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Carol stood outside Sarah’s bedroom door until her breathing grew even. Carol pressed through the dark quietly until she reached her daughter bed. She’d watched her chest rise and fall underneath her covers. Carol smiled. Her little girl was growing up so fast. To other people, she was a grown woman, a confident 18 year old who was ready to take charge. Carol knew her daughter needed protecting from the world outside her door. Carol walked forward and her robe fell away to the floor leaving her watching over her daughter, standing nude. Sarah was curled in a protective ball when Carol slid under the covers with her. Sarah yawned and arched back against Carol in her sleep. Carol smiled and leaned in to smell her hair. At the same time, her hand slid down the side of her body to rest on her hips. Carol leaned into her hair and breathed, “Wake up, baby.”

She could tell the moment she awoke because her body tensed. “Mommy?” Carol’s hand squeezed her hip, “Baby, I have to check again.” She wiggled away, “You checked last night. I don’t like it.”

Carol gripped her tighter. “You know why I do this, baby.” Sarah began to whine as her mother continued, “You lied to me, baby. You let that boy touch you and now I can’t trust you to tell me the truth. I have to check you.”

“Please, no!” She struggled against her and ended up tangling herself further in the sheets. Ignoring her, Carol held her arms over her head with one hand and whispered into her ear, “You know I have to. Stop moving away.”

Carol lifted her hand off Sarah’s hip and found her lower stomach. Sarah began to sob teen porno quietly. A hand snaked down to Sarah’s pussy. The fingers played in the soft hair between her legs until they found where she parted. Sarah gave a sharp intact when two fingers unceremoniously entered her cunt Sarah was dry and Carol’s fingers felt rough inside. Carol could tell she was scared so she kissed the side of her baby’s face.

“Sweetheart, it’s ok. Open up for me.” She kept crying but her legs parted slowly. That was what Carol wanted for. “Good girl, thank you baby.” Carol’s fingers found less resistance when she pushed inside her. Sarah was wet.

“Are you wet, baby?”

“… No.”

“No, who?” Carol pinched her sharply on the clit.

“No, Mommy…”

“Don’t lie to me.” A thumb ran across Sarah’s clit. “Why are you wet, baby?” She was quiet now but still crying. “Is this how he did it?” She didn’t speak but when the boy was mentioned she got stiff again. “Did he put his hands inside you again?” Her silence spoke for her. Carol felt a flash within at the thought of it. That dirty boy down the street with that smug smile on his face had his hands inside her beautiful little girl. Suddenly, Carol was furious. Carol climbed atop her and held her down with the weight of her body.

“You fucking let him touch you again!?”

“Mommy, I didn-” Carol slapped her across the face brutally.

“Don’t fucking lie to me, Sarah.” She slapped her again and then a third time. The violent sob that escaped her mouth pissed her off further. “Am I hurting you? You want to let some piece travesti pornp of shit treat you like a whore? I’ll show you how to treat a whore!” Carol I slapped her a final time and leaned down to spit in her face. Sarah was sobbing wildly again.

Carol crawled over her and planted her pussy over her waiting mouth. Sarah’s whole face was slick with snot and tears. She was bawling so loud she couldn’t keep her breath. Carol sat on her face hard, using her legs to trap Sarah’s arms. Sarah flailed her legs helplessly underneath and the movement made friction against her mother’s cunt. “This is how men treat whores! They press their cocks down your throat ’til there is no air. They make you swallow their filthy cum.” Carol rubbed her pussy against Sarah’s face hard, grinding it. She was surprised that she wasn’t aware of how horny she was until she looked down to see her daughter frightened eyes peering up at her out of her thighs. Carol bounced against Sarah’s face and the wetness with the tears made a sloppy sound. Carol reached a hand down and began to play with her clit. With the other hand, she grabbed a handful of hair to pull her daughter’s nose closer into her. “Men climb on top of you like this. Just like your father. They straddle you and press down and mess inside you.” Carol wiggled so that Sarah’s nose would be buried partly inside her pussy. “This on your face? This is nothing! This is nothing compared to what you want to let that boy do, is it?” Sarah’s reply was panicked and muffled.

“I won’t let you be a whore! You’ll learn better or you’ll never breath tricky masseur again!” Carol lifted off her daughter’s face long enough for Sarah to catch a breath before dropping down heavily again. The bottom of Sarah’s nose was perfectly placed to rub Carol’s clit. She rocked back and forth, sliding and banging her clit against Sarah’s nose.

It was the noise that was making Carol forget herself. That squishy mushy sound when she rolled her hips. There was a fleeting thought that enter Carol’s head that made her suddenly desperate for her release. Seeing Sarah’s nose was buried deep and her pretty face all wet, Carol thought, “My baby is all wet inside my pussy.” The thought brought her to the edge. She just needed something else to get her there. She pulled herself away from her daughter and Sarah sobbed, “Please…” and choked a little. That sound brought Carol to the edge of reason. “This is why I have to check you. Because you’re a fucking whore.” Panting, “And I swear to God if you let that boy touch you again, I’ll cut your face until it looks like your cunt and I’ll carve a smile right into your worthless pussy.” Bucking wildly, Carol screamed meaningless obscenities while she orgasmed violently, shutting her eyes tight until her climax subsided.

Exhausted, Carol climbed off her daughter’s face and leaned down to look into her frightened eyes. Sarah’s face was glistening with wet pussy juice, tears and the sweat from her mother’s thighs. Her nose looked mashed down and her eyes were wide. She looked as through she wanted to scream but one look at her mother and Sarah stifled her sob. Carol gave a predatory smile, “Now thank me.”

“T-t-thank you, Mommy.” Carol leaned in and kissed her daughter’s wet cheek. With that, she picked up her robe from the floor and headed to the hall. “Goodnight, babe. Sleep sweet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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