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Cum In

I awoke slowly, first opening my eyes for a moment then allowing them to close and drift off for another few minutes. How many times I did this, I’m not sure, but each time I basked in that warm drowsy feeling that if you’ve ever experienced insomnia is something you would kill for. As always, it appeared a visit with Mark was all that I needed. When I finally opened my eyes and could keep them open I saw that it was 7am, and as I rolled over I realized Mark had gotten up. I must have really been out not to notice him leaving.

Mark was a creature of habit. Although I hadn’t heard the alarm I knew he had gotten up at 6am to go upstairs to the gym where he would work out until 8. Two full hours every day, weights, the universal, and a half hour session with the punching bag. This routine helped keep him sane. On the surface Mark did not appear to have the issues that I have had. Drug addiction is an obvious problem almost impossible to hide. Mark’s addiction is more subtle, for lack of a better term Mark is a rage-a-holic.

Having endured years of abuse at the hands of a coke addict (The one who fractured his skull) my brother has a lot of darkness inside. When he was younger this would lead to black out rages making Mark’s insomnia all the more dangerous. Just like mine, it can trigger that darkness. Where I am self destructive, Mark is pure destruction. Put in an equation it would be; Insomnia +Rage +20 years of martial arts training equals: Oh shit! Seventeen years ago when he was twenty Mark ran into his foster father Max in a bar and using cocaine lured him back to his apartment where he came within seconds of killing him. Only a great lawyer provided by a family friend got Mark off spinning it as self defense so that it appeared Max had recognized Mark and had followed him home. Max had been in critical condition for over a week. Had he died Mark might never have gotten to where he was today.

Since then, with the exception of a few bad situations his drug addled sister put him in the middle of, Mark has been able to pretty much maintain control. His theory is that he works out early so he gets the adrenalin out of his system before anybody pisses him off. Anyone who has ever watched him work the punching back walks away disturbed. Although it was over twenty years ago Mark has told me that after a few minutes all he sees is Max who beat him mostly for talking if you can believe that. If you have the nerve to stand next to my brother while he is hammering away full force at the bag you can hear him whisper “Are you still making noise?”

Of course Mark has another outlet for that darkness and the room I was lying in was the prime example of it. Those of us who enjoy the S&M lifestyle are very critical of “posers” people trying to look cool or playing at it, attending the clubs thinking they’re the shit when in reality all they are is bait for people like us. My brother is a true master of women, many of them having been broken and trained in this very bed. It is said that all Dominants were once themselves broken, and have learned to turn the tables. I myself was broken by being sexually abused.

To this day I sometimes have a hard time having sex with men when I am not fully in control, hence my tendency to dominate, however with women its different I am fine with lying back and letting them play. As for Mark; well the woman who broke him was none other than his nasty big sister. As I said earlier Mark is everything to me; brother, best friend and of course my lover of at this point almost twenty years. Rolling over onto my stomach I closed my eyes hoping to nod off again. As I lay there I reflected on our relationship.

Trust me I know that I sound like a sick puppy. I am well aware of the fact that fucking one’s brother is generally associated with West Virginia trailer parks and is universally frowned upon but I have always believed if it feels good do it and fucking my brother has always felt pretty damn good. I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t advertise it. Mark and I have kept this secret the entire time and after all these years the only thing that bothers me about it may just be the fact that it’s never bothered me. I was twenty and Mark was eighteen the night that I first seduced him and it just made sense at the time.

Back then, due to almost ten years apart, Mark and I were not that close in the sense of brother and sister. But we were very close in that we were both tortured souls who had been through and survived things that most people can’t ever understand. So close in fact that even before my taking him we slept together. This started when I would hear Mark through the adjoining bathroom we shared wake up screaming from nightmares. After a few nights I went in there and lying down with him held him and told him of my own bad dreams. After that night at least a couple of times a week we would sleep in each other’s beds.

Mark felt so good! As I had said before we both have that empty feeling inside but when we were close like that it seemed to disappear. It was as mofos porno if we as if we fit together like two pieces of a broken plate. We were the only person the other trusted. Mark was the only man I knew who would never hurt me. In fact Mark, who everyone else considered a bad ass, followed me around like a puppy dog. I think it was the fact that I knew I could control him that led me to deciding to fuck him. Well that and one other issue

I was twenty and horny as hell and on any given day I would masturbate twice a day and some days? Well let’s just say that carpal tunnel was in my near future. I was quite an attractive girl and had no problems getting dates, and although I would not refer to myself as easy, I wasn’t all that hard to get either and had no initial qualms about letting some lucky guy get a piece of my pretty little pussy and if they were really good; a sampling of these made for cock sucking lips. Problem was most of the time; because of what I went through I would get uptight or nervous, not enjoying the way I should. I knew these guys weren’t going to hurt me and I could spend all day thinking about the great time I was going to have, hell I could soak through my panties but when the time came I just couldn’t seem to cut loose. Not that the guys seemed to notice, they thought I was a pretty good lay, little did they know they weren’t getting half of what this nasty girl really wanted to give.

Meanwhile Mark was having issues of his own. Trust me when I tell you my brother was beautiful even back then. At eighteen he looked twenty one, and with those pretty features and a body that was the result of working out three hours a day, he should have getting more pussy than he could handle. Unfortunately because of what he had been through Mark still did not speak all that much and trusted no one, well that wasn’t entirely true. Mark did trust one person. Who? Why his loving big sister Megan of course! Mark did have a girlfriend at the time named Krissy who was also amazingly still cherry. Between the two of them they were too nervous to cross the line.

So here I was getting it, but nowhere near as good as I wanted it, and Mark not getting anything at all. Well hey the way I saw it we’d be helping each other. I’d be able to cut loose the way I wanted to and Mark would get over the hump so to speak. At that point he’d then be confident enough to go take his little Krissy and then she’d be benefitting as well! Whoever said I wasn’t a giver? Since then Mark and I have always been lovers. The only thing that’s changed over the years is the frequency, and that all depended on where we were in life. In our early twenties we were a constant. Matter of fact because of my issues with guys in general there was a period of a couple of years that Mark’s was the only cock I was getting. That was also the time I myself was seduced by a fellow RISD student named Betty who introduced me to the finer points of the softer sex.

During this time frame Mark and I would even go on weekend road trips to New Hampshire or New York so we could be together and not worry about getting caught. This was a dark time for both of us. I had just started getting out of control with cocaine and Mark and I both were drinking like it was a sporting event. Mark never had a problem stopping; he’d drink all weekend then go back to class on Monday. At the time he didn’t realize that it wasn’t just fun for me that I needed it. There were a lot of memories from those years good and bad, well wild and bad not so sure about the good. After that we slowed down as I was spending a lot of time in New York pretending to try to crack the local art scene but was really just getting wasted, even going so far as to take a job as an exotic dancer to support my habit. There were also several stints in rehab facilities that kept us apart.

To me Mark and I have always been the best of both worlds. We genuinely love each other as brother and sister yet fuck like lovers. When I moved to Chicago I realized that since no one knew anything about me I decided not to tell anyone I had a brother. Because I’m adopted we don’t have the same last name and our resemblance to one another is minimal I figured who would know? So when Mark came to visit I tell my friends that Mark’s an old boyfriend from back home, a friend with benefits. When I told Mark that he had laughed and said; “More like siblings with benefits.” Yeah Jerry Springer here we come.

Over the years Mark and I have never been exclusive and have a couple of rules that we follow. The first is that there is no jealousy, we both do whoever, whenever. The second is that when we are together neither of us picks up anyone else, and the last rule is that if either of us is actually involved with someone, other than pets, we lay off.

This has definitely been more my rule than his. Since I have been straight I have had several tries at happiness lasting anywhere from a couple of months with a few different guys up to Laura who at almost a year has been the longest to moms girl porno date. It’s funny because when it’s like that neither Mark nor I have any difficulty hanging back it’s as if a switch was thrown. I have always believed it’s because as much as we enjoy each other we would desperately love to see the other really happy.

I did mention that this has almost always been my call however there was a stretch a year or so ago that Mark had someone. Samantha a 24 year old Suffolk Law grad who had started out as one of Mark’s live in pets and somehow ended up in his bed every night and completely in love with him. More surprisingly was that Mark had fallen for her as well, he had even told me he thought he was in love. I was thrilled for him however a few months later he called and asked me to come see him. Samantha had left. For some reason even he couldn’t explain he had pushed her away claiming he would ruin her. When I got there Mark hadn’t slept in over a week and eventually broke down crying. My little brother had broken his own heart. Since then “The Dark Prince” (as he had been nicknamed by a few friends of his who shared our lifestyle.) has been back in full swing tearing into any young girl unlucky enough to fall sway to his killer looks and dark charisma.

So needless to say I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who greatly enjoyed last night’s welcome home fuck. This has definitely been one of our longer stretches, and seeing I’m planning on staying the week I think we’re going to do our best to make up for lost time. Unfortunately Mark had told me yesterday that he had to work this morning and it was to short notice to cancel so I would have to wait until tomorrow to wake up with him. Not that I didn’t love it anytime but I’ve always been a huge fan of sex in the morning. Waking up to a nice orgasm and a good long fuck then maybe a nice hot shower together. With a sigh I rolled over.

Lying on my back I stared up at my reflection in the mirror and kicking the sheet off, stretched and admired how my ivory skin looked against the blood red sheets. I still felt delightfully tired, but as I continued to stretch and pose in the mirror I began getting worked up, the bed the mirrors, the entire bedroom just screamed of sex and sin. Slowly I trailed my left hand down my stomach and lazily opening my legs began to caress my smooth pussy. I let out a soft sigh of pleasure and closing my eyes thought back to last night. Remembering how good my brother’s cock had felt and how hard I had cum.

Bringing my right hand to my mouth I licked my fingers and began to play with my right nipple. This time it was a moan and not exactly a soft one that escaped my lips as my fingers moved faster. I watched as I played with myself in my brother’s bed. Oh you nasty girl, I thought as I always did when I masturbated or fucked. I slipped my fingers into my hot wet pussy and pumped my hips into them. Then sliding them back up to my clit gave it a little pinch before rubbing in slow circles teasing myself.

At this point I wasn’t just thinking of last night but was envisioning an entire week in this bed. Seven days of Mark’s big beautiful cock, his soft tongue…. Oh yes, every night in every way. I thought of how hard he had taken me and knew that at some point this week when the mood was upon me I would take him just as hard. Take the time to remind Mark of who was in charge here. Little brother had been having his way with the young ones for far too long he would need a lesson. The Image of Mark on his knees kissing my feet and begging to kiss more drove me over the edge and arching my back I came long and loud. I then brought my fingers to my mouth and after tasting myself sighed contentedly and rolling back over on my stomach fell right back to sleep.

When I awoke I glanced over at the clock and saw it was only 8:30. I was still lying on my stomach and after a couple of minutes I began to slide myself back and forth a bit. The satin sheets were caressing my erect nipples and I could feel myself getting wet yet again damn what a great night’s sleep, and this bed could do for me! Looking up my face was only a foot from the mirror and in the reflection I saw myself lying there one long leg poking out from the covers. I started to grind my pussy into the bed and was just getting ready to slide my hand underneath to my pussy (on a lazy day I could do this all day just play and sleep) when I heard the door knob turn.

Quickly I put my head down and pretended to be asleep. I felt him approach the bed and a few seconds later I felt a gentle kiss on the bottom of my foot. I stayed still and then giggled like a girl when I felt him flick his tongue across the bottom of my toes.

“Faker.” Mark said. He then slowly licked the entire length of my foot. My brother has one hell of a foot fetish and I have never complained about it. I mean you haven’t lived until you’ve had a hot, professional man worshipping your feet.

“That’s nice” I whispered. Mark grabbed the sheet and pulled it off momsbangteens porno of me. Then began kissing and licking my other foot.

“I thought you had to work.” I said. His response was to move from my foot to my calf, as I lay there, my dripping pussy making a puddle on the sheet, Mark worked his lips all the way up the backs of my legs, getting another giggle as he kissed the backs of my knees, and then a moan as parting my legs he kissed my inner thigh. Mark pushed my legs further open and lied down between them. I raised my hips off the bed, and let out a soft whimper as he plunged his tongue into my pussy from behind then trailed it back to swirl around my clit.

Mark grabbed the bottom of my ass and spread me wide open and unlike last night’s assault this time sucked gently in a slow steady rhythm.

“Ohhh, that’s nice.” I said as he slipped two fingers into my pussy. I then let out a squeal as moving his mouth, he pushed his tongue into my ass.

“Look at you being a nasty boy.” I whispered. Then another moan as he went back to my clit. I slowly slid my ass up and down so that he was licking the length of my pussy, then stopped and let him return to sucking.

“Faster,” I begged. “Please just a little faster.” Mark obeyed and less than a minute later I came in his face. As I collapsed face down on the bed he returned to kissing, now working his way up the middle of my back. It felt sooo sweet. Mark knew my body like no other and knew that by getting me off first he could take his time. Pushing my long hair to the side he continued up between my shoulder blades.

I folded my arms under my chin to hold my head up and watched, pussy dripping more than ever, as my brother slowly crawled up between my legs. Now completely over me his arms on either side, he lowered himself, and I moaned loudly as his cock slid down the length of my pussy. Mark didn’t go inside instead he continued to tease each time his cock stroking my clit and making a wet sound as it slid against and away from my pussy. I wanted it inside bad, but I was so relaxed I let him take his time.

Finally after several more teases Mark slid his huge hard cock all the way inside and holding it there bent his head over and began kissing the inside of my neck. As he did his eyes were open and we looked into each other’s eyes. I smiled at him as he began to nibble my ear. What could be better than this? That question was answered as Mark began to literally do push up’s coming almost completely out then driving back in. Watching in the mirror I could see his beautiful prick glistening from my juices, plunging in and out, almost as good was watching his arms flex as he raised and lowered himself in and out of me.

He was delivering slow steady strokes that were driving me crazy and I began whimpering with every one of them. Mark stopped and sliding himself out grabbed my shoulder and pulled, I rolled over onto my back and Mark immediately slid inside and began pumping me slowly. I wrapped my long legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I pulled him down into me and we kissed. A long slow passionate kiss as he continued to use those long steady strokes. I moaned into his mouth and he slid his arms underneath me so he was completely on top of me.

I looked up and admired the sight of myself wrapped around him. I could see the long scratches I had left last night and gently traced them with my fingers, not hurting just rubbing. My Ivory skin wrapped around his tanned flesh was a sexy contrast. As rough as he was last night was as sweet as he was being this morning. Once again Mark knew exactly what I wanted. He began to speed up and I whispered.

“Stop.” When he did I told him; “Lie back it’s my turn.”

Mark smiled and rolled over onto his back I rolled over on top of him and after briefly tonguing his nipples slid down between his legs and took his prick into my mouth. I groaned in pleasure at the taste of myself off of his hard flesh. Unlike last night when it was force fed to me, I took the time to fully appreciate how amazing his cock was, licking the length of his shaft and rubbing it along my face. After a few minutes of teasing I took the entire length right down to his balls. Almost 12″ of cock down my throat.

“Ohh damn.” Mark moaned. There were very few women who could take the entire length the way I could. I swirled my tongue around and shook my head getting a louder moan out of him. I could feel his thighs begin to tremble. I removed him from my mouth with a wet slurping sound.

“Not yet little brother.” I told him. I slid up and bracing my hands on his chest pulled my legs up so I was squatting over him and drove myself full force down onto his cock. We both cried out in ecstasy oh my god was he fucking deep! Pushing against his muscular chest I began to bounce up and down on him. We were both sweating and moaning. I let my legs go out along side of him and leaning back with my elbows on his knees placed my feet on the bed and began lifting myself on and off his cock. I watched again in the mirror as I rode him. Thinking; look at you, you dirty fucking whore! Riding your little brother’s cock! Breaking the rules, taking what you want! I let out a startled yip as Mark reached out and putting his thumb on my clit began to work it in small circles.

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