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Just two beers and then I’m out of here. The barkeep is a squirrely little shit and there ain’t nothing happ’nin in this dried up hotel bar. There’s a tittie bar up the road and I’ll take a cab so when the girls start looking good I won’t need to worry about getting back. I tipped my head back and just as the last drop drained from the mug a hand slid across my lower back and up to rest on my shoulder.

Even though I knew the stool to my left was about to be filled, I looked right. Looked down to the hand that rested on my shoulder. Smooth long fingers, nice emerald ring, and red, long bright red, finger nails. I set the mug down, turned left and watched her slide up on the stool. Her long denim skirt was cut to fit and slit to mid thigh, and left no doubt that they went all the way up.

She was a big woman and I hadn’t even looked past her leg. The western style blouse fit tight to her body. Three or was it four open buttons drew my eyes to a low hung and nicely proportioned pair of un-haltered beauties.

I raised my eyes to meet hers for the first time. Deep black! They were bottomless and tantalizingly cold. Filled with mystery. Her lips were painted in red and a smile spread wide across her face as she recognized my interest.

“Barkeep, set the lady up and bring me another!”

“I’ll have a Fuzzy Navel”

“Be right there.”

“Jim. I’m Jim and you?”

“I’m Martha. Nice to meet you Jim.”

We chatted over a couple of drinks. During that time she never once dropped her hand from my shoulder. She even turned me from time to time just so I’d get a good eye full of cleavage and some times just a glimpse of erect nipple.

She was a local and the barkeep, her brother ( yea the one I called “little shit” ), had set us up. She likes a big man. A man she don’t have to look down on.

“A six foot-one woman has to look hard to find a man that can dance with out slobbering all over my tits”.

“Well honey, did you find what you are looking for?”

“I don’t know yet but if you’d like to go a few rounds on the dance floor?”

I looked around to see if there was a juke box but she had other ideas.

“A cross town. There is a place where we can dance. They have a swing band. If you can handle a big girl that is.”

“Honey, you get us there and I’ll take the lead on the floor.”

She reached over took a hand full of my manhood and gently gave me a couple of strokes as the answer. I nodded my thanks to the barkeep, left ataşehir escort bayan a big tip and we departed in her F350 Power Stroke Diesel. Dual rear wheels and all 9 feet of bed. Shit, I hope she don’t play ruff. I’m not sure I could handle her.

In the ten minutes it took to get there she had undone my slacks and was obviously pleased with the size of my balls. Once she got parked she began stroking me with her other hand. I don’t recall when, but sometime during the trip, her blouse had opened completely and I was indulged caressing her rock hard nipples.

“Once these are primed I’m going to treat myself to a big explosion.”

“Honey if you keep that up it will be now not later!”

With that said, she leaned over and sucked the per-cum off its head with a kiss. Then she leaned back and let me suck her tits for a few minutes before we closed up and went into the club. Once inside we simply took to the dance floor. I couldn’t believe it she should have been a hippo but she danced like an angle on a silken cloud. Anticipated my every move and even though she was big I could lift her effortlessly. We glided across the floor like we had been dancing partners for years.

Several sets later she suggested that we go back to her place. She had a nice apartment near by. We were both sweated but that didn’t stop us from taking our time. She sat on the bed while I kneeled in front and unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts were beauties, attached low on her long body and free swinging as she tried to kick off her shoes.

I had non of that! With her foot in my lap I slid my hands all the way up over the garters to the edge of her panties, the back of my hand rubbed her damp crouch in time with her soft purr and then back down to remove her shoe. She rubbed my crouch with her nylon clad foot while I made yet another excursion. This time I unsnapped the garters and like a condom I rolled the nylon down her leg and off the tip of her toe. Like the first I repeated on the other.

She stood between my legs and the already unzipped skirt slid down her long legs. The black garter belt quickly followed. I almost shot my load as she pushed her musty pussy into my face. Several deep breaths and I was in heaven. The waist band of her panties snapped across my nose and drug across my chin as she forced them down. Or was it me that pulled them down. All I know is that I had both hands full of ass and my face was burred in the best musty pussy escort kadıöy I’d ever tasted.

She ground into my face and stepped out of her panties at the same time. I pushed to get her to the bed but she just grabbed my head and plunged me deeper into her crouch. I almost smothered. But, then, what a way to go!

She pulled at my shoulders and I stood to embrace her. We kissed but it didn’t last long before she was at my shirt. It was no sooner stripped off my shoulders and down my arms and she yanked my sweat soaked T-shirt over my head. My trousers slid down taking my shorts with them. I could do nothing as my shoes were stopping me form ridding myself of the trousers and shorts.

She threw me to the bed and took my balls in one hand and my cock in the other. It was already leaking and she had to stroke slowly to keep it from firing right then and there. She turned, spread her legs over my knees and with my cock sliding all over her pussy she undid my shoes and helped me kick off my trousers and shorts.

For a second I thought she was going to sit on my cock and fuck me that way but instead she sat on my chest and played with my balls and cock until I was sure that I would explode. Just as my cum was about to erupt she stopped. She crawled off and while she was bent over I stood and tried to ram her from behind. She didn’t like that! Once she got turned around she grabbed me by the arm pits and threw me to the bed.

Her tits swaying she walked on her knees until her spread pussy was in my face. Her gaping hole was dripping smoldering hot pussy juice all over my face. She took my hand and separated three fingers then pushed them all the way up her pussy. I got the message and I finger fucked her until she pulled them out. I lapped up every drop of pussy juice and wished she would sit on my face until I smothered.

I got my wish. She turned around and mounted my face grinding her juicy meat on my tongue while she jacked my cock. The faster she stroked me the deeper I tried to get my tongue. Suddenly she screamed, her legs cinched my head between her legs. I couldn’t breath but I was still going to cum. My cock exploded in her hand just as she drenched my face in her cum.

I squirmed out from under her just in time to keep from passing out. She slammed me back into position and lapped the cum off my balls and them sucked me until I was fully hard again. This time she mounted herself on my cock and fucked me until she collapsed maltepe escort in her second orgasm.

We showered together for nearly an hour. I played with her tits and she my balls. I dropped off to sleep with her rolling my balls between her fingers and another raging hard on. When I woke she was spread eagle and I couldn’t resist breakfast at the ‘Y’. My tongue separated her lips and found her clit. It grew hard instantly and I sucked it until she started to stir. It popped out for a second but then her hands drove my head down. I found it again.

She was ready but she was fighting it. Now she pushed me away.

“I want you. Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

I brought my cock to her pussy and aimed it between her lips. Its head slid up and down between the length of her lips some twenty or thirty times teasing her. She raised her hips to meet me and I pulled back. She settled back down and I slid it part way into her. Again she raised up getting almost all of it before I pulled back again. Time and time agin she would raise up to get it all only to have me take it away.

“Please give it to me. Please don’t make me take it from you. Just once I want to be fucked like a real woman.”

I lowered myself to meet her raised hips and drove my cock as deep as it would go. Her pussy sucked me all they way in then relaxed. I pulled back just a little and her pussy tightened. I drove it back to the bottom and, again, waited for her to relax. Agin I pulled back just a little and she tightened. I drove it to the bottom for the third time and waited for her to relax.

Not his time! Her pussy began to convulse rolling its tight grip from the root of my manhood to the tip of its head over and over again. She didn’t need any help. Her pussy was doing everything for me. Hell I was on top and she still had control. Or did she?

Her eyes were shut but that didn’t stop the tears. They rolled down her cheeks like rain drops. She was going to cum and maybe for the first time ever she wasn’t in control and she didn’t want to be. She would cum so would I but neither of us knew which would be first.

In nearly thirty minutes I hadn’t moved my cock. Only her contractions stimulated it. Our tongues were dancing together. I was holding back my load but that wasn’t going to last much longer. Suddenly she extracted her tongue and took a deep breath. I again looked into her eyes and watched the climax come over her face.

“Thank you. Thank you” She whispered.

Her pussy relaxed but it was too late. During the longest orgasm I’ve ever had my cum drained into her. Her tears stopped and a smile came to her face. My cock was drained and it was shriveled yet she remained motionless still under me and hugging me for nearly an hour.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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