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DISCLAIMER: This is my first story, so I hope you guys enjoy. All characters are over 18 years old, and I hope my grammar is ok!


My name is Cathy Johnson, and I’m your average girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a body men lust after with my small nipples and my big ass. All the college boys love to fuck me, but none of them ever get me off. Their dicks are small, and they never talk dirty to me. I’m always in my dorm fucking myself with a dildo thinking of someone. My stepdad, Daniel. My mom married him when I was a senior in high school, and the first time I met him was at the wedding. A glance at his tall, muscular figure, chocolate brown hair, and piercing green eyes was enough to make my pussy drip. I always felt like he wanted me too; staring at me when he thought I wasn’t looking, biting his lip. I always wanted him to fuck me senseless, talk dirty to me. I wanted to call him daddy and suck his cock, but always thought it would never happen. Until the stars aligned. It was summer, and I had just came home from university, and mom was on a business trip. This was when the fun started.

I was downstairs, watching Youtube when I heard a thud upstairs. I was startled, and took out my earbuds. Confused, I softly walked up the stairs, and gently pushed open Daniel’s door, and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning. In his hand was his cock, which he was pumping with his hand, furiously, moaning. I stared at it; it was huge. I felt my hands drift to my shirt, pinching my nipples. This was the cock I wanted. I wanted him to fill me up, and I wanted it now. My hand drifted again, down to my leggings, as I stuck my hand under my underwear. I touched my swollen clit, biting my lip again. I peered closely and let out a soft gasp. On his computer screen, I could see a girl being fucked senseless by a man; and she was moaning “Stepdad.”

Shocked, I quickly went back downstairs, and fucked myself to orgasm. Licking my cum-stained fingers, I knew I was going to fuck my stepdaddy. And I had a plan.


Daniel smiled at me. “I’m going to the store Cathy, need anything.”

“No,” I said back in a flirty tone. “I’m all right.” He smiled at me again, running his eyes all over my body, then walked out the door. I looked to the wallet in my hand. He would be coming home soon to get it; and he was going to get a surprised. I walked upstairs, grabbing my phone. I stood in front of my bed, nervous and excited. Was I really going to do this? Yes, I told myself. I bit my lip, falling onto the bed. I pulled my shirt up, tossing it on the floor. I hooked my hands over my pants and slid them off, and looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a lacy black bra and panties, and I looked good. You could see my hard nipples, and the outline of my pussy, which was dripping by then.

I took out my phone and quickly grabbed a dildo from my nightstand. I sat on the pillows, and opened up a stepdad porn video. I moaned, and teased my rock hard nipples. I bit my lip, licking my fingers and tracing them down my body. I felt them drift into my underwear, and I touched my clit, and moaned. It didn’t take long for me to start rubbing my clit, my mind drifting to my stepdad. I heard the door close downstairs, and knew it was time. I moaned loudly, and heard the footsteps pause, then gently trod up the stairs. I heard them stop in front of the door, and my pussy was soaking, knowing Daniel was watching me.

I slowly pulled my panties off, tossing them to the side seductively. I pulled out my dildo, sucking on it while teasing my clit. I could taste the cum on it, and I moaned softly. I brought it down, rubbing it over my clit. I closed my eyes, subtly peering. Daniel was staring at me in shock, and his cock was rock hard. I smirked, knowing what a teasing little slut I was. I teased my pussy lips, and slowly pushed it into my wet pussy. I moaned loudly. I closed brazzers porno my eyes again, and finally he did it. He pulled out his cock and was stroking it. I moaned loudly, thinking about my daddy fucking my tight, wet pussy. I imagined the big strong cock fucking me was him, while he pinched my whorish nipples. Fucking myself with one hand, I brought my other hand up to my throat, choking myself. I moaned, thrusting harder and harder. I subtly watched his thrusts match mine, go faster and faster, and I knew we would cum soon. I had to bring it home.

“Oh yes, fuck me Daniel.” Thrust.

“Fuck yes Daniel.” Thrust.

“I’m such a whore daddy.” Thrust.

“Please punish me.” Thrust.

“Fuck your little slut daddy.” Thrust.

“I love your cock.” Thrust.

I knew I would orgasm soon, and I watched him through my lidded eyes. He stroked his huge cock faster and faster, and I moaned louder and louder. I watched as he exploded, long, thick ropes of cum that he caught in his hand. Watching him got me off; pleasure filled me body, and I jerked, screaming, “I’m cumming daddy, your little whore is cumming.” I watched as he quickly put his cock in his pants, and then opened my eyes.

“Oh my god!” I yelled, faking surprise. “Dad! I didn’t know you were home! I’m so sorry!”

Daniel jumps, muttering, “I had to get my wallet, I’m going to the store now.” I watched as he quickly walked down the stairs, and I heard the car pull out. I smirked. My plan is working, I thought to myself. I lick my cum-stained dildo, and start looking for an outfit for dinner.


The rest of the day, Daniel avoids my eyes, but I know that at dinner he has no choice but to talk to me. I tell him I’m going upstairs to study, but I’m actually picking an outfit. I grab a girly red dress that I bought when I was a teen. The deep v-neck shows my cleavage, and the shortness shows off my long legs. Underneath, I grab my newest bra and panties; matching my dress, and red, thin bra and small panties. I hear Daniel call up the stairs that dinners ready, and I walk down.

I slowly walk down the stairs and watch Daniel stare at me, his eyes running over my body in the way that I love, like he wants to take me here and now. I feign awkwardness, shuffling into my seat.

“Hey Daniel,” I mutter. He smiles kindly at me.

“Cathy, we should talk about what happened today.”

“Um, what do you mean?” I say casually, while slowly spreading my legs, knowing that he can see my thin panties and how wet I am.

“Well, masturbating is normal. Sometimes you want to make yourself feel good, and people do it all the time, even me!”

I pout my lips, and say, “But I can’t believe you caught me! I mean today, I was so horny I just had to fuck myself, but I can’t believe you caught me while that huge dildo was in my tight, wet pussy.”

He stares, shocked at my choice of language, and then smirks. “Well, have to college boys been helping you out?”

I bite my lip, saying, “All of them love to fuck me, but none of them talk dirty to me, and they all have small cocks.”

He smiles, reaching over and holding my hand. “Well, masturbating is perfectly all right, and next time, I will make sure to not catch you.”

I smile, biting my lip and staring deep into his eyes. “You can catch me if you want daddy, it’s ok with me.”

His smirk is enough to make my pussy soaking wet. “Let’s go watch a movie, ok?”

“Ok daddy!” I say, making sure my dress is hitched high so he can stare at my ass while I walk to the living room.


Daniel sits on the couch and smiles. “Any preference on the movie?”

“Nope,” I shrug, “But I wanna sit comfortably.” Smirking, I push him down so he’s sideways on the couch, and I lay down next to him. My breath hitches and my ass touches his cock, and I feel it slowly growing, rock hard clip4sale porno against my pussy. He turns on a movie, and I pull his arm around me. I place his hand on my breast, biting my lip, and then hitch my dress up. My underwear is soaking wet by now, and I place it on his huge cock. I look back at him, smiling and licking my lips. We sit silently for a couple minutes, and then a steamy scene starts. I start grinding on him, moaning softly at the erotic movement. My ass circles on his big fat cock, and my underwear shifts, tickling my pussy lips. Daniel stares at me, then puts his hands on my hips and pulls me closer, grinding on me. I moan softly, teasing my nipples. I smirk and change the video to a porno, and we watch as a stepdad starts ramming into his stepdaughter. He stops, and I let out a whimper. He slowly strokes my body, and his hand drifts up to my hair.

He grabs my hair, and whispers in my ear. “Cathy. Are you teasing me? Do want your daddy to fuck you?”

I moan at the dirty words, and reply “Yes daddy, I want your cock in me.”

“What about your mom Cathy?”

“I bet her pussy isn’t as tight as mine; and I bet I’m the little slut you want to fuck.” He smirks and sits up, and flips me over his legs. With everything that had happened; first the flirtatious looks, then me catching him, then him catching me, and finally, me grinding against him during the movie, I knew that we both could barely stop ourselves from fucking each other.

“It seems like you’re a dirty slut Cathy. And whores must be punished.” He pulls up my dress, exposing my ass. He smacks me, hard, and I moan. He smacks my other cheek, then rubs it softly.

“I’m sorry I’m so dirty daddy,” I moan.

“It’s ok baby,” he replies, spanking me. Each spank makes me tremble, and my ass flushes red. I moan, louder and louder, begging for daddy to punish me. He slides down my panties. “Well, well, well, Cathy. Your pussy is so wet. Do you like it when daddy punishes you?”

“Yes daddy,” I moan.

“Good girl,” he whispers, sliding his fingers over my clit. I feel him tracing over my pussy, spreading my juices everywhere. He sticks his fingers in front of my face, and I lick them hungrily. Without a word, he suddenly shoves his fingers in my pussy and I moan loudly. He starts thrusting, spanking my ass each time I say “Daddy.” I feel my orgasm being built up, and he starts rubbing my clit.

“Oh yes daddy, please, please, please, give me more.” He smirks, adding another finger, and another. I moan loudly. “Daddy, please, let me cum, let your baby girl cum, please daddy.” But just as I’m climaxing, his fingers pull away, and I’m left a moaning mess.

“Your such a naughty girl Cathy, I bet you want to be daddy’s slut. If you’re going to be a good slut, you need to suck daddy’s cock.” I whimper and nod, slowly going down and sitting on my knees. I stick my ass in the air and look at him seductively, unbuckling his pants. His cock springs free and I gasp; it’s huge. I stare in fear, but I know I can fit it in; just for daddy. I crawl forward placing my hands on his dick. I spit on it, and lick his head, swirling around. He moans and I grin. I slowly start sucking his cock, bobbing lower and lower. I choke and gag, gasping for air, but daddy grabs my hair and shoves my mouth back on his cock. I run my teeth over his cock, and he starts thrusting it in me. I rub his balls and suck, while he pulls my hair and thrusts his cock in me.

“Good little slut,” he moans. “I knew you would love eating daddy’s cock.” I moan in appreciation, and he thrusts harder and harder. “I’m going to cum slut, swallow all of daddy’s cum.” Again I moan, shoving more and more of his cock in me. He jerks and starts emptying his cum in my mouth; I choke and swallow all of daddy’s delicious cum like the good slut I am. He smirks, and he grabs my face and pulls it toward colette porno him. He slowly kisses me, and our tongues passionately clash with each other. I moan as he nibbles my ear lobe, then slowly traces kisses down my neck. He pushes me onto the couch, and I stare and him, wondering what daddy would do now. He slowly went lower and lower, then pulled my dress down quickly, exposing my bra. He rips it off, and softly kissed my breasts.

“Mmmm baby, you look beautiful for daddy. Your tits are so small. Do you like when daddy plays with your small titties?”

I whisper, “Yes daddy.” He smirks and kisses me, sucking and pinching my nipples. He runs his tongue all over them, and I gasp as he grabs them roughly. I bite my lip, and push his head down to my pussy. He softly kisses my cunt, and I groan in approval. Suddenly, he shoves his tongue in my pussy, licking my all over, biting my clit. I arch my back, gasping for air, trembling from the pleasure daddy is giving me. He goes faster and faster, and I start shaking. “Daddy, I’m going to cum!” I shout, and he pulls his tongue away, quickly spanking my pussy playfully. I whimper, wanting to cum.

“Not yet, little slut. I want to shove my big cock in you first.” I bite my lip and nod, wondering if he could fit it in me. He teases my sensitive pussy with his cock, groaning, “Your so wet little slut.” I stare deep into his lust filled eyes.

“Daddy, please fuck me. I’m such a little slut, I need to be punished. I want you to spank your whore, fuck her whenever you want. I’m always your little whore daddy. I can do whatever you want. I always fuck myself dreaming of you; you can do anything you want with your whore.” The dirty words spill out of my mouth, and my daddy groans.

“Good girl,” he says, slapping me. He pulls my jaw up and kisses me again, and I sigh, breathless. He slowly starts pushing his cock in me, and I moan loudly, playing with my clit. He thrusts hard, and his huge cock is in me, and I scream in pleasure. He smirks, knowing the power he has over me. He starts slowly thrusting, harder and harder.

“Oh god daddy, I knew you would love fucking your slut,” I moan.

“I love fucking your tight, wet pussy baby girl.” He groans. He wraps his hand around my throat, thrusting roughly and relentlessly against my pussy. “I hope you like your punishment slut, because daddy is going to be punishing you a lot.” I lean forward and kiss him as an answer, my hips matching his thrusts. I gasp for air and he tightens his grip. I scream again in pleasure, not caring if the neighbors hear me, as he roughly smacks my nipples.

“Oh god yes daddy, please fuck me harder, I’m going to cum daddy.”

“Such a good little slut, you love daddy’s big cock, don’t you.”

“Yes daddy, when I saw you masturbating I had to have it, I was so turned on watching you catch me masturbating.”

“I knew you were a whore, I love fucking your slutty pussy,” he groans. He fucks me harder and harder, and I arch my back, rolling my eyes into my head. Pleasure throbs through my body, and I scream, begging my daddy to cum. He groans and shove his huge cock in my slutty pussy, moaning, “Cum little whore, cum on daddy’s cock.” I shiver and feel my orgasm building as he shoves he cock in my relentlessly. I moan, and jerk, clenching my pussy muscles, and cumming. But he doesn’t stop; he keeps fucking me, shoving his cock in my sensitive pussy, and I cum again, this time squirting my juices all over daddy’s cock. It’s enough for him; he pulls out and shoves me on his knees, stroking his cock quickly. Long ropes of cum shoot out of his cock, spraying over my mouth and tits. I smile, rubbing daddy’s cum over my breasts.

“I would keep you screaming all night baby girl, but daddy has to pick up mom from the airport now.” I pout, biting my lips. He smirks. “Don’t worry slut; you can fuck yourself dreaming of daddy. Make sure to take videos for me.” I smile and nod. He turns to leave, but I grab his hand. I scoop up his cum, shoving it in my pussy and cumming again. Throughout the night, I fuck myself dreaming of daddy. I had a daddy who would fuck me all the time now. I would be a good slut for him. I couldn’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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