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My friend, brookie, came over again last night. We had been talking about ways to keep our relationship “interesting,” as neither of us want to ever fall into any kind of “routines,” when it comes to what we do with each other (IE: Our D/s fun.)

Well, after going back-and-forth for a few minutes, it was decided that we’d play a game of Search-And-Destroy. “S&D” is very much like the old “Hide n’ Seek” game that we all used to play as kids but with a decidedly different outcome, I explained to brookie. She looked at me with a quizzical gaze but I could tell that she was game for anything.

Let me set the scene for you, here: Brookie is a 21 y/o woman whom I’ve been seeing pretty regularly for nearly three years. I met her at the local University, here, working at the campus bookstore. She is a mute: She cannot speak. Yet she manages to get her points across, very well, despite that fact. She’s got straight, dark brown hair that reaches to her mid-back, very dark eyes that express every emotion and thought known to man and/or beast. She has very small breasts on her very small (4’10”) frame and a very wonderfully tight rear-end that is just built for sex. All of which she uses to killer-effect!

(If you’ve read my other tales about “brookie,” then you know all this. If not, might I suggest you give them a try soon. I’ve been told that they’re very enjoyable, too.)

Well, it was decided that I, the Master, would be “It.” So I turned out all the lights in my home and stood in the foyer with my face to the wall and began counting out loud; slowly, at first but then I picked up the pace– To give my little slut a sense of urgency that is necessary in any good game of Hide n’ Seek! And as I said before, this was not like ANY game of H n’ S that we had played before.

Once I finally reached 100 in my counting, I began to get stealthy. See, I had the advantage here, for I knew the terrain. I knew all the good places to hide that my young friend could choose. I slinked around, very quietly, holding my breath as I silently crept through my home. Down the hall I crept, quiet as a breeze, my bare feet not making any sound as I tip-toed my way down the hall toward the bedrooms, all the while thinking one thing, just one thought in my mind: Search for and destroy this girls sexual desires. And in so doing, sate my OWN sexual needs!

(OK, what I was really thinking was, “I’m gonna find this little bitch and fuck her ass so hard she’ll swear she was choking on my cock as it rams into her from behind!” But the first way I told it was not nearly as crude as the reality. So, there ya’ have it! LOL!)

Now, growing up, as a kid, I was a master at Hide n’ Seek because I was very skinny and very able to get into the most difficult of hiding places. Add on to that the total commitment required to remain hidden for minutes or even hours and you’ll see that I was, indeed, a true Master in the field.

But my young slut/submissive-in-training is no slouch in the silent-department either. I’m sure that being a mute has taught erotik film izle her the advantages of silence, because this girl was nearly imperceptible to me, as I crept down the darkened hallway.

In fact, I was nearly ready to concede defeat but as I moved slowly past an impossibly tight space to hide, one that I’d never even have considered a viable hiding place, I faintly detected her heart beating, a-mile-a-minute, in the silence of the blackened room. I could also smell her unmistakable, wet pussy, which gives off a delicious aroma when she becomes aroused.

Without looking or letting on that I knew of her whereabouts– no, without even letting my own heartbeat alter, in any way –I proceeded to back out of the room, to plan my next move.

You see, I was going to sneak back in and grab her and wrestle her onto the bed and have my way with her. But she had other ideas, as she jumped out and landed on my back, knocking me onto the bed, face-down. But because she’s so light, barely 85 pounds (and that’s AFTER a big meal, by the way,) I was able to shrug her off of me and spin around so she was straddling my chest with her bare, smooth legs. I felt her wetness oozing out of her sex, flowing down her thighs and pooling on my hairy chest and sides, as she tried to pin my hands above my head.

Now I am 5’7″ tall, weigh just-under 200 pounds. I’m not in the best shape in the world, I’ll admit, but my heart and body are very strong (thanks to the thousands of miles of cycling I’ve been doing over the last few years) so I was able to get out of any hold that my young friend could have put on me. But I decided to let her have her way with me… For now.

Actually, I was enjoying her treatment of my hardened cock. (I had taken a Viagro before we started our game and now I was ready for action!) Little brookie was stretching her body up to keep my hands immobile and in-so-doing, her breasts and gumdrop-nipples kept rubbing across my hairy, goatee-covered chin, until they were poking me in a most-delightful way. I could not help myself when I tilted my head down a bit and grabbed her left nipple between my lips and sucked on it, for dear-life! This action caused brookie, my dearest lover, to sink her torso completely down onto my body and her deliciously tight pussy to miraculously sink right down on top of my erect friend, Henry! And you can be damned sure that he was not going to pass up this opportunity to go as far up, into her young, tight body, as he possibly could!

Brookie gasped a lot until she felt herself completely impaled upon my hardness, at which point I began to lightly chew on her nipple with my teeth! This torture went on for a minute until I heard brookie’s breathing completely stop as she began a trembling from a tremendous orgasm that ripped right through her. And as it began to subside, I chewed even harder on the nipple in my mouth, sending her even harder into another quaking orgasm.

These orgasmic tremors of hers were having an affect upon my erection that was nearing a nuclear-meltdown film izle stage! So, I bit down nearly as hard as I could and this sent little brookie’s vaginal muscles into what can only be described as pulverizingly savage! It felt like she had grown teeth inside her vagina and they were grinding my erection into something they could more easily swallow!

[Writer’s note to self: Remember to try this with other Lovers in the future… It was incredible!]

When we’d both settled down a bit, I rolled our sweaty, heaving bodies over so that I was on top and brookie was powerless to do anything under my greater weight. I was still hard, thanks to the Viagro-boner pill- that I’d taken and was not going to waste a moment of our time together. Young brookie knew what she had to do and proceeded to lift her legs up and wrap her ankles around my shoulders, to afford me the deepest penetration possible, into her womanhood!

Mmmmmm… She has the sexiest body I’ve been in in a looooong time and ever since she had all the hair removed from her mound and anal region, it just keeps getting more and more fun fucking her lithe, supple body. I cannot get enough of her tight, young form, wrapped around my hard cock, practically begging me to fill her holes full of my sperm!

Now, because I’d just filled her cunt with my seed, I knew that I’d be able to go for a long, long time before I’d need to cum again so, I just enjoyed the sensations of my young submissive’s body, wrapped around my hardness, milking my nerve endings and stimulating them in ways that are indescribably wonderful! I would sink myself in, slowly, then let my whole weight rest upon her body as she’d use her inner-muscles to tighten and loosen, just like a fist. It was almost like I was masturbating myself because she knew exactly how long to squeeze as tightly as she could. Then she’d ease off and I’d lift myself off of her, pulling my cock out– nearly to the end, leaving just the tip piercing her lips– only to sink back in, sometimes forcefully and fast, sometimes slow and steady. This just encouraged young brookie to experience orgasm after orgasm until she could take no more and began to “hiss.”

This “hissing” sound is our signal that she is ready to have her ass fucked. Depending on the length and loudness of the “hiss,” it means that she could want it “slow and loving” or “hard and savage!” And more often than not, it’ll start off one kind, only to develop into the other kind! And that, of course, is my FAVORITE kind!

I plunged my self in, as far as possible, into her slippery, wet cunt, then pulled out and flipped brookie around so her ass was sticking up and her chest was pressing against the pillows on the bed. (Ah hah! So THIS is the reason that women always have so damned many pillows on their beds! I just like a lot of pillows, myself, though… Go figure!)

With brookie in this position, I am able to get all the way inside her ass in a reasonably short amount of time. So I grabbed onto her hips and pushed myself in steadily. With increasing pressure seks filmi izle I sank completely into the depths of brookie’s hot, oh-so-tight, submissive backside and started to pull back out when I felt her reach back and grab onto my ass and pull me forward until I was all the way in her again. Then I felt her reach between her thighs and grab on to my hanging nutsack and slowly start to massage it! Mmmmmm, I couldn’t help but moan out loud, letting my young slut know that she had discovered something absolutely heavenly to my senses! She began massaging my balls with feather-light precision. And I could feel myself giving-in to the primal urge to blast a load of semen as deeply into her colon as possible!

I begged her to stop but she would not relinquish her hold on my jewels. So, in order to re-insert some of my own will back into the proceedings, I reached around to brookie’s dripping pussy and plunged two fingers as deep as they’d go. Then I pulled them out and grabbed on to her extended clitoris and tugged that little nubbin of nerves, pinching it and twisting it at the same time. This had the desired affect, as she finally dropped my balls from her grasp and I felt her pussy begin to spew forth a few ounces of her juices, all over my wrist and fingers, making a big, sloppy mess of the bed, the sheets and pillows!

Now that I had asserted some dominance into the fun, here, I was able to concentrate on what I had to do to ensure my own satisfaction… And brookie’s, as well.

I decided to pull out of her anus for a bit and flipped her on her back again. I grabbed her tiny, gymnast’s hips and lifted them, tilting them upwards a little bit and aligning Henry’s mushroomed head in a direct line with the gaping opening of that orifice that I love! I picked up the bottle of lube that I keep next to the bed and squeezed a glob directly onto my cockhead, then another glob right in brookie’s still-gaping ass hole. Then I pushed the greased head of my erection in, all the way, with as much force as I dared and felt my balls slap against “slut brookie’s” cunt lips and felt her cum again! And this time I couldn’t hold back either, as my balls tightened against my body and basted her rectum with another load of my hot, creme sauce!

My young submissive was completely out of it as her mind and body completely rebelled against her desires to do anything but go with the sensory overload that was emanating from her nether regions! And I completely understood because MY mind, body had turned to mush, too.

But after a few minutes, brookie recovered enough to pat me on my chest and reminded me, using sign language, “It’s your turn to hide while I count…”

I looked at the big, ear-to-ear grin on her face and had to smile, myself. Then, she closed her eyes and started to sign the numbers, But seeing as how the sun was now up, illuminating the place, giving brookie a huge advantage, I knew I’d better find the best hiding place, ever!

And truth be told, I did. There was no way that she could ever have found me in the dark because she wasn’t able to find me in the full light of the morning. But I’m not going to reveal where the place was because brookie will read this one day and then I won’t be able to use that place again…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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