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Ariana Marie

My first time was as a youth. It had been with a friend it turned into being fun with both him and his sister. Twenty years later I found myself thinking about him and her. The fun had lasted about 5 years, and then I went to boarding school. Returning home for a visit. I had recently devoiced after 3 very bad years of marriage. We had not been compatible at all either in sex or work habits she wanted only to put in minimal hours and I wanted more in both areas.

I had returned home because my dad had died and mom wanted some help with getting rid of the estate. At 29 I was still active in sports and dieting so I did have a decent shape. Mom had been 18 when she had me so she was 47 about 5’5” 130 she was not bad either, with long red hair a rock solid set of abs she played a lot of tennis and swam a lot. She never could tan though. I had been on the road for a good 6 hours when I got home and was a bit sweaty as I had no air in my car. The wife got the good one.

2 p.m.

The house was vacant so I decided to take a swim. Mom had left a note saying she was at the club and would be home late she was going to eat with a couple that she knew from tennis. I didn’t take time to unpack and went skinny dipping. Not worrying about it we had a large lot and the neighbors never visited.

I had completed about 15 laps when I got a funny feeling in the back of my neck, like when someone is watching you. I looked around and could see no one. I figured it was just being home and finally being able to relax. I did a few more laps but when I got to the shallow end I could see a girl standing on the steps.

It was Beth my friend Jim’s sister. Well David you have grown up a lot in 5 years.

As I looked at her I could tell she had also developed into very sexy women. She was two years older than Jim and I but had run in the same circles as a kid. At 5’3” she was short but the rest of the package was all there. I guessed about 110 with a nice chest not large but a good c cup. She had a short trunk leaving a set of legs that ran all the way to her sweet ass.

You aren’t bad yourself I replied why don’t you join me in the pool? She replied by stepping back and saying you expect me just to strip down and get into the pool I suppose as if that is going to happen…. then she smiled and reached down to the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head diving in she landed less than a foot from me. Her pussy was clean shaven with only a landing strip of hair just above it.

It had been about two month’s science my last good fuck so her body really got me going. grup porno Asking her how her love life was she answered that she had broken up with her significant other within the last week. I replied that it was a shame he must have been a real jerk to break up with such a beauty.

She kind of laughed and asks if my mom had ever talked to me about her? I said no she hasn’t why? Well she say’s my last s/o was your aunt Mickey

Ok I say that sounds like a good story.

I swim to the side of pool to get a drink of my soda; she swims up behind me and wraps her legs around my waist from behind holding my shoulders around my neck her chest crushing into my back. I caught her screwing my brother and we hit it off better than he and her. Although she was still fucking him on occasion to remind herself what men are like?

I turned placing her ass on the edge of the pool and she let go of me and sat there. I started to play with her legs and suck her toes massaging her feet and calves of her legs. Remembering how well she liked this. She scooted to the edge allowing me access to her upper thighs and pussy. I continued to lick her feet and ran my hand up to her chest pinching her nipples and stroking her breasts. She was starting to shake some and moaned.

Oooooh yeeees that’s good you do remember how I like it now suck my box you shit don’t tease me so much.

I just continued the pressure on her breasts and moved up her legs toward her women hood but not touching it I just blew ever so slowly with short blasts of air I wanted her real Horne when I did take her, ever so slowly I started to run my tongue all around her anis and outer lips she went into a small orgasm and screamed for me to do it you shit you know what I like eat me hard now or ill scream and bite your dick off.

Turning her loose I got out of the pool and picked her up laying her on the lounge chair I fell between her legs and started to get serious about my pussy eating. I love to make a small slit in my tongue and use it as a cunt on a women’s clit this seemed to get her off real good. I then pulled her legs up and placed them over my shoulders positioning my prick at the edge of her entrance getting it wet from her juices, She was real wet from the actions before so I had no problem sinking into her when I was ready.

Ohhh shit this is good I have needed some cock for a long time. Fuck me hard you prick I need it bad not like a lover but just a hard fucker. Ohhh shhhit this is better than a vibratory any time. As she started to come she crossed her legs at the ankles hd porno placing so much pressure on my dick I thought it would break off in her. I could feel the first of my balls starting to swell and want to release my cumm into her belly. When she relaxed from her climax I shot a big load into her almost passing out from the pleasure.

We relaxed for a while then started to relay what we had been doing for the last five years. Both of us had a bad marriage and separation. She had been very bi as a younger girl and her husband couldn’t understand her need for this kind of a relationship. My situation was that my spouse just didn’t like sex she felt it was only a women’s duty as part of a marriage, she had worked in a good job but felt it was beneath her.

We retired to the house where she said Jim is in town I am sure he would love to get together with you. This made me stir in my groin again. Is he still single I ask? Yes he has had a relationship for the past few years but nothing serious. We get together on occasion and his girl likes to play with us. Maybe we could make a party of it if you want. The thought of it really got me excited so I placed her on the couch and started to really screw her from behind she always liked this and she had a real tight pussy in this position I could smell the cumm from before and it really got me going to think I has fucking her for the second time in less than an hour. It didn’t take her long to get her third climax of the afternoon. When she did she slipped me out of her twat and immediately took me into her mouth. Her eyes were looking straight into mine. I exploded real fast and fell into her arms. We returned to the pool area to shower and get dressed. She left and said she would call to let me know when we could get together with her brother.

6 p.m.

My mom still hadn’t returned home so I made a salad and got a bear from the refrigerator

I had just started to eat when I heard a car pull up outside and figured mom was home. When the door opened it was my aunt Mickey, she was a little drunk and stumbled on the door way as she came in. she was dressed in a short skirt and a halter top that showed off her large breasts. Just thinking of her and Beth together again got me all hot. She had been out with a local banker and was very mad that he had been such a jerk. All afternoon he had groped and played with her even though she tried to tell him she didn’t mess around with married men. I could tell though that she was Horne as hell and looking like she needed a good fuck. As I had had more than my latin porno share I decided to hold off on any attempt for the day.

I excused myself and went to take a shower before going to bed. I swear I could feel someone looking at me as I showered. When I got out I went straight to bed and fell asleep.

2 a.m.

I woke up hearing something in the house that just didn’t sound right. As I got up I could hear sounds coming from my mom’s room and wondered if she had brought someone home with her.

As I crossed to the bathroom to take a leak I saw that the door to her room was slightly open. I relieved my bladder and started to go back to my room when I heard a loud moan coming from the open door I figured that it was open far enough to look in so I did. There was my aunt her legs sticking straight up in the air, my mom between them devouring her snatch like she hadn’t eaten in a week. Her hands were all over her breasts pulling like she was trying to rip them off her chest. I could see the red marks on her butt that looked like she had been beaten with something.

The thought of my mom and aunt engaging in sex was a shock enough but the intensity was very obvious and it was rough as hell.

Ohhh yes bight my clit I have been a very bad girl. I was so bad I need punished good. This got me curious as to what she had done to get this treatment. I could tell she was about ready to climax her breath was so short and ragged. Before she did though my mom got up and ordered her to turn over. When she did I could tell she had been spanked real badly shortly before, my mom reached into the night stand and came out with the biggest strap on dildo that I have seen. I’m going to do what you wanted my son to do when you were looking at the video you made of him in the shower you slut. With that she dropped a big drop of lube on her ass. She straddled her and placed the dildo in her butt hole real hard nearly putting five inches in on the first stroke.

Oooohhh god go slower that hurts you know I like it slowly at first.

Shut up you bitch you were thinking of my son fucking you in the ass and I bet he wouldn’t go slowly. I’m going to give you all eleven inches of this then you will not want anything in it for a week. My mom was starting to breathe faster and shake some, the joy of being in power over a girl setting her off.

Watching them had really got me going also. My prick was at full staff now and I was tempted to join them but decided to let them finish. Within seconds mom collapsed on Mickey and shook like a leaf.

I returned to my room thinking this is going to be a fun visit. Beth was having an affair with my aunt and my mom was fucking her also this could prove to be a fun trip… falling asleep I dreamt about what would happen tomorrow.

Watch for next day soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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