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She lay awake in bed, her eyes tracing the posters of beer advertisements and gracefully distasteful Playmates. The sheets reeked of body odor, beer and ancient semen. Shelley swore she never knew why she stayed in that contemptible bed, but deep down, she knew the truth. The reason she fucked the arrogant frat boy was for a quick thrill and hopes for affection. Both were illusions: the thrill had melted onto discontent with sex and the affection never existed. She only slept there for convenience after the quick screw; he was always too drunk to drive her home. Removing his dick, he would grunt good night, and then turn around into slumber.

The sun woke Shelley and she clumsily threw on her clothes from last night. She left without a kiss or a goodbye and stumbled down the Walk of Shame. Too annoyed for sleep, she showered away the tears of regret, slowly rubbing her clit, accomplishing what the Neanderthal never could. After drying off from the shower and orgasm, she dressed and went to see the only person she knew would be awake this early on a Saturday.

Shelley was never ashamed of her body, as you could tell from her outfit consisting of a miniskirt that clutched her firm ass and the powder blue tank top that exposed her tempting and luscious breasts. Even without the dynamite body, her fierce, emerald eyes could strike a hard on for any man daring enough to look her straight in the eye. It was no surprise that even that nuns who taught at her high school turned their heads when she walked by. Despite all her credentials, she found herself settling on the first archaic pick up line she heard in college.

Shelley walked slowly to Chris’ apartment. She didn’t know him well, but his expertise in computers and quirky sense of humor made the friendship beneficial. He opened his door quickly after the first knock, only slightly shocked by her arrival at dawn. He had undoubtedly been laboring at his computer all night.

“Hey Shelley, good morning. Wanna cup of coffee?” he asked as he lead her inside bahis siteleri his place. For the first time, she noticed the drastic contrast between his ebony hair and gentle blue eyes. When he turned around for an answer, she gasped when she saw violent waves of sapphire roll through his eyes. Her vision moved lower, past his pouty lips, onto his bare, chiseled chest. He was not an exotic steroid pumped body builder, but his torso was perfectly toned and dominating. Shelley bit her lip as she felt her panties moisten.

“Coffee? No thanks. Let’s just go to your room,” she finally replied. Shelley’s mind raced with her newfound attraction. Did his shy and demure nature keep his extremely fuckable qualities hidden? Or did her obsession with the loser who quickly faded from her memory prevent her from seeing real opportunities?

He sat at his desk as Shelley lay down on his bed. They had ten minutes of frivolous small talk about weather, classes, and mutual friends. Shelley could stand it no longer as her carnal lust possessed her. She walked to him, then straddled her legs over him.

“I want you to fuck me,” she announced confidently. Chris seemed overwhelmed by the possibility, but he overcame that as he looked into Shelley’s eyes.

“Okay. I’ve never had sex, so why don’t you fuck me?”

Shelley answered with a decisive kiss. As their warm tongues met, he wrapped his godly arms around her, pulling her into his erect cock. Shelley’s clit tingled with anticipation as she felt his bulge beneath her. The deflowering had begun.

Kissing became an uproar of passion. Chris’ virginal hands roamed freely across her back. That wasn’t enough for Shelley as her flawless tits burned with ardor. Slowly taking off her tank top, she revealed to Chris his every fantasy. A light pink bra bound her voluptuous breasts. Chris’ purity vanished as he fumbled with the bra, finally removing it to exhibit her hard, pink nipples.

“Lick them.” Shelley demanded. Chris encased her lovely nipples in his lips canlı bahis then tasted the sweet, soft flesh. At first he was timid and gentle, but then an erotic fervor spread through his loins. His hand cupped the breasts his mouth wasn’t savoring and caressed it with hunger. This intense and affectionate stimulation was intoxicating to Shelley and she let out a low, melodic moan.

As his unsure finger graced past her crotch, she could no longer take the teasing. Her clit tickled, then ordered more. Shelley sat up from Chris’ lap. Torturing Chris and his hard dick, she slowly danced out of the skirt. Now, only in a pink, lace thong, she laid down on his bed, offering her curvy, feminine body to him.

“Take off my panties.” Chris followed her command, shaking with arousal and apprehension. Kneeling at the edge of the bed, he gently peeled the moist thong from Shelley. Immediately, he was dizzy with rapture as he saw the smooth, silky skin surrounding her pink cunt. Possessed by an appetite he had never known, he dug his face deep into her legs, hungering for the sweet juices of her pussy. As he licked the outer lips, Shelley’s body eagerly tensed up. His tongue teased and kissed. Neither could stand the temptation, so Chris spread open her lips, embraced the Mecca before him, and unleashed his strong, sensual tongue onto her throbbing clit. He was obsessed with the smell of sugar and sweat. Shelley shook with delight as her clit swelled with pleasure. His tongue quicken its pace and increased pressure; Shelley let out shrills and groans of euphoria. Her own hands added to the experience as she pinched her erect tits. For being a sexual novice, Chris indeed mastered eating pussy. He massaged her soft thighs as Shelley had the most intense orgasm of her life. Her muscles exploded with energy and a flood of cum flowed into Chris’ mouth. He moaned at the full, delicious taste of his lover.

By now, Chris’ cock ached for sex.

“I need you to fuck me right now,” Shelley said. She sat up and lead his shoulders güvenilir bahis to the bed. Chris was on his back now, lying down. Shelley slowly took off his boxers, revealing his dick pointing to the sky. Amazed, Shelley observed the length and girth of his impressive cock. Leaning over his thick cock, she licked the warm, sweet precum of his soft head. Chris’ breathing became deep and heavy as Shelley’s tongue rolled around the tip of his penis. Her tongue felt smooth and firm. Chris’ fingers went through her silky hair as Shelley swallowed his dick deeper and deeper into her throat. He growled with ecstasy as her tongue stroked his rock hard dick and her hands massaged his balls. Shelley’s intense eyes gazed into Chris’ as she bobbed her head up and down his cock. Just as Chris felt his muscles tense up, she released his member from her satin mouth.

“I want to feel you inside of me,” Shelley whispered as she straddled his again. She sat on his huge cock, rubbing it against her hard, wet clit. The friction was irresistible, so Shelley firmly grabbed his smoldering cock and thrusted him inside her dripping cunt. Chris’ eyes widened with surprised pleasure as Shelley moved her body in a lustful rhythm. His finger furiously attacked her clit as he pulsed deeper into her tight pussy. Drunk with passion, they gazed into each other’s eyes. They fucked hard as Shelley’s hips plunged his giant, juicy manhood into the depths of ecstasy. Shelley aggressively fondled her tits to deal with his electric dick and finger.

“You’re beautiful,” Chris shouts as he climaxes and releases a lifetime of desire. Shelley’s body shook with tremors as their cum mixed inside of her. Still connected, she lay on him. For an eternity they’re still, their heartbeats corresponding. At last they separate, but only to spoon and kiss throughout the night. She felt his breath on her back, smelled his luscious, sweaty body, and heard him whisper heavenly praises in her ear.

They slept into the day, eventually awaken by Shelley’s cell phone ringing. She recognized the number and ignored the call, never to speak to the drunken frat boy again. She crawled back to into his arms, and drifted back into a peaceful slumber. This is where she was meant to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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