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Silky loses her anal cherry

As the summer winds down, swimming seems more melancholy. You treasure the last few days when it’s warm enough to lay out by the pool, or swim a few last laps. In Alabama, of course, summer lasts until Christmas, but still, the leaves are changing color, and the azaleas stop blooming.

I was taking advantage of a slow Sunday afternoon, lying on a Pokémon beach towel by the pool. Since we have a privacy fence, Jess and I often slip our suits off to eliminate tan lines. That’s why I was naked, and drowsing, having some rather nice fantasies involving the new Priest Father Thomas and me removing some Victoria’s Secret stuff.

Jess dropped beside me. “Wazzup, Silk?”

I smiled, but kept my eyes closed. “Just feeling… Heavenly.” I was twirling a strand of red hair by my ear, the way I do when I’m thinking hard.

“I have an idea,” she said. This can be very good or very bad, or sometimes both, if you catch my drift.

“Does it include me?” I asked, dreamily.

“Yes!” and she struck! My butt snapped together like a virgin’s bedroom door, but not before she had stuck a chunk of ice in my twat! I squirmed and struggled, but she’s bigger and had surprise on her side. That was so cold! The ice, too! It melted into my opening, and as it melted, it began to run out. It felt like I was hot & cold at the same time. But as more melted, I warmed up, and the ratio of ice water to pussy juice took a decided turn for the latter. I relaxed my ass, and let her familiar fingers stroke into me. I wasn’t drowsy anymore.

“You are such a nasty bitch, Jess,” I murmured as I rolled beneath her hands.

“You’re the one who’s naked in the back yard getting fingered.”

“I’m pretending it’s the new Priest. Isn’t he cute?”

“You want to invite him over for a ‘swim’?”

“Like this one? Sure. How DID you think of this ice thing?”

“Saw it on some porno online. You can erotik film izle learn anything there. You ought to watch some anal.” Jessie lay couchant, just rubbing my ass and back.

“Oh, shit, is George really going to do that to me?”

“Sure, why not?”

Well, I thought that all the things Jessica said about butt fucking and such were just talking dirty, like people say “eat shit,” but don’t really expect you to.

“So do you still have your anal cherry?”

“Silky, you know that before George rescued me, I lost every bit of everything remotely innocent. I’ve done things that were stupid, painful, nasty, and certainly against my desires. So yeah, I’ve had it up the ass. When George wanted it, I gave it lovingly. You know I love him. And you.”

“Yes, Jess. I know that sex stops when a man pulls up his pants, but with George, it continues. We are a family. Maybe not kin, but kith”

“We are, Silky sweetie, we are.” She drew hearts across my spine.

“I’ll do anything for him. I just didn’t know this was real.”

“It’s real, baby girl. But not bad.”

“I knew a guy my freshman year who was laughing one time and he said ‘Isn’t it funny how people say ‘eat me,’ but never do it. Like, no one actually puts their mouth on another person’s sex.’ All of us at the table got very quiet, and looked away. He said ‘do ya’ll do that?’ and we all owned up that we had at one time or another. He was amazed.”

“Really, he thought people just talked about oral sex?” Her hands were so warm on my skin.

“Cross my heart! Uh, Jessie — do you know anyone who eats shit?”

“Eweeh! I hope not. But anal sex really occurs.” With that she popped my backside and ran inside.

George said anal was special, that it took preparation and cooperation; forcing it could hurt. The idea hurts, if you ask me!

So we had a nice family love fest. I kissed Jessica, she kissed George, and he kissed me. I swear, film izle the kissing is almost as good as anything else. We spent an hour or two just trading spit. Of course, the odd woman out rarely just watched. There are so many nice places to touch, and squeeze, and rub. Special pleasures occur when slippery tongues slide from monolith to tunnel and malleable flesh ripples across nerves that suffer greater ache with each passing, but that are also urged over and over towards abatement.

I love to suck Jessica’s nipples. They have a direct line to her pussy, and she can cum just from that if I invigorate them long enough. So often that’s where my mouth is while George evaluates other opportunities, sometimes on me, sometimes on her. Tonight I was the primary target, as he inducted me into the sorority of sodomitees.

He bent me over face down in his bed, and casually fucked me doggy style. My cunt was quite juicy by then, and each backward piston dribbled further fluids down on the sheets. He said the point was to get me loose and his dick greased. It was working.

Jess assisted by liberally pouring KY lube over my ass, while George stroked my back door a little more each time, going as far as a second knuckle into my sphincter. Then Jessie began a series of dildoes, first a tiny one that just slipped right in, then a larger one, and another and another. (They better not have bought that monster they were laughing about at the “Love Stuff” store.) Anyway, with each change, my asshole stretched and gave a little. Soon I was comfortably taking one that felt like it was as big as George.

“Game time, Silky.”

George always lets us know what’s happening… well, except when he ties us up, because surprise is the whole point then, after all. This one time, at band camp, he brought some handcuffs, and he tied me to a tree, but I had to tinkle, but… ok, focus.

I didn’t do anything except scoot my ass up a little. He slid seks filmi izle out of my vagina, and placed his pomegranate at my runway. Slowly he plodded forward, mulish in his obstinacy, forcing his zeppelin deeper into my hanger with every worm of his hips. Spasms grasped me at times, but none that were too extreme. The sensation of having my chamber filled with penis was delightful; well worth any minor pains along the way. When his balls hit my puffy little pussy lips, I knew he was all the way in, and I believe that I could have opened my mouth and his cock would have popped out, I was that full.

Then began the retreat. Inch by inch, I felt his coronal ridge titillate my channel, and the bitterness of his leaving was almost too much to bear.

“Fuck me!” I wailed. “Fuck me hard in the ass!”

He continued as if he never heard me, but then, glorious day, his momentum slowed, stopped, and reversed itself. He was returning, mitigating my torment, exhilarating my heart and my rectum. He repeated this torture on a near infinite scale, a series of movements that rose in pitch from a basso profundo through baritone to alto soprano. My screams rose in volume to match his pitch.

I usually have anacoluthia when I cum, only a few ahhhhs and grrghs and fuckmes, as opposed to my dear Jessica’s clear profane suggestions. Anal sex apparently reaches me in some other way, as I begged “Harder, harder, fuck me up the ass! Fuck me faster! Oh, Fuckmefuckmefuckme!”

George responded to my outpourings with some of his own, of a more glutinous sort as the mulberry plum buried grave deep in my outlet began to fill my fissure with a decoction of bliss and salty fluid. Knowing that my ass was full of cum, that I was so naughty that I wanted a dick in my butt, sent me screaming over the edge, lost to the world until I returned to this earth and time.

“Well, Silky, I think we have now tried all the major sex acts.”

“I don’t know. We haven’t fucked in a cemetery, or done a blow job on a bus, or even a hand job in a crowded restaurant.”

Jess chimed in. “And no 69 in the park, or threesomes in a movie theater, or double dildoes at the Country Club…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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