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Chapter 4: Four Makes a Full House

Shauna sat on the love seat in her living room, nude, drinking her morning cup of coffee. Her feet were tucked up under her as she mused about turns of events in her life. Her husband had been killed in a work related accident four years ago. She missed him greatly but was glad that the insurance and lawsuit settlement had left her financially comfortable. She owned her large, four bedroom house, two cars, or rather a car – Corvette – and a quad cab Dodge Ram pickup, and had a very, very nice monthly income. Her eighteen year old son – or rather stepson, Billy, also owned his own car, a roadster that he had built himself.

Billy. Hmmmm. Events over the past few weeks were the reason she could sit comfortably nude in her own living room. Recent events and enough money to a system in her house that allowed for individual climate control for each room. Rooms could be cool enough to sleep comfortably – or fuck comfortably – Shauna grinned, thinking, and warm enough quickly to be nude.

Nude. It felt delicious, sexy. But then, sex had been most of what Shauna had done during the past few weeks, wonderful sex. And last night had been the best. She had fucked her son and his best friend and new lover. She had had cocks in her mouth, cunt and asshole.

Her new sexual freedom in the house had begun with her discovery that her son was bisexual and had the hots for his best friend, Curt. Curt was a young black man and they had been longtime classmates and were about to graduate together. She had talked with Billy about her discovery and one thing led to another, until she found herself with his cock inside every opening she had. Once the line had been crossed, there was no turning back and mot a day had passed since then that she and Billy had not had some form or sex, usually both before he left for school and after he returned home.

Shauna had been the teacher and Billy the student. She had taught her son how to eat her pussy, how to fuck for maximum pleasure, how to gently fuck her asshole.

Billy had been an eager and adept student, learning quickly. There was nothing he had not wanted to do with her. He had loved anything oral, eating her pussy with as much enjoyment as he had when she sucked his cock. He had even licked his cum from her pussy with as much enjoyment as cuming in her mouth when she sucked him off.

Last night there had been a new, and pleasurable twist in their relationship. Curt had moved in with them, angry with his parents for kicking his sister, Danielle, out of the house. According to Curt, her father, a minister, and her mother had caught Danielle having sex in her bedroom with a female college classmate.

Last night also, Billy had discovered that his sexual desire was reciprocated by Curt and they had explored sex with the same sex for the first time. Afterward, she, Billy, and Curt had had some of the wildest and most enjoyable sex she had ever had.

This morning, she had gotten up and quietly opened the door to Billy’s room. Both young men still sleeping nude on Billy’s king size bed. Both had erections, as men often do when they sleep. She had grinned to herself as she wondered how long they had stayed up fucking and sucking each other after their sex with her.

Softly closing their door, she had gone down to her kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee, drinking it nude, as had become her habit since she and Billy had discovered each other sexually.

As Shauna’s mind moved through the events, she realized that she was playing with her pussy with one hand. She was wet enough to slide fingers inside herself easily. She sighed deeply as she moved her fingers from her wet cunt to her mouth, sucking her juices off them. She loved the sex with Billy and Curt, and before that with Billy alone. It had been so erotic to fuck the stepson she had raised since he was four, and he was so excited by her, but she missed having sex with another woman, missed the taste and feel of pussy on her tongue. Her hand returned to her own pussy, coating itself, then to her mouth again.

She put the coffee on the end table by the love seat and began playing with both hands, one in her pussy and the other squeezing her nipples. Although she didn’t want to wake Billy and Curt, as they may have been “up” all night, she wished they would come down stairs and find her this way, eat her, fuck her again, let her suck them and taste their cum again.

She heard herself moaning as she finger-fucked herself then move her fingers to her clit, massaging. God, she felt hot, wonderfully aroused, knowing she should stop and save her sexual energy for when her son and his new lover woke up. But she couldn’t. Although she had had several climaxes last night, her body and lust-filled mind needed another one. Right now!

Shauna began to shudder as she came, grunting loud enough that the boys would have heard her in their room, had they been awake. Finishing, she licked her fingers clean one last time, amatör porno then sighed deeply, stretched and yawned.

Mmmmmmm. She loved having her nipples sucked when she stretched. She would have to do that later with Billy’s lips on one and Curt’s on the other. She was still aroused and wanted to start again, but this time resisted the urge, saving herself for her new partners.

Her thinking was suddenly interrupted by a noise that sounded like a soft knock on the door. She was about to ignore it as anyone who wanted could ring her doorbell, but when she heard it a second time, she got up to investigate.

Arriving at the door, she looked into the security monitor. The camera was picking up the image of a young Black woman wearing a tee shirt, shivering uncontrollably in the cool morning air.

Shauna recognized the woman as Curt’s sister, Danielle. They had never actually met, but had seen each other before.

Without any hesitation – her mothering instinct overriding her nudity – Shauna opened the door to Danielle’s shocked gaze.

“Come in Danielle, before you freeze to death.” Shauna invited the woman, then realized her nudity. “I wasn’t expecting anyone.” She continued. “I hope this doesn’t bother you.”

“Then Curt isn’t here?”

“No, he’s here, upstairs sleeping with Billy.”

Shauna felt her face and upper body flush with mild embarrassment as she saw the quizzical look in Danielle’s face. She knew the young woman was wondering why she was nude with her son and the woman’s brother in the house.

“Come in.” Shauna’s voice urged again, breaking into the unspoken question, knowing that more questions would arise if the boys were to wake and come downstairs nude and erect, as she knew they would be. Everyone would feel awkward, even though Curt and his sister had seen each other nude before. In fact, Curt had informed them last night that although they had never fucked, he and Danielle and engaged in oral sex on a somewhat regular basis for several years.

As Danielle entered the room, Shauna noticed that she was braless under the tee shirt and her nipples were hard and poked out with the cold.

Noticing the older woman’s eyes fixed on her breasts, Danielle asked. “Did Curt tell you about what happened?” Shauna nodded and Danielle continued. “I was kicked out with nothing but what I had on. I was so angry that I didn’t think about getting a coat.”

“Where did you stay last night?” Shauna’s eyes moved from hard nipples to face.

“I spent the night in a 24 hour laundramat.” Danielle replied. “It was the only warm place I could find.”

She didn’t tell her that that is how she lost her bra, trading it and a hand job to a man in the laundramat for some money. They were the only two there about two this morning and he had offered to pay her for sex. She hadn’t let him fuck her, but had reluctantly agreed to jack him off, topless. Afterward, he had thrown in another $20.00 and enough change for her to use the phone in exchange for keeping her bra as a souvenir. She had used the change to call a friend and learned that Curt had left home and was staying with his friend, Billy. She had planned to use some of the money to get something to eat, as she had not eaten all day, but with her new knowledge had used it instead to get a cab to get here.

“You poor thing . . .” Shauna instinctively hugged the still shivering young woman, warming her cold body. “I am so sorry for what happened, and I think your parents were flat wrong. In this house, who a person has sex with is their own business.”

“It should be that way everywhere.” Danielle responded, her body shuddering briefly with a small sob.

“I hope it’s all right for me to give you a hug.” Shauna said, as she felt the girl’s body shake a bit, along with the shivering still going on.

“Thank you.” Danielle responded, pulling her emotions together as she enjoyed both the warmth and the feel of the woman’s nude body. She put her arms around Shauna who jumped with the cold touch to her back.

“I’m sorry.” Danielle moved her hands, but Shauna objected.

“That’s all right. I was just startled. You are cold and I . . .” Shauna paused, wanting to continue but unsure; wanting to tell the other woman that she enjoyed her touch, wishing she could feel more of her skin against her.

She decided against it and instead, broke her hug, looking into Danielle’s eyes. “Come on upstairs and get in a warm shower.”

Danielle nodded and followed her to her bedroom. On the way, Shauna stopped at the linen closet and got a washcloth and a large towel. Inside her bedroom, she pointed to the shower. It was in one corner of the room and large. Her husband had designed it for their mutual pleasure when they built the house. The shower was built in the shape of a square with the two tiled sides against the walls of the bedroom, and the other two sides coming out from the wall with an opening in the front corner for a clear shower anal porno curtain. Each of the four walls had a shower head with an optional massage setting protruding from it so a person in the middle could have water on their body from all directions. Three was tile on the floor for several feet outside the shower to keep water that might escape from the carpet.

Shauna grinned, thinking about times when her husband was alive that they had had other couples as guests, each with their own showerhead, then turned her attention back to Danielle, noticing that she was staring at the shower.

Thinking the young woman might be embarrassed about the curtain being clear, Shauna offered a quick assurance. “I’ll leave while you undress and shower.”

She turned to go, but Danielle’s voice stopped her. “I’ve showered in the common shower in high school with other girls . . .” She paused, then as Shauna turned to face her, looked directly into her eyes and continued. “And you know why I got kicked out of the house. I am not embarrassed by another woman seeing me nude, or for that matter, seeing another woman nude.”

Both women flushed slightly with desire, Danielle hoping Shauna would understand her subtle invitation and Shauna hoping it was one.

Danielle began undressing while Shauna sat on the bed, trying to keep from openly staring at the young woman’s now bare breasts, then as blue jeans slid down her legs, at the woman’s love hair.

Shauna gasped slightly, noticing that Danielle was not wearing panties and was aware that her gasp had been heard by Danielle, although neither gave any sign.

Nude now, Danielle moved toward the shower, one hand reaching for the open shower curtain, once she was inside. She paused, then removed her hand without closing the curtain and turned on the water.

By now, both women were very aware that Shauna was staring, watching Danielle bask in the wet warmth coming from all four shower heads as she soaped her young body, paying special attention between her legs, cleaning her cunt thoroughly. Their eyes did not meet, but both knew that something was about to happen, something thoroughly erotic and wonderful. Both were imagining what the other would taste like, feel like on their lips and tongue.

Soon, Shauna rose from the bed, standing, watching, aware that she had been lubricating wildly and her juices were about to leak out onto the bedspread. When Danielle turned away from her, rinsing her lovely, dark, lithe body, Shauna slipped one hand between her own legs, unnoticed, running a finger between her love wings into her soaked slit, then put it in her mouth. She felt her knees buckle with desire and knew that the sound of the shower was all that kept the other woman from hearing her moan. Danielle soon turned around and Shauna did not repeat the action.

As Danielle finished showering, Shauna asked her to leave the shower on, thinking she would take a shower also. Although she knew the young woman had tasted her brother’s cum before, she was sure that she didn’t want to taste cum left over from last night, when the two boys had filled her pussy and asshole. Even though Billy had cleaned her with his tongue afterward, she knew that some cum remained – his tongue wasn’t long enough to get it all. She wanted to be clean for the experience both knew was about to happen.

Shauna moved toward the shower as Danielle exited, their eyes fixed on each other, and Shauna could not stop herself from kissing the young lips as she fondled one of Danielle’s breasts, then bent to suck the nipple briefly before entering the shower.

Danielle did not move, but continued to stand near the open shower curtain, drying herself and watching the woman inside. Their eyes held and their breaths quickened as Shauna washed her pussy and asshole well, sliding a finger into each opening to insure they were clean for her new, or soon to be lover.

When she finished showering, Shauna dried off, then put an arm around the naked young woman, guiding her to the bed.

Danielle lay on her back and Shauna moved next to her, sitting, her hands gently caressing the dark, lovely skin. She wanted to move to the woman’s pussy, lick it, put her tongue inside, feel her cum, convulsing, her legs around her head, but kept herself from doing that just yet. She wanted to insure that this was the first time for them, not the only time.

As the older woman’s exploring hands moved over her, Danielle felt her body moving uncontrollably, beginning to undulate with soft, erotic movements. She felt anticipation and spread her legs further as the hands caressed their way down to below her waist, and whimpered with disappointment when they abruptly stopped.

“I will get to that.” Shauna assured her in a quite, but lust-filled voice. “But I want to kiss your body first, feel your skin on my tongue.”

Moving to lie beside the young woman, Shauna kissed her on the lips, softly at first, then with growing passion. anal breakers porno She wanted to put a hand between the woman’s legs as they kissed, to feel the pussy she knew would be soaked, but decided to delay her desire a bit longer, moving instead to cover Danielle’s neck with slow kisses and licks, then moving down her upper chest until she reached breasts with their hard nipples.

Danielle gasped loudly, “Oh GOD!” as she thrust her tits upward, holding Shauna’s head firmly to her feeling felt lips closing, sucking one of her erect nipples. She pushed gently downward on the head, wanting it at her pussy, wanting to feel the tongue now flicking her nipple, the lips sucking it – down in her wet, hot cunt.

“Eat me! Please eat me.” Danielle moaned over and over again as she felt Shauna acquiescing to her desire and move between her spread legs. Then, moaning softly, “Fuck, fuck.” As she felt a tongue quickly enter her pussy.

As Shauna’s lips and tongue pleasured her pussy, lips, and every place between her legs, other than her asshole and clit, Danielle’s arms and legs were spread wide, her hands gripping the bedspread, her hips thrusting.

“God, you taste good!” Shauna raised her lips form Danielle’s cunt briefly, licking sweet pussy nectar from her lips.

“Suck my clit and make me cum.” Danielle began to beg. “I’ve got to cum. I’ve got to cum!”

Shauna obeyed, fastening her lips around the hard clit, sucking, her tongue flicking expertly, lovingly as Danielle moved a pillow under her head, lifting it so she could look into the eyes of the lovely woman eating her.

Their eyes met only briefly before Danielle began cuming, crying out. “UUNNNGGGGG. I’MMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMINNNNNNGGGGGG!” Then she began to scream, “OH FUCK.” Over and over again as her legs clamped around Shauna’s head with a will of their own, squeezing hard.

Shauna kept sucking on Danielle’s clit until the climax passed. It was long, one of the longest Danielle had ever had, but to both it seemed all too short, when with a final gasp, Danielle’s body suddenly went limp. All that was left was her gasping for air and repeating over and over again. “Oh God, Oh God.”

When she regained her breath and could speak, Danielle said with both admiration and thanks. “That was wonderful! I have never had anyone eat my pussy like that, man or woman. God, you are wonderful.”

Moving up beside the naked, now relaxed woman, Shauna moved her face inches from the other. “I just realized that you have never called me anything. Please – call me Shauna, or after what we have just done, you can call me ‘lover’, if you like.”

“I would like that . . . . Lover.” Danielle smiled and pulled the face down to hers, kissing Shauna’s lips passionately, tasting her own pussy. As their lips parted, she spoke again. “Now it’s my turn.”

Shauna smiled and moved to a partial sitting position, her upper back against the headboard so she could see well. She spread her legs invitingly as Danielle moved between them, kissing her lips, pussy and clit, then fastening her lips there, sucking. Both knew there would be time for long love-making later; both knew that Shauna needed release now.

As she built, watching the young woman eating her cunt, Shauna was aware of the bedroom door opening slowly to reveal Billy and Curt, both nude, both hard. She realized they must have heard Danielle screaming as she came and had come to see what was going on.

Being watched while she had sex had always been a turn on, and Shauna’s lust quickly overtook her as her climax began to control her body. As she came, she watched the surprise in the boy’s faces and wondered if they realized who was eating her pussy.

Neither did, as Danielle’s back was to them, likely because neither had the slightest inkling that Danielle was anywhere around. They just stared until Shauna finished cuming and relaxed a bit.

Looking from the boys to the face between her legs, Shauna sighed softly. “Thank you. That was wonderful.”

Danielle didn’t respond immediately, but began moving up to kiss and caress the older woman, when she noticed that Shauna was grinning and her eyes were fixed on the on something behind her. Turning and seeing the boys, Danielle tried to cover herself with her arms and hands and screamed loudly. “OH SHIT!”

Billy grinned and said. “That’s exactly what you said the first time I caught you masturbating, Mom.”

As Danielle looked from to the other, seeing first surprise in her brother’s eyes, than his grin, and the truth of what was happening in the house began to dawn on her.

“You guys are fucking each other!” She exclaimed, hardly believing her own words. Then turning to Shauna. “That’s why you don’t mind going around the house naked. You’re fucking Billy and Curt.”

Shauna smiled and nodded. “Or perhaps you could say that they are fucking me.”

Still in almost a state of shock, Danielle turned to look at the boys and noticed that Billy was holding her brother’s dick in one hand, stroking it slowly. Curt’s hips were moving back and forth, fucking the warm hand.

“Are you two . . .? Danielle began to ask, then stopped. No, it was too hard to believe, the thought too new to her – her brother and Billy?

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