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Sherrie Smith, an energetic and lovely teenager, gathered her suitcase from her car and walked up the front walkway to the house. The drive was long from the city where she went to college to her parents home. Sherrie was definitely ready for her spring break vacation at home. When she walked in the house her Dad, Mirc and her Mom, Laura greeted her. Hugging her daddy liked she’d always done pressing her ripe tits against his arm. Hi baby! He exclaimed, trying to not be obvious as his eyes roamed over her glorious figure from her shapely legs to her lush young tits.

Happy Birthday!!! They both yelled hugging their baby girl. Mirc couldn’t help but notice how much his little girl was growing up. Sherrie was 19 today and had grown up oh so well. Despite the fact that he’d just finished fucking Sherrie’s mom, Laura not an hour before, the sight of Sherrie’s ripe jiggling breasts in her college cheerleading outfit caused his heavy cock to start pumping itself up again inside his pants. His mind in a whirl realizing what he was thinking, Mirc was rocked with shame and disgust. That’s my very own daughter I’m getting a boner over, he thought! What am I doing he thought as his cock began to pulse?

“Now go and get ready for your Birthday party now, the guests will be arriving soon! And we don’t want the guest czech couples porno of honor not ready!” Laura said. Ducking around her dad Sherrie hurried up the steps to her room to shower and put on a new outfit she just bought. Mirc watched her ass as she walked off, his eyes lingering.

Leaving her bedroom door slightly open, Sherrie laid the clothes out on the bed thinking that if Mom saw them now she’d go ballistic! No fucking way Mom would let me wear this if she knew! Giggling, Sherrie thought that as a college freshman and cheerleader for the University, she was old enough and that if the house were full of enough guests then her Mom would have to bite her lip and not dare say a word!

Turning on the shower Sherrie swiftly peeled off her clothes. As she passed by her window naked she caught a glimpse of her brother Paul standing out by the large pool in the back yard. Watching Paul’s muscles work as he cleaned the pool, “MMMMMM” she thought, my older brother is turning into quite a stud! All the girls say he’s so cute. Sherrie thought about the comments she overheard over the years at parties in town or from girlfriends teasing her saying that her brother’s cock measured a staggering 9-inches!

Sherrie wondered if the stories about her brother having a massive cock czech estrogenolit porno were true. Dreaming of her brother’s huge 9-inch cock being in the same house with her just in the next bedroom every night, she began to run her hands over her naked body, rubbing her nipples and sliding her fingers in her cunt as she peeked out the upstairs bedroom window.

Sherries Dad, Mirc, knew he shouldn’t have gone upstairs and certainly shouldn’t have peeked in Sherrie’s cracked bedroom door. Mirc’s eyes widened and he gasped when he peered into Sherrie’s room seeing her staring out her window standing totally naked. Mirc was swept with incredible lust as well as extreme guilt to be lusting after his very own daughter! Swallowing hard he leaned in closer and stared, his once limp cock now swelled fast and pulsed with his heart beat increasing at the sight of his beautiful totally naked teenage daughter.

Sherrie continued to stare out the window and began to touch her awesome tits and rub her wet pussy. Mirc couldn’t believe the sight. He’d known from her outfits that she had a good body but he never realized his daughter would look so perfect.

God he thought, Sherrie is a fucking wet dream come true! He’d known a lot of lovely girls but his daughter was sexy as hell! czech first video porno Not only did she have a great face her body was out of this world! A tiny waist, rounded hips, a heart shaped ass, firmly muscled belly and legs, and those amazing tits! God, even now as she stood staring out the window they stuck straight out like they were made of rubber or something! What ever Sherrie was staring at out the window was getting her hot because she cupped one tit then the other, squeezing them gently, working her fingers around her hardening nipples. Her mouth dropped open in a slight moan.

Mirc was having trouble! His cock was as hard as steel and he ached to stroke it as he watched his luscious naked daughter from the cracked doorway. Wondering what could she be looking at? My god she’s so hot! Just at this moment, Sherrie’s Mom Laura called out from downstairs, “MIRC, I NEED YOU TO HELP ME!!”

Shit!!! He thought as he was glued to Sherries every curve and the deep tan lines on her smooth round ripe firm asscheeks. Gathering himself he adjusted his pants to go back downstairs and as he did he looked out the window and saw his son, Paul, cleaning the pool. Paul was wearing tiny shorts with no shirt.

“MMMMMM” he wondered, could it be that Sherrie was getting turned on looking at her own brother! Oh FUCK! Mirc’s head was spinning with both shame and lust for his daughter then anger that she’d be lusting after her own brother! Shit! Oh NO! Could they be up to something he thought? Mirc walked downstairs to help Laura, his head still spinning and cock still throbbing from staring at his own daughter’s hot naked body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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