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I remember the time I used to like this girl in college her name being Angelica her breast were small and innocent. They always perfumed with lavender and her lips tainted with red rosy red. Her waist slender and small curved into her luxurious sensual hips and her hips curved into her tiny perky buttock.

And furthermore what she required above all to get her juices flowing was a lips of a another woman. Angelica always liked the way another woman vagina smelt fresh and newly bathed in her own pussy juice. The raw sharp essence of another woman’s aurora also invigorated her every sense into tonguing her lover’s pubic carnal entrance savoring the sensation of sucking on another woman’s labia milking away her passion and abandonment.

Heck, I clearly even remember the time I discovered her mouth tightly wrapped around the her Japanese girlfriend’s tongue. But then again that is a another thought all together. So graphic and arousing was this discovery of mine in the college sauna that I will remember it for the rest of my life.

The light was off and they were all both naked their moist little balıkesir escort hairy cunts mashed together. Moaning and gasping for air between breaths they seem to have manipulated each other’s sensual mess of wet matted pubic hair and sticky cum fluid discharge covered labias into a shuddering orgasm.

How lucky isn’t that my feet slipped and cracked my head on the steamy hot sauna floor due to the ky jelly covered anal bead covered in the Japanese woman’s virgin blood? Passing out I remember thinking O light I couldn’t have bare them turning their eyes on me.

And the next sexual episode I remember experiencing with this person I was infatuated with. I had just got a temp contract with the lead advertiser of women lingerie. Furthermore, me being me, jumped to the chance of me going to photo shoot of a new and promising young blond model. And wouldn’t you know it there she was, posing hair all done in curls and eye shadows sharp and black stood Angelica.

The new model I had so longed to see was the very same young sexy woman I had many times fantasized balıkesir escort bayan about being straight. Sharp as a shaver this thought cut my nerve as I stood there before her behind the lighting lamp. How I had longed to see her again ran through my mind as she looked deeply into the camera shutter with a sexy look in her eyes. As if she promising a long hard sexual encounter with anyone who buys her bra.

Then you see was when something strange occurred. For a second there I thought she could just like a flicker, see me. I mean just for a second it looked like our eyes met. But that still didn’t explain why it is that front crotch of her panties slowly gained moisture and before the cameraman could say anything it bloomed into a circle of light.

I don’t why or how it happened but I swear I could see vaginal discharge in her pubic area. What happened next was that the cameraman flopped to the ground and fainted. And the producer politely covered her underwear with a towel. Now you see according the contract stipulation on indecency which escort balıkesir I later was asked to reviewed on the behalf of a friend.

So naturally for professionality-sake I sniffed the air as Angelica rushed pass my placement. Not even noticing her fainting voyeur who she had to pump-blood into with chest CPR. She as she left scent trail of organic bodily fluid discharge sexual hormone filled air of ‘Kenjo’. Why or what aroused her I don’t know but what happened next was I orgasmed and got a little light headed.

Heck. If you want me to tell you even more about angelica let me tell you how I made love with my wife for the first time. You see my wife was a chaste blond fair woman. Her teeth were white and boobs were huge. Her lips full and eyes blue. Her sweet little virgin pussy covered by blonde pubic hair. Her buttocks were cute and her thigh shapely. And what almighty lord hadn’t put there I was going to put there myself.

Hell, let me tell final words about my wedding night. Caked sticky with kabuki my beautiful lay eyes shut on her back. Silently parting her thighs invitingly she bit her lower lip in aguish as she drowned deeper and deeper in her own abandonment.

Her heart racing and mind spinning she had guided my head between her knees. Only for me to find out that lovely little wet lavender perfumed cunny had a little k-y jelly to lube the insertion of my penis on our wedding night.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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