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This story can stand up on its own, I think, but I would suggest reading my other story first, “Beautiful Texas,” as it introduces the characters featured in this story, and builds them up.


I should point out to anyone who has read my previous story, and to anyone that plans to read it, or any future stories, that while that one was tame on the kink scale, from here on out I plan to ramp it up. I’m not a fan of doing the same thing over and over again, so I’m going to see about switching it up for every story.

“That’s the last of it, babe,” Darcy said, a bit breathlessly, as she brought a box with a picture of a toaster oven on it through the front door of my new apartment. It was on the third floor, which made bringing in everything a pain in the ass. Darcy had introduced me to some of her friends and a couple had volunteered to help move me into the new place. They had left earlier after all the heavy lifting was done. I told them we’d go out and I’d buy a few rounds for their help sometime soon.

I smiled at the girl who had just brought in my toaster oven. We’d met through such odd circumstances that I could hardly believe that I was dating her now. Who would have believed that a hot Texan girl would pick me up at a bar one night, and it would spiral into something much deeper than either of us could have believed? We’d come a long way since that night in bed together months ago.

I took the box from her and set it down, looking around the apartment at the clutter I was going to have to un-mess in the coming days. For now, I was just glad to have it all inside. I could sort it all out later. I wanted to enjoy the first night alone with my new girlfriend in months.

“What do you want to do tonight?” Darcy asked as she lazily flopped herself down onto an awkwardly placed sofa. Her radiant auburn hair had splayed across the back of the couch as she leaned into it. She crossed her legs with her hands folder in her lap as she looked up at me.

“We could go out,” I replied as I walked over toward her. Her pretty green eyes stared up at me mischievously as I got close enough to see them in more detail. I could see the grin in her eyes, even if it wasn’t played out on her lips. I’d learned over the months since we’d me how devious of a mind she had, and I could almost hear the cogs turning in her head.

“We could do that,” she said slowly, the grin now shifting from her eyes to her lips as easily as though she had been doing it the entire time. Darcy’s hands unclasped and she slowly reached one up, sliding it under my t-shirt and hooking her four fingers into the waist of my pants, grabbing firmly onto my belt and tugging me toward her.

My body was pulled down toward Darcy’s, and I leaned over as she leaned her face up, moving in to kiss her. I had a feeling I knew where this was going quickly. It had been as long for her as it was for me, after all, and everyone needs some lovin’.

And I was wrong.

Darcy’s face turned at the last second to slide her cheek along mine, her smooth one rubbing against my stubble softly and she whispered into my ear with a huge grin, “Let’s watch a movie.”

I leaned back to look at her, my eyes got wide. I knew she was serious when I saw the look on her face. Devlish almost. It looked sexy on her, but still. I was hot for my gorgeous girlfriend!

“Wh-what?” I spluttered out. In the few moments of intensity I had grown almost painfully stiff in my pants, and was confused. “But all my equipment is still packed away in the boxes.”

“Better get to it, then.”

And with that, Darcy spun me around by my belt and playfully smacked my ass with a giggle.


After an hour of finding various equipment and cables in boxes, I had my TV, DVD player and part of my surround system haphazardly set up on more boxes and I was contentedly snuggled up with Darcy on the couch, watching The Empire Strikes Back. Hot and she loved Star Wars. What more could a guy ask for?

Darcy’s head was resting on my shoulder throughout the movie, and occasionally let her hand “accidentally” slip and fall into my crotch, where she would let it sit for a few minutes, not quite rubbing, but not being idle either. I tried responding by rubbing her upper thigh, or her pelvis, but she would just take my hand and put it back on her side.

As far as I was concerned, speaking during any original trilogy Star Wars was blasphemy, so we stayed quiet throughout the film. By the time it had ended, I had been hard on and off for the length of the movie due to her ministrations on me, and as the credits rolled, Darcy quietly took the remote and shut the TV off, which subsequently plunged the room into darkness since the lights had been switched off. The sound of the Star Wars theme kept coming from the speakers since the sound was independent of the TV, but she made no move to shut it off. It made for a strange effect.

I felt Darcy get up from my side and I leaned forward to get up as well, but she whispered, “No” softly, and I leaned back into the couch. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I heard her move around, but my eyes hadn’t yet adjusted to the darkness to see what she was doing.

“What are you d–mmff.”

The question was cut off as Darcy slid into my lap without warning and pressed her lips to mine, a soft “shh” sound issuing from her soft, sweet-tasting lips as she did so. Her hands found mine and she made me slide them around her. Her shirt had vanished, though her bra remained, and after dropping a hand down to her thigh, I discovered the same of her pants.

She leaned forward, mashing her large breasts into my chest as her kiss deepened, becoming more fierce and hungry. Her sly little tongue slipped from her mouth and pressed at my lips softly, requesting entry. Always eager to comply, my mouth opened for her, and I let my tongue find hers, moaning softly along with her, eyes shutting automatically.

Her hips worked slowly in circles in my lap, grinding her covered mound into my crotch, making the erection she had worked on on and off for the last couple hours return almost instantly. Darcy’s hands grabbed for my shirt and I lifted my arms to let her pull it off, happy to let her lead the way since she clearly had some sort of plan.

Every guy who isn’t trying to be a hipster ironic t-shirt wearing non-conformist loves Star Wars. Star Wars is cool, and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves. So when I say that having the Star Wars theme song playing in the background as a very hot girl slides her tongue into your mouth and grinds her pussy into your crotch is awesome, you know it’s really fucking awesome. I don’t think Darcy had planned it this way, but my inner geek was silently thanking the God he didn’t believe in at this moment.

With my shirt discarded onto the floor, there was a seemingly renewed sense of urgency in Darcy’s kissing. She broke off from letting her sweet little tongue dance with mine in and between our mouths, and dropped her lips down to my neck, kissing and sucking at it softly, moaning as she pressed herself down into my stiff member.

As the grinding increased in intensity, I decided I needed to be a little more active in the planning stage, and slipped my hands down to her fantastic ass, the curve of it swelling out from her thighs and connecting that gorgeous curve of her lower back. Darcy has a fantastic, perfectly pliable ass, and when I squeezed it, my fingers dug deep into the tantalizing flesh in my firm grip, and I leaned forward and into her as I made to stand up. She knew what I was about to do because her arms slid around my neck and tightened their grip and she lifted her mouth to kiss me again, nearly attacking my lips and tongue with hers in her ferocity.

With a grunt of effort into Darcy’s mouth, I stood up, heaving her whole weight into my arms. Her legs immediately slid around my waist and clung tightly, groaning softly as she continued to work her hips into my crotch, refusing to give up her tease for even a second. My cock was so painfully hard that it was all I could do not to just throw her down onto the floor right there and fuck her senseless until she begged me to stop. It had been months of long, slow teasing, and now I wanted my girl more than anything else. Everything else in world was dark to me. I was so completely turned on at that moment; I knew I would be nothing short of brutally rough with her. Thank god she liked it as rough as I could give it.

I strode toward my bedroom, my hands gripping her firmly as she held onto me just as tightly, our lips meshing together and apart continuously, as our tongues dancing sinuously, bobbing and weaving around each other, sliding together, licking the other’s lips. Each tough from her felt electric. I wanted Darcy so bad it was physically painful right now.

The door to my room was closed, and I slammed our bodies up against it so hard that I thought I might have cracked the frame. I’d worry about that tomorrow. Darcy grunted as her breath left her in a rush from the impact, my body now pushing and pinning hers into the door. Her hips grinded away into mine, and I responded with my own now, pressing my jeaned-crotch into her panties so hard, knowing she could feel the firm bulge within them.

With a rough bite to my bottom lip, Darcy’s hand blindly fumbled for the doorknob and turned, our weights making the door swing open violently, slamming into the wall behind it. We fell through, and I lost my balance, nearly falling down, but the dark distance between the door and my desk wasn’t much. I silently thanked that I hadn’t put any boxes in here as my upper thighs and knees clattered against my desk, and I dropped Darcy heavily onto the desk. I heard the piece of furniture groan in protest as she fell onto it.

My lips never left hers, or rather, her teeth kept biting down on my lower lip, pulling me with her painfully. I thought I tasted a bit of copper in my mouth, but pushed it from my mind as I leaned away from her body just enough to get my hands güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri down to my belt and pull it apart. Darcy’s small nimble hands had the same idea, since they bumped into mine, and then they moved down to pull at my button and unzip my pants. She hooked her thumbs in my waistband and pushed my pants and boxers down quickly, and I felt them catch on my stiff shaft for a moment as they slid down. After she got them down past my ass, I backed up a bit, finally breaking that lengthy, passionate kiss.

There had been few words in over two hours. We both knew this wasn’t the time for talking. As I backed up and pushed my pants the rest of the way down, kicking them off with my socks and standing there completely naked now, I saw her wriggling outline in the near-complete darkness, and assumed she was freeing herself from the last vestiges of her clothing, and decided I needed to see her more fully. I wanted to see the look on her face as I took that sweet pussy of hers as my own again.

Darcy’s hand reached out for my cock and gripped it firmly in the dark, tugging me toward her. I leaned over and clicked my desk lamp onto the lowest intensity setting, bathing the room in a soft orange-tinged glow. I gasped as I saw Darcy’s naked form for the first time in so long. She was so beautiful that it literally took my breath away. Her bright green eyes stared up at me as she smiled gorgeously, her eyes were full of love and arousal and fiery passion. Her long auburn hair was draped down over her shoulders and across her back, accentuating her soft, pale skin perfectly.

Her tugging hand had brought me right up to her entrance, the head of my cock nudging at her slick, soft folds, and I felt how wet she was for me. But I was going to take her on my own terms. I pulled Darcy’s hand away from my cock and grabbed at her hips roughly, digging into them with my fingers, and leaving my cockhead barely brushing her pussy lips. She slithered her legs around my waist and reached down to grab my ass firmly, trying to pull me into her, but I resisted. Instead, I leaned down into her and let our chests press together. I could feel the stiff nipples capping her large, voluptuous breasts poking at my skin and I moaned softly at the feel. It was time.

I lowered my mouth to her neck and bit it hard as I surged my hips forward suddenly, my hips pulling her body to mine with a thunderous clash of bodies together. I sunk my length into her depths in one thrust, stretching her otherwise unused pussy around my cock. Darcy gasped, groaned and grunted in quick succession, and followed up with a long, soft moan as our hips pressed together and I ground my pelvis into hers, knowing it was pressed right against her clit. Her hands clenched at my ass hard as she pulled me in tight, but released quickly, when she knew what I was going to do.

I pulled out of her pussy slowly, almost agonizingly slow, then lifted my lips to whisper softly in her ear, speaking for the first time in so long, “I’m going to fuck you so hard, Darcy.” She said nothing, and tugged at my ass instead, so I gave her what she wanted. I slammed my hips into hers again, and again, and again. With our upper bodies pressed tightly together, and our lips pressed together and moaning in synch once again, I fucked her roughly, feeling the tight clench of her slick walls around my cock, trying to grasp at the shaft as it pulled out and pushed in. Her hips worked against mine each time I filled her, her clit scraping across my pelvis eagerly, wantonly.

I leaned up from her body, breaking the fervent kissing and dragged her hips over to the side of the desk, then pushed her down so she lay flat along its length. Her hands relinquished their grip on my ass as she instead reached for behind her knees, pulling her legs together tightly and against her large tits, squishing them between her chest and thighs. I stood straight and put my hands on the backs of her upper thighs, squeezing the tense muscles there as my cock dragged from within her depths once again, only to plunge back into that sweet pussy.

My shaft split Darcy’s smooth, soft lips open again and again, and the force of my thrusting into her caused the whole desk to shake and her body to bounce. The look on her face was one of pure ecstasy as I rammed my length into her, my heavy balls slapping against her perineum each time. Her eyes were shut and her mouth was open, uttering soft, deep sounds of satisfaction every time our bodies came together. She was loving every minute of this just as much as I was.

And then she really got into it.

With the same look on her face, her mouth opened wide, but instead of a moan, she said in a low, hoarse voice, interrupted slightly each time I thrust my cock into her, “Oh god yes, Chris…fuck me, baby. I’ve been waiting…so fucking long…for your big cock…oh shit…to fuck my tight little pussy. I want your cock so fucking deep inside me.”

The spell of silence was broken.

“Oh? Is that right, babe? You want my cock deep inside güvenilir bahis şirketleri your sweet, sexy little cunt?” I teased her, and pulled my cock almost all the way out of her, thrusting slowly with the head of it. “Does my Darcy-baby want every inch of my thick shaft filling her like the slut she is?”

Darcy moaned at my words, and gasped out, “Fuck me like a slut, Chris. Fuck me like your slut, because that’s what I am. I’m your dirty, naughty little fucktoy. This pussy is all yours, baby. Fuck it like you mean it.”

The pitch of her voice rose slightly as she egged me on. I knew she was getting close. I increased my pace, squeezing her thighs harder as I fucked into her, the friction delicious around my cock as she took me within her happily, and begged for more. I wanted to cum with her, or as near as possible, and I wanted her to beg me for my cum.

“Are you gonna cum for me, baby? Going to soak my cock with your cum and scream for me as I fill you? Come on, Darcy, cum for me. I want to hear it, and feel it. I want to know how much you love my cock. I’m getting close too. Do you want my cum?”

She grunted as I thrust into her particularly hard, her breath leaving her, and then breathing in deeply again, moaning in pleasure at the sound of my voice.

“Please, Chris,” she almost pouted the words out, “I’m so close to cumming for you. I want to feel your cum, too, so deep inside me.”

I think it was the way she pouted and begged for it, but it set me over the edge. I felt the familiar tingling feeling deep in my balls. With a loud groan of pleasure, I squeezed her thighs harder than before and shoved into her as deep as I could, grinding my hips into her as I felt the first rush of cum shoot out of my cock, splashing inside her. Jet after jet of warm, thick cum filled her pussy, just as Darcy had begged me for.

“Oh fuck yes, Chris, I’m gonna cum,” Darcy moaned loudly, then screamed softly in purest pleasure, and I felt her walls clench spasmodically around my shaft in orgasm as I continued to fill her with my cum. With the contracting muscles, I felt a soft flood of hot, sticky juices coat my cock and drip down my balls, and looked down to see that she had gushed all over me and down her ass.

With my chest heaving from the exertion of having fucked her so hard, I leaned over and slipped my arms around Darcy’s back without pulling out. Her arms and legs slithered around my neck and waist for support as I picked her up and carried her over to the bed, setting her down and finally letting my wilting erection slip from her tight confines, still slowly spasming in post-orgasmic pleasure.

I lay down next to Darcy and she rolled onto her side to press herself into me, one arm draping across my chest. I could feel her heavy breathing against me as her tits softly pushed into my side. She set her head down on my shoulder and grinned up at me.

“So, was I as good as you remembered?”

I laughed and said, “So much better, babe,” then leaned over to kiss her softly, more tenderly than we had been doing.

Darcy looked down at my cock, soft and glistening from being inside her, our combined fluids mixed on its surface. She looked almost…hungry. I knew what was coming. She was insatiable.

“Ready for round two?” She giggled at the look on my face as she asked the question.

“I’m going to need a minute or two, lover. I can’t bounce back as quickly as you.”

“Oh, I think I can take care of that. But…” and she grinned like the Cheshire cat, “I want to do something fun with you.”

“That wasn’t fun?” I looked at her with an amused smile on my face.

“No, no. Of course it was. But I mean, something new and different,” she grinned again and got onto her hands and knees next to me, then turned around and swung a leg over my body as she positioned her face over my cock and her gorgeous cum-filled pussy just in front of my face. I could see some of my cum in her folds.

“What do you mean?” My hands slid up to her ass cheeks and I squeezed softly, massaging them as I awaited her explanation.

“I want you to take this,” and at that, Darcy bent her head down, slid her tongue through my treasure trail and to the head of my cock, flicking the tip softly before working its soft length into her mouth. I moaned at the feel of her mouth surrounding me, and felt her moan around my cock, probably enjoying the taste of us on it. She let it slide from her mouth after a second of sucking and it slapped lightly onto my pelvis. One of her dove between her legs and she dipped her middle finger deep into herself, fingering her pussy slowly and pulling it back out again with it glistening in the soft light of the lamp.

“And put it here,” and with those words, Darcy did the single hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. My hands had been kneading at her ass cheeks, and so she slid her hand from between her legs and reached over her ass from the top. She then took the finger that had just been between her legs and in her pussy—the one that was now covered in both of our cum—and pressed it against the tight, constricting hole of her ass. Her asshole held for just a moment before her slender finger slipped in easily. I could see her bearing out with her muscles to ease the entry, and the digit slid as deep into her ass as she could make it, moaning soft and low the whole time.

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