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It was Saturday morning and I planned to sleep until I wanted to get up. That plan was scuttled when I was startled awake by the slamming of the front door. It was light out. The sun rise is so damn early in the Summer. I glanced at the clock on my night table as I swiveled my feet to the floor. It was seven o’clock. I heard the familiar sounds of clinking golf clubs in the front yard and I got up to see what it was. I looked out my window and it was Dad carrying his golf bag down the walk to his car parked in the driveway. I was confused because Dad always played golf on Sunday mornings. A thought flashed through my mind that I had slept an entire day and had missed Saturday completely.

Dad dropped his golf bag into his trunk and then he turned to look up the street. He waved and I heard him say, “Good morning Jazmeen. Beautiful day. Are you going to catch some rays with the girls?” I couldn’t see Jaz because of the tight row of Spruce trees planted just this side of the sidewalk. Jaz had probably responded to Dad’s greeting but the trees muffled it. Dad waved to where he was looking and slid into the driver’s seat. He waved again as Jaz turned the corner from the sidewalk into our driveway.

She was wearing a pair of fuchsia hot pants and a neon yellow wife-beater tee shirt. Jaz is tall and lean and her legs looked like they went on forever as she took long strides up the driveway. A fuchsia bikini top showed through her tee shirt. She had flip-flops on her feet and a beach bag over her shoulders. Jaz was of middle-eastern decent and had naturally dark skin that made her legs look even longer. I’d kill for a summer tan like that. She didn’t see me watching her come up the front walk. She disappeared under the portico and I turned back to my bed. I was up; I might as well stay up.

I pulled on my boxer shorts and headed for the bathroom, picking up a tee shirt from my bureau on the way. I was reaching for the bathroom doorknob when it turned and Mom nearly collided with me heading out of the bathroom. She was naked and my morning woody, that was already poking out through the front of my boxers jumped up another notch of hardness.

Mom stood there staring down at my cock with a sultry look in her eyes. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around the shaft like she was shaking my hand. Her hand was cold and that added to the sensation. I groaned and pushed myself against her. She kissed my shoulder and whispered, “Your Dad’s playing golf today to make up for missing last Sunday. Come get in bed with me when you’re finished in here.” I smiled and nodded as she pulled back.

I noticed then that she had a big streak of wet cum across her forehead. I looked at it and raised my finger to my forehead indicating that she had something there. She wiped four fingers across her forehead and wiped off the cum. She looked at her fingers and giggled before pushing all four fingers into her mouth to clean them off. She looked at me and said, “Ooops. That’s a big faux-pas, to have cum on your face from one lover while you’re inviting another lover into your bed.” She smiled and I laughed. We pushed our bodies together as we passed in the doorway. Mom intentionally pushed her tits against me and my rigid cock dragged across her stomach as we passed.

I turned to watch her amazing ass swaying as she walked across the hall to her room. She looked back over her shoulder and said, “Hurry.” I quickly relieved my bladder, brushed my teeth and brushed my hair. I didn’t shave because Mom likes a little stubble.

When I came back out in the hall, I could hear the girls clanking around in the kitchen and laughing. I heard Jaz say something about ‘Dex’ and then laugh too. I didn’t know why I would be a topic of conversation in the kitchen but I was on a mission and didn’t dwell on it.

Mom’s door was unlatched and I just pushed it in and stepped into the room. Mom was laying back on a couple of pillows with the covers at her waist. She grinned when I walked in and she said, “Drop those boxers buster, I need the use of that tool.” I chuckled and thought, ‘For the rest of my life, whenever Mom mentions anything about needing a tool, I’d think of this.’

I dropped my boxer shorts and pulled off my tee shirt and walked around to Dad’s side of the bed. As I walked by the large windows, I noticed movement in the backyard and I stopped and pulled aside the lace curtain and saw June coming out of the sun room. She was topless. Mom noticed me looking and she said, “The girls are spending the day poolside with Jaz.”

I stood there a little too long for Mom and she said, “Stop gawking at those tight little teenage asses and bring your tight little teenage ass over here and take care of my not so tight, no longer a teenage ass.”

Neither of us realized that one of the bedroom windows was open until the girls, on the back lawn giggled and Julie yelled out, “Mom, we all heard that.” I quickly looked down the row of three large windows to find the one that was open. I pulled vivid porno back the lace curtains to pull the sash down and I was on full display to the three girls standing just below me.

Before I could get the window shut, Jaz yelled up, “Save some for me,” and she stuck her tongue into her left cheek and began jerking her hand in the air by her mouth in synch with her tongue. June and Julie started laughing. Before I dropped the curtain back in place, I lifted my cock and jacked on it a couple times. Jaz mouthed the word, ‘FUCK’, just as June unhooked Jaz’s bikini top and pulled it from her. Jaz immediately covered her small tits with her hands and turned to chastise June, who was laughing and moving back across the lawn.

I stood there in the window a moment longer to see what Jaz would do. She turned back to look up at me and she dropped her hands and thrust out her chest and grinned up at me with her tongue pushing back into her cheeks again.

My cock was in my hand as I pushed myself onto the bed. Mom was in her spot and I was in Dad’s. That didn’t freak me out so much anymore. I knew what Mom wanted and I would get there soon enough but I wanted to tease her a little to get her as horny as possible.

I started by moving toward her on my knees with my cock swaying from side to side and then I lifted my right leg across her stomach and sat down gently, keeping my weight off her with my thighs. I leaned forward and grabbed the headboard as my spastic cock slapped up and down in her cleavage. She smiled up at me and wrapped one hand around my cock and pulled the skin down my shaft as she waggled my cock back and forth from left nipple to right nipple and then let it settle down in her cleavage.

She placed the heels of her hands to her side-boobs and compressed my cock in tit-flesh and then lowered her fingers to the top of my cock and I began tit-fucking her. She grinned up at me as the pre-cum glistened know slid out of her cleavage toward her lips and she tilted her chin into her neck and let it push between her lips before pulling out again on the back-stroke. On the down-stroke, Mom spit onto my glans for lubrication.

After a couple minutes, I pushed my velvety crown into her mouth and then moved up off her chest and drilled my cock down to her throat. In this position, I knew she wouldn’t be able to handle as much as she usually did but the sensation of being in total control as I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth was intoxicating. Mom was smiling around my cock as I pushed in and pulled out. Saliva was pouring out the sides of her lips and down to her neck. She was soaked. At the thought of ‘soaked’, I reached back behind me and ran my fingers through her wide-open pussy. She was soaked there as well.

I moved down her body, dragging my cock back between her tits and down her stomach to her pubis. I used my hand to drag my cock along her clitoris and she humped herself up high and let out a loud groan. She looked up at me with pure lust in her eyes and said, “Oooh, you are a bad boy, teasing me like that. You’re going to have to pay for that.” I chuckled and so did she.

I bent down and sucked Mom’s nipples to my lips and nibbled on each one and she groaned hard in response as she humped up her hips again, searching for my hard cock bouncing off her clitoris. She went to reach down to take things into her own hands, so to speak, but I stopped her and she frowned at me. I knew she was getting very horny but I still had a couple things to do before she got what she wanted.

Her hands went to my six-pack abs and she lightly traced the hills and valleys of each one with her fingernails. I flexed them for her a couple times and she grinned at me. I moved further down her body and she knew what was next and she groaned and bit her lower lip as I pushed my granite hard cock into her vagina. I had contemplated pushing into her ever so slowly to drive her crazy but I was getting pretty horny too and I pushed into her at a steady pace as Mom’s face tightened in a grimace as my fat knob pushed in followed by the fattest part of my shaft. She threw her legs around me and locked her ankles on my ass as she pulled me in as deep as she could and then held me there. I could have resisted her pull but I didn’t want to.

Her eyes were glazed over as she stared up at me but it looked like she was staring right through me. Her legs relaxed and I fucked her hard as, “AAAHH’s” were forced out of her lungs with each thrust. She was digging her fingernails into my abs with enough pressure to cause pain and bring blood.

I pounded my cock into her, slamming her headboard against the wall. That noise didn’t register with either of us but apparently the three girls downstairs heard it, because I heard the thundering of feet come up the stairs. I didn’t care if the Mormon Tabernacle Choir came through the bedroom door at that moment as my orgasm was building to a crescendo. No one came in the room, but I heard Julie yell out, “Hey. You want to woodman casting porno keep it down in there.” Then there were multiple giggles and the thundering feet went back down the stairs.

Mom’s eyes told me that she was very close to her orgasm. I was trying desperately to hold my climax back because as fantastic as this fuck was, it wasn’t my end goal and I knew it wasn’t Mom’s either. I still had an ass to fuck.

I groaned out hard and clenched my teeth together and closed my eyes tight trying to stop the run-away cum-train and then I knew that I’d lost the battle. Cum exploded up my shaft into Mom’s pussy. Her eyes went wide and she screamed out, “Oh gggawwwddd, Dex, Baby. YOU’RE CUMMING. I’MMMM CCUUUMMMINNGG.” Her mouth flew open in a long groan. I lost track of my shots in the midst of her powerful clenches on my cock. We were both sucking in huge quantities of air like there wasn’t enough for both of us.

After we were both done, I lazily fucked her pussy, hoping to keep my cock at full size and it didn’t take long as she cupped my balls in her hands and let my shaft play along her thumbs on either side. We were still breathing hard when I resumed my quest by pulling my cock from her vagina and letting myself drop to the bed in Dad’s spot. I pushed her onto her side facing away from me and maneuvered my hips to her butt-cheeks.

Mom whimpered, “Oh gaaawwdd. Yes. Baby. I want this. I need this. Fuck my ass.” When I pushed my cock, lubricated with vaginal juices, inside her sphincter, she screamed, “Oh fuck, Yessss. Baby. Do it hard. Punish me. I’ve been a bad girl. Oh fuck. Baby.” I slowly but steadily pushed my cock into her bowels until my balls pressed up to her pussy. She immediately greeted them with her fingers.

I pulled my balls from her and began fucking her ass at a steady pace. Fuck, she was tight and the heat and pressure was incredible. She started thrusting back at me and I picked up my pace. She was screaming very loudly and I knew her screams would bring the girls thundering back up the stairs but I didn’t care. I reached around her hips and began attacking her clitoris with my fingers and she screamed even louder as her thrusts became very disorganized and spastic. I had to abandon her clitoris to hold on to her hips as I slammed my cock into her anus. She screamed again. None of her screams were in pain. I had learned the difference from fucking Mom’s and Julie’s asses and then June’s painful attempts.

Mom pulled her hands from my balls and began diddling herself. I knew she was going to blow any second. The bedroom door burst open and June, Julie and Jaz were standing at the bottom of the bed. They were all topless and their hands were already inside their bikini bottoms as they watched in fascination as Mom first gently rolled into a vaginal orgasm clenching on her fingers and then exploded into an anal orgasm that grabbed my cock like it was a vise. I had to stop and let her sphincter work my cock and then I went rigid and cum launched up my shaft. Her grip on my cock was so powerful that it disrupted the flow of my many cum-shots.

The girls had climbed up on the bed to get close up views of my cock in Mom’s ass. Julie was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. June grimaced every time my cock pushed back into Mom’s ass. Jaz was transfixed with a look of awe on her face.

Jaz looked over at Julie and said, “Wow. Your mom sure looks like she’s liking that. It looks painful though.” June was nodding like she had first hand knowledge and of course she did.

Julie said, “It is at first, but then it’s amazing. You should use the dildo to get used to it. I love it.” June grimaced again, apparently reliving her failed attempts.

When Mom started to recover, and she fully realized that Jaz had witnessed us fucking, she told the girls to go. She had no concern for being on display when she was in the throes of her orgasms but now, she was embarrassed because Jaz was there. Jaz had always basically been a member of the family but Mom never had sexual desires for her, so now this was an intrusion and exposing our private family’s sexual proclivities was exactly what Mom wanted to avoid. Jaz could blab what she had witnessed to anyone.

After they left the room, I eased my softening cock from her anus and we both groaned hard until I was all the way out. Her anus was wide open and gently pulsing as it slowly began to close. Mom rolled over and pulled my face down into her tits and held me there while she teared up and cried for only a few moments. I knew it wasn’t from sadness and I asked no questions. I just luxuriated in the softness of her tit-flesh. She flinched a couple times and then said, “Can you get me a towel? I’m losing your cum and I really don’t want to change the bedding today.” I did as she asked and ran smack into the girls tittering in the hallway outside Mom’s door. I startled them and they startled me.

I went into the bathroom and washed my flaccid dick off with a wet washcloth türkçe alt yazı porno and then I took the washcloth back into the bedroom and handed it to Mom. She reached between her legs and shoved the wet cloth to her anus. One by one, the girls came back into the bedroom and Jaz giggled and said, “It’s so cute when it’s soft and then it’s so scary when it’s hard.” She giggled again. June and Julie didn’t join her giggles. My dick was old hat to them.

Mom pulled the covers up over her tits and let out a contented sigh. She said, “I’m wasted. I’m going to get a few more winks.” I rolled off the bed on Dad’s side and grabbed my boxer shorts and tee shirt and shushed the girls from Mom’s bedroom. I pulled the drapes to darken the room and Mom said, “Thank you, Dex.”

I replied, “Thank you, Mom.” She smiled and buried her head in the pillow. I followed the girls into the hall and pulled my boxers on and then pulled on my tee shirt. As usual. My dick flopped out through the front gap and all three girls giggled. For the first time, I noticed that their nipples were extremely erect and the crotches of their bikini bottoms were wet and Jaz’s bikini bottom material was still pulled to the side revealing her outer lips. When Jaz saw me looking at her crotch, she looked down to see what I was looking at. Her hands flew to her crotch to straighten out her bottoms. Her face was red with embarrassment and she suddenly felt exposed and her hands covered her small breasts. She took one more glance at my dick hanging out of my boxers and turned and ran down the stairs.

June and Julie watched her go and then they both reached over and pinched my knob and giggled as my cock responded. Julie said to June, “I think we’ll be needing that before the day is over.” She looked up from my dick and continued, “What time do you think Dad will be home from golf?”

I said, “I wouldn’t push it past four hours. You can’t count on him lingering at the clubhouse.” Julie looked at her watch and grinned when she counted off a little more than three hours left. She and June turned and went to the top of the stairs and I watched them go. I could watch their incredible asses all day, every day.

June turned back and said, “Get your bathing suit on and join us. I can’t guarantee how long you’ll be in it though.” She had that Cheshire Cat grin on her face again. I smiled and nodded, glad that I was being invited and that I wouldn’t be a pain in the ass brother.

I said, “What’s with Jaz anyway? All these years and now she’s acting this way? What happened?” I knew what had happened. It was the night of the sleepover party.

June paused and then said, “It must have been the talk about your dick from Amber. I don’t know. She just came over today and said that she hadn’t been able to think of anything else since the sleepover and she wants to ‘strap you on’ and could we help set it up. As it turned out, you and Mom set it up. Julie and I didn’t have to do anything.” She grinned and headed down the stairs.

I went back and checked on Mom and she was out like a light. I eased the door shut and went to my room to change into my bathing suit. As June had predicted, I didn’t have it on for long. By the time I got down to the yard, the three-J’s, as they had always been referred to, June, Julie and Jaz were all in the hot tub naked. Jaz had buried herself from the neck down in the sudsy water. Now she was acting shy and embarrassed. She made eye contact with Julie, who told me to lose the bathing suit in order to join them. Jaz was looking everywhere but at me. June smiled at Jaz’s sudden shyness and drilled her tongue into her cheek and grinned at me. I quickly assessed whether Jaz’s new shyness would scuttle her whole plan. If Jaz had abandoned her original plan, I didn’t want to make it harder for her to save some face. I hooked my thumbs in the waist band and dropped my suit. June and Julie couldn’t take their eyes off my dick as it was on the rise again. Jaz stole quick glances but promptly looked away. Her face was flushed bright red from either the hot water, complete embarrassment or sexual arousal.

By the time I stepped into the hot tub my cock was flagging from side to side like the checkered flag at the Indianapolis Five-Hundred. I could tell that June and Julie both wanted to grab it as I found a seat beside Jaz and sat down. The water came up to my nipples. I expected that the twins would look but not touch because that’s what they had done the night of the party. Jaz had gone way past that but I wasn’t supposed to know that, so I didn’t let on.

I relaxed back against the hot tub and closed my eyes. My mind flashed back to that night and Jaz’s participation in particular. She had taken her turn sucking and fucking me, so it wasn’t like she had never had sex before with a guy. I could easily imagine that the sex with me that night was experimental and it was easy to imagine that she thought of me, in that sleepwalking condition, as nothing more than a dildo, which I was sure she had experienced many times. Now was different. I was fully conscious and Jaz seemed to be aware of the significance. She had come over here to engage in sex with a guy for the first time, even though it wasn’t the first time, and she wasn’t so sure she was up to it anymore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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