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Big Tits

“Ok, here we are; here’s our room.”

“Right, now show me this hottie you’ve been dropping hints about!”

“Ok, ok…” I smile.

As we crash on the bed, I flip open my phone to access the correct website to show J the picture that always brings a smile to my face.

“Here. That’s him,” I say, handing over the phone.

“Seriously? that’s him?” Her eyes dart to mine.

“Yeah, why?”

“He just looks familiar is all. like i’ve seen him recently,” J answers as she hands the phone back. She is clearly disturbed by something, but not forthcoming at the moment.

“Ok! let’s get ready for the show!”

“YEAH! I can’t wait!!”

We unpack the few things we need and refresh ourselves from the trip. But as I look at J, I still see the furrow in her brow and I know she’s deep in thought. I decide I’ll tackle that one later.

Outside the hotel we set off in the direction of the theater, chattering like magpies in our excitement. As we pass a coffee shop, J stops and looks behind her, that look of intensity on her face again.

“What?” I ask. “You’re acting weird.”


“‘Well’ what?” I huff.

“Well…that guy you showed me, I thought I saw him in the window of the coffee shop. And I almost thought I saw him earlier too, but that I can’t be sure of.”

This information sends my brain off in a dozen different directions at once and I have to take a few minutes to rein my thoughts in. He can’t possibly be in Chicago, he wouldn’t do that…would he? No, I decide not and dismiss the idea…

As bahçeşehir escort best I can…for I find that it haunts me occasionally throughout the night. Even while we are enjoying our event, I glance around from time to time. Whether from hope or paranoia, I don’t know. Because after a while I feel like there are eyes on me. But I dismiss this as just plain silly. There’s no way you would be in the same town as me at the same time…I shake my head to bury the thoughts.

As the event lets out, we decide that we will wait for the entertainer b/c he has a wonderful habit of coming out for a “meet and greet” and pictures with his fans. YAY! J and I stand together, trying to stay warm in the ever-cooling Chicago night air.

“Amanda” I hear a male voice shout. I spin around, looking for the source. I see a woman greeting a man and assume this is the mysterious “Amanda.” I feel a bit disconcerted, and a bit disappointed; for what fun it would be to meet you unexpectedly on this glorious night. I close my eyes and the crowd fades away; and I start to imagine a story come to life.

“Amanda…Amanda…AMANDA!” I give myself a mental shake, inhale deeply, and smile as I bring myself back to the Chicago street.

“Sorry,” I say sheepishly.

“That’s ok,” J looks at me. “Where were you?”

“Oh, just someplace warm.” I sidestep.

“Hhmm. Look, the line’ moving,” J grabs my arm and we move into place.

“That was soo GREAT!” I skip down the sidewalk on our bakırköy escort way back to the hotel. “He signed the program and we got awesome pix, I’m SO happy!”

When we arrive back at our room, I turn to J, “I’m going to get some ice so we can have something cold to drink; I’m thirsty.”

“Alright hun, I’m going to hop in the shower.”

I grab the ice bucket and head out the door, remembering to take the key so I don’t have to leave J unsecured. I look both ways, searching for a sign that will tell me where to get ice. To the left is a poorly-lit hallway and to the right I see more rooms and, more importantly, light. So I decide to go right for the time being. I get to the end of the hallway and turn the corner when my eyes spot the sign for ice and vending machines…with the arrow pointing back the way I came. ‘Oh great,’ I think.

Sighing, I turn and trudge back the other way, squinting my eyes to try and make anything out at the other end of the hallway to which I am now headed. I have no luck. I pass my room, still squinting in the hopes that my eyes will pick up something in the dimness. I stop at the threshold of darkness and take a deep breath, telling myself to stop being a baby and just get the damn ice already!

I take my first steps and stop; nothing is wrong, everything is fine! I was just being silly! I relax, hold the ice bucket loosely by my side, and begin my journey again. As I go deeper into the darkness, I can hear the hum of the machines and başakşehir escort eventually I see the dim lights that they are emitting. I position the bucket under the dispenser and press the button. The machine grinds and ice clinks and clunks into the plastic bin.

I become aware of a presence seconds before I feel breath at my ear and a whispered “Shhhh.” I move to turn around, but there are hands at my elbows holding me against the machine.

“Wha..?” is all I manage to get out before there are lips on my neck and the voice again, “It’s me babe.”

I fight the surge of elation and desire rising within me, but I’m not quick enough to prevent the catch in my breath.

“And how the hell do I know that? Why should I trust you?” My voice is tinged with desire and petulance.

“Because,” the voice becomes stronger, clearer and the hands change to spin me around.

I gasp as my eyes struggle to make my brain believe that it’s really you…standing there in front of me…in a hotel in Chicago. I look at you and you’re moving towards me, your hand stealing into my hair to hold my head still for a mind-blowing kiss. I can hear our panting and the juicy sound of our lips moving on each other. Suddenly, I feel a sharp tug and my head is snapped back to give you better access to bite my shoulder (you know, that place where it meets the neck…). My inhale is sharp and the moan that follows is almost a whimper, it feels that powerful.

I reach a hand out to brace myself as you press me harder into the machine. I can feel your throbbing erection and I press my hips back at it; letting you know in no uncertain terms that it is very welcome. Your hands are fondling my breasts as your hips press back harder in response and the machine tips a little ways back to hit the wall and the solid thud when it lands back on 4 feet brings us back to reality…

But not for long…the ice has spilt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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