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There is something perverse about my enduring memories of that morning when the first group of young schoolgirls visited my surgery.

Dropping their panties. Fingering their twats. Letting each of the other girls – and me! – have a good look (and a ‘little’ feel) of their private parts.

It’s something that I realise would normally never occur…probably should never have occurred – but it did!

And, perhaps not surprisingly, the girls seemed to love every minute of it!

I can remember that morning as if it was just yesterday. And I often wonder what effect that morning had on each of the girls, and what sort of sex lives they are enjoying today.

My curiosity finally got the better of me. Or, to be totally honest, my perverted desire to see each of those six little cunnies again got the better of me!

So a reunion was called-for.

Organising it was easy. I’d would take them all to dinner – so, for the girls, it would be something of a reunion. And ‘in the interest of research’ I’d interview each of the girls individually earlier in the day to hear their reactions to, and learn of the longer-term effect that the school excursion had on their attitudes towards sex.

After all, every year since, I have been asked to conduct a similar tutorial with other final-year girls at the school and I want those who will participate in the future to all feel they have significantly benefited from the experience, so it’s only reasonable that I ask the first group of girls what long-term effect that school excursion had on their lives.

And dear Grace arranged it all for me!

Grace also agreed to be the first girl to re-visit me. A year or so back she had lived with me for more than a year and, for most of that time, we had shared a bed together. I was very familiar with her taught little twat and, I guess, my manhood had shafted her love tunnel on 300 or 400 different occasions – loving every minute, every time, my hard-on opened up and stretched her vaginal muscles…before, invariably, leaving Grace very wet with a generous shot or two of cum!

She never once complained…and was always back in my bed the very next night, naked, her legs spread to the ‘yes, now’ position, ready to receive…

I had set myself a goal for the reunion: to convince all six girls to again undress and again allow me to have a good look their pudenda. If some girls offered a little more than that…well, so be it!

I’d figured that Grace would be a lay down misere for a fuck.

She was. She arrived, and very shortly thereafter she lay down on my bed and, like a dirty rat up a drainpipe, my super-engorged manhood was well inside her – ensuring that her tight little tunnel was both well-lubed and given (in my opinion!) a well-overdue re-bore.

Not that ‘making love’ was unusual whenever we now met. Our now-occasional meetings usually started with or ended with (or both!) a steamy session in the cot, and this always reminded me of just how tight, how delectable, her tiny female fuck funnel is…and how much I really love this amazingly different little lady.

Perhaps this time, though, I went a little overboard again and slightly dampened the loving atmosphere of the moment when I (not for the first time) suggested it was time she also allowed my manhood to take its first trip down her, obviously still-virgin, Hershey Highway.

She just responded with her usual “I’ll think about it”…which didn’t satisfy me!

I will keep asking her, though, and I’m sure one day my manhood will in effect butt-plug her…and, with some simultaneous fingering of her No. 1 love tunnel, she will experience an orgasm that is so intense that she’ll regret having just ‘thought about it’ for too long.

But, until then, I’ll just have to remain content by imagining I’m spreading her taught butt cheeks and she’s yelping from the initial pain of the experience. Just like she did when, as a virgin, she ‘was bled.’

Grace did, though, happily admit to me that morning that she had ‘entertained’ a few other guys in the time since she had been my ‘house guest’, and that she did not have a man in her life at this particular point in time – so perhaps that possibility of my manhood dilating her rear entrance in the near future still remains. And she certainly did not object when I asked her to roll over so I could again appreciate her nicely-rounded, quite firm, little bum…and was able to visually map the way into that all-too-enticing No. 2 hole.

Grace also told me that she had allowed her pubes to re-grow but, “knowing how much you prefer me to be a baldie, and to allow you to fanaticise that you are screwing a young virgin baldie,” she had shaved herself bare before coming around that morning. I thanked her and suggested that, next time she was ‘with bush’ and coming around to see me, she only had to remind me to have my clippers at the ready so I could shave pussy before giving her clit that first lick which it so-obviously enjoyed.

My short time czech sharking porno with Grace didn’t advance my ‘research’ very much. I was just too pre-occupied playing with her breasts, playing ‘down there’ and ‘in there’, kissing her, hugging her, filling her…and re-charging my brain with sexual fantasies involving her that I would surely retrieve in my dreams in the days, weeks, months ahead!

Amy’s ‘interview’, however, proved more productive for my research.

I learned that she had been somewhat taken-aback when it was suggested that she, and the other girls, remove their panties. She almost refused to do so…but she did not wish to appear to be prudish in front of her classmates, so had said nothing at that time.

Most of the other girls indicated to me later that day that they, too, had similar reactions and responses when asked to bare their ‘front bottoms.’

So peer pressure is obviously hard-wired in teenage girls’ behaviour! Not that I am complaining!!

But, having accepted the request that she undress, Amy (and the others, as I was subsequently to discover) found the session was extremely instructive and quite fun.

And she felt the challenge had made her more open about sex, more comfortable with her own body, more comfortable about the prospect of having – and offering – sex.

“So, you’re no longer a virgin,” I observed.

Which led Amy to give me a brief run-down of her sex life – from a somewhat painful popping of her cherry to several more recent, more pleasurable experiences.

I was interested that she had attended a couple of sessions of Orgasmic Meditation, which Amy described as ‘expensive’ and ‘not as good as having real sex, or even masturbating’ but was, however, ‘probably a valuable way for young guys to learn something about how a lady likes to be pleasured’.

This gave me the perfect excuse to ask her to undress again for me.

“Would you be kind enough to show me how it’s done?” I asked.

She was.

So we moved to my second (currently unoccupied) bedroom.

Amy now had a very neatly-trimmed Brazilian. And a surprisingly enticing pudendum and (because she was not having a period on this occasion, as she had been experiencing when she visited my surgery as a schoolgirl) she now seemed quite prepared for me to finger it.

So I had probably been a little unfair some years ago giving her that ‘5 or less’ on my female fuckability index!

And, after having liberally lubed her clitoral area and lubed my fingers, she showed me how to gently, repetitively stroke her clitoris with one finger whilst raising her clitoral hood with another – and then just maintain that rhythm so she could fully enjoy whatever response it generated.

As my efforts did not seem to induce any particularly noticeable responses – other than my underpants becoming noticeably damp! – I eventually asked Amy if I could see how her g-spot might react to the same gentle fingering.

Again she was agreeable.

So in went the finger and had a little feel around searching for Amy’s g-spot. Once it was located, I gave it a few (quite a few!) gentle strokes – eliciting a ‘you obviously know what you are doing’ reaction from Amy. That pleased me…but I thought I wouldn’t push my luck any further that morning…and certainly, if she had been willing, I didn’t now have the time to give her a full, really satisfying, screw.

As she was leaving Amy said “I’ve been totally honest with you, so I hope you will be totally honest with me. Several of the girls who visited your surgery a few years back indicated they would love to take you to bed, so I’m just wondering if any of my classmates actually did get into bed with you?”

I explained to Amy that, unfortunately I couldn’t give her an answer to that question because, if I had been to bed with any of them, they would probably be upset that I had divulged that information to her…as, no doubt, she would if I was to tell any of them that I had been to bed with her.

“Well, would you take one of us to bed if one of us had suggested you should do so?” she continued.

“Of course,” I replied. “I’m a man, and men rarely let the opportunity of an available fuck…sorry, an opportunity of making love…pass them by. As long as I was asked as a man, and not as a doctor, in all likelihood I would,” I replied.

“That’s interesting,” she responded, before giving me a kiss. She left saying “I’ll see you at dinner tonight. I’m really looking forward to it.”

The other interesting thing that I learned from Amy was that she never talked about what had happened that morning when she, and the other girls, had first visited my surgery. This surprised me a bit because girls do talk – and, not uncommonly, even share details with one another about who is fucking them! And what Amy revealed to me turned out to be the same story from each of the other five girls.

So no-one had ‘reported’ me to their school, nobody had shared – or even czech streets porno thought of sharing – any of the details of that morning with their parents. That was some relief to me!

Next in line for her ‘interview’ was Rebecca, who cheekily greeted me with “Hi, so you’ve invited me over for lunch.”

“As long as you don’t mind if it’s an American breakfast!” I retorted.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Honey roll-over and lettuce on top!” I replied.

“So you want a fuck?” she enquired.

“I know how very good you are in bed, so I’d never say ‘no’,” was my response.

“But I’ve got a man at the moment,” she continued.

“So?” I replied. “I won’t tell him…and I suspect neither would you. And I know only too-well that you can handle having a hard-on inside you more than once in a day,” I suggested.

Rebecca was either convinced, or knew she was not going to win that argument…or she was just horny! I suspect it was the latter.

So it was not long before the two of us headed to the bedroom.

Rebecca was as fit, as tight, as she had been the last time I had penetrated her. If anything, her vaginal muscles were now slightly tauter and could hold my erection even tighter than she had been able to do on our last post-Park Run ‘recovery session.’

Oh, the benefits to a man of a lady keeping her pelvic floor well exercised!

This was the first time I had fucked both Rebecca and Grace so soon after one another, so comparing the experiences was inevitable. Being up Grace’s naturally tiny, naturally taut passage v having my cock wrapped and trapped in Rebecca’s well-exercised love tunnel.

I gave it to Rebecca in a (a-hum!) tight contest because fucking her provided more variation and more surprises than did laying Grace.

But I’d willingly take either girl to bed anytime.

Debbie was my next interviewee.

I recalled I had rated her a 6/10 because of her unusually big clit on that previous visit to my surgery, and she had allowed me to finger her internally to locate for her the precise location of her g-spot. So she had not been unresponsive to my examining her or touching her ‘down there’!

I was, therefore, absolutely astounded to discover that she was still virgin. Especially as she had re-visited my surgery after that initial school excursion and I had fitted her with a contraceptive implant. I had assumed that soon thereafter she would have surrendered her virginity. But evidently not.

“That’s tragic!” I suggested.

To which she enquired “What do you mean by that?”

“Well,” I responded. “Your body has been made to have sex, your hormones are probably urging you to have sex, so I’m surprised to learn you’re still a virgin. I wonder whether you really know what you are missing…what you have been missing out on for the past few years…and whether you realise that you may have also, perhaps unintentionally, been depriving some guys of the pleasures that you – a not unattractive young girl – would normally have been sharing with them.”

I obviously hit a very raw nerve.

Debbie burst into tears.

She obviously had been ready, was ready to have sex. But, for whatever reason, it just hadn’t happened. And she was only too-aware that she was now ‘far less sexually experienced’ than other girls her age!

She had even thought that, after those earlier visits to my clinic some years back, she would be soon experiencing the sensation of a penis penetrating her vagina…but that just hadn’t happened.

I kept my suspicions to myself and, instead, focussed on Debbie’s future prospects.

“Well, what should we do about it?” I asked Debbie.

“What do you mean ‘we’?” she replied, without really thinking.

And then she asked with detectable relief, “You’d take me to bed and you’d take my virginity?”

“It’s an option,” I replied.

We then came to an arrangement. Debbie was to come to my surgery one day soon and I was to give her another contraceptive implant – at no cost to her this time. Then, a week or so later, she would come to my home again and spend the night in my bed, feeling something thrust between her legs that she had never felt before. Then, within a month, she would invite a younger guy to lay her…which, presumably, would then be the start of a normal sexual life for a young girl of her age.

“I guess you’ll want me to shave my pubes if we are to have sex,” Debbie remarked as she stripped off her clothes. She was undressing because I had asked if I might be given another view of what was soon-to-be-offered to me, and because I had yet to see her tits.

Her mammaries were ‘pretty ordinary’. Whilst Grace – and probably even Rebecca – really didn’t need to wear a bra, Debbie certainly did. And whilst Grace’s tiny tits were firm, erect and were just so-wanting to be sucked, Debbie’s were (like the rest of her body) ‘a little flabby.’

But I’d soon have them in my mouth, seeing how rigid I could cause czech super models porno her nipples to become, discovering how she reacted when they were being gently stroked and squeezed.

“You remember that conversation we had a few years ago about public hair? And us being there and watching Rebecca and Cassie have their pubes trimmed and, particularly, watching Grace lose all her pubic hair? That’s probably the one thing that I now most remember about my high school days!” she said.

“And, you know, Grace was not at all happy that you shaved off all her pubic hair. She really only wanted to be given a little trim, because she felt that without some pubic bush she looks too much like a little China doll. She vowed to regrow her hair as quickly as she could…I’ll have to ask her tonight how hairy she is down there now,” Debbie suggested.

“Don’t you dare!” I cautioned her.

Debbie had a hairy cunt…and I mean a very hairy cunt! I see lots of these when I examine women patients, and having a lot of hair down there doesn’t turn me on at all. So I’m just pleased that more of the younger – and because of it, more attractive girls – are now often trimming that area of their bodies.

So some of Debbie’s pubes had to go. “You realise you have been blessed with a larger-than-normal clitoris,” I informed her, “which will be a real attraction to any guy lucky enough to see it. And I’ll certainly want to give it quite a few sucks and licks when we’re in bed together – and without also getting a mouthful of pubic hair!” I explained.

She then allowed me to rub and squeeze her ‘little lady’ gently between my fingers, eliciting something of an ‘I like that’ reaction from Debbie – which helped excite me a little. And I mention this because Debbie was, otherwise, somewhat overweight, not especially attractive, and – even if she was virgin – she certainly would not be rated in my list of the ‘top 100 girls I would most like to fuck!’

But we had already agreed that she would soon be in my bed…and, I hoped, her performance there would be significantly more rewarding than was her initial appearance – even as a nubile virgin, standing there stark naked, legs slightly apart, begging to be bled…ready to be ravished.

Sally was next to see me for her ‘follow up examination.’ Like Debbie, I had previously rated her a ‘5 or less’ on my fuckability index, assessing her as being a little overweight and not especially ‘feminine.’

But she now had a boyfriend and was wary of my motives for wanting her to undress and again display her definitively female attributes.

So she presented something of a challenge. This was, perhaps, a little surprising since she had previously willingly allowed my fingers to get right inside her, in full view of (and to the apparent delight of) her classmates.

I’m sure Sally simply had a negative sexual self-image. She was still overweight, as it turned out she was still ‘hairy’ (compared to other girls who regularly kept themselves hair free or well-trimmed where it is most noticeable), she was probably quite unfit, she probably was attracting little interest from many men – so much so that she was probably unusually careful not to upset her current boyfriend, for fear of losing him, by attracting attention from other men.

“It’s just an indication to me of how comfortable you are sexually,” I suggested. “Girls who are willing to let others see what is normally hidden between their legs are usually more sexually active and more sexually adventurous than those who keep things hidden away…and, after willingly letting me touch you down there a few years ago, I’m a little surprised you’re as coy as you are today.”

That did it. She reluctantly agreed to let me have another look between her legs whilst pantie-less.

Not that that excited me at all!

It turned out that her boyfriend had taken her virginity and that he had the only hard-on she had ever experienced. She was significantly influenced by her Church which repeatedly suggested pre-marital sex was morally wrong, so she (and presumably also her boyfriend) was being wracked with guilt about having sex – and, I presume, also exposing her privates to men! And this was confirmed when she told me that she had felt much more at ease masturbating, which had largely kept her sexually satisfied up until recently.

I would love to have strongly argued that she should take no notice of what her Church was saying and that she just enjoy a natural sex life, as were most of her old classmates, but thought that would be wasting my breath. Instead I did gently suggest she might do herself a few favours, and the man and potential future men in her life, if she was to pay a little more attention to her body and to her grooming.

So, to me, Sally was a total disappointment…but I was soon restored to a much better frame of mind when Cassie arrived.

Dear Cassie. Fucked by her father, prostituted by her father…a beautiful girl who had rewarded me – in the best possible way – after I had intervened and told her Dad that Cassie’s cunt was henceforth off limits to him and his mates.

I really wondered what had happened in her sex life since, and wondered whether she would still be willing to drop her pants and allow me to view that attractive area between her legs.

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