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Sweat ran down his body in stream rivulets, as his body rose one more time, breaking the plane of the single metal bar he was hanging from once more, the gray shirt on his back clinging to his wet skin, the 45 lbs weight plate dangling between his legs like a obscene gesture.

Inhaling like a man breaking the surface of a raging ocean, his body slowly, controlled, returned to the starting position, before arms jerked, pulling him back, the ascent agonizingly slow, but his eyes fixed on the goal, breaking the plane one more time.

But his mind, his mind was elsewhere.

His mind was with her.


The small apartment smelled of her shampoo, the air still damp from her shower. Everything was neat and orderly in the four rooms that made up the college domicile of the young couple that lived her. The living room was the center of the home, with three doors leading into the other rooms.

The first of these was the kitchen, which did not even really have a door, just a frame. Barely big enough to turn around and scratch your own ass, it was kept immaculate by the young love birds, for they both shared a passion for the culinary arts, and all the entertainment it provided the two of them.

Casting a critical eye upon the chicken slowly simmering in the broth before turning her attention to the vegetable medley, she could tell by the aching in her body alone how long it would be until he got home. It was a weekly ritual, every Thursday after he got done with class and work, he would head to the gym, then come home to her. She would have finished her own schedule of academics and labor by then, and would have dinner on the table in the alternating schedule of responsibility they used, at least when it came to nourishment.

She looked out the window, the dark storm clouds racing towards the city exciting her. Like her lover, they were dark, overpowering, and unstoppable. Towering above the city, they would unleash their rain upon the city whenever they felt like it, and there was nothing anybody could do about it.

A sigh passed her lips, and she felt the moisture between her legs, as the mental image of him returned to her. “Not again…” She said it to herself with a smile, still feeling the tingling from the orgasm she had given herself in the shower.

Turning to see if mecidiyeköy escort there was any water left in the pitcher they kept in the fridge, she came face to face with the picture she had taken of him at the beach. The water was dark, and the moon shining behind him, his body illuminated by only the short flash of her camera.

He was naked, posing, his body displayed in full glory, and her breath caught in her throat, and the throbbing between her legs became to strong to resist.


Dropping from the bar, he replaced the weight, and put the belt used to hang it from his waist back where it belonged. Neat by nature, he hated the slobs that filled some gyms, leaving the place a mess, and making it impossible to complete your workout in any type of organized fashion.

Turning, he headed out of the slowly crowding weight room. The after work crowd was pilling in, amongst them the women in their leotards, tight running shorts, and tops that ten years earlier would have gotten them a ticket from the morality police.

But none of them attracted his eye. He had something better waiting for him at home. And the stirring in his loins propelled him forward, testosterone already flooding his system, the post workout high of hormones, sweat, and blood demanding release and knowing only one valve to do so.


It was electric when her finger slid under the simple t-shirt she wore, and touched her clit. Covered in moisture, it quickly filled with blood, peeking out from under its hood, responding to her touch.

Her other hand supported her against the fridge, as she was fixated with his nude picture, two fingers now circling her clit, teasing her lips, taking her higher and higher. He was hard as a rock in the image from their last beach trip, his cock jutting out at a crazy angle from his body, casting a shadow of its own on the white sand, and she squeezed her clit, she remembered how he had taken her, on the sand, pounding into her like a crazed animal as soon as she put the camera down.

Her legs gave way, and she sank to the floor, her fingers seriously going to work now, moans passing her lips as she came so close to taking herself over the edge.

So lost in her own bliss was she that she did not merter escort hear him enter the apartment. She did not notice him step into the kitchen, seeing his fiancée on the floor, her hand between her legs, mouth half open, breath coming quick and ragged.

He had come across her like this before, and the reaction was the same : he became rock hard, the erection painful in his gym shorts. Quickly he undid the elastic waist band, and pulled them down, his hard penis jumping free, balls heavy with cum dangling between his legs, begging for release.

“I see you started without me.”

Her eyes flew open, as she heard his lovely voice, looking up, seeing that cute, crooked, yet hungry smile on his face. His hand ran through her hair, taking a hold, and she willingly opened her lips, his cock passing them, slipping in about halfway, before she closed them, forming a tight O.

The first immediate sensation of the wetness in her mouth always was close to enough to drive him over the edge. But he controlled himself, as she began to go up and down his stiff member, her fingers still feverishly working their magic between her legs.

Reaching up with her free hand, she cupped his balls, watching sweat run down his penis, coming to her lips, the salty strong taste and smell only enhancing the sensation of him fucking her mouth. Their eyes came together somewhere in front of his navel, as he leaned forward, his free hand supporting him against the fridge, as his hips thrust in and out of her face.

“Ohhhh, fuck this shit.”

Pulling out of her mouth, he let go of her, then reached down, picking her straight up of the floor, and dropping her onto the counter. She knew what was coming, leaning her head back as his legs went up over his shoulders, and his tongue dipped into her folds. His hands lay under her ass, squeezing it gently.

His tongue dove straight in, as deep as it could, almost reaching her G-spot. Pulling back out, he teased her lips, then found her clit, and went to work. Sucking on it, he pulled it into his mouth, then held it with his teeth. Nibbling gently, he sucked on it, moving it up and down, the friction moving in circles on the tender flesh.

Teasing her ass, he drank her juices, flicking her lips, teasing mutlukent escort them, nibbling them, once in a while dashing inside of her, the pace going faster and faster, taking her higher and higher in a dizzying pace, her first orgasm taking her by total surprise, and racing through her body like rapid fire explosions.

“Ohhhhh baby!”

But he did not stop, instead doubling his efforts. Faster and faster, the second time hit her like a wave in the surf zone, and by the third one, her breath was ragged, coming in quick bursts and spurts, her fingers digging into his skull, scratching up his back, tears streaming down her face from the intensity of the assault.

Suddenly he pulled back, all contact between them seizing, leaving her floating in the sea of sexual bliss, open and vulnerable, yet high and aroused from the tongue lashing she had just received.

In the next moment, he was back, his cock filling her deep and strong, his arms enveloping her like the walls of a castle, pulling her into him, her legs wrapping around his waist.

The strength of his thrusts was overpowering, the sweat dripping of his body onto hers. She reached up, ripping off his shirt, then pulled her own off, their naked forms clashing, his cock pounding in and out of her. His hips rocked back, almost popping out, then slamming back forward, his heavy nuts slapping her ass.

She closed her eyes, her bodies senses overloading under the assault of feeling, smell, taste of him. The sound of their bodies slapping together was hypnotic, and suddenly it pushed her over the edge once more.

Opening her eyes, she stared straight into his, staring back at her, quiet intensity and desire burning within them, as he looked straight into her soul.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


He threw his head back, roaring like a lion, as his cock exploded in her, spurting wave after wave of cum into her, sending her into another bone jarring climax. Her body seized up around him, as she held on tight, clutching onto him, not willing to let go of the moment.

He moved around on top of her, turning of the stove, letting the food simmer. It reminded her where he had come from, and that he must be hungry. “Do you need to eat?”

Smiling, he kissed his little lover. “If you eat within sixty minutes of strenuous exertion, you maximize protein uptake. So we still have about thirty minutes.”

Without withdrawing from her, he wrapped his arms around her, lifting her straight up, and carried her into the bedroom. Together they fell into the unmade queen size bed, his tongue finding hers, and their second wind just getting started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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