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This is the third of 6 separate stories that was taken from a much larger piece. They take place on the same day, at the same time, during the same snow storm. Since each is a story all its own, it doesn’t matter which one you read first. WK


Janet Ellard knocked softly on her stepbrother’s bedroom door. When she received no reply, she opened the door slowly and peeked inside. Her step-brother Mike Dodson lay sleeping with one arm behind his head, snoring softly. Sitting her slightly plump frame on the edge of his bed, she placed her hand on his chest, shaking him gently.

“Mike… Mike, wake up. Your mom called and said she wants you to go out and shovel.”

“What?” Mike grumbled thickly. “Shovel what?”

“Snow, bonehead,” she replied.

“You live here too,” he huffed as he punched his pillow before rolling over.

“True, but I pay rent here, you don’t. Besides, your mother called and said for you to go out and do it.”

He was wide awake now as he grinned up at her. “Hey Janet, I got something for ya,” he chuckled.

Janet looked to where he was directing his gaze and saw the faint outline of his morning hard on under the covers. “You’re such a pig,” she sighed disgustedly. When he suddenly made it jump, she let out a small squeak and jumped off the bed.

“It’s alive, Janet, and it’s coming to get you!” As he spoke, he wiggled his fingers menacingly and made his cock jump even more.

“Just get up and go shovel!” she yelled as she ran out of the room, trying to hold back a giggle.

Janet was 22 and four years older than Mike. Her father had married his mother when she was the same age Mike was now, and the four of them had lived together ever since. Janet wasn’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination. She was, however somewhat pudgy and very plain looking, two specific features that kept most men from getting too close to her.

The only ones that did get close were the ones that wanted the occasional piece of ass. Her job as a dental assistant didn’t help much with her meeting men, as her employer handled mostly senior citizen patients. Of course there were plenty of dirty old men to go around, with some even going so far as to try and get a feel of one of her small breasts, or cop a feel of her plump ass.

Her relationship with Mike had been a rocky one in the beginning. He went from being an only child to suddenly having an older sibling in the house, and therefore had to share almost everything. It was when he started to become interested in girls that their relationship began to change.

She had caught him, on several occasions, sniffing her panties in the hamper, and trying to walk in on her when she was getting dressed. They still kept up a good front in front of their parents, however it was becoming clearer as the months went by that there was a sexual tension between them.

Two hours later, a half frozen and snow covered Mike came into the house. Not wanting to track snow through the house to his room, he simply stripped off his frozen, wet clothes right there at the back door, leaving him in just a T-shirt, long johns and socks. When he got to the bathroom door and saw it closed, he let out a heavy, frustrated sigh. “Janet?” he knocked.

“What do you want? I’m taking a bath.”

“I have to go to the bathroom, bad,” he replied, smiling.

“Liar, you just wanna to come in here and see me naked. Go away! You can have the bathroom when I’m done!”

“C’mon, Janet,” he whined, bouncing on his toes slightly. “Just pull the curtain or something! I really gotta go!”

“Alright, but if you peek, you’re dead meat, understand?” She waited until she pulled the shower curtain closed before she told him it was ok for him to come in. A few moments later, she heard the distinct sounds of a man pissing, and resisted the urge to peek herself.

When she heard him finish, she rolled over on her stomach, just in case he had the notion to peek, even with the threat of death hanging over his head. “Hey. Seeing that I was nice enough to let you pee, how about washing my back for me?”

She heard him laugh a little. “What’s in it for me?”

Pulling the curtain aside so she could peek out, she sighed when she saw him sitting on the toilet lid. “You get to see my naked butt,” she replied dryly.

“What if I want to see more?”

Janet sighed loudly. “I’ll tell you what. As soon as the Penthouse issue with my centerfold comes out, I’ll buy you a copy and autograph it for you, ok?” The thought of her having any kind of layout in a men’s magazine started him laughing. He had to admit he thought she was sexy and cute, although he would only admit that to himself.

“Wow!” he exclaimed as he knelt down beside the tub and pulled back the curtain. “You have a very cute butt,” he told her, giving it a pinch.

“Cut it out!” she giggled reluctantly. She was angry with herself for starting to get turned on. “If you aren’t gonna wash my back, get out!’

“Ok, ok,” he chuckled as he retrieved the soap and a washcloth. Janet czech couples porno knew she was in trouble as soon as she felt him start to slowly soap up her back. He might be only 18, but he sure knew what he was doing when it came to back rubs. “How’s that feel?” he asked as he stopped soaping and began to gently massage her entire back.

Even when he ventured dangerously close to her exposed rump, all she could do was moan softly. When he began to use both hands almost lovingly, she lost it completely. A tiny, delicious little orgasm oozed through her entire body, making her sigh loudly and completely relax her. It wasn’t until she felt him run the bar of soap quickly between her alabaster ass cheeks that she jolted back to reality. “What the hell are you doing?” she protested.

“Hey, I’m a full service back washer,” he replied. “If I only wash your back, I’m only doing half the job.”

Reluctantly she let him wash her twin globes, hating the fact that she was getting even more turned on by the minute. It wasn’t until he shoved his hand down further and managed to rub her entire pussy that she kicked him out.

Once he was gone, she quickly rolled over and finished what he had started, bringing herself to a quick yet somewhat satisfying orgasm by both rubbing her tender clit and fingering her tight pussy at the same time. It was while she was drying herself off that she realized, as satisfying as that orgasm was; she was still ready to go.

Not bothering to dress, she put on her thick, blue terry cloth robe and walked back out to the kitchen. After putting on a pot of coffee, she walked into the living room to look out the window. “Fucking snow,” she muttered. It was snowing so hard, she could barely see past the front yard. Knowing full well that there was no possible way she could be seen, Janet opened her robe and exposed her naked body to the snowy world outside.

“Mike, I made coffee, you want some?” No answer. “What did you do, go back to sleep?” When she walked to his room, she could hear the muffled, tinny sounds of music coming from somewhere. Looking in she saw that Mike wasn’t asleep, but instead was lying on his bed with headphones on as he looked through a Penthouse magazine, a raging hard on pushing against the front of his long johns. “What are you doing?” she asked, swatting his foot.

“What?” he jumped, pulling the headphones off. “What?” he asked again.

“What are you doing?” she asked again.

“Looking through Penthouse to see if you’re pictures are in here,” he smirked

Walking over to look over his shoulder, she simply sighed and shook her head at what she saw. “I made coffee, you want some?” she asked, wishing that she looked as good as the naked woman in the magazine. The model’s skin was tanned, her breasts were perfect, and her pussy looked like it received a lot more action than hers probably ever would.

“Nah,” Mike smiled, suddenly letting his hand slide under her robe. “You know what I want,” he teased.

“Stop it, you pig!” she protested, although made no move to pull away even though his hand was caressing her inner thigh, and dangerously close to her worked up sex. When the backs of his fingers made just enough contact with her pubic hair to tickle her, she jumped. “Quit it!” His hand was stroking her other inner thigh now, and he could feel the heat radiating from between her legs.

“Look Janet,” he smiled as he pointed to his crotch. “The beast has risen, and it wants… you!” As he spoke, he boldly let the back of his hand press against her warmth, a soft moan escaping her throat.

“We can’t,” she said weakly as she sat on the edge of the bed. She had done so on purpose so she could close her legs to protect herself from his exploring fingers.

“Why can’t we?” he asked as he untied the robe’s sash. When Janet did nothing, he pulled the robe open so he could see her small but well formed tits. Her nipples, were the color of wet sand, and looked tiny sitting in the large smudge of areola that surrounded them.

“Because! We’re like brother and sister!” She knew what he was doing, and she hated herself for not stopping him, or at least pretending to try and stop him. The truth was, she didn’t want him to stop.

“But we aren’t,” he replied seriously as he stroked her erect nipples.

“You’ll tell everybody. I know you will.” She watched as he pulled the front of the thermals down, freeing his twitching cock.

“If you discovered a cave that was full of gold and jewels, would you tell anyone?” he asked, returning to stroke her thighs.

“No, but that’s different.”

“How is it different?” he asked, suddenly stopping his caressing to sit up. She hated herself even more for wishing he would stop, and then once he had, wishing he would start again. She could feel her pussy tingling, and she didn’t have to touch herself to know that she was soaked.

“We have the perfect situation here!” he continued. “We live together, we aren’t related, we live with our parents, so nobody czech estrogenolit porno will think anything is going on between us. And, as long as we keep pretending to mutually hate one another, nobody will suspect a thing, and we can have all the guilt free, burden free sex we want with no strings attached.”

“How could an 18 year old be so damn logical?” she asked, hating him even more for being right.

Smirking, he held up the magazine. “It’s more than just pictures, dude.”

“And you swear nobody will know? Because the first person you tell, not only is it over, but you won’t have anything left to do it with anyone else, either. She emphasized the fact by wrapping her hand around his impossibly warm, tantalizingly hard cock and wiggled it.

“I swear it on my balls,” he replied, his voice strained. He then moved closer and slowly began to push her robe off her shoulders. He did it slowly to give her time to reconsider, if she wanted to. The way her eyes were narrowed, and the way she was slightly panting, however, told him she was far too gone to recant.

Once her robe was on the floor, he began to push her back on the bed. As he gently pushed, he raised up on his knees until she was on her back, and he was looking down at her naked body.

“Wait!” she gasped, causing Mike’s heart to falter in mid beat. “Do you have condoms? I-I mean, I’m on the pill and all, but, you know… you’ve done this sort of thing before, right?”

Mike smiled and nodded. “You remember Stacy, right?” he asked as he leaned over her, purposely letting his hard cock drag over her jiggling tits.

“Yeah,” Janet replied dryly. “Blonde, big tits, always wore pants so tight they looked painted on and not one coherent thought in her perky, cheerleader head?”

“That’s the one,” he smiled as he handed Janet the condom package. “We used to fuck like rabbits, sometimes 5 or 6 times a day.”

Janet propped herself up on her elbows when she heard that bit of news. “You’re kidding! How’d you manage that?”

Smirking, Mike pointed to his bobbing, steel hard cock. “You’re about to have the benefit of an 18 year olds stamina. We would go at it for hours at a time, and most of the time, the only way I could get a nut was if she blew me.” He then looked down and patted her plump thigh. “I’ll also have you know that it usually only takes about 15 minutes between rounds.”

Janet let out a small gasp. Maybe this little secret of theirs would be a good thing after all. If it worked out like they imagined (and hoped), both of them could have all the guilt free sex they wanted, with none of the commitment or baggage that went with it. She then waved the condom package at him. “What do you want me to do with this?”

“Hold onto it for a bit. I’m not ready to put it on, yet.” She was about to mention that he sure looked ready to her, when she watched him slide off the bed and onto the floor. He had already decided to stop thinking of her as his stepsister, and simply act as if he was with Stacy. “Have you ever had a man eat you?” he asked as he pushed her legs apart.

“A few times,” she admitted. “I don’t think they were very good at it, though, because it sure didn’t get the results you see and hear about all the time.”

Caressing her inner thighs gently, Mike smiled up at her from between her now parted legs. She almost laughed, because the way he was positioned, her sparse amount of pubic fur looked like a scraggly goatee. “Well, hopefully, things will be different today,” he told her.

When he finally focused his attention on the object of his desire, his cock twitched violently. There it was. Ever since Janet and her father had moved in with them, Mike had gone through great lengths to try to get a peek at Janet’s pussy. He had managed to get an all too brief glimpse of it once, however, this was different.

Sure, he was only twelve at the time, but he had seen enough “nudie mags” by then to know that “the slit was it”, a little saying that he and a few of his friends had come up with. And now, here it was, so close to his face, he could feel the heat radiating from it and he could see the juices that seeped down the crack of her ass.

Now that he actually got to see it, he realized he was going to have to treat Janet differently than he had Stacy. Where Stacy’s pussy was somewhat gaping and well used, Janet’s was “polite”, and where Stacy’s lips could be stretched out and tied into a knot, Janet’s were almost concealed and neatly tucked away. In fact, the only similarities between them were the location on the body, and the plump, well defined mound that surrounded them.

He began by gently, teasingly kissing and licking her inner thighs, starting at her knee and working his way up to the crease where thigh met pelvis. As soon as he reached that crease, Janet let out a loud sigh and parted her legs a little wider.

As he continued to tease, skirting around and touching everywhere but her hot slit, he let his fingers caress and dance the soft czech experiment porno flesh of her pelvis and belly. After only a few minutes of this, the combination of her aroused scent and her loud moaning got the better of him. Pressing his skinny shoulders against the backs of her thighs, he pushed her legs back and open. And then he moved in for the kill.

Spreading her tight pussy apart with his thumbs, he smiled at the way the perfectly pink lips glistened with their slippery wetness. And, although he had no trouble finding it, her clit was much smaller than Stacy’s. Ever so slowly, he began to swirl the tip of his tongue on a clockwise motion around the hard little nub.

Almost instantly, she cried out and began to gently hump her neglected pussy against his tongue. He decided to let her call the shots for the moment, by letting her humping motion dictate when his ridged tongue would enter her tangy slit.

It didn’t take long for her to get the rhythm of it, either. She soon knew just how high to raise her ass off the bed so Mike’s hot tongue would slide into her waiting hole. She had her first three orgasms this way, the third one being so hard, she had to push his face away. “Tell me,” he panted, delighting in the taste of her hot pussy on his lips and tongue. “What positions are you used to doing?”

Janet, still in the throws of aftershocks and afterglow, could barely speak. “I’ve only done this a few times,” she panted, her voice so soft he could barely hear her. “But I’ve tried a few. Being on top and doggie style are my favorites,” she replied finally.

He had also decided he was going to try something different with her. Stacy preferred to have him slamming into her almost as hard as he could for the entire time he was in her. With Janet, however, he was going to try a few things he had just read about. It suddenly became very important to him to be the best lover she had ever had, and not to make her feel like this was just another fuck.

When she felt the bed jostling slightly, she opened her eyes to see his grinning face above hers. “Hello, gorgeous,” he whispered suddenly sending a thrill through every inch of her trembling body. None of the men she had ever been with had used terms of endearment to her, and if they did, it only lasted long enough to get her panties off and her legs open. After that, they barely said anything to her.

She was about to reply when she suddenly felt the tip of his engorged cock press against her soaked opening. He thrilled her even more by gently kissing her lips, before moving his face down to capture one of her hard nipples in his hot mouth. He sucked each only for a moment before he kissed his way up to her throat and neck and making her sigh loudly.

That was it for her. In that brief moment, she suddenly stopped being plain, uninteresting, unattractive Janet Ellard, and was transformed into Janet Ellard, object of desire and the woman she had always knew she was.

For the moment, at least, Mike was no longer her stepbrother. He was now the man who loved her and was proving his love by treating her like a woman. She suddenly felt her slightly plump legs wrap themselves around his skinny body, and then consciously letting herself go and giving herself to him completely. She wasn’t disappointed.

He started slowly, moving in and out of her inch by inch. He did this partly for the fact that he wasn’t sure how long it had been since she had had sex, and partly because he wanted to take things slowly. Once he had himself completely inside her, he began to rotate his hips in a clockwise/counterclockwise pattern before extracting himself almost completely out of her, leaving only the swollen head of his meat inside her.

With his hands on either side of her head, he looked down at her, no longer smiling in triumph, but lovingly. He did smile at her reactions when he would stab his cock into her only slightly, listening to her little gasps and cries when she felt him enter.

He then alternated between swaying his hips from side to side, and then gyrating as he reentered her. Once he had a rhythm he was comfortable with and she seemed to enjoy, he lowered his lips onto hers, and kissed her more deeply than she had ever been kissed in her life.

She was on her seventh or eighth orgasm (she decided to stop counting and simply enjoy the cloud she was on) that he suddenly pulled out of her. “Get that adorable ass of yours in the air, baby,” he whispered to her. Barely able to think, let alone move, Janet slowly complied. She could feel her juices oozing from her open gash as she positioned herself for him. Just getting into that position alone gave her another small orgasm.

Mike wasted no time getting himself firmly seated inside her. Once he was there, he began his slow rhythm once more, kneading, caressing, scratching and lightly spanking her ass as he made love to her. Janet, he face buried in a pillow, saying things that she was glad only she could hear. It was when she felt his finger begin to play with her anus that things really got vocal.

Much to her surprise, however, she liked it. Mike was pleased as well, seeing as how he had tried this with Stacy, and received no reaction what so ever. He was also pleased with the resistance he felt as his finger breached the brown opening. When he had tried it on Stacy, it was almost like he was fingering her pussy.

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