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Note: This is a continuation of “Sophie Needs an “A” in Calculus” but is a stand alone story.

I don’t think I was ever noticed in school. I was the nerd in school. I never made less than perfect scores, but I never went out or partied or had much social life. It was ok though. I had been awarded a scholarship to a great university, and I had a trust fund that would cover expenses and an apartment while there. I was honored in front of the school near graduation, and I think somehow word got out about my trust fund and suddenly I was more popular, though I was still ridiculously shy and couldn’t even really talk to girls.

There was scheduled to be one last party before we all left for college and I decided I should go, after all I had spent several years with the other students.

Upon arriving, I kind of just stood around and kept catching myself watching one of the girls; I’m sure I was the shy awkward guy who did not really fit in, and Sophie was a total bombshell that absolutely everyone there wanted to be around. I was over near the keg, probably about to leave, when I saw her across the room. She was stunning, a beautiful brunette, and dressed to kill. She was wearing a tight leopard print dress that looked like it was made of silk with sexy black stockings and black high heels. Her hair flowed slightly below her shoulders, and it was pulled back in a French twist. My eyes were taking her in, moving from her heels, up the stockings where I noticed a slit in her dress, as it ruffled a bit, I glimpsed the lace tops of her thigh highs. I could feel myself getting hard; She easily looked as good as some of the girls in Maxim that I had been masturbating over for four years. As my eyes wandered up to her cleavage, I was totally entranced. Eventually, and I have no idea how long I was watching her, I glanced at her face, and our eyes met.

I was embarrassed that she caught me staring at her, and I know I began to blush horribly. I noticed a smirk on her face, and knowing that she was aware of my lust, I decided to quickly head to the door.

It took a moment to retrieve my jacket, but after I did I started to leave.

I heard a voice as I approached the exit, “Hey, you’re Tommy, right?”

Turning toward the voice, I saw her, “Uh, Thomas, but yes, I’m sorry, Tommy is fine” I mumbled.

“Sorry?” she repeated, raising an eyebrow, “Whatever for?”

I couldn’t tell if she was mocking me or serious, so I just nodded and added, “Nothing,”

She moved between me and the door and looked into my eyes. It was probably only a few seconds, but it seemed like hours.

Eventually she leaned closer to me and softly asked, “Tommy, are you really sorry you were looking at me? Because it looked to me like you kinda liked it?”

I was so nervous I couldn’t respond. I tried to look at her face, but then looked away. I probably kaynarca escort managed another, “Uh,” but that’s all.

I felt her take my hand in hers, as she said, “C’mon, let’s go back inside. You can get me a drink to make up for it.”

Then she added in a whisper, “Truthfully though I liked you checking me out, It made me feel special.”

At this point I’m in way over my head. I never had luck with many girls, let alone girls who looked like her, and here I was back in the party, holding hands and getting drinks. I was so flustered that I spilled my drink and some of it ended up in my lap.

“No, stay there, clumsy,” she said as I started to stand. “I’ve got this.”

“There, there,” she continued as she now was patting a napkin over my lap. “Just sit still and let me take of you, sweetie.”

Her voice was so sweet, and her gentle pats on my crotch, even though she was feeling me through my pants, brought me to fully erect.

She deftly moved her hand around my now fully erect cock as she was drying the spill, “Is this ok, honey?”

Without any thought I responded, “It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.”

She giggled and leaned in to me, “Well then, you just wait.” Her lips softly brushed my ear as she asked, “Would you like to drive me home now?”

All the way to her house I couldn’t help stealing glances at her legs; she kept shifting and her stocking tops would peek out as she adjusted herself.

After I dropped her off I asked her if she wanted me to come in for a few minutes. She laughed at me to my face, telling me only in my dreams. I was embarrassed and humiliated by her instant reaction. That and my cock was as hard as it had ever been. She was sexy as fuck and already had me wrapped around her little finger. I knew it and later she would admit that she did too.

The second that she closed her front door and I was alone in my car I unzipped my pants and began to stroke my aching cock. I did not even care about who might see me. It felt amazing I was close to cumming in seconds. I then shot my creamy load of warm jizz all over the crotch of my pants. I had to drive home that way, but I was smiling the entire drive.

The next day to my surprise she texted me. Although I had figured that I was very lucky to have gone on a sort of date with such a beautiful woman and honestly felt that in all likelihood I would never hear from her again. I saw that the text message was from her and felt overjoyed. Then I read what she had sent me.

“I saw you last night in your car. You are such a perv, masturbating alone in front of my house! and don’t think I didn’t see the whole thing, your tiny penis, short duration, and that pathetic little puddle of cum. Didn’t you feel like a loser driving home all messy?”

I was at the library and turned red and was so embarrassed. I wanted orhanlı escort to die right there.

Then she messaged me again a few minutes later and I almost did not read it. When I finally decided to open her second message it said, “You know what, I may have been too mean. Come by would you like that?”

“Yes, yes,” I answered without even thinking about what she could have meant.

She smiled seductively, “Great, but I like rules; do you like them too?”

Her foot began to slowly stroke the inside of my thigh as she spoke.

“Absolutely,” I said. I’m sure she knew I’d have agreed to anything at that point.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned and stretched, allowing her robe to slide off one of her shoulders.

Now it was barely covering her nipple but I could see almost everything else. I struggled as I couldn’t decide whether to keep looking at her eyes or to focus on her breast.

I gasped as I realized her foot had moved up my pants and begun to stroke my cock.

“I’ll do something for you and you do something for me,” she added, “How’s that sound?”

“Perfect, now take off your clothes,” she firmly stated. “And we’ll seal our deal.”

I do not know what I was thinking; I probably was not thinking to be honest; I just reacted. Without even realizing it, I had taken off my shoes and had undressed. I piled my clothes in a heap on the floor and was back kneeling in front of her naked. She then tells me to jerk off. I froze for a moment like a deer in headlights. When she repeated herself I reached for my cock and began to stroke it as she told me to do.

After a few minutes of her watching me and laughing I was getting close. She mocked a kiss and licked her lips and then asked me if that is as big as my pathetic cock would get.

I said “Yes” that I was fully hard. It was starting to feel good and as I was getting used to the idea of masturbating in front of her she told me that she wanted to watch me make another little pool of my loser cum. At this point I was stroking my cock hard and fast now, and I knew she could see from my face that I was almost there. At that moment she then told me to stop jerking off and listen.

I let go of my aching cock and looked up at her.

“I’ve been looking for someone like you,” she explained with a smile. “But there’s a choice you need to make. Agree to be mine or get out of my house and never come back.”

I was stunned and didn’t know what to say.

“You mean it’s a tough choice?” she asked teasingly.

“I thought you wanted to be mine,” she added as her foot began stroking me again.

I pleaded with her to at least let me cum since I was so close and my cock needed release. She responded by moving her foot away. She then explained that she did not want my mess to get on her carpet anyway, while laughing loudly at me.

I sat on the floor. tepeören escort I was exhausted, aroused, and desperate. I wanted to just collapse.

Just then she dropped her robe completely off of her shoulders and her perfect chest was fully on display. My cock strained and I felt numb down there.

“Tommy?” she asked, “You’re going to college in the city, right?”

“Yes. I’m supposed to leave this week.” I replied.

“Oh, too bad,” she frowned. “I was hoping you’d be here so we could play. Oh well…”

“Maybe I could move to the city?” she answered herself. “But no, I couldn’t possibly afford a place there.”

I was enthralled in the conversation even though I wasn’t a part of it. Did she really want us to be together? It sounded like maybe she did.

“Stay with me,” I blurted out.

“What?” she asked, but I think I noticed a quick, mischievous smile for a second.

I didn’t care, “Yes, yes, I have an apartment, you can live there.” I added.

She pulled me near her, my face on her chest and as she was gently stroking my face and hair.

“You’re so sweet,” she whispered.

Her hand was now stroking my inner thigh.

“But I couldn’t afford tuition there, even with my financial aid.”

She took ahold of my cock with a gentle grip allowed stroked slowly as it somehow was able to extend even more.

She licked her palm and began to slowly jack me off. I was delirious with pleasure. I had never felt this good.

“Oh well, I guess this will just be a one time thing.” she whispered in my ear before easing her tongue in and causing my entire body to shiver.

I couldn’t conceive of ever giving this up. “I can pay for your college!” I almost yelled.

Sophie knew she had me right where she wanted. “Oh don’t be silly, maybe I’ll see you next summer.”

“No, really,” I pleaded, “My trust fund is fully mine, I want to pay for your school.”

Her cunning smile was back, “Well, if you insist, Tommy, I’d love that. And I’ll love doing this all semester.”

She laid me on the floor and sensually lightly stroked and pinched my nipples with one hand as her other kept my cock at full attention.

“But Tommy, I’d need to be a full partner in this relationship, would that be ok?” She asked as I shivered in delight. “I’ll need to be listed on your accounts and the lease and everything, are you ok with that?”

I hadn’t noticed but her hand must have been speeding up the stroking of my cock.

I was thrilled, I agreed immediately to what she said, and as I did I shot all over myself. I don’t think I had ever come that much.

At some point I was done and I noticed that she was placing my cock in a cage. It seemed to have a lock, but I honestly didn’t even mind.

She told me as she was wiping up my mess, “We’ll get everything paid tomorrow and the accounts changed,” She then added as an afterthought, “Oh, and add me to your lease; then we’ll come back here for another night of playtime. How does that sound?”

“Perfect,” I truthfully responded.

I was sure this was going to be great. Little did I know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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