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Where should I start the story that spans the majority of my life to date? I suppose starting at the beginning would be the traditional approach.

In this case, however, I think I’ll start in the middle, at a true sliding door moment; a moment in time that could have passed by leaving me being a happy, somewhat kinky, young bi woman. As it was, circumstances conspired to turn me into something… more.


My gym, I am afraid to admit, is one of those that is filled with posers, wannabes, and the overly glamorous. There is also a strong contingent of us who go there to work out, but there is always that pressure every woman will appreciate: that pressure to fit in, to be dressed in the latest activewear, with the coolest sneakers, and to be the prettiest, or at the very least acceptably presentable. It’s one of those places that most women put makeup on before they go, just to fit in and minimise as many flaws as possible.

I go there because they have the best classes and I like the light, modern workout areas. I also go because a hidden part of me likes to watch the beautiful, immaculately groomed people parading around: especially the tight women strutting naked around the changing room.

On this day, I had just completed a light weights routine with high reps and finished off with fifteen minutes on the rowing machine. Not my favourite routine by any means, but the cardio keeps me fit and the rowing keeps my lithe figure in check.

Feeling more daring and naughtier than normal, I stripped off at my locker. I enjoyed the feeling of my lululemon top pulling away from my body, releasing my C cup breasts from their firm embrace, and my shorts slipping away from naked body, exposing my toned bottom to the world. I then wrapped a towel around my bosom and headed for the open, public showers, instead of the private ones I typically use.

This type of public display of my body would usually be something I would shy away from, but after showing my boyfriend the door three weeks ago, I was feeling – to put it bluntly – horney.

As I turned on the shower and unwrapped my body, I enjoyed the thought of eyes exploring my body, as mine had so often probed other’s standing where I now stood. I felt my nipples harden slightly at the thought of being on parade, and slowly slipped under shower, welcoming the water’s warm embrace.

I took my time, luxuriating in the feeling of my own hands on my body, caressing myself with body wash as I washed away the mornings sweat. I took my time lathering my breasts and shuddered as my fingers cleaned my mound and deep between my slit.

Keeping my eyes closed, I then turned and presented my body to the room as I cleaned my ass, a process I find embarrassing at the best of times.

After drying myself off as best I could – the thing I hate most about the gym – I returned to my locker. I had slipped into my matching pink sports bra and panties – it is that kind of gym – when a woman walked past who I had seen several times before.

This particular woman is gorgeous, perfectly proportioned, immaculately groomed, but half as big again as you would expect her to be. Her arms were as thick as my legs, and she would stand a good 40 centimetres taller than me. She was also supremely confident, strolling through the locker room naked as the day she was born.

I watched her nakedness in amazement, and continued staring as she closed the toilet door nearest me.

I wondered what it would be like to service her oversized body. Katie’s favourite (my very long term girlfriend) is when I stretch my mouth over her wet hole and her clit at the same time, licking and sucking until she unfailingly comes in my mouth, allowing me to taste the fresh sweetness of her. There was obviously no way I would be able to do that to this woman. I was not even sure how tight she would be, and what it would take to make her feel full: two fingers, three, maybe a whole hand?

I stared at the closed door, my imagination running wild, when I began to hear the faintest splash of urine as she relieved herself, throwing my mind down a single track railway.

The quiet voice beside me made me jump. “She’s magnificent isn’t she?”

I felt a wave of heat wash up my face from the embarrassment and surprise at being caught lusting after this woman. I turned to find a very MILFy blonde looking at me with a quizzical smile.

My brain briefly went into shut down. What does one say in this situation? Can she see how hard my nipples are? Even worse, is there an obvious wet patch in my clean pink panties?

I eventually stuttered back, “Oh, yes. How embarrassing. She is though isn’t she. And so confident.”

The exchange let me take in more of my tormentor. She was dressed in a white YSL top, with blue (no doubt also designer) shorts. She must be pushing mid to late 30’s, but her lean legs, trim body and pretty blonde head made it hard to judge. I recall that I had seen her before, and admired her ass in a class at some point erotik film izle in the not too distant past.

She gave me a timid smile and her cheeks coloured slightly as she went to ask me another question. Her mouth opened, but she stopped herself, then muttered, “Are you just staring or just finishing?”

It was obviously not the question she had been going to ask, and even to me in my embarrassed state, it seemed awkward. I simply replied, “Just finishing up. Did some weights and rowing. What about you?”

She smiled again, I felt with some relief this time, and replied, “Just finished too. Did the cardio class. I think I’ve seen you there in the past.”

I smiled at that, liking where this conversation was going. “Ah yes. I knew I had seen you in one of my classes before. You have an amazing body yourself you know.”

I got another blush and a bit of giggle in response. Then she quietly whispered, “I have never really done this, but do you want to get a drink up stairs when you’re ready?”

I wasn’t really sure what she meant by, “done this.” Surely she must have had drinks before. Did she mean ask another woman out, sleep with another woman? Who knew, but my body and mind were tempted enough to find out.


I was soon in the cafe upstairs, post workout poweraid in hand, and feeling somewhat nervous as I approached her table. Remarkably we fell into an easy conversation. I told her about Mark, and explained why I had finally got sick of him. I told her about Katie, my long term girlfriend, who I got together with once or twice a month and had even lived with a couple of times till we both decided we needed boys too.

It turned out her name was Nikki, and she was married to a pilot. She had a couple of girlfriends, and each year they would go on a ski holiday and enjoy some apes ski, but they didn’t get together regularly.

It was almost out of the blue when she asked me the unexpected question. “What were you thinking when you were looking at that closed toilet door?”

Again my mind went blank. I had been wondering what it would be like to have that massive, but perfect ass descend towards my waiting face. Whether her urine stream would be bigger and more powerful than Katie’s, and whether her bladder would hold more, soaking and drowning me beneath her. I was wondering if it would be scary, even claustrophobic. But you can’t say those things out loud.

I looked at her with another burst of crimson running up my face and surprised myself by quietly and bravely saying. “I have only ever done watersports with Katie. It’s kind of our thing. I was just wondering what it would be like.”

With another look of relief she whispered, “I’ve always wanted to do it. What’s it like?”

Again I was lost for words. How do you describe something like that? I eventually replied, “It’s so intense, so intimate. To be honest it gets me so hot it’s almost uncontrollable.” I then uncharacteristically added, “Do you really want to try it?”


Unsurprisingly we left in a rush. Her house was nearby, her husband was away on an overnight tour of duty, and we were both hot and horney.

It took me much longer to find her house than it should have, but when I arrived she beckoned me in via her pool complex at the side of her house.

She was already in a revealing royal blue bikini, showing off her sun kissed body. It was indeed a beautiful body, one I would be proud to possess in ten years, or whatever the age gap actually was between us.

After asking if I’d like some sangria, she showed me to a small pool side table, under the shade of a large umbrella out of the harsh New Zealand sun.

Her house was impressive, a large private pool complex running into an open plan kitchen lounge and dining area. Presumably the other two stories contained bedrooms, a study and the like. She told about the early days of marriage, where they struggled financially with student debts and low pay for entry level pilots. Now that he was a jet pilot, that was all behind them.

Between my half finished sangria and the poweraid from the gym, my bladder was starting to impress upon me the need to act, as was the lust taking over my brain.

I gently reached across the table and took her hand, meeting her eyes as we finally made skin contact. It felt a bit weird. Her soft smooth hands were so feminine, as was her beautiful body, but I hadn’t been with a woman, other than Katie, for years.

Pushing the thought aside, I moved to kneel beside her chair. My heart was hammering in my chest from lust and uncertainty as I moved in to kiss her.

Like most first kisses, it was tentative at first. A slow pressing together of our lips, both of us a bit hesitant. Slowly our lips opened and I could taste her breath, and the cool tangy, sweetness of sangria on her mouth and tongue.

We pulled apart briefly, both somewhat breathless before going back in for seconds. This time our hesitancy was gone and we were soon chasing each film izle other tongues around our mouths, probing deeply, and breathing in each other’s breath.

I could feel my nipples growing tight, and the wetness spreading between my legs. I could also feel the need to pee growing by the second.

Pulling away slightly, I whispered, “I really need to pee. Do you really want to do this?”

With a nervous smile, Nikki just nodded, looking around as she did so for an opportune space.

I had already thought that one through. Taking her hand I led her to a nearby lounger and lay her down with it in its almost maximum upright position.

I flicked off my t- shirt and shorts and swung my right foot over her so I was almost straddling the lounger. Then I let my bottom rest on her thighs, and dove back in to continue our kissing.

I reveled in the intense feeling of our breasts being firmly pressed together, until my bladder felt ready to release. Keeping our lips locked, I arched my body away from hers, rolling up her bikini top up so I could massage her petite B cups as I did so.

As I felt the first jet of urine leave my enlarged clit, I reached down and pulled my pink knickers to the side and let the heat freely escape my body.

Her breath immediately started coming out in smaller bursts, and she eventually moved my head back so she could watch the pee flow from my pussy all over her lap and stomach.

Almost automatically she grabbed my nipples and started kneading and pulling then through my bra, sending shivers of pleasure rolling through my body, while she whispered, “Fuck. Oh fuck.” Like a mantra quietly to herself.

As I finished, Nikki sat forward and started assaulting my mouth with hers, her tongue, lips and teeth all trying to get deep inside my body.

I could relate to the feeling well. The intimacy and kinkiness of sharing pee makes me insatiable and dirty: way dirtier than I would otherwise be.

After several minutes she breathlessly pulled away and quietly asked, “Can I try?”

Smiling, I got up and moved to the next lounger, and she took my previous position straddling my hips. The sight of my pee dripping down her stomach and off her ass was incredible, but I didn’t get to enjoy it for long as Niki almost ripped my bra off and smashed our bodies together, my hands trapped on her breasts. This time inhibition was gone, and Nikki thrust her wet bikini bottom against the part of my mound she could reach.

While our mouths were locked together, I felt Nikki pull her hips slightly up and a muffled, “muumgh,” escaped her. A second later I felt a hot wet spray hit my stomach.

With some difficulty, pulled my right hand away from teasing her nipple, and got it between her legs. Her urine stream soaked my hand, but I carefully opened up her slit and quickly found her clit.

I teased and rubbed her as her piss poured from her body, down my hand and onto my stomach and panties. Inevitably, her tongue stopped probing my mouth and she pushed her forehead against mine, her open mouth panting in front of mine.

While her pee temporarily stopped, Nikki let out a long shuddering, “Fuuucckk,” as she humped my hand and her legs quivered beside mine.

We stayed like that for a few seconds, our breath mingling as Nikki regained control of her body.

Finally she lent back, and then watched as she finished off her pee.

When she was empty, Nikki silently slipped off me, took my hand, and quietly said, “Come inside so we can do this in more comfort.”

I followed her with my eyes glued to her dripping bikini bottom, wanting desperately to taste what was under that thin piece of cloth.

When we were in the carpeted area, still a good foot from the couch she was heading for, I put my arms around her from behind. Crossing my hands so that each could cover, massage and tease a breast, I pulled her to me and started kissing her neck.

I gradually moved my hand down to her mound, my kisses following down her spine. Encouraged by her murmurs and moans, I used my hand at the front and my teeth behind to remove her bikini briefs.

My nose ran down the length of the gap in her ass cheeks, and her naked buttocks were presented before me. Before I could launch into her ass, she turned around and pulled my head with her as she sat on the couch. It wasn’t what I was planning, but I immediately closed in to lick her to heaven.

Nikki’s mound had a perfectly groomed landing strip, rather than being clean shaven like I am, but the bits I saw were perfect.

I started licking all the way down her slit but disappointingly I couldn’t get any further, so continued to lick her gradually more deeply north and south. The taste of piss and her own sexy wetness drove me wild and her hand on my head and quiet cursing spurred me on.

Eventually my mouth and tongue worked her clit again as I slowly slid two fingers into Nikki’s wet hole.

It didn’t take long before I was rewarded with another, “Fuuucccckkk,” seks filmi izle as she rammed herself against my mouth and l felt her muscles contract around my fingers.

Nikki then surprised me. She stood straight up, and guided me to her spot on the couch. Showing more initiative than she had to date, she positioned my arse just as she wanted it, slightly hanging off the edge of the couch.

She went straight into it, repeating the north south exercise I had just done on her.

Her tongue probed my hole, then ran around my clit, and then went back again bringing me to the brink as I watched her eyes and the top of her pretty head as she worked.

Finally she slipped a single finger into me, running around and around inside me. Before I could cum, she pulled it out and replaced it with two dry ones. I was a bit surprised when I felt a wet finger running around my anus. I was getting so hot I didn’t even think about it, and pushed my ass down onto her finger, its tip slipping in easily from my spreading wetness.

I desperately wanted it deeper, thrashing my hips up and down as Nikki licked and fingered me, while she teased my ass.

The thought of her perfectly manicured finger inside me, and the attention she was giving to my pussy finally brought me to climax. As I came, Nikki slipped her finger knuckle deep in my ass, making me cum even harder and forcing me to spew forth my own stream of swear words as my world became one of pure pleasure.

Nikki looked up at me with a grin and spun me round so I lay lengthways along the couch. Then she slipped alongside me and held me in a tight embrace, her head resting on my shoulder. With a deep sigh she whispered, “I hope you can stay a bit longer, because I don’t think I’m finished with you yet.”

With a smile I replied, “That’s good. I’m not finished with you either. Besides, I still have half a glass of sangria left.”


We ended up sitting naked by the pool, our feet dangling in the water as we occasionally held hands or kissed the next half hour away.

In another serendipitous moment, I happened to ask for more information on what her girlfriends ski weekends entailed.

She reluctantly replied that it really depended on the weather. If the skiing was good, it would generally just be time with their partner after dinner, sometimes a foursome. If the weather was bad, it was anyone’s guess.

She went on to explain how the year before last, they had taken turns tying one of them up, while they madly fucked their partner in front of them, sometimes with huge toys. Depending on the assaulting pair’s mood, they would just leave the tied up watcher alone, or force them to orgasim with a magic wand during the scene.

By the time this scene was explained, I was ready to assault Nikki myself. Fortunately she finished the story with a sly smile saying, “I need to get rid of that sangria now.”

With a grin, I lay back on my towel, and pulled her ass towards my face. I pushed her back slightly forward towards my stomach, allowing me to see her puckered ass and beautiful pussy in all its glory.

I watched fascinated as her ass pressed out slightly, and the first release of urine escaped through her pussy flaps, pushing them out ever so slightly. I let her pee flow out and soak my chest and neck for a while revelling in the vision, and the wetness soaking my hair. When I could take no more, I parted her lips to turn her waterfall into a jet. I then started to lick her clit, her piss flowing into my mouth as I serviced her. As she started heating up I moved my tongue to her ass, and my fingers to her clit and her hole.

As I slipped my fingers inside her, I probed her asshole with a firm tongue, and rubbed her clit with my other hand.

Her ass tasted fine, more of piss and her pussy juices than ass, even when I found my tongue penetrating her tight hole.

She came like a banshee this time, probably leaving the neighbours in no doubt what was happening.

When she finished, Nikki collapsed on my stomach, leaving her fantastic groin in my face for some time. There was nothing for me to do other than kiss her wet mound, and the tops of her thighs.

As my own need to pee developed, I just lay there and let go, allowing Nikki to rub my pussy and occasionally taste the flow of urine as I relieved myself.

Eventually she rolled off me, slipping straight into the pool. As she went, she pulled my right ankle with her until I was sitting on the edge of the pool.

With a grin, she made a small circle in the air, commanding me to roll over. I was left suspended, my legs in the water, the rest of me draped on the edge of the pool like a stranded mermaid.

I was fully exposed to her as she began her tour of my body. As I hoped, she licked from my clit, around my wet opening, and on around my ass. She repeated the act over and over, spending increasing amounts of time at each of the three stations, gradually digging deeper on each journey.

As I reached the point of no return, she focused her tongue on my ass while she fingered me and rubbed my clit. The heat started deep in my virgina and burst forth like an uncontrollable volcano, collapsing the world in on itself.

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