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I was so happy after my wonderful time with Mistress Elizabeth that any upsets at work failed to dim my ecstasy. I decided to visit my favorite adult shop, Blyss, a store for ladies only where I could buy my toys without being ogled by dirty-minded men. After my anal experiences with Mistress Elizabeth I chose to purchase a butt plug and ask her to insert it for me the following weekend. I was pleased to see that the shop was nearly empty of other customers and after buying some tickets in a raffle for a gift box of sex toys I found the display of butt plugs. I was standing and thinking about the effect a plug would have on me when a sales assistant appeared beside me.

“Can I help you?”

I smiled at the attractive brunette who moved behind the glass-topped cabinet. Her name badge told me her name was Leah, the store manager, and she looked to be in her late twenties.

“Yes thanks, Leah. Obviously I’m after a butt plug, but I didn’t realize there were so many available.” I had never felt any embarrassment in talking openly to the sales girls in this shop.

“Oh I love butt plugs. Don’t tell anyone but I’ve got one in now.” Leah giggled.

“You have?” I was astonished. “How wonderful.”

“Yes it feels so naughty, and it makes me so horny.” Leah laughed. “Have you had experience with a plug?”

“No, not with a plug,” I blushed but continued in a whisper. “But I had a strap on up there yesterday, my first time.”

“Wonderful, my ex girl friend and I loved to use a strap on.” Leah said quietly and looked sad. “I do miss her, but, hey life goes on.”

“I want my Mist.” I stopped, wondering if I was saying too much.

“Your Mistress?” Leah sounded delighted as I nodded. “Wonderful, you lucky girl. I know many in the D/s lifestyle, may I ask her name?”

“Um, it’s Mistress Elizabeth.” I replied. “She has been wonderful to me.”

Leah’s happy expression suddenly turned serious. “Oh, Mistress Elizabeth.”

“Is there is a problem?” I asked, suddenly worried.

“No, not really, I have heard some different stories around the scene, that’s all.” Leah’s smile returned but it looked slightly forced. “Don’t let me worry you, if you’re happy with Mistress Elizabeth that’s all that matters. You have safety back-up don’t you?”

“Safety back-up? Now you have got me worried, what do you mean Leah?”

“An arranged time to call a friend in case something goes wrong, have you got ten minutes? I’ll explain it to you.”

“Ah yes, I have.”

“Good, come into my office and we can talk in private, what’s your name?”

Leah sounded genuinely interested in my welfare so I told her my name and followed her into the office. She explained about having a friend for back up, someone for me to phone at a certain time who could send help if the call did not come. I explained that none of my friends would understand my submissive needs and Leah understood completely. The friendly store manager also managed to allay my concerns of her remarks about Mistress Elizabeth and wished me well for the following weekend. At the end of the conversation I had agreed for Leah to be my back up and we swapped cell phone numbers with agreed secret words as code for my safety. I waited in the office while Leah went into the shop and returned with a boxed butt plug.

“I’m sure this one will suit you fine.” Leah said with a somewhat evil smile. “Would you like me to help you insert it?”

A shiver ran through my body at the thought of bending over for my sexy new friend but I resisted the temptation. “Very tempting thanks Leah, but I want Mistress Elizabeth to do that for me.”

“Sure Maria honey, I understand.” Leah sounded disappointed. “Anytime I can help, just let me know, ok? Phone anytime. Hey, have a look at mine.”

Before I could answer Leah swiveled, bent at the waist, reached back and pulled her skirt up over her back. The small white panties splitting her shapely globes were quickly pulled to one side and I could see the end of the red plug protruding slightly from her arse. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching out and running a hand over her cheeks and the plug. Leah shivered at my touch and I quickly removed my hand from her bum.

“It looks wonderful Leah, thanks so much but I must get back to work.” I was a bit flustered as I stood. “I’ll pay for this at the check out?”

“Yes thanks Maria.” Leah said as she straightened, turned around and smiled at my confusion. “Good luck for the weekend, don’t forget to memorize my phone number.”

Leah held her arms wide in an invitation to hug and I had no hesitation in wrapping my arms around the sexy store manager. An attempted smooch on Leah’s cheek missed its mark as she turned her head and our lips met in what turned out to be a surprisingly long kiss.

“Mmmmmm very nice Maria, anytime you want more, call me.” Leah purred as we broke apart.

I stuttered my thanks, rushed from Leah’s office and paid for the plug at the cashier’s desk. As I opened beşiktaş escort the shop door I glanced back to see Leah blowing me a farewell kiss. That afternoon and the rest of the week passed in some confusion as I thought often about Leah’s concern about Mistress Elizabeth. The mutual attraction between Leah and myself also consumed my mind but I resisted the temptation to call the sexy lady.

I telephoned Mistress Elizabeth on the Thursday night and was told to come to her home after dinner on Friday night. I was given instructions to drive around to the rear of her house and park my car next to hers in the carport. Mistress Elizabeth sounded quite brusque on the phone and I was very surprised by her aggressive and different attitude. After work on Friday I ate a small dinner, packed my bag with a change of clothes and, with some concerns still nagging away in my mind, drove out to Mistress Elizabeth’s home.

It was cold and raining steadily as I drove up Mistress Elizabeth’s driveway and around the back of her lovely home. I was surprised to see my Mistress waiting for me in the shelter of the carport and she stood beside my car as I opened the door. I dropped to my knees in front of her, my eyes to the ground, showing my obedience for the coming weekend.

“Stand and strip!”

My head was spinning as I quickly rose to my feet, strip here, out in the open? In the cold rain and in view of the neighbors? I looked questioningly at Mistress Elizabeth and knew from the stern expression on her face that she was not joking. I lowered my eyes to the ground and quickly removed all my clothes, dropping them on the wet ground in front of Mistress Elizabeth. Before I realized what was happening a blindfold had been slipped over my eyes and handcuffs attached to my wrists. Mistress Elizabeth then raised my arms above my head and attached the handcuffs to a hook on the framework of the carport. I shivered as a gust of wind blew cold rain over my naked body and then yelped as clamps were attached to my nipples. That was to be the last sound I was to utter for some time as a ball gag was forced into my mouth and secured into position. I heard the sounds of my bag taken out of the car and the car door being slammed shut. Mistress Elizabeth’s footsteps then receded along the gravel path to the house and I was left, alone and naked.

The pain of the clamps was intense as I stood shivering in the cold and wet. Many questions were running through my head. How long would I be kept out here? Could the neighbors see me? Should I have taken more notice of Leah’s warning? This was not how I had pictured my Friday evening with Mistress Elizabeth, I was feeling sorry for myself and felt like crying. The wind seemed to be blowing stronger and the rain heavier and I was soon shivering uncontrollably. It was hard to keep track of time but I made myself keep as calm as possible in the stressful circumstances.

Suddenly I heard a door open and footsteps on the gravel. Without warning a thick leather strap exploded across the cold wet skin of my ass. I screamed into the gag at the sudden pain but there was no relief as the strap was applied eight times. I sighed in relief as the cuffs were suddenly taken from the hook and Mistress Elizabeth guided me to the house, my bare feet hurting on the sharp gravel stones. Still blindfolded and gagged I was pushed around some corners without any words being spoken. We came to a stop and the cuffs, gag, nipple clamps and blindfold were removed, the sudden bright light taking me by surprise.

“Maria, shower and clean yourself, dry your hair and report nude to the living room within twenty minutes.”

Before I had time to reply the door slammed shut behind me and I was alone. As my eyes became accustomed to the bright light I saw I was in a small bedroom. A single bed, a chest of drawers and wardrobe stood on the cold polished boards. Through a doorway I could see a small bathroom equipped with shower, basin and toilet. My damp and dirty clothes were in a heap on the bathroom floor. Sheets, blankets and towels were on the unmade bed and I shivered again as I saw the chains attached to each corner of the bed. This was obviously my room and any thoughts I had about sharing Mistress Elizabeth’s bed that night quickly disappeared. I suddenly remembered my orders, had a quick warming shower and dried my hair thoroughly. I hung my clothes around the bathroom to dry, applied some lipstick and made my way to the living room.

Mistress Elizabeth was sitting in her favorite chair and I immediately knelt at her feet with my head bowed, awaiting her orders, the only sound was the clicking of the grandfather clock. I realized that my treatment that evening was part of my training but I was still worried about the change in Mistress Elizabeth.

Finally my Mistress spoke, “Look at me Maria.”

I raised my head to see Mistress Elizabeth’s lovely smile and I smiled back.

“You have pleased me well beşyol escort Maria, go to the kitchen and make fresh coffee for both of us. I’m sure you need a hot drink, bring them back in here, there is a fruit bun too.”

“Yes Mistress!” I jumped to my feet and moved quickly to the kitchen. After making the coffee and slicing and buttering the bun I placed them on a tray and returned to the lounge. I was thrilled to be sitting at Mistress Elizabeth’s feet, sipping the fresh, warming coffee and waiting in silence for my next instructions. Just as we finished I jumped with fright as the front door bell rang loudly.

“Well don’t just sit Maria, go and answer the door.”

“But Mistress,” I gasped as I jumped to my feet, “Like this, with no clothes?”

Mistress Elizabeth did not answer; she just pointed in the direction of the hall and the front door.

I gulped and quickly moved to the front door. I had a quick look through the spy hole and was slightly relieved to see a lady of about forty standing there, a leather bag hanging on her arm. Taking a deep breath I opened the door.

“Ah, you must be Maria, nice to meet you,” the lady said as she strode into the hall.

“Nice to meet you too Ma’am,” I replied holding out my hand to take her bag.

She ignored me and moved quickly ahead of me into the lounge. As I re-entered the room I was surprised to see her kneeling at Mistress Elizabeth’s feet, her head bowed. I followed suit and knelt beside her, my head bowed and my mind racing.

“Maria, take the tray and go into the kitchen, wash the dishes and sit on one of the chairs and wait.”

I hurried to obey, to show my Mistress Elizabeth and the stranger that I could cope with this unusual situation. I could hear their voices but not understand what they were saying as I washed and dried the dishes. Dutifully I sat on one of the kitchen chairs and waited. It wasn’t long before Mistress Elizabeth entered the kitchen holding some lengths of rope.

My arms and legs were quickly secured to the chair and Mistress Elizabeth called out, “Come in here Mary.”

I gasped in surprise as Mary walked into the kitchen; she too was nude and had clamps on her nipples and labia. Without speaking she opened her bag and laid out hair dressing equipment, scissors, brushes, combs, a razor and a silk cloth. The silk cloth was promptly fastened around my neck covering my body and Mary took up a pair of scissors.

I couldn’t help myself as Mary stood beside me clicking her scissors, my hair had been long for years, almost to my waist and I loved it that way.

“Oh Mistress Elizabeth, please not my hair, please I don’t want to lose my hair, I have worn it long for years.”

“Cut it Mary, I want it really short,” Mistress Elizabeth replied, then continued as Mary began to cut hugs lengths off my hair, “Maria this haircut is for two reasons. Firstly, long hair gets in my way when you go down on me and I want to watch you doing that. I don’t want your hair getting in the way and interrupting my view. Secondly, it’s possible for your hair to tangle with my whips and neither of us want that to happen.”

Tears were rolling down my cheeks as my long tresses fell on the floor. Having my hair cut was something I had never considered and I knew I had no say in it. I was glad there was no mirror as Mary continued to snip away the years of growth. Finally when she finished with the scissors she took the razor and with the aid of hot water and soap shaved the hairs off my neck.

“That looks great Mary, very sexy look indeed” Mistress Elizabeth said as Mary removed the cloth, “You will be rewarded.”

Mistress Elizabeth then removed the ropes and pulled me to my feet. “Right both of you, to the dungeon now and no talking!”

Mary and I scuttled off to the dungeon where we both knelt facing the door, waiting for my Mistress to enter. We caught ourselves glancing at each other a couple of times and Mary looked at my short hair and smiled at me, which was encouraging.

Mistress Elizabeth walked into the room and ordered Mary to stand. Mary dutifully rose and stood at attention before my Mistress, with her eyes looking at the floor. Mistress Elizabeth suddenly grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her roughly over to the bondage table. My eyes nearly popped from my head as Mistress Elizabeth threw Mary on the table face down and quickly secured her ankles and wrists. Mistress Elizabeth bent at the knees and grasped a thin whippy cane from the rack under the table. Without any warm-up at all she proceeded to cane Mary with hard strokes. Mary shrieked in pain at each stroke and I counted twelve before the caning stopped. Mistress Elizabeth then went to a cupboard and took out two vibrators, a large one and a thinner one. These were roughly pushed into Mary’s vagina and rectum and turned onto full vibrations.

Mary was thrashing and sobbing on the table as Mistress Elizabeth moved over to me and ordered, beykent escort “Go to your room, make the bed and wait Maria, I will be there shortly.”

I moved quickly from the dungeon with the delighted screams of an orgasmic Mary ringing in my ears. I went straight to my room and after using the toilet I dared to look at myself in the mirror. ‘Oh my God, is that me?’ I said to myself as I looked at the shorthaired urchin in the reflection. I poked my tongue at the reflection and burst out laughing, if my friends could see me now! After a couple of minutes I began to like my new look, Mistress Elizabeth had been right and I looked great. I moved back into my little room and placed the sheets and blankets on the small bed. After unpacking my few clothes I glanced around my room to make sure it was tidy and sat contentedly on the edge of the bed awaiting Mistress Elizabeth. Suddenly the door opened and Mistress Elizabeth burst into the room. She was completely nude and I fell onto my knees at her feet awaiting her command.

“Maria, lie on your back on the bed,” Mistress Elizabeth commanded.

I hurried to obey and spread my legs apart as I saw Mistress Elizabeth preparing the corner chains to be attached to my ankles and wrists. I was soon secured helplessly, wondering but not worrying about what would happen next. Mistress Elizabeth sat down on the edge of the bed and her fingers trailed up and down my body causing tremors of anticipation.

Mistress Elizabeth smiled down at me and I smiled back, “How are you Maria, happy with your Friday evening?”

My mind quickly flashed back over the last few hours. Tied and whipped outside in the carport, having my hair cut very short and watching Mary being whipped, I had never have imagined those things happening to me.

I answered carefully. “Yes Mistress Elizabeth, thank you, I have been very surprised with my time here with you today.”

Mistress Elizabeth’s fingers continued to trace patterns over my body as she spoke. “Very good Maria, there are many surprises ahead for you but they can wait until tomorrow. In the morning we are going shopping. As you know I am entertaining three friends tomorrow night and I want you to select the menu then prepare and cook the meal.”

“Yes Mistress Elizabeth, it will be my pleasure.” I smiled to myself because I love to cook and I swore to prepare a feast they would not forget.

“Good Maria, I have one more duty for you tonight.” Mistress Elizabeth leaned over and kissed me full on the lips, a kiss I returned with passion.

“You have done well Maria, I am pleased with you. Now it’s your turn to pleasure me before we sleep.”

Mistress Elizabeth moved quickly onto the bed and straddled my face. With her wonderful arse a few inches from my face my Mistress reached back and spread her cheeks wide apart. The strong scent from her shaved pussy told me that my Mistress was on heat and needing relief. The gentleness of the previous weekend had disappeared as Mistress Elizabeth sat and ground her pussy onto my face. I found myself unable to breathe and for a few seconds I panicked as I fought for air. Fortunately Mistress shifted enough to enable me to suck in some air before I pressed my tongue into her sopping pussy. As I worked my tongue in her slit and sucked in the juices a part of me was upset by the disdain in the manner that I had been treated that evening. But I was in no position to query my concern so I concentrated on giving my Mistress the pleasure she demanded. It did not take long before Mistress Elizabeth shuddered as a strong climax swept through her voluptuous body. The love and care of my previous visits was missing as my Mistress clambered off the bed, released the chains from my ankles and wrists and then left the room without a word. The door slammed shut and I was left alone, wondering again about Leah’s words of warning. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and clean my teeth, and then I snuggled down into the little bed. I felt quite unhappy as I drifted off to a restless sleep, worrying about tomorrow and Mistress Elizabeth’s friends.

I awoke to Mistress Elizabeth pulling the blankets off me and lifting me bodily off the bed to stand on shaky legs. I was still half-asleep and it took me a few seconds to realize where I was as I was guided into the small bathroom. Mistress Elizabeth pushed me into a corner of the shower recess where she grabbed the shower hose with the massage head. Next thing I was hit by a hard stream of cold water and I screamed out loud with the shock.

“Maria, spread your cunt lips!” The order was short, sharp and in a tone of voice to be obeyed.

As the cold water sprayed on my hard nipples my shaking hands went to my shaven pussy lips and spread them wide. Immediately the hard stream of cold water was aimed straight at my groin and I screamed out loud again. A mixture of pain and pleasure flooded through my figure and suddenly my body shook with a huge orgasm. I screamed as my legs gave way under me and I fell to the shower floor. As I lay panting on the floor Mistress Elizabeth turned the water to warm, smiled, handed me the shower nozzle and left the bathroom.

“The kitchen, dressed to shop, twenty minutes.” Mistress Elizabeth called out to me from my bedroom.

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