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Friday rolled around sooner than even I had anticipated. Honestly, I was still allowing the reality of what took place between me and Samantha register in my mind. As I continued driving south on Route 43, I relived our fuck for probably the four hundredth time, recalling every steamy detail. Two things were: incredible memories and intense jack-off material to substantiate the rest of my life.

A smile made its way to my mouth as I pulled into the lot and parked in my usual spot. Making my way to the warehouse, I noticed my steps were quicker and I felt more alive about everything in my life. Long passed seemed the days of boredom and depression. There was a grand renewed attitude to my mundane existence and to my dead-end job. The new attitude was due not just in part, but in whole to Sam. Just the thought of her made me feel like a new man.

I greeted a few folks in the halls that I normally do not speak to, let alone recognize. With unrestrained surprise, they responded in kind and in delight.

“Wow, someone sure is chipper lately,” smiled Ann, the VP of Operations, as I passed her in the hall.

“Well, you know, it’s Friday, Ann,” I beamed.

“True, but you’ve been walking on a bit of a cloud lately.”

“I guess,” I half-heartedly agreed.

“You guess? Well…Hey, is there a certain lucky lady in your life?”

“Yeah, you could say that,” I flushed.

“I thought something was up in your life. That’s great!”

“Thanks, Ann,” I murmured, “sorry, I gotta run.”

“No problem. You have a good weekend, if I don’t see you.”

“Thanks, Ann, you do the same.”

I continued down the hall, on my way for coffee, trying to hide my excitement, now that I was aware that I was a bit of a display. Word getting out about me and Sam would not be a good thing for anybody; especially me. The idea of wearing cement shoes during a swim in Lake Michigan did not appeal to me one bit.

Per the usual routine, I reached the break room and poured myself a hefty serving; including lots of creamer and some Sweet and Low. Proud of myself for once again missing an encounter with Mark, I casually returned to my warehouse office, settled into my chair, and picked up the morning’s manifest report.

While reviewing the week’s numbers, Steve walked in, followed in short by Larry. “What’s up, boss?” they each said, almost in unison.

“Hey guys! How goes it?”


“Yep, Friday for sure,” I agreed.

I returned to my paperwork, readying my reports for the weekly staff meeting. And watched the guys go down the hall to put away their coolers and get coffee for themselves.

Continual thoughts about Sammy filtered through my head. I welcomed them much more so than the other thoughts that haunted me before our first fuck encounter in Mark’s office less than two days ago.

As I was lost in another day dream about Sammy, Larry appeared with his coffee.

“So, what’s on the docket today?”

Focusing back on the present, “Oh, not much, Larry, just a few odds and ends,” I answered.

“Oh good, I was hoping for a slow day.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Hey, any word on those warehouse changes from Samantha?”

My mind raced. The only thing I heard Larry say was, “Samantha.”

“What? I’m sorry, Larry.”

“You all right? You seem kind of…preoccupied.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, Larry, there’s a lot of stuff going on.”

“Okay,” Larry answered, somewhat suspiciously, “so…what I was getting at is the warehouse updates…any word?”

“Oh, those. Yeah. I still have to meet with Mark on a few of her suggestions. We’re not going forward until we have more details from these investor clowns.”

“Clowns. I hear that,” Larry laughed.

“Yeah, it’s been a circus, but as soon as I know something, you and Steve will be the first ones to know.”

“Cool. Well, I’m going to get back to running inventory on the A-14 and A-15 aisles.”

“Okay, Larry, thanks.”

As Larry walked away, I envisioned Sammy walking away from me in her tight fitting outfits, goggling as her ass swayed with her firmness. Just thinking about her tightness and her clean flower-like scent sent my cock jumping. I immediately tried to ignore the thought as the hour passed. I still had a few meetings to take care of and various phone calls to make before lunch. Again, I tried to focus on the tasks at hand and ignore the distracting, but sensual thoughts about Sammy.

As the day progressed, I got into the rhythm of the routine and got all of my projects tied up. A couple of phone conversations and a boring staff meeting, lunch time was quickly approaching.

I returned to my desk from running around the warehouse, ran some last minute inventory checks, and got ready for the afternoon fulfillment process. As soon as I sat down, the phone rang. I picked up the receiver abruptly, “Warehouse, Michael here.”

“Well, hello there, Michael,” spoke a sultry voice, “This is Sam.”

“Hello, gorgeous.”

“You’re too kind. Listen, did you güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri get my note from the other day?”

“Sure did.”

“Good, and are you available to meet as I mentioned?”

“Certainly, you just say when.”

“Eight o’clock tonight and don’t you be late.”

“I’ll see you then.”

I hung up the phone and wished the time was 7:45 PM right then and there. I just reminded myself that the anticipation of seeing her and fucking her again would be well worth the wait.

As expected, the rest of the day crawled by at a snail’s pace. The minutes passed like hours. Even lunch (my personal favorite time of the day) dragged by very slowly.

Nevertheless, the five o-clock quitting bell came finally and I left about a half-an hour later, driving over to a local hamburger joint to grab a bite and a beer. Taking in the sights and sounds of the restaurant, I made small talk with the bar keep, focusing my attention on the conversation and the activity around me. I still had trouble trying not to obsess about hooking up with Sammy.

I paid my tab and headed over to Nightflights, the local spot where I was instructed to meet Sammy. Walking in, I was instantly aware that I was not dressed for the establishment, but I didn’t really care. I was still wearing my jeans and steel toed shoes from work. The rest of the clientele were dressed in suites, ties and evening gowns. “Typical yuppie joint,” I thought, “Yippee.”

Ignoring the raised eye brows that I seemed to be getting from both management and fellow patrons, I made my way to the bar. Finding a place in the corner, with a sharp view of the bar’s main entry, I sat and ordered a Miller Lite. Again, I seemed to be getting flak from the bar tender, now based on my drink order. And again, I ignored the attitude and went about my business of watching for Sammy.

I finished my beer and ordered another. As I nursed about half of the second one, Sammy appeared in the doorway, obviously looking for me. I gave a short wave and she spotted me, smiled and made her way into the smoke-filled lounge.

To no surprise, Sammy looked ravishing. She was wearing a long dark green evening gown, silver high heels, carrying a matching hand bag. Her hair was pulled back in a French braid and her dark sunglasses cast a mysterious persona to her character. Her dress was low-cut and showed off her well-endowed figure. She made her way to the corner where I was sitting and sat down in the seat next to mine. I leaned over to her and she shunned me away, “Not here, folks may recognize us,” she whispered.

Nodding in agreement, I said, “You look incredible.”

“Thanks. I see that you dressed for the occasion,” she snickered.

“I had no idea about this place, plus, there’s no way I would have had time to go home to change.”

“Relax. I’m only kidding,” she snipped.

“Okay, I’m sorry,” relaxing a bit.

“Order me a drink then,” she slyly provoked.

“Tender!” I exclaimed, getting the bar keep’s attention.

“Yes, sir?”

“The lady will have a Tanqueray and tonic and I will have a Mill…no, make that two gin and tonics…and make them doubles, please.”

Sammy smiled devilishly, “My, you certainly know how to take charge, don’t you?”

“Yeah, when inspired,” I winked.

“You up for taking charge of me tonight?” Sammy asked seductively.

“You don’t even have to ask,” I replied.

“Good, because we have the entire night. Mark left for his flight this afternoon.”

“Excellent, I was wondering where he might have gone today.”

“You don’t mean that, do you?”

“Hell, no, of course not, I could give two shits about your husband. I was just making conversation.”

Sammy gave a nervous laugh.

I simply admired her slim figure and ample breasts. Her dark hair accentuated the dark line of cleavage created by her firm tits. It was difficult to look away. I noticed that the bar tender had the same problem. Her softball-sized tits nestled tightly in the confines of her dress, gave visual interest to anyone who would take notice. The bra made it appear as if she wasn’t wearing a bra at all. God, I wanted her. I had to have her again.

Our drinks arrived. As I was squeezing the lime into mine, Sammy picked up hers and slammed it back. Giving a satisfied gasp, she immediately called for another. The bartender’s eyes practically fell out of his head in awe. I laughed and looked at Sammy who was cocking her eye brow at me.

“Oh, I can take it, I’m just getting warmed up.”

“No question about that, babe. The question is who will be taking who tonight.”

While marveling at my witty retort, Sammy grabbed a hold of her second drink placed before her, shifted in her chair and pulled her dress over the side of her luscious leg. The dress was slit elegantly up the leg to around her mid-thigh. Looking down at the activity by her legs she pulled her legs apart, revealing the top of her stockings and garter.

I gleamed in response and began sucking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri down my drink as Sammy said, “There’s more.” Sliding further down in her chair, she hiked her dress up and pulled the slit over her crotch, revealing her beautifully trimmed pussy.

I almost choked on my drink, “Jesus!” I hissed, covering her with her dress as the bar tender arrived asking if everything was satisfactory. “It will be after I satisfy Sammy again tonight,” I thought. “Everything’s great, thanks.”

Sammy interrupted me, “I’ll take one more, please.”

The bar tender looked at me in surprise. “You heard the lady, one more.”

With that, Sammy shot-gunned her second drink. Her third was placed in front of her and she whispered, “I’ll down this and we’ll go.”

The two of us finished our drinks and we left eagerly. “God, that place serves great drinks, but boy, are they stiff in there,” Sammy giggled as she swayed a bit, the alcohol taking quick affect.

“Yeah they are,” I noted, “but not as stiff as me,” I smiled, pulling Sammy close, planting a passionate kiss on her surprised mouth. Her scent was amazing, clean and refreshing, juxtaposed with the evergreen smell of gin on her breath, I was taken.

“We’ll see about that,” she answered.

“The way you look and taste, I won’t be stiff for long,” I snickered.

Sammy smiled seductively at me as she grabbed my arm for support.

“I better drive,” I offered.

“Yes, and when we get back home, I’m going to do some driving of my own.”

Immediately, my cock sprang into alert status, at the sound of Sammy’s voice and lustful intention. I smiled lustfully at her, grabbed her ass, and whispered, “I can’t wait to fuck you again.” Sammy giggled as she got into the passenger side of her BMW and offered me the keys.

As we drove, Sammy’s inebriation increased and then leveled off. She could hardly keep her hands off of me, however, reaching over to work on my cock every now and then. This made me a little nervous.

“Sammy, just wait until we get home, babe. I don’t want to get into any DUIs and I certainly don’t want to wreck your beamer.”

Sammy breathed a sigh of disgust. “Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”

“Oh, yes you will,” Sammy replied sternly, “Oh, yes you will.”

“Good, I plan on it,” I answered.

Following Sammy’s directions, we arrived at her mansion of a house within a few miles. I pulled into the garage, to avoid being seen by any neighbors. As the garage door closed, I leapt out of the car and picked Sammy up and carried her into the house. Getting no further than the foyer, Sammy jumped out of my arms and poised her self against the banister of the main stair case.

She looked like a fucking model– a drunken model, but a model nonetheless. I approached her eagerly, but she waved me off. In the dimly lit foyer, she began to heavily seduce me with her provocative teasing. Her smile turned seductive as she moved elegantly up the stairs, stopping to give me a view of her incredible figure. Swaying her hips back and fourth, she began to dance to an inner rhythm of untold possibilities. She moved her dress to reveal her leg and garter once more, creating a rise in my blood pressure as her body waved and listed like a majestic ocean liner. Sammy then began strip teasing me, as she continued with her passionate dance. My cock grew exponentially upon seeing her shocking beauty in motion. Stopping only to check my reaction, she floated like a goddess over the stairs. Using the banister advantageously, she rotated her hips while placing her weight on one leg and parted her dress over the top of her ass, revealing her creamy thigh and buttock. When she held the dress off to the side and bent over at the hips, exposing her perfect tight ass, I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Fuck. I want you.”

Sammy called me over with a beckoning middle finger and I lunged for her, tackling her, forcing her to the stairs. I immediately pulled aside her dress and began licking her pussy from behind as she arched her back in response.

“Ooh, that’s it. You don’t waste any time, do you?”

“No way,” I gasped, already enjoying the musky taste of her moistness.

There was no inch of flesh in her privates that was not visited time over and again with my tongue, as I lapped her labia and taint. Sucking eagerly on her lips, her wetness was eagerly slurped as quickly as her body produced it.

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good,” Sammy hissed.

Her response made me continue on, like a possessed soldier with a life-or-death mission at hand. I was determined to take her even further than she had been just days ago in Mark’s office. There was no turning back, nor did I wish to turn back.

“Play with your clit,” I instructed as my tongue dove into her folds, swirling in every possible direction I could take. Sammy responded fervently by rubbing her clit as instructed, her moans growing in repetition and intensity with each action.

“Oh God, güvenilir bahis şirketleri yes!” she called out.

My hands worked up and down her inner thighs, caressing them as I probed her pubic area with my mouth. I stuck a finger into her wet hole and moved it back and forth, feeling the ribbed walls of her vaginal passage, while my tongue went to work on her legs, licking her thighs as her legs quivered.

“Oooh, I like that!” Sammy cooed, her head tilting back in pleasure.

I continued to work my finger in and out of her, pressing a couple of more fingers into her velvet pouch as she bucked back, riding my fingers. By now, she was rubbing her clit feverishly.

“Let’s take your dress off,” I suggested, helping her to her feet. She kicked off her heels and turned around, seductively, offering her ass to me as she awaited me to unzip her. I slowly moved the zipper down, reaching around to grab a hold of her breast. Her nipple was hard and protruded against the black cup of her bra. I continued with the zipper, admiring the bronze skin that shone before me in place of the green silk dress. The dress dropped to the floor and Sammy easily stepped out of it. I picked up her dress and threw it over the side of the banister, hearing it land softly against the hardwood floor below. There she stood before me. I sat to admire her as she grabbed hold of the banister and again bent forward, revealing her tight ass right in front of me. She looked over her shoulder and gave me another deviant smile that sent shivers up my spine and more blood to my awakened cock. Her stockings with their laced tops framed her beautiful privates with elegance. The garter straps followed in perfect alignment with the line of her stocking on the backside of her thighs and calves. Her breasts were cradled like two young children, tight to her torso. I couldn’t wait to release them.

“Lean forward, so I can lick you.”

Sammy obeyed silently, relying on the banister to retain her balance. I maneuvered under her until her ass was level with my mouth. I pressed my tongue further and up into her as she responded with delight. Rotating my tongue and lips, I licked and sucked on her pussy as if it was the last pussy that I’d ever see. My hands reached up to splay her lips a bit, allowing my tongue even greater access. Occasionally using my tongue as a probe, I forced it into her dripping hole, fucking her with it. I heard her breathing become primal again and her cunt was bucking back against my face as I lapped and sucked.

“Fuck, yeah…Jesus, you sure know how to use your mouth.”

“Oh that’s nothing, wait until you feel this!”

Immediately I parted her ass cheeks and dove straight for her puckered backdoor. Softly sucking on her rosebud, I quickly inserted three fingers into her pussy and began to frig her sopped canal once more.

“Oh my God, Oh…yeah…yeah,” Sammy breathed.

I paused my tongue diving, “Does that feel good, baby?”

“Yeah,” she was getting close, I could tell.

I continued sucking on her asshole, ramming my fingers into her drenched pussy. I brushed against her clit and this sent her reeling a bit.

“Oh, fuck yeah! I love it when you rub my clit!”

Pulling on her hips, I pushed my face harder against her ass, flicking my tongue against her rosebud.

“Your ass tastes good,” I noted, pulling her cheeks further apart, wanting to get my face entirely between her beautiful globes.

“Keep licking my ass like that and there’s no doubt you’ll be fucking it!” Sammy hissed, looking at me from between her spread legs.

“Good, I want to fuck you there again,” putting my laps into double-time status, ramming my digits into her folds. Her juice was now dripping down her leg.

“Oh, God…fuck…god!”

I stopped sucking her dirt hole, and removed my fingers from her pussy. They glistened in her wetness and were slippery enough, I thought. Without warning, I forced a finger into her anus and Sammy went ballistic, spewing all sorts of filthy language from her mouth.

“Oh my God, I’m going to fucking cum right now!” she screamed, her ass writhed against my fingers. I responded by moving my finger in an out of her tight ass, while creating a swirling pattern, allowing the walls of her anus to stretch and feel the hardness of my digital probes.

“Put your cock in me, goddamn it!” Sammy growled, “I need to fuck NOW!”

I stood up and made my way behind her. Sammy eagerly bent over and held onto the step above her feet, as I marveled at her primal beauty. I stripped of my clothes and threw them over the side of the banister, where they landed by her dress below. I stuck my thumb into the cleft of her ass while I guided my cock head to the entry of her pussy. Teasing her a bit more, I slapped my dick against her labia and rubbed my cock around the drenched cunt before me.

“Stop fucking around. Get it in there!” Sammy demanded, hissing through her teeth. I pushed my head against her folds and I was in with one thrust.

“That’s it, now fuck me blind!” Sammy squealed.

As my thrusts bucked inside of her tightness, I removed Sammy’s bra and grabbed a greedy hold of her firm tits. It was difficult to retain a hold on them as they bounced with our pelvic grinds.

“Yeah…I love your cock deep inside me. Fuck me hard!” Sammy sneered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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