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Saturday Morning Surprise – My Sister Thinks I’m Sexy


I’m Carrie Smith. I’m a pretty average college student. I study, go to parties and stress about the future. I’m also a lesbian who’s in love with her younger sister. See? Average.

My younger sister Leslie is just a year younger than I am. She’s smart, pretty and popular. She’s also still in the closet. Our parents know about me; I’ve been dating girls since middle school. Leslie on the other hand, had only had boyfriends so far, so our parents had no reason to suspect that we’ve been sleeping together.

Our mom is always busy at the office or away on business. Our dad is the homemaker, but he spends a lot of his time making sure our 12 year old brother gets to his various activities. It’s never too hard for my sister and I to find some time alone.

Even before we started having sex, Leslie and I had been close. The two of us had always been best friends; she’d talk to me about anything. After she broke up with her last boyfriend, she had told me that she was done dating guys. I joked with her and said that she should give girls a try. Then, she told me that the only girl she’d really want to date was me. Since then, we’ve been lovers.

* * * * *

It was a normal Saturday morning. I stirred in my bed then started to stretch and wake up. Next thing I knew I bumped into something. It was my sister, Leslie, asleep next to me in an oversized t-shirt. She hadn’t been there when I fell asleep; when did she sneak in? Mom was away for the week and Dad should be with Andy at his football game today. I sat up and glanced at the clock on my nightstand. It was almost noon. That meant everyone was gone and Leslie had probably snuck in after they left.

I turned on my side and started trying to wake her up. I nudged her shoulder, but nothing happened. She looked like she was peacefully asleep as she lay there with her long, brown hair tied up in a messy bun and her face looking relaxed. One hand was rested lazily over her stomach and she moved it to her side as I shook her a little. Her shirt rode up and I realized she didn’t have any panties on. Her nipples were clearly visible as I looked down at her chest. Suddenly, I thought of a better way to wake her. She had climbed into my bed looking completely vulnerable after all; she was begging for it. Knowing her, she might not even actually be asleep.

I gently ran my finger over Leslie’s stomach. I found her belly button and traced circles around it before drawing a line up to her chest. She still hadn’t moved, so I continued and teased my finger along her breasts; no response. I moved on to tracing around her hard nipples and I finally heard a sigh leave her mouth. Maybe she really was asleep.

“Leslie? Leslie, are you awake?”

She didn’t respond, so I continued. This time, I lifted her shirt so her stomach was exposed. I traced lines around it like I did before; up, down and around. Instead of going up her body, I went down and traced the line where her public agent porno panties would have stopped. I traced along the delicate insides of her thighs and that sensitive spot that met her hip. She moaned that time; softly, but like she was enjoying it. I glided my fingers down her thighs and her body shivered. I inched closer and closer to her pussy and she moaned before I had actually managed to touch it.

“I knew you weren’t asleep,” I said.

“Did you really?”


“How could you tell?”

“Just a feeling,” I said before I leaned over and kissed her good morning. “When did you sneak in here?”

“When I heard Dad and Andy getting ready to go to his game this morning. I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“I don’t mind… I just don’t know what I’d do if they had come home before we woke up.”

Leslie turned and looked at the clock behind her.

“Well, we’ve got about two hours before they’ll be back.”

“Oh. Well, that’s good, I guess.”

“Don’t worry so much,” she said as she stroked my cheek.

“Aren’t you afraid of what will happen if they find out?”

“Not really.”

“How? They don’t even know you’re a lesbian.”

“They didn’t freak out when they found out about you. I’m not too worried about


“Then why haven’t you told them?”

“Ugh, because,” she frowned. “They’ll expect me to bring home a girlfriend from school and I don’t have one. Plus, all the girls at my school aren’t really my type. Then I’d have to justify how I know that I’m gay if I don’t like any of the girls I know and I don’t want to have a talk with Mom and Dad about how hot I think women are in general… but we’re getting off topic,” she shook her head. “I was lying here with almost nothing on for a reason.”

“I’m sorry… I just…”

“Worry too much?”

“Yeah,” I sighed.

“Don’t. We love each other. That’s what matters. We’ll make sure nothing ruins that.”

“I love you,” I said right before I kissed her.

I leaned over her and our lips touched. We pressed them together in soft kisses that continued to escalate. I put my arm around her midsection and squeezed her closer as she reached up and stroked my cheek. The kiss grew stronger and her tongue slipped into my mouth as she used both hands to cup my face. My hand was running up and down her far side when she moaned into my mouth.

We continued to kiss as she ran her hands over my head and through my shoulder length, straight brown hair. My hand moved from teasing along her side to cupping her full chest. I massaged her gently and Leslie just moaned at my mouth.

“Carrie… You’re so sexy,” she breathed as we parted.

I smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek. Then I kissed her neck and what I could reach of her shoulder through the neck hole on her shirt. I lifted the shirt up enough that I could kiss down her chest, her stomach and then lower. I kissed everywhere around her pussy; inner thighs, lower abdomen reality kings porno and then the mound on top.

“This is why you came in here, isn’t it?” I breathed over her wet slit.

“Mm… yeah, it is…”

I moved between her legs and spread them wide before I finally kissed her pussy and she gasped. I lapped at her lower lips with gentle, quick flicks of my tongue and she let out a breathy moan. I traced my tongue along the outer lips and her moans grew deeper and quicker. I spread her open with my right hand and lightly licked around her hole. It had already started to leak and I got a taste of her sweetness. I slowly licked up to her clit and softly circled my tongue around it and she let out a higher pitched moan.

I loved to hear her moan as I ate her. It always made me unbearably horny. I felt myself quiver each time she made a sound. I licked upwards over her clit and she let out a sharp gasp. I did it again and again bringing out her moans in sharp breaths as she flinched at each flick. I gently breathed over her clit and let my saliva drip over it. I smoothed it over her with my tongue before drawing her erect clit into my mouth. I licked, sucked and rolled it over my tongue as she let out moan after moan and gasp after gasp. I was glad we were home alone.

She was getting close to orgasm, so I let her clit slowly slip from my mouth. Her juices were everywhere; my face, her inner-thighs and my sheets. I put my tongue directly into the source and drank what I could. Leslie wasn’t moaning, but her breathing had become heavy. I glanced up at her and saw the needy look on her face. I looked back at her pussy and gave her one more, deep, invading lick before I sat up.

“Fuck you taste good,” I said as I began to crawl up her body.

My leg moved up between hers, adding pressure to her hot crotch. I knew I was soaking wet because my own crotch glided up her leg as I slid into place to kiss her. She nearly threw herself at me as our lips locked. Her leg lifted so that I was straddling her hip. Her arms wrapped around me and she pressed her lips to mine with such force. Her tongue pushed its way into my mouth and I kissed her back with just as much need.

Even just rubbing my wet, swollen pussy against her leg felt great. The feel of her wrapping herself around me and her own incredibly soaked pussy rubbing against my leg made it completely amazing. I realized she wasn’t the only one moaning anymore as we lay there kissing and rubbing against one another.

Leslie’s hand ran down my cheek, then my neck and shoulders. She moved down to my chest and trickled her fingers over my small breasts and hard nipples. I moaned when she touched my nipples and the kiss broke. She continued to tease me and I continued to moan before I finally moved a hand to her chest. I massaged her right breast with my left hand and squeezed at it. Her boobs were a lot bigger than mine; so soft and full. I was getting lost in the feel of them when she pinched both my rus porno nipples at once. I nearly screamed and Leslie just smiled.

“Fuck, Leslie, I’m really horny,” I sighed.

I collapsed next to her and rolled over to face her with my leg still on top of hers.

“Yeah, me too,” she whined.

“I feel like I woke up horny, is that your fault?”

“Maybe,” she giggled before she kissed me.

The kiss was soft and sweet and so was her touch as I felt her reach between my legs. She petted me lightly and teased along the hot, wet slit. She rubbed it until I started losing focus then pulled her hand away. Her fingers were shiny and slick when she put them in her mouth.

“Mm…” she moaned.

She was just so fucking naughty I couldn’t hold back. I leaned over her face to kiss and lick her lips. I got a few remnants of my taste as my tongue danced around in her mouth. I put my hand between her legs as she had done me; teasing lightly, gently, simply feeling how much she needed it. She put her hand between my legs too, slipping her middle finger inside me as she went and I groaned.

Leslie whined and bucked her hips against my hand so I put my own middle finger inside her. She let out a large sigh of relief. I slid my finger in and out as she moaned and mirrored my movements. She was moaning a lot and I’m sure I was too; it sounded incredible.

We were both getting closer and closer to climax. I knew that Leslie didn’t want to cum quite like that, so I moved my body on top of hers. I climbed over her and got between her legs once more. I spread them apart as far as they’d go then lifted up her right leg. I straddled her almost diagonally with one leg over her left and near her hip and the other leg just under her right thigh. I pressed my pussy against hers and I could feel our combined heat.

The two of us were soaked, so I had no problems rubbing myself against her. Honestly, we were nearly too wet for it to be effective, but our clits stuck out at just the right angle. We could continuously rub them together, against each other, until we climaxed. I leaned down to kiss her and she lifted her torso up so she could meet me. We kissed softly, lightly as we continued to get closer and closer to orgasm.

I sat up and held on to Leslie’s right leg. I rubbed myself as hard and quickly as I could against her. I was so close and the way she was breathing told me that she was, too. I couldn’t take it anymore. I came with a loud, screaming moan and road it out over Leslie’s warm pussy, then she came seconds later with a lot of sharp breathing and an “Oh, fuck!”

I fell over next to her, rolled onto my back and tried to catch my breath. I looked over at Leslie who was still breathless herself. She was so sexy and sweet. She was also a huge pervert. I’d always wonder how I ended up with such a great little sister. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back before I leaned over and gave her a soft kiss. Then I pulled her close to me and held her in my arms.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you, too, sis.”

The two of us stayed there cuddling for quite some time before we got up and went on about our Saturday at home like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Our secret romance would remain secret, for now.

©2020 Lynette P. Kristofferson

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