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Elizabeth here: this story contains a F/F pairing, light BDSM, and blackmail. Enjoy!

~~~~~ ~~~~~

Amy was living with her sister Danielle in her large flat, and her fetishes were getting out of hand. After her shift at the local frozen custard place, the very first thing she did when she got home was check to see if her sister was home. She kept her shouts quiet since there were other occupied flats in the building, but they were loud enough for anyone in this flat to hear.

“Danielle?” she asked over and over, eventually becoming confident that the flat was empty. When she decided it was safe, she darted into her bedroom and pulled the secret photo of Danielle’s ballet friends out from under her mattress. She plopped belly-down into her bed and gazed at it longingly.

In the photo, three of Danielle’s ballet friends were posing in front of a mirror while Danielle held the camera. It was intended as a fun keepsake for Danielle, but to Amy, those luscious, black tights everyone was wearing made her go wild with desire. The thin fabric, the fact that they showed the contours of their legs, the leotards which fit the exact shape of their upper bodies… Amy started to get wet just looking at it.

She started to slide off her jeans while gazing at the photo. Everything covered in the fabric of their leotards and tights–chest, hips, thighs, legs, feet, and everything else–was absolutely gorgeous. It still held the same allure it had when she first saw the photo a month ago and had to steal it from Danielle.

Her jeans were finally off her legs. She tossed them on the ground and reached for her panties. They were already wet, so she didn’t have to worry about making them a little dirtier. She started rubbing herself while looking at the photo, imagining the girls in front of her. Amy only knew one of their names; Helen was the short one, and that was all she knew about her. Still, she imagined what they were like in person; perhaps the tall one was the most dominant one, Helen was the innocent newcomer to the group, and maybe the big-chested blonde girl in the center already banged half the college and wasn’t going to stop when she met Amy.

Amy let her imagination run wild as she massaged herself through her underwear, slowly building up her arousal.

“Mmm,” she muttered as she thought of a fantasy. She imagined the tallest girl showing up in her bedroom and cramming Amy’s head between her thighs, holding Amy in her inescapable grasp while the paper-thin, soft fabric of her tights soothed her skin. She masturbated harder and thought of the girl ripping the fabric around her crotch and pushing her pink panties to the side, showing off her wet warmth and forcing Amy to lick it while crushing her in her thighs.

“Ah!” she said, getting drawn out of the fantasy by a surge in pleasure. She was already close to orgasm. She kept ravaging czech couples porno herself through her panties, licking the air in front of her, imagining that she was with that girl.

Finally, orgasm arrived. She swore she felt the imaginary thighs clench over and over around her head in sync with her quivering pussy. Her entire body trembled and her fingers went into a frenzy, keeping up their fast pace for the entire orgasm. Her hands and panties were moistened with fluid as she moaned over and over while fervently licking the air.

The orgasm ended and she was drawn out of her fantasy. For now, she was satisfied. Amy caught her breath and closed her eyes. She imagined the girl unclenching her thighs and petting her head, saying “good girl” over and over.

Amy wanted to clean up and handle her own college assignments, but surely she could rest for a little while right now. Just for a little while…

She quickly relaxed and began to drift off to sleep.

~~~~~ ~~~~~

Amy woke up with her fingers still between her thighs. Her eyes widened and she picked up her phone with her other hand to check the time. Only half an hour had passed. Good.

She looked out the back window. Her sister’s car wasn’t in the communal parking lot outside, but she was always lending it out to friends, so it was a good idea to check if she was home. After cracking open her door, she listened and didn’t hear anything. Good. She took the opportunity to change her panties, put on sweatpants, and dart to the bathroom to wash her hands. She scrubbed them as clean as possible and dried them off on a white hand towel.

But when she was starting to walk back to her room, she saw the door to Danielle’s room cracked open slightly. Amy paused when she saw some underwear on the bed. Three sets of panties. She must have missed them in her urge to get to her room and masturbate earlier.

She crept into her sister’s room and sat on her bed. It was far away enough from the front door for her to bolt upright and run to her room if Danielle came in. She didn’t want to be found under any circumstances, though it was admittedly arousing to think about…

As soon as she picked up her sister’s panties, she was committed; no turning back. Amy rubbed them on her face as she lay down, and a new surge of erotic warmth went through her. She put the panties on top of her head like an ill-fitting headband, and started to pull down her pants once more. She slid her own panties down her legs and started masturbating…

She closed her eyes, and only ten seconds later she heard a thud. When she opened them, Danielle was standing in the doorway with a shocked look. Amy froze and kept her hand over her crotch.’

“Uh…” Danielle said.

“Shit! I can explain, I was just getting dressed, and, um…”

“You do know that’s kind of fucked up, right?”

“Dressed! czech estrogenolit porno I was getting dressed!” Amy hurriedly took the panties off her head and held them near her groin. “See? I was, uh, lowering them!”

Danielle laughed. “Amy, you absolute dingus. That’s the worst excuse for anything I’ve ever seen.”


“Also, those are my panties. Hey, listen, I’m not angry at you; I think it’s inherently kind of funny to walk in on this sort of thing. Can I snap a pic for my friends?” Danielle took out her phone.

Amy shut her legs and sat up just as Danielle took a picture on her phone and the camera’s flash went off.

“Hey, no!”

“Mhm, nice shot,” Danielle muttered. “Hey, if you don’t want me gossiping about it, you can always put those panties back on your head.”

“Wait, what?”

“It would be funny.”

“That doesn’t sound very funny, it sounds like you have a fetish…”

Danielle spoke sternly. “Says the girl who masturbated on their sister’s bed while wearing their panties. And I don’t know where that photo of my ballet classmates went, so I assume you took it. Now lay down, put those panties on your head like a blindfold and look cute.”

“Uhh… okay?”

Amy put the panties back on her head. She was aroused, confused, nervous, and a little scared. Moments after putting them back on her face and covering her eyes, she heard her sister fumbling around with a box.

“What are you…”

“Hold your arms above your head.”

“Are you going to tickle me?”

“Nah. Now do it or I’ll share the photo.”


Amy obeyed and held her arms above her head. Moments later, she felt Danielle swiftly tie a knot around them with a coarse rope, pulling them together and locking her wrists in place.

“Hey!” Amy said. She shook her arms above her head and in front of her, trying to undo the knot. Danielle took the opportunity to tie her ankles together, mostly immobilizing Amy.

Danielle laughed. “This is what happens when you do weird shit with your sister’s panties. She does weird shit back!”

“Okay, you did it, I’m tied up, there are panties on my head, and I’m not wearing pants, can you let me out?”

“Nah.” Danielle started to rub Any’s smooth thighs.

Amy sighed. “You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?” she said.

Danielle sounded surprised. “I’m just enjoying it because it’s really funny! You’re the one who likes having panties on your head.”

It was true. Amy did like it, but at the same time, everything about it felt wrong. And Danielle seemed like she was way too into this funny… thing.

Amy felt Danielle’s hand suddenly run across her wet, exposed pussy.

“Ah! Hey! No!”

“I bet you really like that, don’t you?”

Arousal surged through Amy as Danielle started to massage czech first video porno her wet warmth. “No, I, uh, please stop…”

Danielle stayed silent as she kept fingering her. Amy squirmed in her bindings, not quite wanting to try to roll out of bed to escape, but not quite wanting to be touched. Conflicting feelings ran through her as her sister’s hand probed deeper into her. Meanwhile, her other hand ran up her shirt and rubbed the fabric of her bra…

“Danielle, I think this is way past being funny…”

“No, it’s still funny. Yeah. Totally.”

The mixed signals didn’t help. How much was Danielle really into this? Amy didn’t know how either of them felt or were supposed to feel about this, but pleasure surged through her body nonetheless. Danielle’s hand switched between probing Amy’s depths and massaging her clit, and her other hand reached under Amy’s bra and rubbed her chest.

Danielle climbed on top of the bed and sat on Amy’s knees. Now that she was closer, it was easier to tease and finger Amy, who was coming close to orgasm. Her legs squirmed and her muscles tensed up.

Amy groaned. “Sis, are you sure you’re doing this for a joke?”

“Shut up.”

A few finger movements later, Amy finally came. Her pussy quivered around Danielle’s fingers over and over while waves of pleasure shot through her body. Amy had no idea how to feel about being given this jolt of pleasure from her sister, but at least it felt good.

When her orgasm died down, Danielle took her fingers out of her.

“How was it?” Danielle asked.

“Joke my ass. You like fingering your sister, don’t you?”

“…Okay, fine. Maybe it wasn’t just comedy.”

Amy chuckled. “I knew you liked it! I’ll be honest, it was fun.”

“So I liked it, and you liked it?”

“I guess.”

Amy looked at her sister through the mostly opaque fabric of the panties on her head.

“So, uh, how about we forget this happened?” Danielle asked.

“Right. Can you untie me?”


Danielle untied Amy and took the panties off her head, then she left without a word. However, Amy was a lot more confident now. She liked it, Danielle liked it, and she was already looking forward to doing it again.

~~~~~ ~~~~~

Over the next week, Amy constantly thought of that strange afternoon. She and Danielle didn’t bring it up, and they interacted as normal.

A week later, Amy walked into the flat’s living room after a day at work. Danielle’s tall ballet friend was sitting on the couch with Danielle, and they were both laughing at something on Danielle’s phone. Unfortunately, her friend wasn’t wearing her ballet uniform, just regular jeans and a shirt.

“Whatcha laughing at?” Amy asked.

“Nothing,” Danielle said. “Just a funny meme.”

“Can I see?”

“Uh…” Danielle’s friend said.


“Why not? I like funny memes.” Amy paused for a moment and looked at Danielle with a smug grin. “It’s that picture of me with my pants down, isn’t it?”

“…Yeah,” Danielle’s friend said.

~~~~~ ~~~~~

Thank you for reading. Check out my profile for more stories, and don’t forget to leave a rating!

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