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Jay perused brothels in Nevada on the internet, and settled on Sharon’s Ranch, just outside of Las Vegas. He picked out Amy because she was beautiful and was willing to do everything he could think of. He also arranged for a second girl, Dominique, to join them latter in the visit. The whole extended weekend cost $15,000. He bought some 5 mg and 20 mg Cialis tablets on the internet. He didn’t need it, but he figured it would give him super hard erections and make him really horny. He started taking the 5 mg tablets a week before he left for the ranch.

Day One

He arrived at the airport at 10:00 in the morning and was met by Amy, showing a sign which read, “Jay.” She was wearing short shorts, which revealed a really nice ass and a white t-shirt with no bra—her nipples sticking out. She escorted Jay to a limo which she drove to the ranch. Jay helped himself to a glass of scotch from the bottles of liquor in the back of the limo. When they got to the ranch, a valet took the keys and Amy took Jay inside to the bar for lunch. He ordered a BLT with fires and took a 20 mg Cialis tablet with a glass of water. Amy excused herself and came back wearing a red corset and high heels. They ordered their dinners to be brought to the cabin at 6:30.

After lunch, Amy took him to a cottage. They sat outside smoking a joint since it was a “no smoking” cabin. The pot was part of Amy’s plan to maximize Jay’s pleasure. She wanted him to get really stoned; she got herself only mildly high. She walked him into the cabin and up to the bedroom because he was unsteady on his feet after smoking the marijuana.

The cabin had two rooms. One was a combination living room, dining room and kitchen. The living room section had a sofa and a couple of chairs. The dining area had a round table with 4 chairs. The kitchen had a counter top with a sink, a refrigerator, a liquor cabinet, a microwave, and a toaster oven. There was a computer on the first floor. On the second floor, was a large bedroom, with a wide closet and a king size bed. Off the bedroom was a large bathroom with two sinks, a two-person Jacuzzi, a toilet, and a two-person shower.

Amy wanted to start right away before the effects of the pot started to wear off. She had him unzip her corset, revealing large, firm tits—and pair of red tong underwear. She undressed Jay and put a silicon cock ring behind his balls so he would last longer. She put two vibrating pads on the bed with terry cloth beach towels over them and a vibrating pillow under his head. She played a CD—an instrumental of psychedelic music.

The pot had wonderful effects: The vibrations tingled through his whole body. The music surrounded him, reverberating over and over again. Jay couldn’t distinguish between Amy’s body and his own. He felt like he was cevizli escort having a constant orgasm. Also, he couldn’t make any sounds or move. He just laid there feeling constant sensations.

Amy knelt on the bed and went down on him. She sucked him for a few minutes. Next, she put a tight fitting condom with a reservoir tip on him, lubed herself really well, and sank down on his dick in a reverse cowgirl position. As she moved forward, she would tighten her muscles. She rode him for more than ten minutes. Then, she reversed her position. Facing him, she put Jay’s legs up on her shoulders, moving forward and backward. Again, she tightened her muscles when she moved backwards. Once Jay’s body started twitching, she knew that he was about to cum. She leaned forward and choked him. He exploded, sending chills throughout his body. This was the most sensational fuck of his life!

They were both breathing heavily and their hearts were pounding. She cuddled up next to him and held him tightly. He started to laugh uncontrollably. Eventually, they both eventually settled down and dozed off.

When they woke up, Jay started fingering Amy and kept rubbing until she climaxed. She thanked him and told him that the orgasm was nice.

Amy was twenty two. She was 5’6′ tall and weight one hundred and twenty pounds. She had long red hair—not quite bright red—and she had a buff of red hair on her pussy. Her eyes were hazel. Her tits measured 38-DD, with perky nipples. Her stomach was tight with a 26 inch waist line and her hips were thirty six inches. She had a compact, round ass. Her skin was smooth and felt silky to the touch. She was lightly and evenly tanned.

Jay was forty three. He was 6′ tall and weight one hundred and eighty pounds. He had black hair and his cut dick was shaved. His erect cock was seven inches. He had dark brown eyes and was physically fit. Both were Caucasian.

After dinner time, they went into the bedroom and settled in for the evening.

Amy put on a porn flix. Jay asked her to get out some vibrators. The movie consisted of the best porn scenes from last year. Jay sat up with pillows behind him and Amy sat between his legs with his cock in the crack of her ass. The first scene was woman and man. She was much taller than him and put one leg up on his shoulder. They fucked until he had an orgasm. Jay lightly fingered Amy while they watched the movie. The next scene was two men and a woman. She got fucked from behind while sucking the other guy’s dick. Then, the hostess announced that it was time for everyone to masturbate. Amy was nice and wet. Jay fingered her faster and harder. When the hostess signaled that it was time to cum, Jay grabbed a battery-operated vibrator and erenköy escort slammed it against Amy’s cunt. She screamed as she climaxed. Amy, then, gave Jay a hand job.

After the movie, they started kissing. This was more than role play for Amy; she got really horny. Jay went down on her and sucked her off. Afterwards, he flipped her over and pounded her doggy style. Then, cuddled up and fell asleep.


The next morning, they ordered breakfast. After breakfast, they were going to go to the swimming pool where everyone would be naked. Amy explained that there was to be no sex or touching in the pool. She also said that Jay shouldn’t be embarrassed by having an erection—all the men would be hard.

Before they went out, they applied tanning lotion to each other. First, Jay put lotion on Amy, paying special attention to her tits and ass. They felt great in his hands. They were both getting really horny. Then, she put lotion on him; she squeezed his balls and stroked his dick. They couldn’t hold off any longer, got into a scissor position and fucked, moaning and groaning, until they both screamed as they exploded.

They swam and sun bathed for a while. Jay couldn’t take his eyes off the women’s tits and asses. Amy couldn’t take her eyes off the men’s hard cocks, chests sand asses.

Back in the cabin, they passionately kissed. They couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom, so they dropped down on the living room floor. He fucked her fast and hard, missionary style. In the heat of the moment, they forgot to use a condom. Again, they moaned, groined, and screamed as they climaxed—she slightly before him.

They got dressed and went to the bar for lunch. Jay had scheduled a nuru massage for that afternoon. The masseuse was a Japanese woman, named Akari. She was twenty seven years old, 4′ 9″ tall and weight ninety five pounds. She died her hair dirty blonde, tied it back in a bun and her pussy was bald. She must have had her tits augmented because they were 34 C, with small perky nipples. Her waist line was twenty two inches and hips were also thirty four inches.

Jay’s dick pointed straight out as they entered the shower. She soaped his body and stroked his prick. She invited him to soap her body. Facing each other, Jay squeezed her tits and ass. Then, she sat on a stool and sucked on him for a while.

They got out of the shower. Jay laid on his stomach on a mat. She poured oil on his back and started rubbing her body against his. Then, she turned him over and started sucking on his dick. Finally, she mounted him cowgirl style and squeezed his juices out of him. They went back into the shower to cleanup.

Amy and Jay went back to the cabin and ordered dinner. After dinner, esenyurt escort they, again, settled into the bedroom for the night. They put on another porn flix. Again, she sat between his legs, with his hard dick in the crack of her ass. He gently massaged her cunt. By the middle of the movie, Jay was extremely horny. He went down on Amy. Alternatively, she screamed, groaned, and moaned until she climaxed with one constant scream. They returned to the movie. This time, Jay sat between Amy’s legs. She slowly jerked him off. After the movie, they snuggled together and fell asleep.


Dominique joined Amy and Jay for breakfast.

She was from the Dominican Republic. Her father was Dominican and her mother was Chinese. Her skin looked to be dark blue. She was petite, weighing one hundred and five pounds with a height of 5′ 1″. Her round ass was firm. She had shoulder-length, black hair and dark eyes, and her pussy was bald. Her measurements were 32-B, 22, 34. She was 32 years old.

In the bedroom, she knelt over Jay and went down on him. With all the action over the weekend, he was slow to cum. She deep throated him and he softly moaned. When he had an orgasm, she shared his cum with Amy. Then, the two women tribbed until they both climaxed. They put on a lesbian movie and rubbed themselves, with Jay sitting between them.

After the movie, they went into the bathroom and got into the Jacuzzi. Jay sat with his back to Amy; she put her arms around his waist. Dominique, wearing nylons, sat facing them; she teased Jay’s cock with her feet. Jay needed some relief. Out of the tub, Jay got on all fours on the bed. Amy inserted a finger into his ass hole. Dominique laid under him and took his whole prick into her mouth. She didn’t suck or massage it. She let Amy do all the work, rubbing his prostate until he dropped his juices into Dominique’s mouth.

They had a late lunch and had mixed drinks with it. Afterwards, they went outside and smoked a couple of joints—getting really stoned. They helped each into bed where they got into a suck circle. It was a long session until they all climaxed. They tightly held onto each, laughed out of control, and fell asleep.

After dinner, they went back into the bedroom and put on another porn movie. All of them really got horny; they couldn’t keep their hands off one anther. The women went down on Jay, each rubbing the side of his cock at the same time with their mouths. Then, they took turns sucking on him. He grabbed any part of their bodies that he could. All of the sudden, the woman broke off and started to violently rubbing they cunts. Jay ferociously stroked his dick. They all had screaming orgasms.

The women squeezed Jay tight between them and they all fell asleep.

The Last Hours

Amy woke up before Jay. She very gently slid his whole dick into her mouth and, then, sucked slowly. Jay woke up with a smile on his face!

After breakfast, Amy started driving the limo back to the airport. Jay was in the back with Dominique. Once they were on open road, Dominique unbuttoned and unzipped Jay’s pants, giving him a farewell blow job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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