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This is the second part of a story of a brother and sister who are in love. While you can read this part without reading the first it might work a little better if you do.

All of the characters in this story are over 18. Thanks for reading.


I slowly climbed from the depths of sleep, my mind clouded and my thinking sluggish. I became aware that something was different. Actually, many things were different. I was naked and there was a man beneath my body. He was warm, breathing regularly and had his arms around me.

Everything came flooding back to me in such a rush I let a little “eeep!” escape my lips.

“Tim! Oh, Tim!” I gasped and snaked my arms around his neck, buried my face in the crook of his shoulder and kissed his skin over and over. I felt his body shake beneath me and then heard him laughing. I felt his hands collect my hair and comb it with his fingers so that it lay down my back.

I was still straddling him and could feel the wet, sticky mess where our crotches were joined. “How long have I been asleep?” I asked.

“Only about three or four minutes. I think the emotional release knocked you out more than the physical release. I know my emotions are soaring all over the place right now.”

“Your emotions are soaring?”

Tim laughed and then kissed the top of my head. “Yeah, I’m so happy I’d say I’m euphoric. You are so special that I can’t even believe this is real.”

“It is real though, isn’t it. I don’t want this to be a dream. I want this so much.” My voice was a soft, nervous flutter. I hugged Tim tighter and molded my body to him as close as I could.

Tim laughed some more and gently caressed me, stroking my hair, running his hands up and down my back. “Don’t worry Sara, this is as real as it gets.”

I raised up so that I could cradle his face in may hands. I couldn’t resist, I just started kissing him – his eyes, his nose, cheeks, chin, forehead, ears and lips. “Tim, I love you. I truly, truly love you. I have never wanted anything more in this world than to have you for my own. I want to be yours, and only yours.”

“OK, OK, deep breath and relax. Slow down a minute babe, you’ll hyperventilate.” His strong hands came to rest on my shoulders, they were so warm against my bare skin. They were a little rough, the way a man’s hands should be. They were big and powerful. Just feeling them on me gave me a feeling of calm, of safety.

“Now look, we have the rest of tonight. Tomorrow’s Saturday so you don’t have work and I don’t go in until 4:30 so we have all morning and most of the afternoon together. I meant it when I said we have all the time you want so there is no need to rush. Let’s take a shower. I didn’t eat at the restaurant because I left early so I’m a little hungry so we can have something to eat after. And the whole time we can talk and just be with each other. This is big, huge so let’s take our time and relax and enjoy. OK?”

I just kept smiling and nodding my head up and down. I couldn’t speak because my throat was so tight with emotion. My eyes were brimming with tears. Slowly I raised up off of Tim, separating our bodies and stepping off his bed. Tim sat up and then stood beside me. He took hold of my hand and lead me across the hall to the bathroom we shared.

When the water was the right temperature Tim stepped in but he didn’t stand under the flow. He held out his hand and guided me in, turning me so my back was to the shower head. He moved closer and then, with his hands on my shoulders, had me step back a little more. Calmly he placed two fingers under my chin and tilted my head back until the water soaked my hair. I raised my arms to bunch my hair together and soak it but Tim stopped me.

“No, I’ve got this. Your hair, like everything else about you, is beautiful. I have wanted to do this for so long. Please let me do it.” His voice was strong but loving. The look in his eyes was so sweet I could have melted.

“OK,” I whispered and looked down at my two hands, one holding the other just in front of my pussy.

Tim washed my hair. It was an amazing feeling ankara escort to have a man standing with me in the shower, taking his time and slowly, thoroughly massaging my scalp and washing my long, thick hair to the tips. After rinsing all of the shampoo away Tim put conditioner in, working it into the tangled, wet clump from the roots to the ends. I closed my eyes and just let Tim pamper me.

I wanted to tell him just how much he was turning me on. I wanted to say how much this simple but intimate act was making me want him even more. I wanted to let him know how my body and emotions were reacting without me being able to control them. A warmth grew inside my core, deep within me, in and behind my pussy and belly and in my heart.

I opened my eyes to see Tim smiling down at me. He had the bottle of body wash and started to drizzle it on my body. He used his big, masculine hands to spread the suds all over me. His hands felt so good as they roamed my body. My nipples stood as erect they’d ever been as he randomly passed over them time and again. Tim moved to my side and ran his hand in a circular pattern on my back. Each time he moved lower until he was gliding over the globes of my ass.

Without any notice Tim slipped his hand between my cheeks and pushed his fingers over my asshole, exiting to cup and squeeze my glute. I could not prevent the sharp intake of breath as I felt his fingers pass over my puckered hole. As one hand roamed over my butt the other began to move on my tummy and, just as he did on my back, his hand crept lower and lower on my abdomen. As he neared my shaved mound I was tingling in anticipation. Then his hand slipped down over my thigh, then back up, across and down the other.

“Timmmmm,” I moaned. I couldn’t help myself. He was teasing me. I looked at him through half closed eyes and saw a wicked smile on his face.

When his hand delved between my thighs and rode over my vulva I groaned and reached out to grip his hip. Tim’s next action was breathtaking. Both hands started at about the same level then slithered down until one parted my ass cheeks and the other parted my swollen labia.

“Ooooooooooo,” I moaned as both hands rose up a bit and then continued down. I felt his big fingers press firmly against my engorged clit and probe my tight, little pink star in the rear. Tim’s middle finger crawled from my clit to slip inside my vagina. He twirled it in a manner that made it feel as if he were inspecting the fleshy walls of my love tunnel. My eyes closed and I surrendered to the pleasurable sensations Tim was creating. At the same time he kept up a rhythmic pressure and release behind me.

Suddenly, he stopped! Both hands left my body.

“Noooooo, don’t stop,” I whined.

“Time to rinse you off,” he laughed.

Tim turned and bent my body in the water flow, rinsing the conditioner from my hair and the foam from my body. He was meticulous in ensuring that every crevice was squeaky clean. Tim placed his hands on my hips as he kissed me.

“Don’t move,” he instructed me as he knelt in front of me. His eyes seemed riveted to my Mons. “Damn, Sara, every part of you I see is more enticing than the last.”

Tim leaned forward and kissed my mound. Agonizingly slowly he kissed his way lower, bending his neck until his mouth was underneath my pussy and his sexy, brown eyes were looking straight up my body at me. When his tongue sneaked out to part my lips and extend into my cunt I grabbed his hair to steady myself as I felt my body begin to quake. His hands were kneading my ass as his tongue worked magic inside my vagina, between my lips and on up to my love button. I could feel an incredibly powerful orgasm building.

I didn’t know that I was almost pulling Tim’s hair from his head as I grunted, “Tim, I’m … going … to … cum.”

He sucked my clit between his lips and wiggled his tongue against it sending me over the edge.

“Ooohhhh shhiiiiiitttt! Uunnnnggggghhhh!” My orgasm ripped through me, vibrating every every fiber in me. It was the first time I ever came from oral sex. I doubled over, withdrawing escort ankara my pelvis from Tim’s oral wizardry, now embracing his head in my arms as my breasts rested on him. My god how I loved this man.

Tim didn’t move until I recovered and pulled him up to stand in front of me. “My turn!” I laughed.

Washing his hair was easy, except I had to reach up to get to the top of his head making my breasts press against him. I could feel his tumescent phallus bouncing against and between my thighs. I poured the body wash on his shoulders and rubbed it on his chest and back. The feel of his muscles under my hands was sensuous and started my juices flowing again, especially as I worked up and down his washboard abs.

I moved behind him and playfully ‘scrubbed’ his back with my boobs. My nipples were hard enough I wouldn’t have been surprised if they left scratch marks on his skin. I slid my hands over both his hips and surrounded his cock with one and cupped his balls with the other. His dick was so thick and hard it felt like a softball bat. I stroked the length of his shaft from base to tip while letting my fingers tickle his balls.

“Sara, don’t stop. That’s perfect,” he barked as he reached behind to pull my hips more snugly against him.

I was so excited I naturally sped up my pace.

“Yes, keep going.”

I could feel his cock swell and then I peered over his shoulder to watch the cum shoot from it in thick strings that arced and fell to the floor of the shower.

Tim grunted deep in his throat with each throb. “Ungh, Ungh,” and then relaxed with a long exhale.

He turned and pulled my face to him kissed me. “That was fantastic,” he smiled.

We finished up rinsing the suds off both our bodies and stepped out to towel off, each of us wearing these stupid grins as we constantly looked at the other. I ran from the bath and into Tim’s room. Pulling open a drawer from his dresser I grabbed a pair of his boxers and slipped them on.

“What the heck are you doing,” Tim asked.

“I’m wearing your clothes, silly,” I teased. “I’m just doing what girlfriends do, wearing their boyfriend’s things.” I pulled a t-shirt that I always liked seeing him in, with the logo of a hockey camp, over my head. I pulled a pair of his sweatpants out and stepped into them. I rolled the top over several times so they would stay on my hips but still they pooled around my ankles, covering my feet so only my toes were exposed.

“There,” I declared, “all set.”

“Don’t expect me to be wearing your clothes,” Tim announced.

“Except that you’d stretch them out, I think you might look cute in a pair of my panties.”

“Not happenin’, babe.”

“You know I’m only teasing. I love how masculine you are, it’s just part of who you are and part of the total package that turns me on. Now, let’s get you fed.”

I made scrambled eggs and bacon for him. I served him at the kitchen table and poured a glass of OJ for him, too. I had this sudden, overwhelming feeling of domesticity, a man and a woman in traditional gender roles. Normally, I would bristle at any suggestion of a woman being automatically relegated to a subservient role, but this felt right. When Tim finished eating we moved to the den. He let me push him into a corner of the couch where I crawled between his legs and lay back against his chest. It seemed so natural when he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

“Wow, could I get used to this,” Tim sighed.

“Yeah, me too. It just feels right. By the way, what’s with the ‘babe’ thing? You’ve called me babe twice tonight.” I asked.

“Remember when I was dating Tina? I started calling her ‘babe’ and she liked it. It’s just a girlfriend nickname. If you don’t like it I’ll try to stop.”

“No,” I thought out loud, “No, I think I like it. Any nickname you’d like me to call you?”

“Nah, if one develops naturally then fine. So far you’ve referred to me as your ‘man’ and I like that.”

I snuggled in closer to him just loving the feel of his warmth and solidness under me. I wasn’t capable of holding it back ankara escort bayan so I said it again, “I am so happy right now.”

I received another kiss on my head and a slight tightening of his embrace.

“I’m suddenly feeling very sleepy and I have to say, I don’t want to wait another minute to sleep in your bed next to you for the whole night.”

“Then let’s go to bed.”

I jumped up and raced to his room. Tim started running to catch up and I leapt and dove onto his bed. I stripped off every piece of his clothes and crawled between the sheets.

“You better not hog the covers,” Tim playfully warned as he, too, stripped and crawled in behind me. We spooned and I felt his breath through my hair as I drifted off, warm, safe and happy.


In the morning I sensed the light coming in the window. I came awake, confused for a moment, but then thrilled to remember I was in Tim’s room, in his bed, with him sleeping beside me. I managed to control my elation and just allowed a huge smile to cover my face. Then a salacious, and also devious, thought developed.

I cautiously peeled the covers back to reveal Tim’s naked body as he lay asleep on his back. His flaccid cock lay on his thigh and his balls looked like eggs in a leather pouch. I deliberately lifted his meat with my forefinger and thumb and then lowered my mouth on him. Tim stirred a little and started to try and roll over but I resolutely held him with my mouth and he stopped. I swirled my tongue over and around the soft skin of the purple head. Within moments I started to feel him swelling. I have no idea how fast the average cock gets hard but Tim’s seemed to grow to full staff in no time. It was so big I had trouble keeping it in my mouth.

I held it just below the glans and placed my tongue flat against it at the base. I slowly licked in one long, slow, wet trail to the pee hole. As I passed through the channel under the head I saw Tim wake up. He raised his head and looked down at me in a daze. I stared straight into his eyes trying to communicate how happy I was.

“Sara,” he gasped.

I was too engrossed in trying to take his mushroom head into my mouth. Once I had it all in I worked to move my head up and down on him. I was drooling like crazy as I tried to bob on his massive dick. My saliva ran down the shaft and I used it as lube to run both my hands up and down the length of him. A friend of mine told me that twisting your hands in opposite directions drove guys wild so I tried it. I didn’t have a lot of experience blowing guys so it was hard to coordinate all of the actions.

I must have been doing something right, though, because Tim was pumping his hips a little and moaning.

“Oh, Sara, that is fantastic. I’m gonna blow pretty quickly, hon. I’m warning you as best I can.”

I didn’t care. That was my whole intent, to make him cum. What better way to show a lover how much he means to you than to wake him up by getting him off.

“Sara,” he croaked and I felt him expand a fraction more. My mouth was flooded with a huge amount of warm, thick, gooey cum. While I wasn’t overly into the taste of cum, I tried to swallow as much as fast as I could but I was unable to keep up. I think I got most of the first release down my throat but the second and third came so quickly I choked a bit and a lot started to dribble out of my mouth. I raised my head as I coughed and the last couple of spurts splashed on my lips and chin.

Tim ran his fingers through my hair, sweeping it away from my face. I started to try and lick up all the cum that had spilled over his genitals and my hands but he stopped me.

“It’s OK, hon. You don’t have to clean me up. I’ll just grab a towel and wipe it up.”

He got up and headed to the bathroom. I followed him with my hands sticky with his jizz.

“Hey, what’s with calling me ‘hon’? That’s a little more than a girlfriend thing. That’s what Dad calls Mom lots of the time.”

“Yeah, I know. They’ve been together for over 25 years and they still love each other so much. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and looked at you sleeping next to me and I couldn’t help but think of them. I guess that just triggered me to start calling you hon,” he explained.

Once again, I felt my eyes well up with the strength of the emotion rolling over me.

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