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Sammy”s Kitchen Chapter 9

Friday was a perfect, snowy day and I couldn”t be happier. I sent Sasha a link to the video in the morning and he said it”s fine for me to post it. When classes ended, I made some food for everyone and it was time to start getting ready for my little date with Jake.

We took a shower together and it wasn”t easy to contain our excitement. I was shampooing Jake”s hair when I felt his firm hand wrap around my softish dick.

“Not now, Jakey…” I whispered but a part of me wanted him to disobey.

We dried ourselves, perfumed, and put on our best clothes. I felt a strange rush when Jake was buttoning up my shirt and proceeded to fix my hair.

“We”re going to see a movie, Mom,” Jake said when we were fully dressed. She hadn”t found a second job yet and she was home early more often.

“Wow, boys, you look sharp. What”s the occasion?”

“We don”t need an occasion, Mom. We”ll be back later.”

Outside, it was still snowing but just slightly. The street maintenance couldn”t keep up with the snowfall but it was passable. There was actually something beautiful walking in it like that with the snow reaching up to our ankles.

I looked at the cars and house roofs covered in a white blanket. “Hey Jakey, maybe I should start shoveling out driveways in the neighborhood? This would get us some extra money to help out. My weekends are free anyway.”

“It”s not a bad idea, Sammy. I could do it with you.”

“It”s an awesome idea! Let”s ask around tomorrow.”

The cinema was on the top floor of the local mall. It would take 20 minutes to walk there on a summer day and now it was about to take twice as long. The streets were jammed with cars barely moving along icy roads. Christmas decorations were omnipresent inside store displays and on street lights.

Of course, Jake decided it was a good moment to grab my hand.


“Should I let go?”

“Uh, no, but people are looking at us from the cars.”

“Think of how jealous they are, Sammy. They would die to have a sexy and talented twin boyfriend like you.”

“Twin boyfriend?”

“Yes! Do you remember your slip of the tongue when we were recording our forbidden rice ball video? Twin boyfriend! Would you be my twin boyfriend, Sammy?”

“I”m still not one hundred percent comfortable with it, Jakey.”

“So what are we then?”

I paused for a moment, trying to think of a better word.

“Uh, I don”t know, Jakey. We”re twin brothers who love each other very, very much.”

“Isn”t that a bit wordy, though? Twin boyfriends rolls off the tongue nicely.”

I felt strangely exposed, walking down the street and holding Jake”s hand. This wasn”t a huge city by any means. Many people knew us. And sure, the ones who knew us knew we were close but they probably expected us to grow apart as we got older. The opposite seemed to be true for us so far.

“Look at this, Sammy!” Jake pointed at a toy store window.

I looked and the display was amazing. It was a carefully crafted, full-blown village covered by artificial snow and wonderfully lit by Christmas lights. There were miniature Christmas trees, decorated houses, and figures of people on the streets. There was a railroad circling around town with a steam locomotive carrying colorful carts behind it.

“Beautiful,” I said and got closer to Jake. We watched the locomotive rolling lazily along the tracks.

Jake looked at me. “What would you do if I kissed you right here, right now?”

“I don”t wanna know, Jakey.”

“Come on, Sammy, tell me!

I sighed. “Alright, but just a little peck and let”s go.”

The peck turned into us making out gently for about ten seconds. Then I heard the car honk that startled us and we looked in its direction. There were two guys and two girls in the car, laughing and giving us thumbs up. I suddenly felt like we were the center of attention.

“Let”s go, Jakey,” I said and we walked on, passing the barely-moving cars as we went.

Inside the mall, we brushed the snow off our clothes and took off our hats. We found an escalator and made our way to the top floor.

We already had our tickets, so we just went straight to the gate. We stood in line and started arguing about which Marvel movie sucked the most.

“Do you even like a single Marvel movie, Sammy?”

“Nope. But there are some that suck less than others.”

“I kind of agree.”

“Then why didn”t you choose a different movie, Jakey?”

Jake shrugged. “At least I know what to expect.”

“Tickets, please,” I heard a familiar voice and we looked up.

“What are you doing here, dude?” Jake said.

“I”m at work. What does it look like?” The clerk we met in the amusement park asked.

“Ah, cool,” I said. “Our mom often works double shifts, too.”

He laughed and turned to me. “It”s not that, Sammy. istanbul travesti The Hellzone management kicked me out.”

“What? Why?” We said at the same time.

“Well, long story short, one day two boys came to me when I was checking tickets in front of the Ferris wheel. They were adorable and in love, so I bumped them up the queue a bit. Someone noticed and reported me to my boss. It wasn”t exactly my first warning so they just let me go.”

Jake and I looked at each other and blinked a few times, processing his words.

“Oof, man, we”re sorry,” Jakey said. “It was very nice of you, though.”

“Yea,” I added, “it was so nice! I”m sorry that you lost your job because of us.”

“Don”t mention it, I”d do the same thing again. That job sucked! Anyway, what happened to your channel? ”

“Uh, it got blocked until tomorrow. We may have gone too far with our latest video.”

“Oh shit, dudes!” he exclaimed. “I warned you. And I regret I didn”t get to see what got you banned!”

“We know,” Jake said. “We just wanted to get more subs and views quickly because our mom lost her second job.”

“Ah, that sucks, little dudes. You really are pure at heart in this crazy world, huh? Tell you what, meet me in the hall after the movie. I know my way around social media and such, I may be able to help you out a bit.”

I looked at Jake and we shrugged.

“Sure. Anyway, here are our tickets,” Jake said and handed them over.

The guy took our tickets and raised his eyebrows.

“Well, that”s an interesting choice.”

“Why?” Jake asked.

“How did you manage to get the worst seats in the whole room?”

I saw Jake getting red in his face and I grabbed his hand. “I”m sure they”re good for us. We don”t care about the movie anyway.”

The man opened his eyes wide. “Ah, I see. Then how about I do you another favor? You know there are couches for two in the last row? Just go sit over there. They”re always empty on action movies unless it”s Valentine”s Day.”

“Thanks for the hint,” Jake said and pulled my hand. I only managed to smile at the clerk and we were gone.

“You know, Jakey,” I said when we were walking towards the screening room. “I don”t care where we sit. I”m sure I”d love the seats you chose for us just as much.”

“It”s okay, Sammy, we”ll sit at the back.”

“You know I love you no matter what, Jakey, right?”

“I know. That”s why I didn”t beat that guy to the ground.”

I chuckled. “Jakey… you can”t beat him up… he”s an angel, don”t you remember? He”s an angel of love.”

We got inside the screening room. It was mostly empty, with maybe fifteen percent of the seats taken. We climbed all the way to the back and sat on a couch right in the corner.

“Wow, it is cozy here,” I said.

“I guess.”

I didn”t care that the lights weren”t all out yet. I placed my head on Jake”s shoulder and snuggled into his arm.

“I guess it”s fine,” he said, caressing my hair. I purred gently to show him I appreciate it.

When the movie started, Jake put his arm over my shoulder and I nestled into him even more tightly. It was no joke. We were really together. I found it hard to wrap my head around that.

“This is going to be one of the worst movies ever,” I murmured twenty minutes after it started, focusing on the feeling of Jake”s hand messing with my hair.

“I”m having fun,” Jake said.

“Yeah, me too. Jakey?”

“Yes, Sammy?”

“After we, uh, had sex for the first time, you said that you had wanted to be like this with me for a long time.”

“It”s true, Sammy.”

“For how long exactly?”

Jake hesitated. Even though I couldn”t see his eyes, it wasn”t hard to guess what he was feeling.

“Uh, I don”t know. We might”ve been twelve or thirteen. You were one of my first sexual fantasies, Sammy.”

I opened my mouth and closed it again. Wow. This was unexpected. Sure, I loved Jake ever since I could remember but this love was only platonic until very recently. I was still struggling to put my finger on when it evolved into something sexual.

“What exactly were you fantasizing about, Jakey?”

When he didn”t answer, I turned my head to him and gave him a reassuring smile.

“It”s okay, Jakey, you can tell me whatever it is. I”m just curious.”

“We already did one thing I was dreaming about.”

“Do you mean sucking my dick, Jakey?”

“Yea, more or less.”

“Letting me make love to your mouth?”

“Fucking my mouth, yes. You can use the word, Sammy, it”s fine. We”re not kids.”

“Oh, okay. Did it make you happy, Jakey?”

“You have no idea, Sammy,” he whispered and played with my ear. “I love when you feed me stuff.” The movie was going on but I was no longer following the plot.

“Will you tell me your other fantasies, Jakey?” I asked with a hushed voice. “I kadıköy travesti want to do them all with you.”

“I will, Sammy, thank you.”

The air simmered between us. I turned my face to him and we kissed for a long time. I lost count of how many times we had kissed over the last several days. Somehow, the more we kissed, the more I wanted him. Slowly but surely, I was starting to think of Jake as a lover. My twin boyfriend.


“The best movie ever, Jakey.”

“The best movie ever, Sammy.”

I blinked, as my eyes were getting used to the bright light of the cinema hall. The funny fuzzy feeling in my head wasn”t caused by the movie though. I didn”t expect we would spend an hour talking, kissing, and petting each other, paying zero attention to the screen. I hoped our erections were concealed underneath our jeans.

“Uhm, Sammy, that dude wanted to talk to us about something. Do you feel like talking to him?”

“Let”s see what he has to say, Jakey. We still don”t know for sure if he really is an angel.”

We found the guy in the hall and approached him.

“Oh hey, young dudes, did you enjoy the movie?”

We both shrugged, not sure what to tell him.

“Yea, I didn”t care for it either,” he said. “By the way, I”m Leo. Let me talk to my manager.” He turned away to a black woman who was standing behind the counter and shouted to her: “I”m going for a smoke, Kathy!”

She put her hands on her hips, frowned, and shook her head “no”.

Leo sighed. “Give me a minute, boys, I”ll be right with you.”

He approached her manager and they had what looked like a short but heated exchange. When that was over, Leo gestured at us and we followed him to the terrace on the top floor. The terrace was a vast space encircling the entire building with paths, small trees, and benches. Leo pulled a cigarette box from his pocket, lit one, and puffed a cloud of smoke. I still thought he looked like a typical stoner movie character with his mid-length, messy hair and squinty eyes. He wasn”t ugly by any means, I just didn”t expect an angel to be a smoker and bad at keeping jobs.

“She doesn”t like that I”m going for a smoke every thirty minutes,” he said, not looking at us. “Anyway, what was in the video that got you banned?”

“I got naked” Jake said plainly.

“We blurred out all the private parts,” I added quickly. “But I think they didn”t like the erotism in general. Aaand that we kissed.”

“You were naked and kissing?”

“Only I was naked,” Jake clarified. “But yeah, you get the picture.”

“Guys, you can”t do such things. You know that, right? You have to play it way, way cooler, right?”

Jake raised his left eyebrow. “We already know that. Is that your only advice?”

“Nope,” he said and took another puff. “My other advice depends on why you are doing it in the first place.”

Jake clenched his fists. “Our mom has to work double shifts to make ends meet. The faster Sammy becomes famous, the sooner she can retire!”

Leo looked like he could hardly keep from laughing. “Boys, boys! You”re doing it all wrong. Tell me, Sammy, who is the target audience of your channel? Who are you making your videos for?”

I shrugged and looked away. “I don”t know, people who want to learn how to cook, I guess.”

“Then you have to figure out how to make your cooking interesting without having sex with your brother.”

“I tried, but it took too long. We need money now.”

“Boys… unless you”re utterly lucky, your channel will not become famous overnight. It takes a lot of work and time, okay?”

“But I like it,” I said. “I like doing things with Jakey on camera.”

“And that”s your answer, boys. It”s totally fine if you do cute stuff with Jake on your cooking channel. That”s a great idea. But you can”t be doing sexy stuff. There are much better platforms for that.”

“…and they all need you to be eighteen. Yup, I checked,” Jake added when I gave him a surprised look.

“A vast majority do. But there is one that does not. At least for now. With your looks and chemistry, you should be able to get nice results pretty quickly.”

“What is it called?” We asked but, at the same time, the terrace door opened and Leo”s manager showed up. She didn”t look happy.

“Boys, I have to go,” Leo said and put down his cigarette. “Write down my number. Ready? Here it is,” he said and gave us his digits. “Text me later and let”s meet. For now, talk to your Mom to create an account on an app called Centerhubb. Double B at the end, I”ll send you a link. It”s an app that manages monetization from all popular social media platforms. I will explain later why you need it. Just tell her it”s for YouTube. Whatever you do, do not tell her that you plan to start posting adult content online. I don”t know a single thing about your mother but I assure you, she won”t like it. I really bakırköy travesti gotta go now, boys, let”s chat tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay, Leo,” we said in unison.

“Did you understand any of that?” Jake asked me when we were alone.

“Not really, Jakey. He sounded like he knew what he”s talking about, though.”

“We can give it a shot, Sammy. Christmas is less than a week and we will still have to do some last-minute shoveling, I think.”

Walking back home, we shamelessly held hands. People paid no attention to us except for a boy passing us by I didn”t even notice at first.

“Hi, Jake,” he said.

“Hey, Billy,” Jake said.

Before I could have a decent look at the boy”s face, he was gone, but I knew who he was.

“Was that Billy from your team? The one that plays in the same position as you?”

“Yes, he joined the team recently. He”s two years older than the rest of us but he hasn”t been doing very well.”

“I noticed. Why is he even on the team? And why is he on the first squad and you are just a substitute?”

“It”s complicated, Sammy. There is really little competition for my position because there are so few players with a strong left leg. The coach needs to have more than one player to choose from.”

“Billy seemed a bit clumsy with his left leg.”

“Yea… some say he”s on the team only because he”s the school principal”s son.”

“Oh. That”s where I know him from.”

“Yes, Sammy. I don”t have solid proof and Billy is a nice guy, so please keep it to yourself. After the game yesterday, I”m not even sure if he”s going to show up on Sunday practice. The team wasn”t happy with him.”

“Especially Sasha,” I noticed.

“Yeah. Sasha works really hard and can be mean if someone doesn”t live up to his standards. But if you”re working as hard as him and know how to add value to the team, he”s a great friend and a captain.”

This left me deep in my thoughts. Maybe I judged Sasha too early. If your job is to inspire people around you and keep them in order, you can”t be friends with everyone. I wondered what it was like to be Sasha. Was he happy? Was he living his dream?

“Thank you for an amazing evening, Jakey.”

“It”s my pleasure, Sammy. And the evening is far from over.”


We waited until Mom was asleep. I was laying down naked on my bed with soft music in the background as Jake slowly bobbed up and down on my erect penis. I was immersed in the wonderful sensations. We looked at each other as I played with his hair and ears. I touched his cheeks and felt my shaft stretching them with his every plunge.

“I love it when you suck me, Jakey. I can tell you love doing it so much.”

Jake”s mouth was too full to speak and he just looked at me with gratitude.

“Don”t speak, Jakey. Just do what you”re doing. It feels wonderful.”

Jake gave the underside of my shaft a few slow licks, starting at my balls and working all the way up.

“Oh fuck, Jakey, when I cum it”s going to be epic, I promise. Do you mind if I talk to you?”

He shook his head “no” and took me into his mouth again. I placed my hand on his head and gently pressed it.

“Jakey… I thought you would want me to be on the receiving end. You”re always so confident and full of energy…”

Jake increased his tempo and looked at me with his puppy eyes to show me that he”s serious about his business.

“Jakey… when you told me that you”re like a dog. Did you mean that you”d like to be my dog?”

A nod.

“Are you a good boy, Jakey?”

A nod.

“Will you eat anything I shove into your mouth, Jakey?”

An eager nod.

“Very good, Jakey. Eat my bone, doggie. Yes, uhh…”

My words seemed to have the desired effect on Jake. He grabbed the root of my cock in his hand and started going down on my tip with the speed of light. His right hand was squeezing my balls.

“Oh yes, Jakey, you”re a good boy. Your treat is on the way,” I said and tightened my grip on his hair. Jake moved his right hand from my balls even lower. And then his finger tickled my rim.

“Oh, god, Jakey, good boy, good boy, I”m cumming, oh… ahhh!”

I moaned and wiggled uncontrollably, pushing my hips high up and hitting Jake”s throat with my climaxing rod. I heard him choke and cough but he didn”t back away for a second. A minute later, it was over and I felt infinite bliss.

Five minutes passed in a wonderful silence. Jakey rested his head on my lap just next to my deflating penis and was looking at me with care.

“Now your turn,” I said.

“No, Sammy. Let”s go to sleep. I want today to be all about you. We can do something together in the morning.”

“Are you sure, Jakey? I”d like to make your penis feel good with my mouth too, one day.”

“Another time, Sammy. Thank you for feeding me.”

When Jake left for the bathroom to brush his teeth, I took my softening dick in my fingers.

“You”re one lucky little guy, you know it?


Thanks for reading! Chapter 10 is on the way. Please let me know what you think so far – ail

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