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Sophie gently eased up one of her seamed nylon stockings being careful not to snag it. She then fastened it onto her white suspender belt, she did the same with the other leg. These were Sophie’s favourite stockings. They were flesh coloured with a black seam up the back, at the top the deep welt was black like the seam. “Simply stunning” she thought. Sophie turned around and checked her seams weren’t crooked, before stepping into her 4″ black patent heels. Satisfied with the way her stockings looked she gave her outfit the once over.

Sophie had chosen a red wrap around silk dress, which had a deep V neckline. It showcased her magnificent 36D breasts. She had chosen not to wear a bra, and the outline of her hard nipples pressed against the clingy material. The dress barely covered her stocking tops, and it tied around the back in a bow. She had also opted to wear no panties “all the better for easy access”, she thought.

She was going to see Tosca tonight, and Aiden had got them their own private box. This was their first date. They had been “sexting” each other throughout the week and Sophie felt like her body was thrumming with arousal. She wanted to look her best. Sophie needed Aiden to want her as much as she wanted him.

Sophie glanced at her bedside clock, Aiden would be here soon. She quickly did her eyes in a smoky grey eye shadow and applied mascara. Next she found a red lipstick that matched her dress and finished with a spray of perfume.

Grabbing her bag, phone and jacket, she headed downstairs to wait on Aidan.

Hearing Aiden’s car horn, Sophie locked the house and went out to the waiting car. As she opened the car door, she notice Aiden’s eyes roaming all over her body.

“Fuck Sophie, you look good enough to eat,” he drooled.

“In fact I may do that later,” he said suggestively.

Sophie buckled up and leant over and gave him a deep passionate kiss. Sucking on his bottom lip, before easing her tongue into his mouth. The kiss was long and deep, both of them panting by the time they came up for air.

“Right we need to go, before I take you in doors and rip that dress of you!” Aidan groaned.

When they reached the theatre they parked the car and headed into the theatre. They were shown promptly to their seats and advised that curtains would be going up in twenty minutes. They were then offered a complimentary glass of champagne and some strawberries.

“Oh Aiden” Sophie gushed “this is so nice, I’ve always wanted to see this opera” Sophie enthused.

Aiden smiled at her and stroked her stockinged leg. He was looking forward to the night, it was an expensive evening but he could afford it. He also knew how Sophie would be thanking him, on her knees, he thought.

As they sat they watched as people were shown to their seats, Aiden’s hand continued to explore her legs.

“Fuck Sophie, are you trying to kill me, your wearing stockings,” Aiden groaned.

“I always wear stockings, why would tonight be any different Aiden,” Sophie enquired.

With that Aiden pushed Sophie’s legs apart and began to caress the silky smooth skin at the inside of her thigh. He continued his hypnotic touch as he sipped at his champagne. Sophie was squirming in her chair trying to look innocent. In case any of the other occupants in the other boxes could see what Aiden was doing.

“Would you like a strawberry Aiden,” Sophie asked.

Aiden took a strawberry and stroked the succulent fruit up her inside leg. When he reached the top of her stocking with it, he used his arm to push Sophie’s legs further apart.

“Don’t move,” he stated opening her beşiktaş escort wrap around dress. Her dress fell apart revealing her smooth slit, which glistened with her arousal. Aiden looked up at Sophie approvingly, his eyes seeming to burn into hers.

“You’re a very sexy women Sophie,” he growled.

He took his strawberry and began to stroke it through Sophie’s womanly folds, gathering all her sweet juices. Sophie gasped in shock, and watched the tantalising view. Aiden withdrew the fruit and sucked on it, all the time staring into Sophie’s eyes.

“Widen your legs for me sweetheart,” he purred.

The strawberry was then slid through her wetness again. But this time he began to push it inside her, all the time watching her expression.

He covered her legs back up with her dress and sat back and looked at her. What ever he saw in her expression, pleased him greatly. He leant towards her and whispered “that’s to stay in your pussy until I want it, do you understand Sophie.”

Sophie was quivering with excitement, her nipples were bullet hard and straining against her dress. Her pussy was so wet, she could feel it throbbing with longing.

The house lights in the theatre dimmed and the show on the stage began. Sophie was entranced with the magic of the Scarpia soprano voice, but all the time her body was hyper aware of Aiden. As he leant down to her ear, making goose bumps appear on her neck.

“undo the bow on your dress Sophie,” he demanded.

Sophie glanced at him in surprise, his expression was arrogant and determined. With shaking hands she pulled on the bow and let her dress fall open, to Aiden’s admiring gaze.

“Fuck your tits are magnificent,” he drooled as he palmed her full and heavy breast. He tweaked and pulled her nipple, rolling it between his fingers and thumb. All the while Sophie squirmed and tried to look like she was paying full attention to Puccini’s Tosca.

“Oh Aiden!” she moaned. Her back arching causing her to thrust her tits out like an offering. Aiden flicked his tongue over the painfully erect nipple. Swirling his tongue around the areola, before sucking the whole nipple into his hot and hungry mouth.

Sophie’s eyes were squeezed shut, her mouth slightly open, as she groaned in bliss. Aiden moved over to her other breast and gave it the same treatment. “I’m going to fuck these later,” he growled “how will you feel Sophie, watching as my cock slides between your tits, as I cum all over them.”he whispered.

As Aiden was on his knees in front of her, he pushed her legs apart. With nibbling kisses he began to kiss down her stomach, trailing his tongue down to her smooth mound. He watched in satisfaction as her stomach muscles quivered at his touch.

“I’ve wanted you all week Sophie, I’m going to have fun with this body while you sit there trying to look all innocent.” Aiden whispered

He kissed her smooth mound, then using his tongue he swept it down to her weeping slit. Parting her pussy lips with his fingers he sucked on her rock hard clit. Sophie’s eyes were shut, her senses tuned into the slippery slide of Aiden’s tongue and the haunting sound of the opera. She gasped and moaned, rocking her pelvis against his mouth trying to get closer, deeper.

She watched him through lust filled eyes. He looked up at her, and using his teeth took hold of the strawberry stalk at the entrance of her pussy. He slowly pulled it out along with a silky ribbon of Sophie’s pussy juice. Looking at her very suggestively he bit off the succulent fruit.

“you taste delicious beşyol escort baby, Oh and so does the strawberry,” he laughed.

Sophie grinned back at him. Aiden suddenly pushed two fingers into her quivering pussy, hitting her g-spot and making Sophie cry out with pleasure. He bent his head at the same time, nibbling on her clit and sucking it into his mouth. He began to thrust harder and faster, adding a third finger, as he sucked and licked.

Their box was filled with the aroma of Sophie’s womanly musk and the sounds of her desperate moans and pleas. Sophie through her head back and with a small scream, Sophie came hard, her legs squeezing Aiden’s head in a vice like grip.

Aiden sat back down and handed Sophie her champagne glass. They continued to watch the opera for a further few minutes. Until Sophie set down her empty glass and knelt in front of Aiden, she deftly unfastened his trousers and pulled them and his boxers down to his ankles.

His hard, long thick cock sprung free. Red and swollen, and weeping pre-cum it was a beautiful sight. Sophie had seen a lot of cocks in her time, and this was one of the best.

She flicked her tongue over the pooling wetness and hummed with appreciation.

“you taste fucking amazing,” she growled.

Running her tongue under the large head, she traced the vein down to his balls. She slowly caressed each one with her tongue, leaving them wet from her mouth. She blew on them, enjoying the sound of Aiden’s gasp from above her. Taking a firm grip of his length, she pumped his angry shaft and took him into her eager mouth.

Humming in appreciation she sucked him into the back of her mouth, enjoying his taste and thickness. She slid him out to the tip of his mushroom head, swirling her tongue around it. As she ever so slowly eased down his impressive length again, she did this repeatedly. His cock thickened in her mouth as he thrust his hips.

“enough Sophie,” he groaned as he pulled her mouth off his hard red cock.

Pulling Sophie to her feet, he pushed her up against the balustrade. Sophie groaned, she was so horny, and she was enjoying the rough treatment. She scanned the other boxes as she heard Aiden position himself behind her. In the box directly in front, a man was intently watching through his opera glasses.

Sophie looked directly at the man and smiled, just as Aiden slammed his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh, yes, Aiden!” Sophie groaned out.

“Your pussy is so wet, Mmmm,” Aiden moaned erotically.

He eased out to the tip of his throbbing cock and thrust back in. Sophie pushed back with her hips and widened her legs so he could go deeper. She glanced back and could see Aiden’s wet cock sliding between her pussy lips, it felt incredible.

“Harder, harder don’t stop, I’m so close” Sophie panted out.

Aiden pulled her hair and licked up the side of her neck until he reached her ear. All the time keeping a steady thrusting rhythm.

“You are a slut Sophie” he panted out. “You just need a hard cock buried deep inside you” he stated.

Sophie smiled, as she watched the box ahead of her, the man still watching intently as she was being fucked from behind. She was going to cum soon, she could feel the familiar tingling in her pussy. The low ache in her belly and her legs were beginning to shake.

Aiden pulled her dress apart, and grabbed her tits. He pinched her nipples, extending them out from her breasts. Sophie moaned as she came hard, her pussy rippled around his cock. Squeezing and milking his cum out of his cock, beykent escort as Aiden shuddered behind her.

After a few minutes he pulled himself out of Sophie’s well used pussy, zipped his fly and sat down.

“Sit down Sophie, there’s ten minutes of the show left. She’s got to kill herself yet,” he stated.

Sophie retied her dress, picked up her champagne glass and resumed watching.

Tosca proved to be amazing, with a standing ovation for the cast. The house lights came on and an appreciative audience began to file out of the theatre. All talking excitedly about what they had witnessed.

“Did you enjoy yourself,” Aiden enquired.

“It was fantastic night, a first of many I hope” Sophie said standing up. As she collected her bag, she glanced over at the other box. A tall older man in his mid 40’s was standing watching them. He lifted a champagne glass from a nearby table and looking at Sophie raised his glass in a toast.

Sophie laughed out loud, delighted by his approval. She gave a cheeky wink to the man, and taking Aiden’s arm left the box.

Once outside the theatre Aiden suggested they should get a taxi instead of driving home, as he had drank a lot of champagne. A black hackney cab drove up and they settled into the back.

Once on the road, Sophie rubbed her hand up Aiden’s leg.

“I have had such a good night, I would really like to thank you properly,” Sophie purred.

She unfastened Aiden’s trousers and his hardening cock was revealed.

“How are you going to do that then Sophie,” Aiden asked as he pumped his cock with his hand.

Undoing the bow on her dress, she looked over at the taxi driver. Who was watching the two of them through his mirror. Sophie smiled the driver, as she stood, flashing her stocking tops and her tits in the process.

Sophie straddled Aiden’s lap and took his cock and placed it at her entrance. She then lowered herself slowly down his hard length. They both groaned out with sheer pleasure. Once he was balls deep inside her tight hole, Sophie leant down and deeply kissed Aiden.

Aiden sat up and sucked Sophie nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue over the peak before nipping the end.

“Mmmm,” Sophie moaned.

She then began to ride his thick cock, while rolling her hips and grinding against his pelvis. She reached behind her, and massaged his heavy balls, dragging her nails over the sensitive skin.

“Fuck Sophie,” Aiden panted out.

The hackney cab was filled with the sounds of sex, the driver enraptured by what he could see in his rear mirror. Some how he was managing to drive as well as watch the erotic scene going on behind him.

Sophie was bouncing up and down on Aiden’s cock, talking dirty to him and describing how thick and hard he was. How he made her pussy so wet.

With a shout Aiden came hard, thrusting his hips erratically against Sophie’s. This triggered a huge orgasm from Sophie, who finally slumped against Aiden’s shoulder while she caught her breath.

“Urgh, that’s us here folks!” The cab driver stated.

Sophie climbed off Aiden’s lap, bent over and took his now softening cock in to her mouth. She sucked and licked him clean, humming with pleasure as she did so.

“Fuck mate, you’re a lucky bastard,” the driver drooled.

Sophie smirked, while she retied her dress and gathered her belongings. Climbing out of the cab, she thanked Aiden and told him to call her soon. She blew the driver a kiss and walked up to her front door.

Just as she reached the front door, it opened. Justin her husband stood there, smiling.

Sophie smiled back at him, and pulling his head down towards her gave him a deep kiss. She took hold of his hand and brought it down between her thighs so he could touch her hot pussy.

“Umm, you’ve had a nice evening, by the feel of things,” he queried.

“Its your turn now, sweetheart,” Sophie said, taking Justin by the hand and leading him back inside the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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