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It was a hot day, and humid too, you know the kind late in August when the humidity is as high as the temperature. It’s hard to breathe because the air is so moist. There is no breeze so sweating doesn’t even begin to help in fact…it makes it worse.

She had decided to try and cool off before taking a shower so she went into the bedroom to lie down in front of the fan. She took off everything except for a pair of pale pink cotton panties. She had always liked the feeling of being almost nude, something about it made her feel mysterious and sexy; she pulled down the covers and lay down on the bed on her stomach. When she laid like this her supple breasts almost touched her chin and the sides of each could be seen peeking out from beneath, between her arm and side. As she lay there the breeze began to slowly take the heat from her body, she drifted off to sleep and began to dream. She dreamed that he came in and saw her there, nearly naked lying in the breeze; and something within him stirred. She dreamed that he began to softly massage her tired shoulders with the body oil that she kept in the shower. Had he planned this she thought to herself? Then suddenly she realized that this was not a dream.

He was there, sitting behind her on the backs of her legs his hands gliding smoothly over her body from her shoulders down her back and to her buttocks, his expert hands lovingly caressed and massaged her. Soon she felt his hardened manhood lying lightly in between her ass cheeks; his excitement excited her greatly. She wasn’t sure if he knew that she wasn’t sleeping bahis siteleri so she just relaxed and moaned slightly, she didn’t want to ruin what ever it was he had thought up for her, and she enjoyed the thought that she made him so hard without having even touched him. She was getting wet just thinking about how much he wanted her. If he hadn’t known before that she was awake he knew now because he asked her to turn over so that he could continue his massage. She did as he asked and when she turned over he quickly removed her panties filling the room with her luscious scent, the one that drove him wild.

Now he was sitting on the front of her thighs with his excited cock twitching in anticipation on top of her mound. He restrained himself though and continued with his promised massage working from her shoulders and chest down each arm and to the tips of each finger. She was so turned on that she almost came when he finally touched her breasts after what seemed like years. She only moaned lightly though and held herself back, she wanted to come with him inside her. She wanted him to fill her with his heat, he knew this, but would not yet ease her aching. He wanted to make her beg for him to fuck her, but that would have to wait for another time…today he had different plans!

He was now swirling his fingers over and around her hardened nipples and pinching them lightly. When he did this her moans intensified and her hips rose to meet him pushing his cock firmly against the lips of her pussy, and when he bent down to suck her nipples into his mouth it slipped between canlı bahis siteleri her swollen lips meeting her clit with its warm velvet touch. He was so excited that he came just from the feeling of her wet lips softly enveloping his engorged manhood. She loved the fact that he couldn’t control himself. He continued sucking her nipples flicking them with his tongue and sliding his cock between her lips; even after coming he was bigger than she had ever known him to be. She loved the feeling of his cock sliding back and forth between her lips, it was indescribable she only new that she never wanted it to stop.

When he finally slipped the tip of his penis inside of her she had never felt so open to him. Although it was just the tip she felt full of him, full of his need and his hunger for her. He teased her like this for what seemed like hours but it was only a few moments before she came too.

Having both orgasmed she was expecting him to collapse into her arms where they would hold each other until their breathing slowed but he did something unexpected. Grabbing the oil that he had been using for her massage he poured some into his hand and began stroking himself, figuring that he wanted to ejaculate on her breasts as her had done so many times before. She closed her eyes (although she did like to watch him touch himself) and began thinking about the interlude that they had just had. But instead of feeling his warm seed spill over her body she felt something new and unfamiliar as he gently began to penetrate her ass.

This was something they had canlı bahis talked about doing but had never actually planned. She knew that he wanted to even though he was afraid to really admit it, she had told him it was okay, she had always thought that one of them would get up the courage one day.

“Today is the day,” he said to himself as he penetrated her. She had said that it would be okay but he wasn’t sure until that moment when he saw her face. She was surprised but not offended, in fact he could see the surprise turning to pleasure as he continued to penetrate her deeply. He liked the extra tight feeling of her tiny asshole. Although he loved her pussy this was new and exciting and he bit his lip to keep from coming too soon.

Still riding high from her first orgasm her whole body was tingling, even the breeze from the fan felt erotic as it blew across her skin. She was close to coming again herself when he began to finger her clit with one finger and fuck her pussy with another. Holding himself up with one arm he again bent down and flicked both of her nipples with his tongue. At this moment she was so overcome with sensation that she came again intensely, her moans and breathing became loud and heavy; he came at the same time thrusting deeper and deeper into her as she moved her hips in rhythm with him. Their pleasures continued for several minutes as they thrashed and moaned together and called out each others names in lusty admiration until finally spent, he collapsed next to her.

They held each other there for a long time kissing and touching each other hungrily and lovingly until finally he spoke first asking her if she would like to take her shower now. She laughed and said yes. When they got up together to shower she noticed that he was already beginning to get hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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