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Author note:

This is a story I wrote several years ago, but I’ve been tinkering with it and editing it quite a few times. It’s been both longer and shorter than it is now, but I think the current length is the right one.

Feel free to check my Bio for updates on when I’ll have new stories published.

As always, thank you for reading! I take time to read all of your comments, and I just love this community. Enjoy!


Lilly was surprised to see Gina already sitting in the principal’s office when she walked in. She was pulling on her skirt nervously with her hands. Mr. Johnson sat behind his desk, holding and looking over a folder.

“Have a seat, Miss Thomas,” he said.

Lilly’s palms started to sweat. He must have found out about her and Gina passing answers back and forth for the algebra exam. Were they in trouble? Would she be expelled? She looked at Gina, gulped, and sat down.

Mr. Johnson stayed silent for several excruciating minutes. Lilly watched his face, searching for clues, as he turned the pages in the folder. She found none. Her heart was racing. Finally, just when she thought she couldn’t stand the waiting another second, Mr. Johnson closed the folder and looked and took off his glasses.

“I suppose you girls know why you’re here?” he asked.

Lilly cracked like an egg immediately. bursa escort “Oh my god. Mr. Johnson, we’re so sorry. I know we shouldn’t have done it. We didn’t mean to get in trouble! Algebra is just so hard! Our grades just needed a little boost.”

“We are sorry, really, Mr. Johnson,” Gina added.

The principal took a deep breath and sighed, standing up slowly. Lilly grabbed Gina’s hand. He took off his jacket and slung it over the back of his leather chair, then loosened his necktie and walked around his desk.

“Girls,” he said, “you do realize that your entire academic careers are in my hands, don’t you? You’re both seniors, just turned 18?”

The girls nodded.

“Right. You’re about to graduate. I bet you’re already thinking about colleges, parties, and boys. Well, guess what. With a flick of my wrist, you could be flipping burgers for the rest of your life.”

“Mr. Joh-” Lilly started.

He waved her off. “I don’t want to hear it. We’re going to have to make this right somehow. First, you’re going to come here and get on your knees.”

Lilly looked at Gina, unsure of what to do. But Mr. Johnson snapped his fingers, and Gina responded by getting down on her knees in front of him, pressing her skirt to her legs with her hands. Lilly followed. She knew it was wrong. What was he going to make them görükle escort do? How old was Mr. Johnson? Why was she starting to feel excited?

Mr. Johnson looked down at the two girls for a moment. Then he said, “Now I want you to kiss.”

Lilly’s heart skipped a beat. Did he say kiss? She felt a tingling between her thighs as she looked at Gina, who was biting her lip. She hesitated, and then there was a hand on the back of her head, pushing her towards Gina. She didn’t fight it.

Lilly leaned in and pressed her lips against Gina’s. They were soft and puffy. She felt Gina’s nose touching hers as they kissed. Then she stopped suddenly. What was she doing, sitting on her knees in the principal’s office, kissing her best friend? And god, why was she getting turned on? Thoughts spiraled through her mind until Mr. Johnson snapped again. Then she turned it all off, went blank, and leaned in to kiss Gina again.

“I knew you two were little sluts,” said Mr. Johnson.

Lilly heard the sound of a belt unbuckling as she continued kissing Gina, then she heard Mr. Johnson clear his throat. She looked up to see his pants undone and his thick, throbbing cock pulled out of his boxer briefs.

Gina’s eyes went wide. “Mr. Johnson, Blake is my boyfriend. I can’t,” she said.

“Shut up,” said Mr. Johnson.

Lilly escort bayan gulped again. She took Gina’s face in her hands and kissed her gently one more time, then looked her in the eye.

“We should do it,” she said.

She turned Gina’s face and pushed the girl’s head towards the cock. The worried look on Gina’s face turned her on even more, and she nearly gushed all over the floor when Gina pressed her pouty lips against Mr. Johnson’s hard, veiny cock.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped as Mr. Johnson put his hand on the back of Gina’s head and pushed his cock farther into the girl’s mouth.

“That’s very good, Lilly,” he said. Lilly put her hand on Gina’s back. Gina straightened, and Lilly guided her closer, encouraging her friend to take more of Mr. Johnson into her mouth.

“You look so good right now,” she said, imagining what it would look like to see two schoolgirls on their knees pleasuring the principal.

Lilly saw Mr. Johnson’s legs tense, and she knew what was about to happen. She pulled Gina’s hair out of her face so Mr. Johnson could get a better view and put her hand on the back of Gina’s head to make sure the girl couldn’t pull away. Then she looked up at the principal with her big doe eyes and said, “Mr. Johnson, I want to see you fill up my friend’s slutty mouth.”

Gina made some muffled noises, but Lilly held her head there as the principal leaned back, let out a groan, and started to pump into the girl’s mouth. Lilly was already soaking wet, and she came right there all over the floor when she heard Gina’s first swallow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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