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What’s up? My name is Haweeyo Suleiman, and I’m a thirty-year-old black Muslim woman of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I was raised in a conservative Muslim household, as befitting a Somali immigrant woman, but life hasn’t been kind to the pious and quiet, somewhat repressed Muslim sister that I used to be. My former husband Ali Hussein left me for another bitch named Eva Monroe whom I thought was my friend. That’s why I decided that I would have fun, and catch up on all the good things I’ve been missing out on because I used to follow the rigid tenets of Islamic culture. And you know what? Life has never been better!

A lot of Muslim women, especially the ones from the Somali Canadian community, live in Canada as though they were still in Somalia or Somaliland. Islam teaches women to be submissive to men, and I got to tell you, that’s getting really tiring really quickly. The day I decided to divorce my cheating ex-husband Ali Hussein is the day I shall forever remember as my Day of Independence. I threw out his shit, and then sent him a text message informing him that I was divorcing him, and he was no longer welcome at the house we shared. As you can imagine, he didn’t take it well. Oh, well. Let that be a wake-up call for him and every other Muslim immigrant male out there who thinks us Muslim women will continue to bend over backwards for them. Ha! Not anymore.

Ever since I got my freedom, I’ve been exploring my sexuality. There are so many sexy guys avcılar escort in Ottawa, especially among the immigrant populations. Take Ivan Wilson for example. He’s six feet tall, slim and fit, with caramel skin, curly black hair and light brown eyes. Born on the island of Jamaica to a white Canadian mother, Irene Wilson and a Jamaican father, John Berenson, Ivan has those unique good looks that mixed guys often have. Great hair, sexy eyes and unique skin tone. Hot damn. Ivan told me he moved to Ontario with his parents last year. Ivan and I met while I was walking through the university center at Carleton, where I study chemistry. Let’s just say that sparks definitely flew between Ivan and I, and we’ve been tight ever since.

Ivan lives in a nice little apartment on Bronson Avenue, not far from the Carleton University campus, and I like to come over to keep him company. We don’t do much talking, in case you’re wondering. Last time I came over, I surprised Ivan in the nicest way possible. I went straight for his dick the moment he opened his door. Just got on my knees, unzipped his pants, and started sucking on his long and thick islander’s dick. I have a thing for island guys, and Ivan is just what the doctor ordered. Slow down miss Somalia, Ivan moaned as I sucked on his dick. Flicking my tongue over his dick head, I squeezed his balls, knowing it would just about drive him nuts.

I continued sucking Ivan’s dick until ataköy escort he came, blasting my face with his cum. Sorry about that, Ivan said haltingly. It’s cool boo I don’t mind, I replied, as I slurped down every last drop of his cum. Afterwards, Ivan pulled me to my feet, then we continued the action in the bedroom. Ivan laid me on his bed after undressing me, then made sweet love to this body of mine. Sucking on my breasts, Ivan flicked his tongue over the super sensitive areolas, causing me to moan in pleasure. Sweet man you got me in my spot, I whispered. Ivan winked at me and continued what he was doing, this time he slid his hand between my thighs, and inserted his fingers into my cunt. I gasped as Ivan began fingering my pussy, and the sexy biracial stud told me to relax. You haven’t felt anything yet, he promised. Licking a path from my tits to my belly and finally my pelvic area, Ivan finally found his way to my pussy. He took a deep breath, inhaling my womanly scent, then just dived in.

Lying there, with Ivan’s face buried between my plump thighs, his mouth on my pussy, I finally had an inkling of what paradise might feel like. After licking my pussy for a good while, Ivan had me squirming in delight as I shouted in pleasure. I cried out his name in English, French, Somali and profane, all the languages that I know. Ivan looked at me and smiled as my orgasm slowly subsided. How do you feel sexy lady? he asked me, bahçelievler escort grinning. I smiled at him. I feel great thank you, I said, and I meant every word. Looking into Ivan’s eyes, I told him to make love to me. The handsome biracial stud smiled. And did he ever comply with my request!

Ivan rolled a condom on his long and thick island man’s dick, then made me assume the position. I happily got on all fours, my favorite sexual position by the way. Ivan positioned himself behind me, and spanked my thick and round Somali booty. I handed him some lotion and he made good use of it, smearing it all over my ass. I smiled in pleasure as he gave my big round ass a good spanking. Then he pressed his dick against my asshole and pushed it inside. I shuddered in delight as his cock slid into my exit hole. I love anal sex, but Ivan is the only man I let fuck me back there. Gripping my wide hips tightly Ivan pushed his well-lubricated cock into my asshole. And just like that, my sexy island stud began fucking me in the ass. Fuck me hard, I begged, and Ivan definitely obliged me. Ivan slammed his dick into my asshole, and I cried out in pleasure mixed with pain because it felt so good. After fucking my ass for about half an hour, Ivan pulled out.

About an hour later, I showered and left Ivan’s place. A good time was had by all, what can I say? I got what I came for. I went back to my apartment in the east end of Ottawa with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. Yes, I am a proper Somali woman and an observant Muslim at that. I never leave the house without my long skirt and hijab, with my holy book tucked under my arm. And I enjoy getting bent over and having my asshole stuffed with a hard black dick. Lots of Muslim women feel the same way. We like hot, passionate and kinky sex too. I’m just more honest about it than most.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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