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The front door slammed, and Diane felt her pulse quicken.

She was in bed reading, although she couldn’t really remember what the book was about because her mind kept wandering back to the… session at the front door. Now that Brad was back, would he want to talk about it? It would be embarrassing for both of them, but she would do it, for her son.

She heard him coming up the stairs. She had left the door cracked open, just in case, and sure enough, he paused in the hallway. Diane held her breath. Then he knocked. “Can I come in?”

“Of course,” she said, trying to put him at ease. Well, maybe herself, too.

But when he came in, he wouldn’t meet her eyes. Diane asked, “How was your night out?”

“Okay, I guess.”

“You ‘guess’? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I…um, I was just sort of.. thinking about other things.”

Diane felt a curious slickness “What other things?”

“Well, um… you know, what you did just before I left. I’ve been thinking about it, and I was… excited all night.”

Involuntarily, Diane’s eyes dropped to the front of Brad’s jeans. Even as she watched, it twitched. Erections seemed to have minds of their own. But she was glad they could talk so freely about it now.

“Brad,” she said, “I told you that I would help.”

“Mom, I don’t think you understand. Sometimes I.. do it four or five times a day.”

This was a test, Diane was certain. Her own son, admitting to masturbating four of five times a day, probably to pictures of those slutty women. It was obvious that strong measures were needed to help Brad control his lusts.

She blinked. Brad’s eyes had dropped to her front, and she wondered why. Of course! After a long bath, she had slipped into bed to read. It was only when she heard the key in the door that she realized that maybe she should have put something on, at least a top. The covers were pulled up, of course, but obviously some cleavage was showing. Like all men, Brad was aroused by nudity, by pictures of wicked women displaying their bodies for all to see, and now she might be inadvertently giving him a peek.

She put the thought aside, because there were more pressing matters, however uncomfortable they might be. Brad had, after all, admitted how often he needed release. Diane took a deep breath.

“Well, we’ll just have to do something about it. Come here.” She sat up, taking care to keep herself covered. Brad hesitated for a second, then stepped forward.

“Take out your penis… I mean, take out your cock.” It was a horrible thing to say, but it would help deal with his arousal. He unzipped, but before he could go further, she said “Let me do it.”

She reached for his belt, and in one movement pulled his jeans and underwear down. His cock sprang out, almost at eye level. She slid her fingers onto it – so thick!- and slowly ran them along the ridges up to his big cockhead. Even though it was the center of all of Brad’s problems, Diane had to admit that her son had a magnificent cock. She started to pump, feeling the ropes of his veins. Not quite slippery enough, though, and she spat into her palm and smeared it onto his cock. That was better, and her fingers slid up and down her son’s slick, hard cock.

He was watching her, his eyes bright, and Diane knew she probably looked like one of this sinful women on-line, but that was okay, because she was making this sacrifice for him. His cock get harder.

“See,” he said, “I’m just always… you know, excited.” Then his eyes dropped again, to her chest. “I get hot just by looking.”

With a start, she glanced down, saw that the blanket had slipped much lower, which meant Brad was getting an eyeful! She hadn’t really expected that to happen, but it served her right for not thinking ahead. Just one more sacrifice. Like using filthy language to arouse him.

“And what do you see?” He frowned, so Diane knew she had to be more direct. “Do you imagine a common whore jerking you off?”

“Well, I…”

“You can say it, Brad. If it will help, say the words.”

Still, he hesitated. “Umm, I want you to.. you know..”

“Tell me I’m a slut,” she breathed. Horrible using those words, but Diane knew it would help.

“You’re a… slut.”

Diane moaned at the shame of it all. Her own son, calling her a slut. She closed her eyes. “Call me a whore. I’m just a cheap whore.”

Brad gaped at his mother. Her eyes were closed, and she seemed lost in a fog. She seemed oblivious to the fact that the blanket had dropped again, and her tits were just hanging there, swinging as she jerked him off. It was amazing that she had such big tits on an otherwise slim body, and he loved how they slapped against her abs. He stared at her tit-gap, imagining what it would feel like cradling his cock. Brad wondered if he could risk grabbing her tits; hell, the way she was so zoned out, she probably wouldn’t even know.

Brad wasn’t stupid; something had been building up for the last few weeks, and now gangbang porno it seemed to be hitting full force. His own gorgeous mother, on her knees at the front door, sucking his cock, and here she was, not three hours later, asking him to call her names.

Still, it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. “You’re.. a whore,” he said tentatively.

She moaned and tightened her grip on his cock. Brad looked down at her. “That’s right slut, grab that cock.”

It was an experiment, but what a reaction! Her mouth opened and she looked wild-eyed up at him, “You think I’m a slut?”, all excited, and it all clicked. His own uptight, everything-has-to-be-perfect prude of a mother was getting off on the names he was calling her. And the best part was that she was doing it ‘for his own good’.

“Yes, you’re… a slut. You like sucking dick, don’t you?”

“Yes…I mean…”

Brad took a deep breath. What to hell- she had told him. “Then shut up and suck.”

Diane bent to Brad’s cock. She gave it a tentative little lick, like an ice-cream cone. Then she sucked it inside, and even though she was dizzy with shame, Diane knew her plan was succeeding; he would never look at pictures of wicked women.

And of course, it was only natural that he use these words, just to get them out of his system.

Brad stared at his mother. Her beautiful face, perfectly made up, contorting with the effort of sucking cock. She pressed forward, taking even more of it into her mouth. Brad realized that for all of her prim and proper façade, his mother was obviously pretty experienced.

He gave a tentative little fuck, pushing his cock even deeper into her mouth, and she groaned. Then again, and he felt his cock at the back of her mouth. He was getting more excited by the second, and so was she. He looked at her tits swinging heavily from side to side, and grabbed her head in his hands. He fucked forward, and suddenly his cock slid a good three inches deeper, into her throat.

His mother’s excitement went through the roof. She writhed on his cock, gagging. It just seemed to spur her on, though, and she bore down on his cock and gagged again. Her lips were taut around the base of his cock, and she forced herself down until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Her neck bulged with the effort of taking cock, and little grunts came from deep in her throat. Her tits swung back and forth, slapping against her torso. She pulled all of the way off his cock, eyes wild, then in one fell swoop swallowed him again, his cock sliding all the way into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged, and gagged again, her beautiful face contorting with effort. Then her eyes rolled back in her head and she went limp.

It was like a slow-motion movie. Brad’s cock oozed out of her mouth as she slumped backwards onto the bed. Brad was totally freaked- until he saw her breathing. She was obviously ok, except for the fact that she had passed out. He had heard about it, and had even seen it in a couple of porn clips, some babe getting so excited that they hyperventilated into unconsciousness.

“Mom?” He nudged her shoulder. She didn’t move, but her tits did. They shimmied back and forth, right in front of him, and with trembling hands he reached out and gently squeezed them. Her nips were thick and erect and almost an inch long. He pulled on one of them, and her heavy tit started to lift right off her rib cage, nipple stretched taut.

“Wow…”, he breathed.

He didn’t know how much time he had, but he was going to make the most of it. He flipped the blanket off, and drank in the sight. His mother was on her back, long legs splayed open, her big tits pulling to the side of her rib cage. An amazing body, slim and hard, and he started to jerk off, one hand groping her tits, the other hand on his cock. He looked at her face, her tits, her flat belly. And her pussy. It was lightly fringed and stood out prominently, and he slid his hand along her belly and then onto her pussy.

It took him all of ten seconds to cum. The first one was prime, right on her face, splashing along her nose and lips. The second was in her hair and onto the pillowcase. Then lower, onto her tits, and finally the last of it onto her pussy, were it oozed down along her slit.

She moaned, and he quickly pulled her covers up.

Diane felt like she was floating, her mind in a fog. Images of cock, spewing cum, and she felt her cunt spasm. It reminded her of something in her past… yes, college, that party at the fraternity house. She had forced herself to go, just for an hour or so, to see the immature way in which the other students carried on. She’d had a drink to blend in, appalled by the sexual behavior around her. They guys all looked at her that way, but she was used to it and she ignored them. She was better looking than any of the other tramps at the party, and they kept giving her dirty looks because of all the attention she was getting. And just to czech harem porno spite them, she stayed later than she had planned, and had another drink and maybe some more drinks. After awhile, she noticed that she was the only girl left, which was sort of fun because the guys were paying so much attention to her. Then it got a bit strange, like now, floating in a dream.

When she woke up the next morning in her room, she admonished herself for having had that one extra drink, because she couldn’t even remember how she got back to her residence. And she admonished herself for the dreams, as if she was some immature freshman. Disgusting dreams, sordid dreams: cocks, maybe a dozen of them, surrounding her, slapping against her face, in her hands, even in her … vagina. They were laughing, and someone kept saying “gang-bang’, as if she would ever allow complete strangers to touch her body, let alone use her for their group pleasure. She knew she intimidated men, knew that they all wanted to do nasty things to her perfect body, but she wasn’t like that. Besides, she had a boyfriend back home, and sometimes she allowed him to go all the way, so it wasn’t as if she would need something like a gang-bang, or even want it. Just too absurd.

Diane opened her eyes. A wet cock dangled in front of her, and she automatically opened her mouth. Just like in her dreams, yet another cock waiting for her, and she sucked it into her mouth, running her tongue along the bottom, so big, so thick-

It all came flooding back to her, and she looked up at Brad. For a split second, Diane was shocked that her son was casually standing there, with his cock buried in her mouth, as if she was some slutty 19 year-old college sophomore who would fuck a dozen guys in one night. But then she remembered her plan.

Brad shook his head and grinned down at her. “That was great, mom. Do really know how to suck cock.”

Shocking words from her son, but he was just showing youthful bravado. And she had to admit to a little bit of pride, too, that her son thought she was good at it, however horrible the act. She wondered what else he was thinking.

Man, what a whore.

She stared up at him with those big, innocent eyes, but her lips were wrapped tightly around his cock. He felt her tongue sliding across his meat, and another little tug of suction. Cum was oozing down her face, and yet she hadn’t moved. Her eyes fluttered closed and he felt one last swipe of her tongue before she let his wet cock slip from her mouth.

“There. I think that takes care of your needs for now.” Doing him a favor.

Brad shook his head. Same old attitude, at least in the way she talked. She arranged her covers carefully, as if she hadn’t just sucked his cock, as if he hadn’t just jerked off on her. But Brad knew that everything had changed.

“Thanks, mom,” he said, Then he added, “- although you might have to suck me off a few times tomorrow.”

She gave him a startled look, only partially hiding the excitement in her eyes. His prim, proper, cum-rag of a mother gave him a quick, nervous smile.

Diane watched him leave, both ashamed and proud of what she had just done. She licked her lips; it was musky, salty, and she rolled it around her tongue. Then she felt something on her face, and maybe on her breasts, and she wondered…

Diane pulled the covers off. She was crisscrossed with cum! Obviously, her blanket had accidentally slipped off when Brad had… ejaculated, and he hadn’t been able to control himself while she was… catching her breath. It was all over, even on her breasts.

“My tits,” she said out loud, because those were the words that Brad would use.

And now those tits were covered with cum. Even though it was disgusting, she wrapped both hands around one of her tits and pulled it to her mouth. It was something she had been able to do forever, but right now it was so different, because there was a smear of cum on her nipple. Diane pulled it to her mouth and sucked it inside. Then she went for the other one, mouthing both nipples at once, tasting cum, tasting her son.

She slid a hand down her abdomen – more cum! – and into her pussy. She strummed herself, then added a finger and then another. In deep, sliding back and forth, her pussy slick with cum and her own arousal. It had been so long without a cock, and Diane spread her legs as she worked her pussy.

She came, then again, and finally drifted off to sleep, feeling Brad’s cum oozing down her cheek.

Diane stood at the counter, staring into her coffee. She had been distracted all day at work, because the episode last night with Brad got her thinking about college.

The weekend after that first frat party, one of the guys had invited her back to the same fraternity house, only this time there wasn’t any other girls there. Probably a good thing anyway, because she had always outclassed other girls, and she sort of liked it that the guys were paying so much attention czech mega swingers porno to her, not that she would ever let it go any further. Still, they were nice enough, and they kept bringing her drinks, and eventually she got a bit carried away with the guy who had invited her- Steven?- but that was ok, it proved she wasn’t a prude. She vaguely remembered that she allowed him sex, although it seemed to go on all night…

The next morning, she woke up in Steven’s room at the frat house. She was a little embarrassed, because she was lying on his bed naked. The door was open a few inches, and she hoped that none of the guys had peeked in on her. As she had cleaned up, she was amazed at how much sperm Steven had produced. It was in her pussy, of course, but also all over her body and some- well, more than some- had accidentally landed on her face. It was all over, so much of it, and she wondered of Steven had come more than once.

They invited her back the next weekend, and it became a pattern. Sure, Steven seemed to expect sex now, but at least he knew what a lucky guy he was. She was embarrassed that everything always seemed to get hazy: she never remembered actually going to bed, but Steven always made sure she was tucked in. And she knew that he always had sex with her, too, because she was always so full of his cum that it was constantly leaking out of her, even later when she walked back to her own residence, cum running down the inside of her thighs. The other girls gave her disgusted looks, but that was just because they were jealous.

She often wondered if any of the other guys saw her when Steven put her to bed. She knew all of them lusted after her, and they must have been disappointed that they couldn’t have her. She overhead them talking once, going on and on about what a good fuck she was, as if that would ever happen. College boys always liked boasting and bullshitting and making stories up. One of them said that if she ever got pregnant, she’d have to give the kid 50 names just to cover who the father might be.

It was an outrageous statement, but Diane had to admit to a secret little thrill. Yes, she only let Steven have sex with her, but what would it be like to let so many of them fuck her? The weird thing was, she could easily imagine it, laying on a bed as one guy after another climbed up between her long legs and fucked her. It was so vivid, her imagination, and odd little details, too, Steven standing in the doorway, some of the guys giving him money as they walked into the room. Her dreams always ended the same way, too, Steven casually standing over her and masturbating onto her face, as if she were nothing more than a whore he had picked up on some street corner.

Her visits to the fraternity continued for the entire semester. There were always so many fraternity brothers around, leering, making passes, but it was fun teasing them. Steven was so attentive, always making her the center of attention. She was amazed at his stamina; the sex always seemed to go on for most of the night, and there was always so much cum everywhere.

She had been stirring her coffee for almost a minute, and Brad took the opportunity to really look at her. She had just come home from work, and she looked every inch the proper businesswoman. Well, not quite: even in this office outfit, his mother dripped sex. Her blouse was a tailored fit, and it hugged her torso liked a second skin, emphasizing her big tits. Then that slim, almost skinny waist, and of course, her skirt. She always wore them tight, and they seemed to be getting shorter lately. And those amazing legs of hers, long, sleek, so spreadable-


She turned, eyes wide. “Uh, sorry Brad, you startled me.” Her eyes darted to his crotch. “What can I… do for you?”

“I was just thinking, Mom. Maybe I’ll work things out on my own.”

A look very close to panic flashed across her face. “What do you mean?”

Brad controlled his growing arousal. His mother had always acted like a prude, but since catching him with his cock hanging out, she had been nothing short of a slut. And now he wanted to see how far he could push it.

“Well, I think I should be more responsible and deal with my own – you know, my problem.” Gee, what problem? Being horny all the time?

“But Bradley, I told you any time you felt like you had to control your impulses, I would help. Do you want me to, um… take care of you now?” And bang, her nipples almost popped out of her blouse.

“It’s not that. I mean, I like it when you suck my cock and all that,” he loved the way her eyes flickered when he used that phrase, “…but I sort of need more.”

“I… don’t understand.”

“I need to look. You know, at tits and pussy and stuff.” Hard to use words like that in front of his mother, but she seemed to get off on it. “I know you don’t like me looking on the internet, so maybe I’ll just hook up with an old girlfriend or something. You know, to control my impulses.”

Diane frowned. Brad had a point: he was so used to looking at filthy pictures to masturbate that he always needed visual stimulation. And now he wanted to look at some neighborhood slut to satisfy himself. Did all of those disgusting acts she had already performed mean nothing? How could she even deal with…

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