voice, and then she buried her face back into Maria’s pussy.

Hearing Cara tell Alex to watch me fuck her was all the invitation I needed. I moved around behind Cara. She was on her knees with her stunning round ass up in the air. Her tight pink labia was swollen and wet.

I moved in and began running my now throbbing cock head up and down between Cara’s thin pink pussy lips.

Cara grunted out her approval as she continued to lick and suck on Maria’s pussy.

Amy had her legs spread wide open now and was slowly working a dildo in and out of her pussy as she watched Maria, Cara, and me. I was surprised she didn’t have Alex fucking her, she hadn’t even asked for him to fuck her.

I could tell by Amy’s moaning that she was on the bus to slutville. When Amy lets her hair down and goes to slutville it turns me on to no end. Right now, seeing she was on her way, turned me on more than the fact that I was now slowly pushing my fat cock head into Cara’s tight pink slit.

Amy moaned out, “Fuck that Irish whore’s cunt baby. Fuck that cunt deep and hard. Paint her cunt walls with your thick cum.”

I smiled as I knew when Amy talked like that, she was now the mayor of Slutville.

I pushed my throbbing cock into Cara’s pussy as she said, “Fuck this Irish whore, John. Your cock is the only cock that stretches my cunt and fills it. I am your slutty Irish whore. Are you watching your horny Irish wife be John’s whore Alex? You can’t fuck me as he does.”

All three women were moaning and grunting now. Maria was babbling away in Spanish. She had one hand in Cara’s hair and was now pulling Cara into her pussy. Maria’s legs were shaking and she was pinching one of her nipples with her other hand.

Then Maria shocked all of us. She hissed out, “eat my fat cunt you dirty whore. I want to cum on your face,”

Upon hearing that from Maria, I drove my seven-inch shaft balls deep into Cara’s hot fuck hole. I had been inside Cara a dozen times by now and her pussy felt as good now as it did the first time, I slide my throbbing shaft into her tight hole and it swallowed my cock.

Maria was moaning and grunting. She was close to a climax. Her entire body was trembling and her toes had curled up.

I had started out slowly sliding in and out of Cara’s pink fuck hole but all the moaning and dirty talk flowing out of the three ladies ‘ mouths got me worked up and I was now pounding away at Cara’s pussy.

Cara was grunting into Maria’s fat cunt as she continued eating her out.

Amy hissed out, “Fuck that cunt harder baby, that Irish whore can’t get enough of your fat cock. Eat that fat cunt Cara you dirty whore. Make my lover cum like the dirty slut she has been hiding inside her.”

I watched as Amy pulled the dildo out of her pussy and put it up to Maria’s mouth. Maria didn’t hesitate, she opened her mouth and sucked the dildo in. Maria began moaning as she sucked on the fat dildo that was still covered in my wife’s pussy juices. With the dildo now in Maria’s mouth, Amy pushed two of her fingers into her own pussy as she replaced the vacancy the dildo had left.

Maria tensed up and clamped her legs together on Cara’s head while at the same time sucking the dildo in her mouth harder. She was climaxing hard.

She pulled her mouth off the dildo and pushed Cara away and said in her heavy Spanish accent, “Oh fuck stop, I can’t take any more. My cunt feels like it is never going to be the same. I had no idea I could cum as hard as I have today.”

I was still hammering away at Cara’s tight pink hole. With no pussy to eat she was able to concentrate on meeting my thrusting cock. She met my driving cock with her thrusting hips and tight pussy. My balls were now slapping against her swollen pussy lips and clit on every ball-burying drive.

Amy moved over and spread her legs in front of Cara’s face. She leaned back on her elbows and pulled her knees up giving Cara admission to her swollen pussy. Cara buried her face in Amy’s pussy. Amy groaned out her approval of Cara’s pussy eating talents.

“Eat my hot cunt you dirty Irish slag,” Amy moaned out in between her panting.

I looked over at Maria she was still sucking on the dildo while slowly massaging one of her luscious brown breasts.

“John, stick your big cock in this bitch’s ass. Make her scream as you stretch her pucker open with your fat cock,” Amy hissed out.

I looked over at Alex who was still sitting in the chair, naked with a raging hard-on. He now had a solid stream of precum running down the length of his shaft.

He didn’t make eye contact with me as he was thoroughly focused on his wife’s slutty behavior. She was slurping and sucking ankara escort bayan on Amy’s pussy while at the same time ramming her ass back into my cock. Cara now had little droplets of sweat on her back and her hair was starting to get matted to her head from the same sweat.

“John, fuck this whore’s ass,” Amy hissed out.

I slowed down my strokes in and out of Cara as I wasn’t sure she was up for anal. She had mentioned once before I could fuck her ass if I wanted but that was after a bit of alcohol, this was different.

As I pondered pulling out of Cara’s tight sweet pussy so I could shove my cock in her ass, Cara lifted her head from Amy’s pussy just far enough to say, “Do it John, pop my ass cherry. Fuck me like the whore I’ve become for you and your fat cock.”

Then as Cara looked at Maria who was still sucking on the dildo she said, “Maria, you naughty bitch, you can suck Alex and fuck his cock if you want, he just isn’t allowed to put his cock in me in any way. So go have fun on his skinny cock.”

I looked at Amy when I heard that. Amy gave me a wink and then pulled Cara’s head back down into her pussy.

“You hear that, Alex? Your pretty little Irish wife is about to get her tight young ass fucked for the first time? I bet she has never offered up her ass to you, has she?” Amy said with some authority in her voice.

Maria crawled over to me and kissed me. When she broke off the kiss she said, “You can do that to me too if you want, you felt so good in my cunnie, I am sure you will feel good in my culo.”

My head was spinning now. Had Cara cuckolded Alex? When they got here, she made him sit in the corner naked and not touch his cock. Now she just told Amy and Maria they could fuck Alex if they wanted, but he wasn’t allowed to fuck her.

Maria was undeniably letting her hair down as well. She just said I could fuck her in the ass.

Maria squirted a big glob of lube on Cara’s ass pucker. Then she slapped Cara’s ass so hard, Cara screamed into Amy’s pussy. Maria’s slap left a red handprint on Cara’s ass. Maria crawled away to Alex and I watched as she grabbed his cock and drove her mouth down onto his throbbing cock head.

Alex let out a deep low moan of approval.

“John, pop your Irish whore’s ass cherry. Show her husband that she is your dirty little Irish slag of a whore,” Amy demanded now.

I didn’t want to pull my cock out of Cara’s tight young snatch.

Cara began begging, “John fuck my virgin ass. I want to feel you deep inside all my wholes.”

I reluctantly pulled my hard cock out of Cara’s pussy, leaving her pink pussy lips spread open. I looked down at her hot little snatch and I swear it looked like it was pulsating.

Once my cock was out of Cara’s pussy, she screamed out, “Shove that big cock in my virgin ass stud. Complete my surrender to your cock. Are you watching Alex? Watch as John completely turns me into his whore. All my holes belong to his cock.”

Alex didn’t say anything, he just watched me approach his young wife’s ass with the head of my cock. Maria’s head was bobbing up and down in his groin as she continued sucking Alex’s cock. I was surprised he hadn’t blown his load yet; with the amount of precum he had puddled up in front of him.

Amy moved around and no longer had her legs spread open in front of Cara, she was now running her hand over Cara’s body. With one hand she was massaging and pinching one of Cara’s nipples and her other hand had worked its way in between Cara’s creamy white thighs and she was now rubbing Cara’s clit.

Amy looked up at me with wild lust-filled eyes.

I mouthed the words, I love you Babe to her and she replied with, “Fuck this whore’s ass, John. She’s a bigger slut than I imagined.”

Cara grunted out, “I am your husband’s slut, Amy.”

With that, I pushed my fat cock head up to Cara’s well lube ass pucker.

Amy looked up at Alex and said, “Here it goes Alex. Your wife’s tight little young ass is about to get destroyed by John’s fat cock. Look at your sweet little wife? She’s a total slut, she is begging for it now. I bet she has never begged you to fuck her ass.”

When Cara felt my cock head press into her ass, she grunted and pushed back into me. My fat cock head pushed into her pucker and she screamed. It wasn’t a scream of pleasure or at least it didn’t sound like it to me and I stopped pressing.

Cara screamed out, “Don’t stop, don’t stop. I want it. It hurts, but don’t stop.”

Maria pulled off of Alex’s cock just long enough to say, “Relax Cara, after the head gets in, the rest is easy, you’re going to love it, I can’t wait for my turn with a real cock in my ass.”

Amy looked at me, shrugged her shoulders, and gave me a little devilish smile. Just what did these two get up to earlier today I wondered as I slowly pushed more of my thick shaft into Cara’s ass.

Cara was shaking now and letting out high-pitched squeals every time I pushed more of my hard shaft into her tight ass sincan escort pucker. She looked like she was shaking from pain and not pleasure, but in between her squealing, she kept begging me not to stop.

Cara hissed out, “Amy you’re hurting my nipples, not so hard sweety.”

Amy giggled and said, “Sorry bitch, watching my husband’s cock disappear into your gorgeous virgin ass has me ready to explode.”

I finally buried my entire seven inches, balls deep inside Cara’s ass. She felt amazing. While her ass pucker was tight around my shaft, inside her ass, was soft and warm and not nearly as tight as her pussy.

I slowly began to withdraw my shaft in an attempt to begin fucking her ass. I had only pulled back about two inches when Cara began shaking out of control. She was grunting and squealing wildly.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” Cara squealed in her deep Irish accent. Her entire body went rigid and she banged her head into the carpet as she pulled her tight little round ass off my cock, leaving my throbbing cock sticking out in mid-air.

Amy said, “Alex, your whore of a wife just had an orgasm from the ass fucking John gave her with his fat cock. She truly has become a total slut for John’s cock.”

Maria moaned out at the same time as I watched Alex’s body jerk and I could tell he was pumping a load into Maria’s mouth. She took it all in her mouth without missing a drop.

Maria then turned and smiled at Amy, showing Amy the mouth full of cum Alex had deposited in her mouth. Then Maria made an exaggerated swallow motion as she swallowed the big load in her mouth.

“Mmm you are right Amy, he is as sweet as candy,” Maria said giggling.

Cara laid sprawled out on the floor her legs parted and gorgeous round ass slightly perched up in the air revealing her swollen pink pussy lips. Her thin pink lips were fully engorged.

Marie smiling slinked her way over to me and Amy and said, “My turn next? The real thing has to feel better than the dildo did in my ass, not that I didn’t enjoy that earlier mi amor.”

“I said, how about we all take a quick dip in the hot tub first? The night is young and we haven’t even had dinner yet,” I said.

Not that I wasn’t looking forward to sliding into Maria’s fat pussy again and now she was offering up her ass as well. Maybe Alex and I can DP her later tonight. My mind was running wild with wild kinky thoughts. Maria was one hot Latina and seemed to be up for anything tonight.

I was so wrapped in my thoughts, Amy, slapped me on my ass and said, “Babe you still with us? Is the hot tub ready?”

“HUH? Oh yeah, let me go take the cover off,” I said as I headed out to the hot tub, my mind still spinning with wild sexual thoughts.

I heard Amy say, “Cara you whore, how’s that tight little ass of yours? Not so tight anymore I bet, right?”

I hesitated at the door to listen to Cara’s reply.

“Oh fuck, I had no idea what a slut was living inside me. I love it. Did you know you could cum from having your ass stuffed full of cock? I sure didn’t, but wow, I felt like he turned me inside out.” Cara said as she remained face down on the living room floor.

Maria jumped up and I watched her saunter across the living room and into the kitchen. Her stunning petite figure caused me to do a double-take as I reached for the door handle

“Mi Amor, you have the most amazing ass. No offense Cara, your ass is spectacular too,” Amy said as she watched Maria head into the kitchen.

“No offense taken sexy. She does have a perfect ass, wish mine was that round and firm, plus that pussy of hers, oh my God I could eat that all day and night,” Cara purred out, now sitting up and leaning against Amy.

I opened the door and took a step when I heard Cara say, “Alex, get off your ass and go help John with the hot tub.”

“As you wish,” Alex said and he got up and followed me out to the hot tub.

I was glad to get him alone, I had some questions for him.

Once we were out by the hot tub and out of earshot of the girls I said, “So, what’s going on with you two? Everything ok?”

“Yeah, everything is great. Cara and I can’t thank you two enough for opening the door to all of this. I think Cara mentioned her and I had fantasized about swinging for some time but didn’t know how to approach it. The dinner party was perfect,” Alex said.

I was about to ask about the whole cuckold thing that seemed to be going on but he cut me off.

“I suppose you are wondering about what Cara said right?” Alex asked.

“So, is it true? You aren’t allowed to fuck her?” I asked as I felt my face blush a little bit, blurting it out like that.

“Yes, Cara and I haven’t had sex in almost two months, when Cara told me Amy was planning the dinner party. We decided it was the perfect time to stop fantasizing about it all and start living it out,” Alex said.

“You are seriously ok with me fucking your gorgeous wife?” I asked still somewhat shocked.

“Hell yeah, it is so hot watching her be a total whore for you. Fuck tonight when she asked for you to fuck her ass I almost passed out. That has been strictly off-limits in our sexual play, she has never even let me put a finger in her ass,” Alex said, now fully opening up about Cara and his marriage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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