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“Get down on your knees.” The command was curt, delivered in a low growl. Sarah obeyed, unthinking, knees sinking down onto the plush carpeting. Yet the sensation on her kneecaps was rough and abrasive, like the man who stood in front of her.

She felt a frisson of indignation stiffening her spine. He must have sensed it, because he gave her a derisive smile, gloating in his power over her.

“Daddy, please.” The words caught in her throat. She was so reluctant to beg, but the plea slipped out as easily as she’d fallen to her knees moments earlier.

“No Sarah. You have to learn your lesson.” He reached down and caressed her cheek with his large hand, dipping it into the white-blonde mass of curls at her temple and rubbing the silken strands between calloused thumb and forefinger.

“If you can’t respect my sexual privacy, then you’ll just have to be a participant.” Her daddy’s disapproving tone belied the hungry expression in his green eyes. They glowed as he observed her.

She was only wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of white cotton panties. No bras. He could see the dark shadow of her aureoles as she suddenly shivered. Her young, firm breasts pressed against the thin material insistently. Intrepid tits. Audacious girl.

Even though Sarah had turned eighteen a few months ago, she looked much younger than her age. True, she was diminutive. Yet she was also shapely. No, it wasn’t her body that made Sarah look young. It was her face. It was the sheer innocence radiating from her guileless eyes. He didn’t know if she was innocent. She’d been dating for a few years now…but in an era where most girls became jaded and sexually knowledgeable at increasingly younger ages, Sarah defied it. Somehow, it left her untouched. Pure.

He still couldn’t believe that she’d been spying on him. Fury at the invasion mixed with an intense and unexpected arousal. He wouldn’t make her do anything. He’d just scare her enough that she’d never spy on him again.

“How long, Sarah?”

She bowed her head, angelic curls tumbling forward to hide her wide, blue eyes. “A long time.” She replied humbly, breasts deliciously a-tremble as she quaked before her father’s crotch.

He eyes were drawn to them, absorbing every slight motion. The nipples were puckering now. Excitement or fear? He couldn’t tear his gaze away from them. They prodded tauntingly at the material of her shirt. He wanted to put his tongue to them, taste them. Horrible thoughts. He’d always possessed a tremendous libido. Heaven knew he’d also never been faithful to his wife. But lusting after his teenage daughter?

He was still aroused. That must be it. He’d been rudely interrupted. As soon as he discovered his daughter was spying on him while he indulged in one of his many extra-marital affairs, he’d stopped and sent Lorraine home.

“Are you planning on telling your mother? Is that why you’ve been spying on me?” He asked harshly, trying to will his cock down to more modest proportions. It strained intently towards his nubile young daughter. It wanted to fuck her. It wanted to shove itself deep down her throat. Had she ever sucked cock before? She was old enough. Most girls her age probably weren’t even virgins anymore. Was she still a virgin?

“No. I won’t tell momma.” At this earnest statement Sarah raised her shining eyes. She looked up imploringly at her grim father. “I didn’t mean to spy. I’m so sorry daddy. I know it isn’t any of my business. Please forgive me.”

Her hands clasped below her plump tits, pressing them up and together. Her father was assailed with the image of his turgid cock, oozing pre-come, embraced between them. He closed his eyes, fighting wildly for control.

Too much wine tonight. Too little follow through after the incredible foreplay with Lorraine. Damn it. Sarah was his daughter. He shouldn’t be thinking these things.

“Why did you do it then? Why spy on me?” His eyes snapped open and he glared back down at her accusingly.

She blushed. Pink color stained her neck and moved quickly up to her cheeks. He was enchanted. He’d seen his daughter blush before, of course. But he’d never had the occasion to wonder if that delicate pink shade affected her breasts as well.

He was a drowning man and he knew it. He watched her lips as she formed the timid confession.

“I was curious, daddy. I’ve never…I was curious about it and when I watched you…” The pink deepened to red and Sarah ducked her head again.

Her father reeled. His head spun and his cock throbbed hot and heavy, his balls tightening. He should make her clean them with her sweet little tongue. He should make her lap up the pre-come that was wetting his pants.

“Are you a virgin, Sarah?” He asked ominously.


“Answer me, asyalı porno young lady.”

Sarah lifted her eyes and they caught on her father’s bulging crotch. She shivered again as she stared at it, feeling an answering surge of wetness between her legs. Her face felt like it was on fire. Nothing could put it out. She’d be embarrassed for the rest of her life.

“Yes. I’m a virgin.” It was curiosity that had prompted her to start spying on her father. She’d known for a long time that he was having affairs. Her mother knew too, but never made an issue of it.

Once Sarah had started watching though, her motivation moved beyond mere curiosity to fascination and awe. Despite Sarah’s lack of experience, she could tell that her father was a wonderful lover. At least, all the women he’d been fucking thought so. He changed with each woman, as if he adapted to meet their needs and wants. He’d be tender with one and kinky with another.

How would he be with her? Sarah bit her lip. She shouldn’t be having these thoughts about daddy, daddy who’d bounced her on his knee when she was a little tyke, daddy who’d taken her on countless trips to the zoo or the ice cream parlor, daddy who loved to spoil her like crazy.

“Have you ever sucked a cock, baby girl?” His question invaded Sarah’s frantic thoughts.

“No. But I’ve watched other women suck yours.” She didn’t know where that came from, that throaty temptress voice.

She’d managed to shock him even more profoundly because there were several heavy beats of silence. She couldn’t look at him. She couldn’t bear it. But his hand found her face again and gently tilted it up. The other brushed her hair away tenderly.

“Look at me Sarah.” He commanded. Commands came so easily to him. He loved being in control.

She obeyed and gazed into her father’s eyes.

“Sarah,” his fingers stroked her jaw “I want you to try it. Will you try it for daddy?” He asked, calloused fingers tracing a slow path to her soft, lush lips. They pressed until Sarah opened them and then they felt along her inner lip, her teeth and finally her tongue.

“Suck it.” He said, eyes glued to her mouth and the tanned finger that invaded it.

Sarah obeyed. She sucked on her father’s lean finger, twisting her tongue around it and shifting the finger into and out of her mouth.

He pulled his finger back though. Sarah followed it eagerly, lips chasing the retreating digit.

His finger withdrew to his aching crotch, pressing against his weeping dick. His daughter’s lips didn’t stop. They continued until they pressed against his crotch as well. Even through the material of his pants, he could feel the heat of her mouth on him and it was electrifying.

He couldn’t contain a low moan of pleasure. As he stared down at his daughter’s lovely face, her dainty lips pressed so sweetly against his groin, did he detect a small smile? The little vixen!

All rational thought fled though, when his daughter stretched those alluring lips wide apart. He caught the gleam of her eggshell teeth and the wet glimmer of her red tongue as she leaned deeper into her daddy, open mouth on the rough material of his pants.

His knees buckled. He clutched the back of her skull as he fell slowly to the floor. Sarah lost her balance and started to topple, but braced herself on the palms of her hands as her head descended along with her father’s crotch.

So hot, that greedy open mouth, the press of her lava tongue, muted through the denim. It would be okay as long as that barrier existed between his cock and his daughter’s devouring mouth.

His grip on Sarah’s head hardened, became almost cruel. He pulled her hair yet tugged her even closer, all at the same time. Tears sprang to her eyes and she gasped for air, but she couldn’t breathe. She was smashed too close.

She started to panic as her father began to grind himself into her face. The denim rubbed her flesh raw. She whimpered, dizzy from a lack of air. It was brutal, as if her father were beating her with his cock, punishing her with it.

Finally her dainty hands flew up to his hips and pressed him back. He paused, catching his breath. He panted as if he’d just run a mile. Guilt tore at him when he saw his daughter’s face, raw and reddened.

“Baby girl, daddy’s so sorry.” He said brokenly, feeling tears burn at the back of his throat. She trembled, hands still pressed against her father’s hips. And then she did the unthinkable.

She shifted her hands. One pressed against the huge bulge of cock still masked in denim, though there was a large wet spot where her mouth had been. The other undid his button quickly and deftly before her daddy could protest.

His pants opened up and the eager cock sprang forward, castajans porno big and thick. The tip was white with pearly come.

“Baby, no!” Daddy cried, moving away and lifting as if to struggle to his feet.

Sarah would not let him go. She gazed at her father’s massive member in awe and lust. She’d never been so close to it before, with nothing between her and it. She slipped her fingers delicately beneath his balls and kneaded them softly, while she grasped his cock in the other hand.

Daddy stopped his attempted escape. Power shifted; it fell directly onto Sarah. Adrenaline rushed through her system as she caressed his pulsing dick. It was so hard and yet so soft, especially at the tip.

“Do you want me to lick it, daddy?” She asked naughtily, remembering his earlier question and raising her deep blue eyes to his face.

It was contorted, as if he were in an agony. “No!” Then. “Yes! Please. Lick your papa’s cock, sweetheart.” He sounded defeated.

Triumphant, Sarah leaned in and licked the tip. She swirled her tongue around it like she’d seen so many other women do, but daddy could tell the difference. Daddy could tell that his little girl had never put lips, tongue or hands on a cock before.

It seemed impossible, but he swelled to even larger proportions. This was hell. And it was heaven. His darling daughter lapped at his swollen cock like a kitten, making low noises of satisfaction as she did so. “Mmmm, daddy. Yummy.” She said sweetly when she pulled away for a moment to glance coyly up at him.

The realization of what he was doing slammed into him, unsettling his stomach. He was kneeling on the floor of his and his wife’s master bedroom while their sexually unskilled, but attentive daughter licked his dick.

His wife would kill him. Other women, fine. She looked the other way, always had. But their young, beautiful daughter?

“Shit.” He cursed, pushing Sarah back by her shoulders.

“What, what is it daddy?” She asked him, a desperate and pleading note in her voice.

“We have to stop this. Get out of here. Go to your room and lock the door.” He commanded harshly, lips tight with anger and shame.

Sarah shook her head, blonde curls dancing and jumping in protest.

“Go now!” His voice rose to a dark roar.

A curious expression swept over his daughter’s face. She scowled at him fiercely. He’d seen that look before, on the seldom occasions when he didn’t give her something she wanted.

“Shit.” He said again, more weakly.

He knew what would happen before she did it, and he didn’t try to stop her. Sarah came back at him, clumsily so that his engorged cock bumped against her nose and her eye, leaving a smeared, stringing trail of semen nestled among the long, dark lashes and glistening against the red flesh of her cheek.

She got it into her mouth though. It wouldn’t fit. He was so attuned to her he felt the shock as she registered how truly mammoth her daddy’s dick was. Dark laughter filled him as he stared down at his daughter, stuffed on his cock. It wasn’t even halfway in and her eyes flew back up to his, startled and a little scared.

Her mouth was so sweet and hot and tiny. He laughed. “Bitten off more than you could chew, huh?”

Sarah moaned.

“Is this what you wanted, daughter?” As he spoke, his hips shifted forward, edging a fraction more of his dick into her wet mouth. “Are you happy now, you stupid girl?” He demanded.

He couldn’t stop. He couldn’t resist. She’d taken it too far and very likely regretted it, wanted to stop. Too bad.

He grabbed his daughter’s head in both hands and shoved his enormous length all the way in. She made a wild sound in the back of her throat and a moment later the tip of his cock touched it. He was down his daughter’s throat, choking her on it.

“Do you like that, you little slut?”

She met her father’s eyes and moaned as her throat closed convulsively and she gagged.

Incredible, the sensation of Sarah’s throat tightening on the head of his cock. It made him crazy. “Can you take it all, baby girl? Can you be daddy’s sweet cock sucker?” Of course, he didn’t expect a reply, what with his meat stuffing her face. But he kept talking to her anyway as he slipped his dick into and out of her mouth.

“This is what you asked for and now you’re going to get it. All of it.” He grunted, more aroused than he’d ever been in his life by the sight of his tumescent cock, veined and purplish now from all the blood gushing into it, as it pumped slowly and deliberately into and out of his daughter’s mouth. Her pink lips were wrapped around its thick length. Oh, how that dainty mouth looked so full to bursting as daddy fed her his meat! It nearly made him come, bangbros porno just the sight of her.

At some point, she relaxed into it. Sarah’s eyes drifted shut and she flowed with the movements, the steady rhythm of her father’s penis invading her mouth and her throat. She even got used to the gagging sensation when the tip of it rocked against the back of her throat.

It became a challenge. How deep could she get daddy’s dick? So she welcomed the gagging, the clutch of her stomach and her throat. Each time he slipped the firm cock into her mouth, she opened wider and tried to suck it in deeper, until at one point she was convinced she had a good two inches of him past her tonsils and into her throat.

She almost threw up. He paused with it there as she struggled against the rising bile. It was painful and delicious all at once. She was overwhelmed. She wiggled her tongue around the base of his cock, inhaled the musky aroma of his sex, felt his pubic hairs pressing against her nose and the heavy balls tapping at her chin.

She couldn’t contain the drool. Hadn’t been able to for a while, and it was dripping down over her chin in a simulation of what was inevitable. Drool was even stringing down and wetting her tits through the white shirt, making them feel cold and neglected.

She moaned as daddy made a quick jabbing motion. Her jaws ached from being forced so wide for so long. That’s when it started in earnest. He didn’t withdraw fully after that. He would pull back a little and slam in tight once more, faster and faster, deeper and deeper until the gagging was a constant sensation.

Sarah could feel her daddy’s balls slapping against her chin as he grunted and moaned above her. It was borderline offensive. Sarah felt like she was being so invaded and used, she felt so helpless and submitted as her daddy fucked her face hard, without thought or consideration…mindlessly pursuing his own pleasure.

He must have sensed her thoughts because he started chanting, “I’m sorry, baby. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry sorrysorrysorry.” He picked up the pace. It was brutal. He fucked her mouth so hard, so deep, so fast, that she thought she’d either vomit or pass out. Or both.

Drool was spinning freely now. It was like a slobbery river that covered not just her chin and her chest, but her cheeks and her nose as well.

The dam burst. Daddy came. He stiffened, caught on “-rryyyy!” Then he shot his wad. Sarah was unprepared for this. There was so much, spurting down her throat until she moaned and gargled, still too stuffed with her father’s cock to voice a complaint.

It repelled her and yet it was so good. She couldn’t keep all of daddy’s semen in her mouth. There was simply too much and it poured in white, viscous trickles from her lips. Finally, his dick popped out of his daughter’s aching, abused mouth.

Her father looked down, opened his eyes and feasted on the sight of his fresh young daughter, her face smeared with semen, blobs of it caught on those innocent lips. Not so innocent anymore though. Yes, daddy’s little girl had just gotten a true taste of her first cock.

Her pupils were dilated and she gaped up at her father in numb shock.

His come was creamy on her face and he resisted the urge to shove her to the ground and lick his own semen from her lips, her cheeks and her chin. There was a glob caught in the curls at her temple.

“So how did you like it?” He asked as he tucked his wilting member back into his pants. “I must say that, for your first time, you were fabulous. With practice, you could bring a man so much pleasure it would be the death of him.” He made his tone hard and cruel, but he felt no satisfaction as tears spilled from his daughter’s eyes and trailed down her cheeks, mixing with the seed from his body.

“Daddy, I’m sorry. I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve been such a bad girl, please forgive me.” She begged him, still kneeling submissively on the floor as he rose to his feet. He gripped her arms and lifted her up as well.

“I forgive you, sweetheart. But just remember what happens when you start playing with fire, okay?” He leaned forward and kissed the exquisite shell of her ear, detouring for a moment to lave at the sticky blob of come caught at her temple. The he shifted slightly and quickly flicked out his tongue, breathing hotly into her ear for a moment. “You get burned.” He murmured, feeling the shudder that wracked her body.

He set his daughter away from him then. “Now go get cleaned up.”

Sarah bowed her head, “Yes, daddy.” She walked to the door before he said, “And let’s just pretend that this never happened, okay?”

She nodded, but knew she had no intention of obeying that particular request. There was no way she could forget this experience. She could still feel it in her mouth, like a phantom, her daddy’s huge cock stretching it wide and plundering it without mercy. She could smell him on her, a musky scent. And his come was drying on her face.

She felt ravished. She felt used. She felt dirty. She felt wonderful.

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