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For so long I have fantasized about her. I don’t know how much how much more I can take. What do I have to do to live out my fantasy? I’ve thought of so many ways to please her.

I don’t want to scare my daughter. Ever since my wife passed away I have been celibate. My daughter, my only child, was 15 when her mother passed. She was hit head on in a drunk driving accident.

My daughter was blossoming at the time of her mother’s death. I started noticing more when she turned 16. Now that she is 18 she is becoming more and more irresistible.


“Daddy I’m home!” Sierra cried out as she walked thru the door. She had just come home from hanging out with her best friend at the mall.

“Hey baby girl. How was the mall?” daddy asked. I love seeing her in her mini skirt and halter top. Damn I wish I could just rip them off of her here and now. If only she knew what she does to me.

“It was so much fun. Me and Diana went and looked thru the clothes. I saw a skirt that I just absolutely adore. I just can’t afford it.” she went on.

“Sounds fun.” daddy said. I couldn’t help but think about how she would look in it. “How much does it cost?” he asked.

“It’s almost $50!” she replied hesitantly. She didn’t want her daddy to say no to giving her the money for it.

“How much do you really want it Sierra?” he asked. He didn’t want her to know how much he really wanted to see her in it, or out of it.

“Oh daddy I want the skirt so bad I would do anything for it!” she exclaimed. She was so excited that her daddy was giving her the money for the skirt that she couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Alright olgun porno Sierra you can have the money for it,” he said slyly, “on two conditions.”

She almost lost the excitement but went ahead and asked “What are those conditions daddy?”

“Condition number 1 as soon as you buy it go change into it, number 2 buy a top that matches.” he told her, “So I’m giving you $100, you must be in the new outfit when you get home. I have two more conditions.” he remarked.

She was so excited she almost yelled, “What’s that daddy?” She couldn’t believe that he was giving her money for a new top to!

“First, make it as sexy as possible second if any guys ask you if they can come home with you, no matter how many, say yes. ” he remarked.

Wondering why her daddy was making these conditions had her confused but she agreed, “OK daddy I will I promise.”

He handed her the money and watched as she practically pranced out the door. If only she knew what he had in mind for her as soon as she walked thru the door.


She had done exactly like her daddy asked her to. Only no guys asked to come home with her. When she walked thru the door it didn’t look like daddy had moved.

When she walked thru the door my jaw wanted to drop at how sexy she was. “Come here honey and let me get a really good look at you in your outfit.” he replied.

She did as her daddy asked her and got closer standing right in front of him. She loved her daddy very much. She don’t know what she would do without him.

He wanted to touch her so much that it was killing him. He was already outdoor sex getting rock hard looking at her. He wanted his huge cock in that sweet pussy of hers so bad. He knew that he had to have her soon. He got an idea. “Sweetheart while you were gone I ended up getting you a surprise. Go to your room while I get it for you.”

“OK daddy!” wondering what kind of surprise did he get her? Could it be the puppy she had wanted so badly? Little did she know what was soon coming.

He went and got the rope and gag that he had found while she was gone. He grabbed the camera that way he could tape all of it. He was getting harder by the second. He walked up the stairs to her room and opened the door. “Now baby close your eyes until daddy tells you.” When he saw her eyes close, he sat the camera to record where he could get every detail.

Next he said, “Honey I want you to open your mouth but keep your eyes closed.” When he saw her obey, he gagged her.

She didn’t know what he was doing. When she felt the rope bind her wrists together she started squirming and trying to get away.

He felt her starting to struggle. He tossed her to her bed. He started kissing her neck and letting his hands roam all over her body. “I’m sorry baby doll I can’t help myself when it comes to your sexy body.” her daddy explained. He lifted her top over her titties and leaned down and sucked one into his mouth while massaging the other.

She didn’t understand why her daddy was doing this. All of a sudden she felt a warm moist spot down deep in her gut. As much as she tried to fight it she couldn’t help but want public agent porno more.

He wanted her to be fully his. He took and tied the rope to the post. He slowly made his way inch by inch down to her new skirt. He wanted to taste the sweet juices underneath. He pulled her skirt up and much to his surprise she wasn’t wearing panties. “oh doll you are such a naughty girl for not wearing any panties. Daddy is going to have to punish you.”

He took his middle finger and rubbed her pussy lips until he felt her warm nectar. Then, he slowly pushed past to her clit. “Someone is so wet for daddy.” He played with her clit all the while hearing her moan behind the gag. Slowly he put his finger in her hole and finger fucked her until she came.

“Honey don’t worry daddy can please you a lot more. Just you relax.” He got up and pulled his shorts and boxers off. He loved the look of shock on her face when she saw his cock. “Do you want this sweety? Do you want daddy’s cock in your tight little pussy?” When he saw her nod her head yes that’s all he needed.

He lined his cock up to her pussy and thrust forward. He was surprised when he felt her hymen give way. He couldn’t believe he got to be the one to deflower his little girl. He gave her time to adjust and then he started tearing her pussy up. He could feel her about to cum, so he pumped harder until she came. Then, finally he had his relief. When he was finished, he collapsed beside her with his cock still inside her.

“Baby, if you promise not to scream or holler I’ll remove the gag.” When she nodded her head he removed the gag.

“Daddy can I have surprises like this more often?” She asked.

“As often as you like sweetheart. From now on you belong to daddy. You will be my little whore. You will do everything I tell you. Do you understand?” he remarked.

“Yes daddy. I’m your little whore.” she answered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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