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Friday morning.

“Now Pumpkin, remember what I said about boys this weekend.”

“Of course, daddy. I didn’t forget.” Julia said to her father.

“And the phone number to the resort is on the fridge.” Her mom said.

“I saw it.” Rebecca said.

“Okay then. You two have a good weekend. We’ll be back Monday night. And remember, no boys.”

“Yes, dad.” Julia rolled her eyes as their parent left the house.

“Finally!” Rebecca burst out. “Four days of no parents.” Julia looked at her watch.

“Shit! We’re going to be late for school.” They both raced upstairs to their rooms. Rebecca was first to emerge fixing her hair into a bun. Julia walked out a moment later. “Damn. I never noticed how good you looked in that uniform.” She walked over to her sister and placed a hand on her breast.

“Later, you. I got English first period and I’m gonna have a hard time concentrating anyway without you starting anything.” Rebecca said. “Beside, we have the whole weekend together.”

They walked side by side to school. Rebecca lit cigarette.

“Hey, what was dad talking about? ‘No boys’?” Rebecca asked.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. I have a couple of friends coming over tonight a staying the weekend.” Julia said.


“Jennifer and Anna.”

“Cool.” They arrived at their school and Rebecca butted her smoke. “I’m off at two today, but I’m going to the gym for awhile. So I’ll see you after dinner.”

“Okay. Jen and Anna will be over by then.” Julia gave her sister a hug and a quick kiss. “Bye.” They went their separate ways.

Rebecca was tired. Her work out was really draining. The girls were already here.


“Hey Becca.” They all said.

“You want some pizza?” Julia said.

“Sure.” She dropped her bag and joined them on the couch. “So what are you watching?”

“Some shitty movie.” Anna said.

“God damn this sucks. Turn it off.” Jen said.

“So what do you wanna do?” Anna asked.

“I got an interesting story.” Jennifer said.

“Oh. Tell us that one that happened the other day.” Julia said.

“Don’t worry.” Jen smiled. “That’s the one.” They sat in a circle.

“So, I was late for school again the other day and I think Mr. Andrews was really pissed off. He asked me to stay after class. So I unbuttoned my blouse.” She sat up and smiled proudly. The other girls giggled. “The rest of the class left and I went to the front. I had enough cleavage showing for three girls. I started rubbing my breasts in front of him. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I grabbed his cock and shoved it in my mouth.” The girls were hooked on her story. “After a few minute mommys girl porno I let him fuck me. Right on the desk! His cock was so big; he made me cum in only a few minutes. Then, he came right in my mouth. I cleaned up and walked out.” Jennifer finished.

“You fucked Mr. Andrews?!” Julia said. “You lucky bitch. Do you know how many girls want that man?”

“Damn. I need a cigarette.” Rebecca said. She reached over and grabbed her bag. She lit one and inhaled deeply.

“Hey Bec, can I get one?” Julia asked. She gave one to her sister and offered to the two other girls. “Okay, I got one.” Rebecca started.

“This is a very new story. It only happened an hour ago.” The girls leaned forward to listen better.

“Well after school, I went to the gym. I worked out for an hour and a bit and had a swim afterward. After that I went to the sauna. Since it was empty, I took off my towel. I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes when I heard the door open. I shot up and covered myself. I looked at the door and a tall brunette girl was removing her towel too. She moved over to me and told me that she had been watching me while I was working out and swimming. She told me I was beautiful. She was beautiful herself. She leaned forward and kissed me moving down licking and sucking my nipples. She spread my legs and started licking my clit. She fingered me and I came in her mouth. She stopped after that and grabbed her towel. She thanked me and said she hopes to see me again soon.”

Rebecca finished. She butted her cigarette.

“Fuck! Why can’t I have a story to tell like that.” Anna said.

“I can’t believe you had sex with a stranger.” Julia said.

“Anyone need a drink?” Rebecca said. They all nodded. She went to the kitchen for a few minutes. When she returned she heard moaning from the TV.

“What the- ” Rebecca said. A porno movie was on.

“Oh, Anna brought a porn movie for us to watch tonight.” Julia said. Rebecca sat down beside Julia, while Anna and Jennifer sat together. On the screen was an orgy scene.

“Damn. This is almost as hot a Becca’s story. I think I might have to change my panties soon.” Jennifer whispered to Anna.

“Maybe I can help with that.” Anna leaned over and kissed Jennifer. Anna’s hand cupped her breast and caressed it gently. Anna felt a slight tremble of a moan from Jennifer on her lips. Anna’s hands lifted off her shirt. Julia looked over and smiled, while Rebecca gasped.

“Shh. Don’t worry. We do this all the time.” Julia whispered to Rebecca. “Let’s just take cue.” Julia pushed Rebecca onto her back on the couch and planted her lips on her sister.

“No we momsbangteens porno can’t do this here.” Rebecca whispered.

“Why not? You know them. They won’t tell. I promise.”

“Hey you two,” Anna said. “You gonna get naked and help me or not.”

“C’mon.” Julia told Becca. Julia moved over to Anna and Jen. Rebecca stayed where she was watching the three other girls.

“Julia, what wrong with Bec?” Anna asked.

“She’s, I dunno.” Julia said. Anna lifted off her top and removed her bra. Her firm breasts dangled in the cool air. Anna’s nipples were hard and wanting of touch. She crawled towards Rebecca.

“C’mon Bec.” Anna said. “You are so fucking hot and I’ve been dying to taste you. Your sister almost had to tie me down so I didn’t doing anything.” Anna crawled up Rebecca’s lying body.

“It’s true, Bec.” Jen said. Julia had removed Jennifer’s top and bra and was sucking hard on Jen’s nipples.

“Please Bec, please.” Anna gently kissed Rebecca. Anna sat on Rebecca’s legs. Anna’s hands groped her breasts. She fingers pinched and gently twisted her nipples. Her head fell back as she continued.

Rebecca’s hand approached Anna’s breast but hesitates and pulls away.

“I think Anna need help.” Jen hints to Julia. The two girls crawled towards Becca and Anna. Julia kissed her sister. While her vision was blocked, Anna and Jennifer grabbed Rebecca’s tits. Rebecca was startled as her body started to tingle. Julia lifted her sister to a sitting position and sat behind her. It was Anna’s turn to plant her lips onto Rebecca. Julia lifted her shirt off her. Rebecca’s hair was still a little damp from the swim. She still had her sports bra on which Julia tore off her. Jen licked her nipples, while Anna kissed her and Julia licked her earlobes and back.

“C’mon you.” Jennifer pulled Julia away from her sister. “I think she’s loosened up now.” Rebecca was sucking on Anna’s nipples. Jennifer took off the rest of her clothes and helped Julia out of hers. Anna and Rebecca kissed and held each tightly. Julia lay on her back and Jennifer fondled her breasts. Jennifer spread her legs open and licked Julia’s pussy.

“Oh fuck, yes.” Julia exclaimed. Her pussy was dripping after hearing the two stories and desperately needed the attention from Jennifer tongue. Jennifer licked Julia’s clit and tongued her pussy. Julia arched her back in pleasure, forcing her pussy deep into Jennifer’s mouth. “Oh God yes.” Julia said. Jennifer’s hands crept up Julia’s body and pinched and twisted her nipples.

Anna sat on Rebecca’s legs. Both theirs shirts were lying beside them on the floor.

“You have beautiful tits, monsters of cock porno Becca.” Anna gently rubbed her hand down Rebecca’s chest. Rebecca wrapped her hand around Anna neck and brought her towards herself. Their lips locked together and tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. Anna pulled away and off Rebecca’s legs. Anna pulled off Rebecca sweatpants. Rebecca’s white panties were soaked through. Anna couldn’t restrain herself any longer. Her mouth dove into the wet spot on Rebecca’s panties. Rebecca moaned as Anna licked her through her panties. Anna stopped and pulled off her panties and licked her clit.

“My God, Bec. You have a beautiful pussy and you taste so fucking good.” Anna said. Rebecca smiled and moaned again as Anna continued sucking her clit. Anna pulled Rebecca so she was lying on the floor. Jennifer moved from Julia’s pussy to the couch. She positioned her pussy above Rebecca’s mouth. Rebecca’s warm tongue greeted it hungrily.

“Oh fuck yeah, Bec. Lick my pussy.” Jennifer had gotten very wet licking Julia cunt and was dripping herself. Jennifer pussy juice was leaking down the sides of Rebecca’s cheek. Julia moved to Anna ass and spread her ass cheek apart. She rubbed her tits against Anna ass.

“Please Jules, lick my ass.” Julia didn’t need a second invitation. Anna moaned into Rebecca’s pussy as Julia licked her asshole.

“Oh fuck, Anna. I’m gonna cum.” Rebecca moaned. Rebecca’s body shuddered as she came. Jennifer felt Rebecca moaning and came moments after.

“Oh fuck Bec. You suck a good pussy.” Jennifer said. Anna turned over. Julia continued to lick her. Rebecca kissed Anna while Jennifer sucked on her tits.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” Anna’s back arched as she came in Julia’s mouth. Anna’s body went limp. Julia lifted up.

“Well the that was fun.” Julia wiped her mouth.

“But it’s not over yet.” Rebecca said. She pushed her sister onto her back on the couch. Rebecca knelt in front of her sister’s pussy and started licking her clit. Rebecca pushed one finger into her pussy.

“Oh god, Bec. Fuck my pussy.” Julia yelled. Rebecca thrust her fingers in and out of Rebecca’s pussy. “Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum.” Anna and Jennifer sat back and watched the two sisters fuck each other. Julia came in Rebecca’s mouth and she slurped it all up. Rebecca rose up.

“Now we’re done.” Rebecca said.

“Holy. How long have you and Becca been doing this?” Anna asked Julia.

“Only a couple of days.” She answered.

“Shit! A couple of days?!” Jennifer yelled.

“Why?” Rebecca said.

“Well, we’ve been doing this for a couple of years now.” Anna said.

“That why they stay over so much.” Julia said.

“Well next time, you’ll have to include me.” Rebecca said.

The girls all sat back on the couch, naked and finished off the pizza. Rebecca pressed play on the VCR and the porn movie continued.

“Anyone up for a second round?” Rebecca hinted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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