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Adriana Chechik

Ryker”s story

****Warning, this story contains Man/Boy love and sexuality, diaper wearing, diaper wetting, and mild piss play. If this story is illegal or immoral for you to read, then please use your own judgment on that, I will not deny you if you wish to read further. Please remember that this and all my stories belong to me and I would appreciate you asking for permission prior to sharing this story anywhere. Next, Nifty is our friend and needs our help to do all this for free, so donate what you can, do what you can to help out, as I do what I can to help, every bit counts. As always, should you wish to do so, you may feel free to reach me at erich5748 @ ail, though it is not needed to help me to continue to write, I do this for myself and share with others that also enjoy this sort of story. If you would like to read other stories by me, go to , go to authors, go to E, find me under erich, and there you will find my several dozen stories now completed. To find out how this story came about, and information why it has taken so long to get another story out, please read the story notes at the end. I hope that you enjoy.****

My name is Jared, I am a craftsman, I build whatever tickles my fancy at pretty much any time; wood, metal, plastic, stone, you name it, I make things from it. I do all sorts of custom work for people, cabinets, art pieces, whatever they can dream up, I can make it, but I also make hundreds upon hundreds of other things and sell them online and at craft shows and whatnot, though I do also have a show room where people can come and view things and buy direct from me as well. I am almost thirty years old now, and my oldest friend in the world just called me.

“Hey Stu, what”s up man.” I asked as soon as I picked up, of course seeing who was calling, he comes up as fuckface on my cellphone, but then I come up as flaming homo on his.

“I”m hoping you”d have time to make a gate for the top of the stairs for us please.” He says.

“Oh. What for?”

“We have a new kid who has no clue how to walk, only run, and he has a tendency to forget little things, like stairs.”

“Oh. How old is he, you don”t usually get kids young enough to not understand the concept of stairs and not going head first down them.”

“Way younger than we usually get, that”s for sure.” He laughed.

“Oh. I”d ask you to measure it for me, but I know how you and tape measures get along, I”d probably come over and you”d be strapped to the ceiling somehow, wrapped up in the tape measure, so, I”ll be there in half an hour.” I teased.

“Yeah, no shit. Thanks, you”re a life saver.”

“No worries, I”ll bring a bottle of wine.”

“You better not, he was pretty badly abused by an alcoholic, we”re not sure how he”d react to that.”

“Fair enough, so, sparkling apple juice it is then.” I laughed.

True to my word, I was at their house just under half an hour later.

“Hey Jen, got another new kid, huh.” I asked as I walked in, not bothering to knock as usual.

“Got him almost a week ago, actually, poor kid”s nearly dove down the stairs five times since, gives Stu at least five full on heart attacks per day, I swear.”

“Oh, you never told me you were getting another kid.”

“Yeah, happened in the middle of the night, so was kinda rough at first. Cute kid, severely traumatized though, has hardly spoken a word to us since he arrived. We”re already the poor kids fifth care home though, and he”s only five and a half.”

“Five, and this is his fifth home, that”s horrible, when did he enter into care?” I asked in both shock and disgust.

“Just about two years ago. We shouldn”t talk about it right now though, he”s home. Come on up and measure up the opening. Stu said you wouldn”t let him measure it for you, said something about him ending up hanging from the ceiling by it.” She grinned

“Can you blame me, but yeah, he probably could end up like that. Honestly though, after the last time he measured something for me, and I had to take it back home and completely rebuild it, because he was fully five centimeters off.”

“True. Too funny too, poor guy, can put even the most angry and distraught kid at ease, has more love and compassion in him than anyone, and could accidentally rip his arm off with a pair of pliers.” She laughed.

“Yep, he”s been like that since we were kids, I tried to teach him, but after injuring himself so many times, he just gave up. He was so ashamed that he”s a guy, straight as an arrow, and can”t even build a paper airplane, while I”m bent like a boomerang, and can make almost anything, from almost anything.”

“Yeah, yet you two compliment each other so perfectly.”


We headed up the stairs, I have been up them hundreds of times, hell, I”ve repaired them nearly as many, but I do not know the exact information I need either. I do all of Jen and Stu”s work around their house, they take all the kids that the other foster parents just can”t handle, they both have so much love and compassion in them, they boast a turnaround rate for impossible to place kids like no other, and are almost always the kid”s very last homes before they get to go out on their own, they never give up on the kids, and they have had some real pieces of work, who had some pretty impressive rage sessions when they arrived, hence my doing a lot of repairs to their house.

Every one of the four kid”s bedrooms have been totally rebuilt so that they can do little to no damage anywhere, but then, so has much of the house too. Nearly all their walls have been remade with eighteen millimeter plywood, all their doors and door jambs are made of solid hardwood, anything that can be broken has been strengthened as best I can, and I think the house is very nearly bomb proof now.

As I was sitting on the top step, measuring things out, checking for square and plumb, the cute little guy came running out of his bedroom, saw me, skidded to a halt, and stuttered for a few seconds

“Hi there handsome, Jen and Stu said your name”s Ryker, right, well, I”m Jared. It”s good to meet you. I was asked to come put a gate here so to prevent you from going down the stairs at full speed, and probably head first.”

He just stared at me. I just smiled warmly to him, he really is a cute little guy, so small though, way smaller than a five and a half year old probably should be, that is for sure.

“Hey, instead of just standing there, do you think you could pass me my level please.” I asked, totally ignoring the fact that he seems either scared or nervous or something.

Without having to ask what it was, he turned and grabbed me my level, and handed it to me.

“Thanks Buddy. So, you clearly know your tools, that”s great, because I thought for sure you”d pass me a pair of pliers or maybe a tape measure like Stu would”ve.”

“Thanks, I”ve always wanted to make things, and I”ve read lots about tools and stuff.” He whispered.

“That”s great, maybe we should arrange to have you come to my shop some day so that you can do so. I”d happily teach you everything you wanna know.”

“Really, you mean it, I”d really like that I think.” He asked excitedly.

“Of course. Now, how are you at writing?”

“I”m not very good at it.”

“Yeah, figured as much, Stu said you”re only five and a half. How well do you read then?”

“Pretty good, I guess, but not very great yet.”

“That”s okay, you”re still pretty young, I bet you”ll get really good soon. Would you liketa try reading the level for me and telling me the information it gives you.”

“Really, you”d let me help you.”

“Sure. You wanna learn this stuff, what better way to learn. Come over here Buddy, I”ll show you what to do.”

As he came over, I showed him how to read the level and what information I need, and he is soaking it all up. As we were doing so, I could not help but to notice the faint scent of pampers baby diapers, so, I looked down at his crotch and could see the faint outline of a soggy diaper. Oh my, that is so beyond hot, a very cute little boy, clearly too old for diapers, wearing a proper tape on baby diaper, and from the fact that I can see that he is full, he pees them well as well.

Once we were set, I drew out what I needed, telling Ryker what it is I am doing and what I need from him, then asked him for the first number, and he gave it to me. Of course, with him holding it how he is, I can still see the information I need anyway, but I still let him tell me. I then get the information from the other side, and write it down.

I then ask him if he wants to learn how to read a tape measure, and he nods happily yes, so for easily ten minutes, I teach him, then ask him to tell me the information I need. When I rechecked the numbers he was so proud when I told him got it perfect.

I drew up the plan next, telling Ryker what it is I am doing, and how I will build it, and he is soaking it all up.

As we had been working, Jen and Stu had gone to the kitchen to make dinner, so they were utterly shocked when we entered and Ryker was talking to me animatedly about building things. As soon as he saw them, though, he clammed right up.

“Hey, I know Stu looks all big and mean and scary, and he”s as ugly as the meanest monster you could possibly imagine, but he”s really just the biggest softest teddy bear around, you don”t haveta be afraid to talk around them.” I whispered to him when I realized why he suddenly went quiet. He at least giggled a little.

“They”re just gonna hate me and beat me and yell at me again, they all do.” He said, and started to cry.

I got down on my knees, so that we were closer in height, and I gathered him up into a nice tight hug, being careful not to cradle his cute little baby diapered bum, I do not wish to embarrass him before knowing the reason he is wearing it. As I held him, I whispered to him that it would not be like that here, that Jen and Stu are in it to help all the kids who need their help.

He said he understands, but still, all throughout dinner and until he went to bed, he never spoke to them, and stayed very nearly glued to my side the entire time. Just as he was about to leave the room to go to bed, I said, “Where do you think you”re going young man, march that little butt back here and give me a hug before bed.”

Well, the smile that graced his face then nearly split him in half, and he dutifully came and allowed me to hug him tightly. I also gave him a kiss to his forehead and wished him a very good sleep and lots of really good dreams. He looked so much more at peace after that, and nearly floated from the room.

“So, what”s Ryker”s story then.” I asked as soon as he was in his bedroom.

“We actually don”t really know all that much, to tell you the truth.” Stu said. “Like you were told, we got him in the middle of the night, the family he was with just couldn”t do it, so we were called. They caught him playing with his bum, through his diaper. He”s a bed wetter, so has Pullups for that, but we think he”s actually a diaper lover, as well as gay.

“When we found out about that, we put a pack of Pampers in the closet, it was opened and made to look like several were already missing, and then that afternoon, when we showed him where the towels are, he definitely saw them. He groaned, and went hard. That night was the first time he took one, and he”s been taking and using them every day, neither of us has even detected a sign that he”s peed in the toilet so much as once since, so we just keep restocking them, and I don”t think he”s realized that we can so clearly see it. It”s good that for the first time in nearly ten years we only have the one kid right now. We wouldn”t want other kids to tease him, not like we had it.” Stu said.

“Yeah, couldn”t help but to notice that he was diapered and soggy. I also got the feel that he was gay, even though it”s always so hard to tell with young kids. What”s with him not talking though.”

“Not really sure. The other families he was with were tight lipped about him, but we”re sure he was abused in care too, but he won”t say anything. We”ve warned our bosses about our feelings on that, but of course feelings aren”t admissible in court, they are looking into it quietly though to ensure that nothing”s happening. Granted, he did say more about that this evening than we”ve gotten out of him before. Hell, in two minutes you got him to say more than he”s said the entire time he”s been here.” Jen said.

“The problem we”re gonna have, though, is that we have a pretty mean and high strung thirteen year old probably coming to live with us in just a week or so, not sure how that”s gonna pan out, because surely he”ll notice that Ryker”s diapered and spill it, while we”re still pretending that we”re oblivious to it, but it”ll be impossible to pretend as such if our new kid blabs it.” Stu added.

“To tell you quite honestly, we both kinda think it”s time for you to adopt anyway, we”ve thought that for a long time, and it seems that Ryker and you might just be the perfect pairing. You”re both gay, you both need diapers at night, you both love diapers during the day, and clearly he likes you, a lot. We”ve never seen him happy before, he”s hardly talked, he hardly leaves his bedroom, and when he does, he runs, it seems he wants to be out and back in as fast as he possibly can be, and he”s so sad. Even you seem to really like him, and we think you two deserve each other.” Jen said.

“Yeah, he”s a right little cutie pie, but you know why I can”t. It”s hard enough controlling my feelings as it is, having a young, gay, probably diaper loving boy who likes to play, living with me, that”d be too much.”

Yes, they are the only people who know I am a closet boy lover.

“Yet it”s what you both need. Let”s just say, the toys we bought for him aren”t small, though they”re not too large yet, but still far larger than what a little boy his age and size probably should be enjoying, and we know he”s been enjoying them, a lot. We”ve both hadta go get him fixed up after he”s passed out, already three times since he moved in, we know he wants and needs a man, and you need a little boy, and not just for what we know you both want, but also for what you both need, you need to be daddy and son, to love each other. You”d be good for each other, and you”d make an excellent father, especially to a little baby boy like Ryker, who desperately needs a daddy who knows and understands him, because you”re both exactly the same.” Stu said.

“I”ll think about it. I already promised to have him out to my shop so that he can create, and I won”t break that promise, he needs it as much as I did, he”s already quite passionate about that, just like I was at that age, so I get him, I understand that, it”s what I needed as well.”

“That”s great. Would you take him for the weekend, we could use a weekend off before the next boy arrives, and it”d be good for you both, and honestly, we could really use the break, we haven”t had a weekend off in almost ten years. If you have the gate ready by then, you could install it, then take him home with you.”

“I”ll think about it.”

We chatted for a while longer before I headed home. It was Sunday when I met Ryker for the first time, and Thursday when I finished the gate, so I arranged to install it on Friday. I arrived to their place at just after noon.

After talking for a few minutes to Jen and Stu, I could see Ryker peeking out his bedroom door, waiting for them to leave. When I told my friends that I should get started, they took the hint and went to do whatever they do. As soon as they were out of sight, Ryker came out.

“Hey there Handsome, how are you today?” I asked after he gave me a hug. I hugged him back.

“Good. Can I help you again today please?”

“Of course, I could really use your help, so I hoped you”d help me.” I smile warmly to him.


“Of course.”

Given all our careful measurements that we had done that day, everything fit perfect and it took less than an hour for us to install it. I let Ryker do as much as he was able to in order to help, and he was so happy.

Once done, I called Jen and Stu and they were happy with how it looked.

“Thanks, this looks great.” Jen said.

“You”re welcome.”

“Hey, any chance you”d babysit Ryker this weekend, our other plans fell through, and we really needta take the weekend off.” Stu asked. He tried to make it sound nonchalant, as if he were not trying to set us up, but I thought he might try this right in front of Ryker, because he knew I would not be able to say no to him then.

When I looked to Ryker, he looked so expectant, yet a little nervous too. I threw caution to the wind and said sure. I know it is a bad idea, but I seem to be powerless to stop it.

“You mean it.” Ryker said hesitantly, like it is what he really truly wants deep inside, but is so afraid that I would never allow something like that.

“Sure, and we can play in the shop lots, I”ll happily teach you lots and lots. You”ll get to learn all about tools and tool safety, maybe you”ll even have time to make something small, but probably not yet.”

“Really.” He whispered, again sounding so afraid.

“Sure. Why don”t you take me to your bedroom and I”ll help you pack up what you need.”

“Okay.” He said happily, letting out a huge sigh of relief, and grabbed my hand and dragged me there.

“Where do you keep your underwear, oh and diapers, because you”re a bed and/or pants wetter I imagine.” I asked.

“Oh, um, I am.” He said ashamedly, blushing from that, and looking to me fearfully, as if he expected that I was going to change now that I know.

“There”s no shame in that with me Buddy. So, where do you keep your diapers?”

“Top drawer.” He whispered, still fearfully.

I opened the drawer and found his Pullups

“Pullups, why Pullups, those aren”t real diapers? Why not just wear your Pampers to bed like you do during the day.” I asked off handedly.

“You knew.” He stuttered.

“Sure, but I always notice when others are diapered, and you seemta like Pampers, and soggy, just like now, I can tell that you”re getting nice and full.”


“Because I wear all day too.” I said simply.

“You do!” He said happily, and he went instantly hard with that, because I saw him reach down to adjust himself, since I am certain he got more than a little uncomfortable down there.

“Yep, sure do, all day, every day. Have since I was just a little older than you are now. I too was a full time bed wetter, and frequent pants wetter, and finally I just said enough is enough, and started wearing them all day, every day. It”s so much better, don”t you think!”

“Wow, same.” He groaned and nodded, repositioning himself once again.

“Would you like me to stop and grab you some diapers on our way to my place so that you have proper baby diapers for the whole weekend?”

“Would you, please?” He asked so excitedly I am sure he nearly had an orgasm.

“Absolutely.” Trust me, I never have to be talked into going diaper shopping, either for myself or for someone else, and getting to buy proper Pampers baby diapers for a beautiful baby boy like Ryker is damn near orgasmic to me as well.

“Thanks.” He said and came and hugged me tightly. I admit, I picked the light little guy up, and this time I so totally held his soggy little baby diapered bum, and hugged him back. I admit, I rubbed his cute little soggy baby diapered bum more than was strictly necessary too, but he just sighed extra deep and cuddled right in and nearly purred, he was so content.

After setting Ryker down, we packed up everything that he will need, of course skipping the Pullups and the underwear in his drawer, and he grinned brightly when I very clearly told him that there is absolutely nothing in that drawer that we need to pack, and then closed it. I went and talked to Jen and Stu for a few minutes, but Ryker stayed mostly behind me the entire time. Finally we headed out. Our first stop was to the grocery store.

“Now, Ryker, I haveta get a few groceries, as well your baby diapers, will you be okay with that?”

“Sure, I don”t mind, I”m usually with the parents when they buy me my diapers anyway, and this time I get Pampers, so that”s gonna be way better.” He said excitedly.

“I”m sure it will.” I said warmly.

When we made it inside, I asked Ryker if he wanted to sit in the buggy and he said yes please, so I lifted him up and helped him in. I could not help myself, because when I saw that his pants were pulled down a bit, I made sure that his shirt was pulled up enough to show off his well deserved baby diaper. I have no idea if he realized it or not, but he did not care if he did, and almost five centimeters of the band of his Pampers is showing well for anyone who cares to look.

Our first stop was the baby aisle, where I promptly dropped two of the biggest packs of Pampers size sevens into the cart. Ryker just smiled brighter.

“Is there anything else from this section that you would like before we get everything else?” I asked, but thinking that Ryker would look super cute sucking both baby bottles and baby soothers.

“Would it be bad to ask for a soother?” He whispered.

“Of course not, would you like one or two?”

“Yes please.” He says, but he is vibrating in excitement from it.

“What colours would you like?”

“I don”t know, would you pick them out for me please.”

“Okay.” I said, then picked out four cute babyish ones for him. I then grabbed two baby bottles as well and he only smiled brightly from seeing this. I then added four of their largest jars of diaper rash cream, two large bottles of baby lotion, and even a bottle of baby powder, all of which Ryker sure seemed to appreciate, considering his bright smile never once left his face.

We then toured through the store, grabbing all that we need and want. Lots of people saw Ryker”s diapers, but probably just put him off as an older looking toddler. He really does not look his age anyway, I would have put him at four years old myself if I did not know better. As soon as we were paid up, we headed to my truck and loaded everything up, though I kept one of the soothers out for Ryker.

As soon as I had Ryker buckled into his booster seat, I handed him his soother, and he happily popped it in his mouth and started sucking it.

“Better Baby?” I asked as I saw a look of peace come over him.

“Mmmhmm.” He sighed deeply.

“Good. We have just one more stop to make before going home.”


“To get my baby diapers of course. You”re not the only one who gets a fresh awesome batch of baby diapers for the weekend.”

“Awesome, do I getta come in with you there too?” He asked almost as excitedly as when he found out we were going to buy him Pampers.

“Of course. Like I”d leave a beautiful baby boy diaper lover in the truck while buying baby diapers. I mean, how cruel would that be.” I grin brightly to him.

“You really think I”m a diaper lover?” He asked.

“Why, don”t you think you are, because I think you are, and I absolutely am! I also see absolutely nothing wrong with that, be damned what anyone else thinks, they simply have no idea.”

“Yeah, I guess I really am, I”ve never wanted to go peepee on a potty, ever, that”s for sure. I never woulda either, if everyone hadn”t always made me, and yelled at me for peeing in places other than a potty, calling me all sortsa really bad and mean names.”

“Yeah, know how you feel. I was raised the same way, to tell you the truth.”

“Really?” He said, and I just nodded.

We headed out, and when we made it there, Ryker happily came in with me. I grab my standard at home diapers, which are awesomely thick, my going out diapers which are necessarily thinner, then I grab a larger size super thick pack of diapers for me, then even one in the next size up for Ryker. Then I grab a full and large case of doublers as well. Ryker was only too happy to help me carry things, though he likely has no idea that some of this is for him as well.

We paid up, loaded up, and then headed to my home. When we arrived, clearly Ryker was confused.

“Where are we, we”re at another store, but you said next stop was home?”

“Nope, this is home sweet home. It”s actually an old industrial complex, so that gives me massive amounts of room to do anything I care to. That building there is dedicated solely to milling and storing wood, that one there is my warehouse where all my finished goods are stored, and the biggest one”s my shop. My house is upstairs where the offices used to be.” I told him as I pointed them all out.

“Wow, and it”s only you here? You told me you have no employees or anyone else living with you.” He said in awe, because my place really is rather large, way more than I really truly need, yet I use pretty near every square centimeter of it as well, and love having all the extra space this place affords me.

“That”s right, just me and only me. That”s the way I like it though. I need lotsa space for all that I do, and while I could work in less, if I hadta, it certainly wouldn”t be as nice.”

“Wow. But you don”t have a yard.”

“I do, sorta, it”s out back, but I have mostly gardens back there. I grow a lot of the fruits and vegetables that I eat, and I have some flower gardens too, just because they”re nice.” I do have many planters out front too, just because I actually love having plants around me, as well I have lots of plants inside my house, for the same reason.

“Oh, that”s good.”

I pushed the button to open the door for me to drive through, parked, and we got out. I grabbed a cart, and Ryker helped me to load everything onto it, and then we headed to the elevator.

“Neat, you have an elevator in your house. I”d love that.” He said exuberantly.

“Yes, well, I wouldn”t have put it in, but it was already here, so I take advantage of it. Go ahead and push the button to take us upstairs.” I said, and he did.

As soon as the door opened, Ryker was in awe. The entire complex had been nearly derelict when I bought it from the city for a couple cents on the dollar what it is truly worth, so it had needed a huge amount of work, but I had spent more money and time than I care to admit making my home what it is, and it really is spectacular, if I do say so myself. It really is far too much for just one person, but other than a few short term flings, I have never had anyone truly live with me.

“Wow, your house is awesome.”

“Thanks Baby. Now, when home and not in the shop working, I”m usually just in my diaper, so I”m gonna strip, and you”re welcome to as well if you like. Granted, it”d looked as if you were getting close to needing a super soggy baby bum change earlier, so I imagine you really need one now, but then, so do I.”

“Really, I”d really like that, and yeah, I could use a super soggy baby bum change. Would you change me please?” He said excitedly.

“Sure, if you”d like me too, I”d be happy to.”

“And, can I change you too?” He asked softly, almost a whisper, though there is a huskiness to his voice that I am reasonably certain a five year old is not supposed to have.

“Oh, I don”t know if that”s a good idea.” I said apprehensively, seeing and understanding instantly exactly where he wants said super soggy baby bum change to go.

“Please?” He whispered huskily.

“Okay, but you haveta promise not to tell anyone, okay, I could get in huge trouble.”

“Okay, I”ll never tell. Can I change you first?”


I led the stripping, and Ryker watched as I bared myself down to nothing but my soggy baby diaper, and I very clearly heard Ryker groan from deep inside himself, and it sounded sexy, and I know exactly what it means too. As soon as I am done, Ryker also started stripping, and I admit, I groaned once he was down to just his super soggy Pampers baby diaper, almost as much as he had sighed from seeing me in my diaper, and yes, I am so hard from getting to see this it is uncomfortable, but then, so is Ryker, it even shows, but he has had to readjust himself several times. He is a shockingly cute little guy in just his soggy Pampers baby diaper though, a vision a gay diaper lover like me always enjoys.

I doubt that Ryker is even a full meter tall yet, and he is so slim that the Pampers size seven damn near are too big for him. He has no definition to his body, not puppy fat or muscle, just skinny little boy. He has medium brown hair, cut too short to truly suit him, deep dark brown eyes that are almost too large for his tiny round little face, cute little nose and bright red lips. He is missing his top two teeth already, but the rest of his teeth look straight and clean. He has cute little dimples when he smiles, and just a tiny amount of freckles on his nose.

“Now, I bought us both a couple treats while at the last store, and I think we both deserve to be triple diapered. What would you say to that?” I asked, but honestly, I am already certain I know exactly how he will feel about that.

“Wow, yes please, I”ve read about that, and have wanted to try it, but I couldn”t.”

I told Ryker what he will need to know, and then I laid down. Even though he is only five, and his diaper is so soggy, it is still easily seen just how hard Ryker is from the prospect of changing me, and though I should be refusing him, I know eventually he will find what he wants from someone else, but someone else might take more from him than he is capable of giving, and too fast, likely not caring any at all what they are actually doing to him. I know, I was in his position at not much older, and as much as I wanted it, it was too fast for my little mind and body to truly cope with.

I laid down and Ryker came forth to release the tapes on my diaper. Just as he was about to do so, I put my hands over his to pause his motions. He looked up to my face, with a look of pure lust in his eyes.

“Now, Ryker, I know what it is that you want and need, I was the same as you are now at not much older. I want you to know, you need not do anything to make me like you more, I know and understand that you”re a budding little gay baby boy, and just how much you wanna play with me. I don”t want you to play, though, okay, don”t be ashamed or afraid to look and explore, but nothing more yet, okay, just a diaper change.” I whispered softly to him.

“You knew?” He whispered hoarsely.

“Yeah, felt it the first time we met, but you felt it from me too, didn”t you, that”s why you liked me so easily right away, isn”t it, you were hoping I”d teach you everything that your body wants?”


“Yeah, I was just six when I found someone I thought could teach me, he was sixteen, but he was too young to rein me in, but then, he couldn”t keep himself reined in either, and he hurt me, lots. Oh, I wanted it, I endured it, and I loved every second of it, but still, he hurt me, a lot. It took a long time for me to truly heal, and learn what I should”ve been taught right from the beginning. I don”t want that for you, you”re a special little boy, and like me, you know exactly what you want and need, at an age where most boys have no idea what their little peepees are truly for. But you do, don”t you?”

“Oh, yeah. I want it so bad.” He moaned lowly.

“I know, and while I”m certain you have special toys you liketa play with, I”m equally certain you can”t possibly take what I could do to you, not yet. I won”t say no, but I am saying not yet.”

“Oh. How long?”

“Hard to say, probably a couple years at least.”

“But that”s forever.”

“I know it feels like that, but trust me on this, okay. Now, change my baby diaper, then I”ll change you, but remember, no playing, okay.” I said softly, and he just nodded.

Clearly little Ryker is about to get something that he has wanted for a very long time already, though how long a five year old could dream of this I have no idea, because he is very nearly vibrating, and he keeps having to adjust his little erection in his soggy diaper. It is beyond hot, especially to me.

With shaking hands, he finally pulls the tapes to my diaper, then pulls it down in the front, and then that was when he collapsed. Just one second he was there, and then the next he was gone. It was really quite comical. His orgasm slammed into him so hard, he instantly passed out, and what was truly funny, he came so hard and powerfully that he did not even make a sound. Well that was more than enough for me.

I was already painfully hard anyway, which probably had not helped Ryker, so I grasped my baby bone, stroked just three times, and painted my face with two shots, my chest with two more, then the rest of six more shots mostly pooled in my belly button. Fuck, most powerful and copious cum ever, granted I have not cum since I met Ryker, even though I knew this should not happen, deep down I did hope it would. I scooped it all up and slurped it off my fingers. I have not wasted a drop since my very first wet cum when I was thirteen. Granted, I have not let anyone else”s around me go to waste either. I may be a boy lover, but I am fully gay too, and have had lots of partners, far more than I should admit, not all of them had been diaper lovers, but all thought it super kinky to diaper fuck me, and I got many of them into diapers as well. Though the most fun had always been getting someone who had secretly wanted gay diaper loving sex, and fulfilling their every fantasy.

It took close to five minutes before Ryker came to and stood up again, but he is still vibrating intensely from an incredible and well deserved orgasm. When he saw me, he giggled, he did not even blush, but, the look of lust on him still is very evident. He looks beyond sexy right now.

“That was some powerful orgasm Baby. I trust you know what that was, and have more than likely done so to yourself numerous times already?”

“Wow, oh yeah, but I”ve never felt that so good before. I like making myself feel that, but that was way better than all the other times, maybe even all of them together.” He said unashamedly.

“I bet. Now, remember, no playing, but change my baby diaper please.”


Ryker did an amazing job. His hands are so soft, and he is so tender and gentle, but he also applied plenty of lotion and cream, sprinkled on a nice healthy dose of baby powder, which of course I wholeheartedly agree with, and then pulled up and taped on perfectly all my baby diapers, to just the right snugness. It was definitely the very best baby diapering I have ever experienced before, and not even because of the amazing orgasm I had.

“Perfect Baby, thanks, you did a great job, plenty of lotion and cream like a good gay baby boy diaper lover deserves, and you taped them up nice and snug too.” I smile warmly to him.

“Thanks, I like changing your baby diaper, and I love hearing you call me baby, you make it feel good, not like everyone else did.”

“Good, I loved having you change me too, you did a great job. I know how you feel about being called Baby, I got the same thing, I wanted to be called Baby, but not how most did it, they all made it sound so bad and horrible, that I was an abomination, that I should be so ashamed. I never was, never could be, I”ve always loved who and what I am and no one could berate that outta me. Now would Baby like a triple thick baby diaper as well?”

“Oh yes please, I”ve dreamed of it for so long now.” He said, and threw himself on the bed in soggy baby bum change position.

I laughed, but went forth and released the tapes on his sexy soggy little Pampers baby diaper. When I pulled down the front, I exposed the fact that Ryker is still stone hard and pulsing. He is roughly the same length as my pinky finger, so close to six and a half centimeters, but is about the same girth as my ring finger, so roughly two and a half to three centimeters around. His little nuts are tucked up tight to his body and hardly even show in his aroused state, but I bet will descend nicely and be a great little mouth full. He is still fully intact and his foreskin is still puckered and covering his head, even as hard as he currently is. His little erection is pointed up toward his head, and ever so slightly to his left, and he has minimal curvature to it, it is pretty straight. Of course he is far too young to have any hair mar his stunning beauty, but he does have a very small birth mark right where his penis meets his pubis on his right side. He absolutely looks delicious.

“Me thinks Baby”s still a wee bit excited. You have a mighty fine little package.”

“I”m tiny compared to you though, you”re huge.”

“Yes, well, I”m an adult, you”re just five, you have roughly eleven years left to grow, and from how good a size you are already, I think you”ll be very happy with how you grow down here. Don”t worry, you”re actually a good size for your age.”

“Really, you mean it.”

“Of course I do. I can”t remember how big I was at your age, and I”ve never had the pleasure to see a boy your age hard, but I don”t think you have anything to worry about, I think you”re absolutely perfect, and beautiful too.”

“Thanks.” He whispered and blushed. It is kind of funny in a bad way, but of all the things he has said, done, had me say to/or about him, and/or witnessed, my complimenting him so, is what makes him blush. That really is sad, he really is a very good looking little boy, and should have been told so many times before, but clearly no one has felt it important enough to make him feel good.

Given that Ryker really cannot control himself yet, or contain all the amazing feelings coursing through his little body, I was not in the least shocked when he came only half way through the creaming, but in all fairness, I thought for sure he would have cum during the lotioning. Once more the cute little guy completely phased out, and did not come back too until I was taping up his final diaper. I too gave him way more than was strictly needed of baby lotion, diaper rash cream, and even baby powder, but, as a budding little gay baby boy diaper lover, and from how much he and I seem to be alike, not to mention that that was how much he had lotioned, creamed, and powdered me too, I can only assume that that is exactly the way he wants and needs it as well. Of course I am perfectly okay with that.

“Wow, you change baby diapers awesomely.” He sighed deeper than a child is supposed to be able to I am certain.

“Wasn”t my intention to cause you to have an orgasm, you just can”t control yourself yet. So, how does your triple thick baby diaper feel though?”

“So awesome. Thanks. Could I get a baby bottle now, please?”

“Of course. First we really needta tape our baby diapers on real well though.” I said, and grabbed the roll of packing tape, then proceeded to tape Ryker up good and proper. He then repaid the favour.

Once that was taken care of, I led Ryker to the kitchen, I grabbed siirt escort his new bottle, cleaned it really well, then grabbed one of my own, causing Ryker to smile brilliantly, and filled them both up. I am getting us both apple juice, and I even popped the bottles, without their caps of course, into the microwave to warm up a little, just like you would for a baby.

“Wow, you really are just a big baby, just like me, aren”t you.” He said happily.

“I sure am.” I say happily at that, because it really is the truth.

“I wish you were my Daddy, no one”s ever let me just be the baby I wanna be, the baby I really think I am. You would though, wouldn”t you, because you”re the same, we want and like the same things!”

“Of course I would, and if there was ever someone I”d consider adopting, I think it”d haveta be you too. We really do seemta be a lot alike, we both seemta want and need the same things, in much the same way.”

“Really. I”d really like that, because yeah, I think we are too.”

“Yeah, I know, but I”m not really set up for kids here, I have nothing at all, and I work a lot. I often work twelve or more hours a day. I”ve also never even given one single seconds thought to having a child, I”m happily and proudly gay, so having a child naturally was never gonna happen, and I honestly never thought I”d even think I could adopt a child, but, even if that”s what we decided, really, I doubt very seriously that it could happen, I”m sure no one would ever allow it because of who and what I am, and frankly, I think most people will see it in you too.”

“Yeah, I know, I”m a gay baby boy diaper lover, so are you, no one would ever let us adopt each other, would they. I”d love to live here and work in the shop with you every day and not even ever go back to school though, that”d make me feel so happy. I haveta go to grade one soon, but they”re just gonna tease me lots and lots more again. Some days it was almost as bad as it was when I lived with my mother, at least from what I can remember anyway.”

“Why”d they tease you in kindergarten.” I asked curiously.

“Cause a how many times I peed my pants, and my foster brother that I had was in the same class as me and told everyone I wet the bed every night. It was really stupid though, cause he peed almost as much as me. Then there was how much they teased me for asking one of the other boys in my class if I could suck his peepee. He told everyone, but he was really hard, I could tell, he was wearing thin shorts and no underwear, so I think he really wanted me to.”

“You know, what”s funny is that it was exactly the same for me, only I was in grade one.”

“Really, and you were a foster kid too.”

“Sure was, that”s how I met Stu in fact. He”s a couple years older than me, I was eight, he was ten, he too was a heavy bed wetter and frequent pants wetter as well, so we became friends, we stayed in the same home “til we moved out together, in fact it was to here, and he lived with me for two years before he and Jen got married and bought the house they still live in.”

“Wow, Stu was a bed wetter too.”

“Not was, still is. Of course no one else hasta know that, but I think that that secret”s perfectly safe with you.”

“Wow, so that”s why they told me that they were perfectly okay with my bed wetting, and that I”d have whatever diapers I wanted, no problem.”


“Is Jen too.”

“No, she”s a different type of diaper lover, she loves babying her baby.”

“Oh. So, if I asked to wear all day there, they”d probably let me, wouldn”t they?”

“More than likely yes. Question though, how often have you been wearing those pampers, oh, and how and where”d you get them from anway?”

“Pretty much all day everyday, except for bed, when I wear the Pullups, cause I just go around in them, so they”d notice if I was wearing Pampers. They were just in the closet though.”

“Hate to tell you this, but they musta been replacing them and letting you wear them, otherwise they would”ve run out by now.”

“You think so?” He asked nervously.

“Yes. How long have you been there for now?”

“Couple weeks already I guess.”

“Okay, so let”s say you wear three diapers per day, which I”d say would probably be pretty accurate, times lets just say fourteen days for sake of argument, that works out to forty two diapers. There”s twenty eight diapers per pack I think it is, so, you”d already be well into your second pack by now, and getting close to needing another one, assuming everything I just said was perfectly accurate, but I bet I”m pretty close anyway. They”re very understanding about that sorta thing, well anything really, so maybe you should ask, that way you get the diapers that you not only need, but desperately want and very much so deserve as well, and you do deserve wonderful, thick thirsty, tape on baby diapers, especially those sexy little Pampers baby diapers, you truly do look so amazing in them. I know you agree how much you deserve your baby diapers, every bit as much as I deserve mine.”

“Thanks.” He smiled brightly from the compliments, or from my telling him he deserves baby diapers, not sure which, but I have a good idea as to what, because I am the same. “Would you please help me with that? I”m too scared to talk to them.”

“Of course Baby. Now, just so you know, they both know exactly who and what I am, a gay baby boy diaper lover. They”re perfectly okay with that, and so too will they be for you as well, I”m certain of it. Now, I wanna make a pot of tea, would you like some as well?”

“Never had it before, but I”d liketa try some please.”

“Okay, let”s drink up our baby bottles then while we do that.” I said as I popped the nipple in my mouth and started sucking it, drinking my apple juice, about the only way and time I actually drink it in fact.

I taught Ryker what to do to make the perfect pot of tea, and he was happy to learn. He seems shockingly bright and inquisitive, and I wonder if grade one is really the right place for him come fall. We finished our bottles in plenty of time to have a second while waiting for our tea, something that Ryker too was only too happy with. Just as we finished them, our tea was ready, so we had that, and Ryker took a tentative first sip.

“Hey, this is real good.” Ryker sighed satisfactorily after his first sip, but then, I still sigh after my first sip every time too.

“It sure is, only the best tea for this baby boy.”

“I think I”ll want lots from now on.”

“Jen and Stu drink the same tea, I got them hooked on this stuff too, though if you want some of their tea, you may have to challenge them to a death match and fight them for some.” I said with a perfectly straight face, a difficult chore for someone as gay as me.

“Mmmm, with as good as this is, I wouldn”t blame them, but I think they”ll lose, I definitely want more of this.” He giggled cutely.

“That”s a good Baby Boy. Now, let”s go sit back and relax and talk and get to know each other.”


We went and sat on the couch, facing each other, and talked for more than two hours and really learned each other. Ryker has no idea why he is in care, where his mother now is, because no one ever told him anything, but he admitted that he had hated living with her and never actually wants to see her again, because she was so mean to him. He has no idea when he realized he was a gay baby boy diaper lover, and he admitted that more than a few foster parents had called him some pretty bad names because of who and what he is. He actually told me several things that when I give my report, will get at least two families fired, and possibly even charged for the abuse. I did do so too, and while I have no idea all that happened after, Jen and Stu did say that they were fired, which I thought was good. Foster families are supposed to be there to love and nurture the kids, not bully and berate them, abuse them mentally, but, I suppose some people are just like that, and it was how I was raised as well.

When it was time to make dinner, I had Ryker help me, and he did perfectly everything I asked him to do. I eat very little meat, no sugar, or at least as little as possible, and almost no wheat, but Ryker really enjoyed what we made.

After dinner, I challenged Ryker to a board game, and he happily played with me, and we talked lots more as we did so. It was not even eight when Ryker started yawning and nearly falling asleep where he sat, so, I picked him up, carried him to his bedroom, checked to make sure that his diapers will hold up, which they almost surely will, kissed his forehead nicely, and wished him a good sleep.

I headed to bed only an hour later myself and had a great sleep.

I woke at my somewhat normal time of five am, got up and headed to the kitchen to make some tea, checking my diaper as I went, and I am still good, but only for at most an hour. I hope that Ryker is up before that, so that we can change each other once again, because I know how upset he would be if I changed myself, and truth be told, me too.

I also want to have a nice long hot bath this morning like I do at least every second morning, but preferably every morning, so I will dump Ryker in one as well. With that in mind, I made double the amount of tea as I would normally make, so that Ryker can enjoy his bath how I do, I will even suggest he take a book to read, I had told him to grab a few that he likes. That is how I start most days, it is very relaxing.

Only half way through making the tea, Ryker waddled his seriously sexy, super soggy, baby diapered bum into the kitchen, and if he had not leaked already, he soon will.

“Wow, you sure enjoyed your baby diapers fully, didn”t you Baby!”

“Oh yeah, I always do, but this baby diaper is so awesome and wet and heavy and warm and squishy. That”s why I don”t really like the Pullups, they leak too often, and they”re definitely not near as nice as this baby diaper is, this is the best.”

“Hence my not wearing Pullups at all, but I wholeheartedly agree with you on the rest. Nothing can compare to a gloriously thick and soggy baby diaper, one that”s not only super comfortable to wear, but even better once well wet.”

“Mmmmhmmm.” He sighed deeply. “If I”m allowed my proper baby diapers, I won”t wear Pullups anore either, that”s for sure.”

“Good Baby. I”m making lotsa tea, then I”m gonna go lay back in a nice hot bath, sip it slowly, while reading a good book, and relaxing fully, then get cleaned up properly. I”ll dump you in the other bath and you can do the same, I think you”ll enjoy it as much as I do.”

“Could I bath with you instead?”

“Sorry Baby, no. I need my alone time to fully unwind, and that”s when I take it. No electronics, no distractions, just absolute peace. It”s good for the soul, and I think you”ll appreciate that too.”

“Oh, okay, I think I understand.” He said, but I can tell that he does not like it. That is okay, I would probably really like it as well, but really, we do not need to do that as well.

Our tea was ready a few minutes later, we each got two large thermal mugs full, then I took Ryker to the main bathroom. It too has a jetted spa tub which will be huge for him, but he will likely really enjoy it as well. I told him to grab his books, while I started the bath water running. He was back only a minute later.

I told him what to do, and when, how to set it and for how long, and then grabbed the scissors and removed his diapers. He then took the scissors from me and removed mine carefully as well. I took both of our diapers, leaving Ryker to his bath, so that I could dispose of them in my room, I have a proper diaper pail, however, on my way, I could not help myself and grabbed Ryker”s inner diaper, the Pampers, and sniffed it deeply, enjoying his scent considerably, and the desire to taste it slammed into me, and so I sucked it until it was very nearly dry. His flavour was so good, though, that I drained the doubler and his outer diaper too, thoroughly enjoying it, even though I really truly should not have, and not because it is so beyond nasty, yet it is just so good, but because that is the sort of thing that could cause me to falter. If Ryker saw that, I think he would know instantly that he could make me do anything and everything he wants me to do, because of just how hot that made me, and would make me in the future, so clearly I will have to be careful of that if he visits more often, which of course we both want, a lot.

After disposing of our diapers, I went and got my bath ready to go as well, grabbed my book and got it ready, and slipped in with a deep contented sigh. I thoroughly enjoyed my bath and met Ryker in his room when I was done, he was just sitting there, naked and still damp, clearly waiting for me to diaper him.

“Oh good, you waited.” I said.

“Same, I hoped you”d want me to diaper you again.” He smiled brightly from seeing me enter his room naked.

“Sure do, come to my bedroom, today you get to experience quadruple diapered.”

“Really, wow, that”s like four, right?”

“Sure is Baby.”

“Goody, this is gonna be so awesome.”

“Oh yeah, it sure is.”

“Do you do that lots?” He asked curiously.

“Not as often as I”d liketa sometimes, but still pretty much every weekend, and still probably more than I really should.”

“How come not more?”

“Not only is it not good to have that much heat and moisture trapped against your skin so much, but during the week I often have appointments and people can stop in as well, and I don”t wanna scare any of the people who like to think they”re normal.”

“Oh, I guess that makes sense, you don”t wanna be called a freak like I was.”


As soon as we got to my bedroom, I urged Ryker up first this time, and he happily jumped up, landing in diaper changing position. I then got him as thickly diapered as he deserves, and he sighed extra deep once I pulled up his final diaper. Amazingly enough, he did not cum this time, even though he was every bit as hard as he was before.

“You hadta have a couple play sessions while in the bath, didn”t you?” I grinned.

“Yeah. Was kinda nice actually.” He grinned sexily to me.

“Yeah, I don”t usually do it in the bath, but I have, and you”re right, it can be nice.”

“It was.” He smiled brightly.

“Good.” I said happily.

We traded places and Ryker did an amazing job once more in diapering me like I too deserve. We then taped each other up good and proper and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. I made a good pot of oatmeal for us, as well another pot of tea, which Ryker had said that he had enjoyed lots during his bath. He had admitted that I was right, that it was real nice and relaxing, just like I said it was, and that he has never got to just lay back and relax so well before.

After cleaning up, we headed back to my bedroom to get dressed. While packing the day before, I had made sure to grab Ryker a pair of soft cotton shorts that would accentuate his gloriously thick diaper very well, because I had planned this from the start. I was right too, because he looks utterly amazing, standing there in tiny little shorts and a tee shirt, neither in any way capable of disguising the incredibly thick baby diaper that he is now very happily wearing. I even allowed Ryker to choose my clothes and help me get dressed. He too chose clothes that will absolutely not hide my diapers, but will accentuate them too, and he was only too happy to dress me like the baby I am as well. He did a wonderful job. Call it the baby in me, but I do so enjoy someone dressing me like that, as if I cannot do so on my own.

“How come we hadta get dressed?” Ryker asked curiously once he was done dressing me.

“So that we can go work in the shop.”

“Oh, goody, okay, I think I”d really like that, I”ve always wanted to try something like that. I”ve always wanted to build things, and helping you with that gate was awesome, so I definitely wanna do more.” He said happily.

“That”s great Baby, and I have lots I can teach you.”


I led him back downstairs, only this time we took the stairs.

“Now, Ryker, there are some very serious rules for when working in the shop, failure to follow them will have you kicked out for a minimum of one whole day. Can you promise to follow the rules?”


“Good. First rule is stop. What that means is, if I say stop, you instantly stop whatever it is you”re doing. Second rule is listen. That means you listen carefully to all instructions I give to you. If you don”t understand something I say, don”t be ashamed to say so, there”s no way you could possibly know everything, most especially what I”ll be teaching you. I won”t always remember that you”re young, though, and that naturally you won”t necessarily know the meaning of everything that I say, and the only way for you to learn is to ask questions, especially if I say something that you don”t understand, so if there”s ever anything you needta know, or me to tell you more of, you just ask me, okay. Third rule, absolutely, under no circumstances are you to run around and/or play while in the shop. It is incredibly dangerous in here, you play around in here, and someone can die or get seriously injured. Fourth rule, never yell and/or startle someone else, for the exact same reasons, if you startle someone while they”re working on a saw, they could slip and jam their hand in the blade, which never ends well, trust me. At first I won”t leave your side, but once you become good and comfortable enough, and I leave you alone, if you need me for anything, you haveta wait “til I”m done, or get into my line of sight and wave to me so to get my attention without startling me. Any questions so far?”

“Um, no, I think I got it all. You could really die in here though?” He gulped.

“Absolutely. I have some incredibly powerful and dangerous tools in here, and if not treated with the respect that they deserve, they can and will become remorseless killers. And yes, this is said to scare you. Fear the tools in here, yet don”t be afraid to use them, you needta learn to respect them for the power in them to do harm. If used properly, they can be perfectly safe too, and I”ll teach it all to you. Each and every tool you can use has any number of safety procedures to use it properly, as well as most power tools have various safety guards so to keep you as safe as possible, but still, they can be incredibly dangerous. Of course, you”re still too young and small to use most of the bigger power tools, but that doesn”t mean that you won”t still get to learn them, understand them, and get comfortable with them. Many times, in fact, I”ll probably have you help me in some way when I”m using some of those machines, but it”ll always be in a way that”s safe to you. You”ll of course start with hand tools and what limited power tools a boy your age and size is capable of using, and learn up from there, slowly, and at a pace that you”re comfortable with, but we won”t move on “til I”m satisfied that you know everything there is to know about that subject.”

“Okay, that sounds awesome, but what can I do?”

“Lots, don”t worry, there”s so much a young man such as you can actually build and make in a shop, even with using some power tools. Today will be just learning all the basics of hand tools though, so that you start from the beginning. We”ll pretty much teach you everything there is to know about all the various hand tools I have, what they”re used for, how to properly and safely use them, and in what situations, which, believe it or not, is sometimes the hardest thing to grasp. Many of my tools can be used for many different things, while others are only for certain things, but sometimes it”s not so obvious what tools can and/or should be used on or for. So, let”s go.” I said happily and excitedly.

Until lunch time, which was late, and only because Ryker had said how hungry he is all of a sudden, I taught Ryker everything I could, and he happily listened and asked hundreds of questions, possibly even thousands, it was actually one of my more enjoyable days in a shop, I do love to teach, but I would not be able to be a teacher, teaching people who have no heart to truly learn what I am teaching, but Ryker has that, and so much more, and he is a pleasure to teach. That he is pretty smart and super eager to learn only helps in this.

“So, are you having fun?” I asked as we were heading upstairs to get our much needed lunch.

“Oh yeah, I”ve wanted to do something like this for as long as I can remember, and you make me wanna learn, and you”re teaching me so much amazing stuff, and, and, and.”

“Good.” I laughed. “And how”s your amazing mega thick baby diaper feeling?”

“Amazing.” He sighed deeply. “I know I”ve peepeed my mega thick baby diaper lots and lots already, and I don”t even feel full yet, but I know I”m getting super soggy “cause a how heavy it”s feeling, and it feels even better than it did when you put it on me, this is the best day ever.”

“Very good, I”m glad, and I do agree.” I say, to all of it, even the best day ever part, because I have very much enjoyed having a beautiful baby boy diaper lover around to teach. The fact that we are also enjoying diaper changes and our mega thick baby diapers together increases that feeling even more.

We made and ate lunch, cleaned that up, and headed back downstairs, because Ryker said that he still wanted to, which is perfectly okay with me. To tell the truth, I am in one of my shops pretty near all day, every day, I almost never watch TV, hardly use my computer for anything but work, I don”t own a games system and truly I do despise playing computer games. I feel most comfortable and happy when I am in my shop, creating, and I feel that Ryker is like me very much in that way too.

I continued teaching Ryker everything that I thought he would be capable of doing, but he just kept soaking up everything I tried to teach him. We stayed in the shop until well after a respectable dinner time, but before we headed upstairs, we cleaned up and shut everything down for the night, because we will stay in now, hence the reason that as soon as we got upstairs, I encouraged Ryker to strip down to just his gloriously thick and and even more gloriously soggy baby diaper with me.

My god, Ryker had looked sexy earlier when in just his dry quadruple thick baby diaper, and he had looked almost as sexy wearing such a thick diaper and small shorts to hide it, but now that he is naked other than his mega thick and already getting gloriously soggy and heavy diaper, he is oh so much more sexy now. In all fairness, I think all boys are sexier in nothing but a super thick, super soggy baby diaper though, but Ryker really is the finest of them that I have ever envisioned, but maybe that is because he is also the only one that I have truly seen in person, but he truly is a beautiful baby boy too, which certainly does not hurt those odds any at all.

We made and ate dinner, cleaned that up, we had had a baby bottle with dinner, but I made us another as we finished cleaning up, and we enjoyed it a great deal. I asked Ryker what he wanted to do, and he asked if we could play games again, so that is what we did until bedtime.

Neither of us need a soggy baby bum change yet, though I am not entirely convinced either of us will make it through the night either, so, with a grin, I grabbed another pair of diaper doublers and showed Ryker how to stuff one more inside his already well wet baby diaper, so to soak up even more baby pee. He smiled brightly and did so right away as well, claiming that it makes it even better, I cannot, nor would I disagree.

I tucked Ryker in with another kiss to his forehead, which caused him to smile warmly, he closed his eyes, and a look of peace and contentment radiated from him. I shut off the light and closed his bedroom door, then headed to bed myself to end the day submersed in a good book.

It was a damn good thing that I put extra doublers in both mine and Ryker”s diapers the night before, because I was damn near leaking anyway, and when Ryker got up almost half an hour after I got up, he was so gloriously sexy soggy, and he even admitted freely that there was a small wet spot on the bed. Funny, but he did not seem upset with this, but sure was overjoyed with how wondrously wet he is and claims that he has never felt a diaper so absolutely amazingly awesome before, his words, I could not help but to both laugh and agree.

So, clearly, before we can have breakfast, seriously super soggy baby bum changes are in order, and Ryker happily skipped his way to my bedroom and jumped up on the bed, landing in super soggy baby bum change position. I am surprised his diaper did not explode from the pressure that he just put it through, which might be for the best that it had not, I had been in the blast zone, and that could have killed me, oh, what a way to go though. I laughed at his antics.

When I opened up his diaper, which of course required the use of scissors to do so, I exposed Ryker in all his hardened glory. I grinned to him, he grinned back at me. I was not even in the least surprised when Ryker only made it a few seconds into lotioning, though once more I admit, I am shocked that he managed to last through cleaning with as hard as he was and how much he had been pulsing, not to mention moaning, sighing, grunting, and groaning. It really was rather hot.

Because I am supposed to have Ryker home for just after lunch sometime, I decided to only double diaper each other this time. This time, as Ryker was lotioning me, I actually had to stay his hands, because he was definitely no longer lotioning. The look on his face was one that I am absolutely sure a five year old is not supposed to have, pure lust. Though I truly do not want to stop him, stop him I must do, because he simply is not ready for it, even though, right now, with how he looks, he would very happily take all the pain to get what he thinks he needs. I know how he feels, I was once in his soggy diapered position.

“I know you wanna see me cum, as well you wanna pay me back for doing so to you, but I wasn”t trying, and it”s simply not necessary Baby.” I whispered to him.

“I”m sorry, I just really wanna see it happen.” He whispered huskily, no shame or embarrassment evident, he is still so impossibly horny.

“I know Baby. Remember, as it is, allowing you to change my soggy baby bum might be looked upon poorly by some, and you truly are too young to be doing that anyway. What you want, it will hurt you far more than you know or understand, trust me, I know.”

“Yeah, you probably wouldn”t even want a little baby boy like me anyway, but you said you were the same age as me almost when you started.”

“Nothing could be further from the truth, Baby, if it were allowed, and I thought you were ready for it, then I”d happily share all that with you, and teach you everything that you need to know. I believe I also told you that yes, I was pretty close to the same age as you, but that it was also too much for my tiny little body to truly cope with, and it hurt me, a lot. You and I could easily do everything it is you wanna do, it just takes lots of time, patience, and practice, building up to it slowly. You”ve already started on that journey, yet you”re nowhere near ready for what I”d do to you either.”

“Oh. So, I should keep practicing then, working into it slowly, so that I don”t hurt myself.”

“Exactly Baby, of course I never told you this, or anything else like it either, for that matter. Just telling you all that could get me thrown in jail stupidly fast.”

“Of course you never said anything like that to me, “cause I wouldn”t want you to get in any trouble.” He giggled to me, but he finished taping me up, and other than the few seconds of playing, which I really cannot complain about, he did a superb job.

“Thanks Baby. Shall we go get some breakfast now, I”m getting hungry, so I”m certain you must be starving by now?”

“Yes please, and a baby bottle and a whole pot of tea, just for me please.”

I had to laugh.

“Tell you what, you can start on the second mug from the batch I made for myself, and I”ll make another, so that we each get two mugs, plus I”ll also have a baby bottle as well.” Oh what a horrible shame, a baby bottle and a couple cups of tea to help fill my baby diapers the way they should be. Clearly Ryker thinks the same thing.

“Okay.” He said brightly, and skipped happily to the kitchen, and I followed almost as happily.

When we got to the kitchen, we got the tea and bottles, as well as breakfast going, and enjoyed it all.

“So, let”s take the rest of our tea down to the shop and we can enjoy it while you reiterate back to me everything that I taught you yesterday.”

“What”s that word mean?” Ryker asked, his cute little nose scrunched in concentration, attempting to figure out if he knew that word.



“It means to pretty much say back exactly what you were told, to make sure you understand something properly. In this case, I also want you to show me what I taught you as well. This way you learn way more, far faster, because you can try doing it yourself now, thus using your memory. I”ve always found that to read or be told something can be forgotten, but not usually true for things that you”ve actually done.”

“Oh, okay, cool.” He said happily and led the way.

It was just after one o”clock when I realized the time, and Ryker had done spectacularly, hardly forgetting anything and only asking a few questions here and there, mostly just asking if he is remembering things correctly. I am hungry, so Ryker must be starving by now again. I am also getting gloriously soggy, so I know that he almost certainly will be as well. When I asked, he giddily said yes, even going so far as to give his soggy double diaper a good squeeze to verify it. Well, that made me stone hard in a heartbeat, seeing a boy check his own diaper like that does things to me. We do head upstairs though, because we both need lunch and soggy baby bum changes.

We had lunch first, so that we could enjoy our diapers for just a little longer, but before too long, we went to change each other again.

“We”ll Baby Boy, it”s past time to take you home, so we should probably head out.”

“Do we haveta, I”d loveta live here with you?” He groaned.

“I know Baby, but yes, we haveta.”

“Okay.” He said sadly, he really does not want to leave, and I truly do not want to take him back either, but we both know that we must.

“I know.” I said, picking him up and giving him a powerful hug, cradling and patting his cute little baby diapered bum, which in turn causes Ryker to sigh from deep within once again, and cuddle right into me, purring like a kitten. It was really quite nice.

We packed up all that Ryker had brought and that I had bought for him, well, except his really good extra diaper supplies, those are just for my place, and I hope that we get to enjoy them lots more in the future, fully you might even say. Once all packed up, we headed out and took Ryker home, but of course I am going in with him.

“So, how was he?” Stu asked once we made it upstairs.

“Excellent, he loved learning in the shop with me, and we played lotsa games and talked lots more.”

“That”s good.”

“Now, Ryker, you wanted to ask Jen and Stu something, so, no shame, go for it, and remember, they don”t bite, you can talk to them like you talk to me. I promise you, okay.”

“Okay.” He whispered nervously. He finally worked up his courage though, and looked right at them and said, “I”m a little gay baby boy diaper lover and I”d really liketa wear thick thirsty tape on baby diapers all day every day from now on please.”

“Okay. I think we already have some Pampers here that you can use.” Jen said.

“You already know I was wearing them anyway, don”t you?”

“What makes you think that?” Stu asked.

He reiterated back pretty much exactly what I had told him, and both Jen and Stu smiled at him and said yes.

“Thanks.” He said exuberantly.

“Now, just so you know, we”re gonna have another boy moving in in the next few days, he”s a rough unplaceable boy, just like you were, so be warned that he might tease you lots because of it. We”ll do what we can for you, but it won”t always be enough.” Stu warned.

“That”s okay, I”ll just ask if he wants baby diapers too, because he must want them if he teases me for it.”

“That”s a good Baby Boy. Now, so you know, I also love diapers and wear all day everyday too.” Stu said.

“That”s awesome, can we walk around in only our baby diapers then?” He asked excitedly.

“You may feel free to do so whenever you want, I, however, really can”t, especially once the new boy moves in.”

“Oh, okay, I guess so.”

I was unceremoniously informed that I am staying for dinner, and we all ended up sitting back and talking for the rest of the day, Ryker stayed pretty near glued to my side the entire time, and we left the living room only to go eat dinner. When it was time for Ryker to go to bed, he asked if I would come change his diaper, so I said yes. I grabbed my diaper bag as I went past it, causing Ryker to smile brightly, because he knows what that means.

We changed each other, Ryker going first, and he managed to hold off this time, that is until he was creaming me up well, and once more, when he came, he slumped to the floor. When I checked, he was fully passed out, so, I taped my diaper up myself, got up, got dressed, then picked Ryker up, put him in bed, covered him up, and kissed him goodnight. I turned off the light and closed the door, then went and joined Jen and Stu.

“So, you let him change you too, huh.” Jen smiled brightly.

“Yeah, his hands are so soft, and he”s so gentle and tender. Of course I had to hold him off, but it”s not what either of us truly want either, and yes, you are right, he desperately wants an adult, every bit as much as I did at his age.”

“That”s great, you two really are meant for each other. He really is too young for our house, were not really set up for young kids like him, but we”re the only house left who”d take him. Now, you don”t wanna hear this, yet you needta, but especially after seeing him when he got home today, we really do think that you should adopt him. You two really are perfect for each other, and you both want the same things, need the same things, and admit it, you do need him.” Jen said.

“Yeah, but I”m gay, I”m out, I”m also a known diaper lover, there”s not a social worker or judge around that”d approve of any such thing. Then there”s the fact that his social worker would have to be blind and/or stupid to not see how gay Ryker is. I know it”s not always easy to see it in kids so young as him, but he it shines bright like a lighthouse in the night. Then there”s his diaper love, he”s not gonna be able to hide it, he”s too proud of it, just like I was. I mean, I”d love to, in a heartbeat, I already love him to bits, and he loves me too, but, I just don”t think it can happen. Not to mention I”m even less set up for kids than you are. I have absolutely nothing there for kids, of any age.” I say, and even I hear the sadness in my voice from admitting it.

“Yeah, we know all that, except for a couple things you don”t know about.” Stu said. “First and foremost, the Ministry of Children have nearly twice as many kids as they”re able to keep right now, hence the reason we”re always over capacity. We”re only supposed to have two kids because of the kinds of kids we typically take, yet we”re almost always well over that with our house maximum of four, and this is the first time we”ve ever had only one kid, and it wasn”t for long. We”re likely to have the other one soon too, possibly as early as tomorrow actually, and then I fully expect we”ll have anywhere from one to two more kids within the next couple weeks at least. So, if we find good homes, they”re almost always placed instantly. Plus, as a diaper lover myself, I happen to know two social workers and three judges that are also diaper lovers, and one of the judges is gay too. I”ve also met his son, who he adopted when he was seven, and I”m certain they”re more than just father and son as well.”

“Oh, wow.” Was the only thing I could come up with.

“We”ll get the paperwork started tomorrow and they”ll call you when needed.” Jen said.

“You”re not gonna let me say no, are you?” I asked flatly.

“Nope.” They both said.

“Fine, but don”t tell Ryker anything, that way he won”t be upset if it doesn”t work out. To raise his hopes like that and then not have it happen would crush him, trust me, both Stu and I know that pain well, and I never wanna willingly do that to a child, ever. He already wants it desperately, he”s hoping and dreaming that I”ll adopt him and be his daddy, but if it doesn”t happen, he”ll be sad, yet if we tell him, and it doesn”t happen, then he”ll be crushed and all his trust will be gone.”

“We know, and we won”t.” They both said again.

Shortly after that, I headed home for the night.

It was a busy week for me, in between all the custom orders I am making, and the other pieces I make at the same time, I also got called in for two meetings. The social worker was on Tuesday, and he never once asked me about my sexuality, or even if I am married, all he pretty much asked me about is what I do for a living, can I afford to raise a child, and other such questions. I was there for only just a little more than half an hour.

Then Thursday I had a meeting with the judge, and same thing, only I was with him for not even half an hour. I was told that I would have his decision tomorrow.

Friday, just after ten o”clock, the judge called and asked me to come in, so I did so right away, and he barely said anything, just handed me an envelope and told me to open it. I did so, and inside are the signed adoption forms, and copies of all of Ryker”s records.

I was stunned. I left with barely saying thanks, my head spinning. The first thought I had was; what the hell did you just do. I know it is what we both need and want though. I know that I can be a good father to Ryker, but, at the same time, a good father is not supposed to have sex with his son. Granted, I know that there are more boys like me and Ryker out there that think that that is exactly what a good father should do, because it had been what I had wanted, and had searched for when I was just a little kid too, and I obviously know it is what Ryker desperately wants and needs as well, he had told me that very clearly in not only words, but with actions as well. I will hold Ryker off though, allow us to really love each other like father and son first, allow him to grow more, so that I do not hurt him, as well as mature more, because I know I was too young to handle what I did mentally as well.

So, I went shopping. Apparently I am going to need stuff for a young boy now.

I called Jen and Stu as soon as I made it to the mall though, once I had had some time to process it all. They were super happy for us, and asked when I am going to pick him up. I told them sincan escort that I will be a few hours at least, that I am going shopping to at least have some of the things we will need for the next little while, or to get us started at any rate.

The bedroom that Ryker had used will be his still, but it did not have good child friendly bedding or decorations, so I get those first. I also get several more books like the ones he had with him and he says he enjoys. I cannot even remember if I could read at all at that age, but I think that Ryker is ahead in that respect as well. I grab him a nice reading lamp to go next to the chair that is already in his bedroom. I then go and get him several toys, but mostly ones that will keep his hands and mind busy, and then a couple more of the type that I know that he enjoys in ways the manufacturers do not strictly condone, but must know that some kids do use for those purposes. None of those toys are too large, though they probably should be for what I know that Ryker will use them for, especially at his age and size, but, once more, like me, I doubt that they will be. The largest one will hopefully only be just a good light stretch, and will take him a long time to work into taking slowly though, but will hopefully not be too large should he try and go too fast with it.

I also head to a clothing store to get him fully outfitted, though I had to call Jen for all his sizes, and no, I bought him absolutely no underwear, honestly, why would I make anyone wear such horrible things, and I know Ryker feels the same way about that too, because he very clearly told me as much. I am, however, buying him several sets of baby clothes and even a few diaper shirts so that when his diapers cannot show, they will not. I am making sure that Ryker is set up for good sturdy work clothes too, so that he can work in the shop and not ruin good clothes. I am almost certainly buying way too many clothes and other things for my new son, but for some reason I cannot seem to help myself, but every time I see something that I think Ryker will look super cute in, I just grab it, especially the more babyish clothes, which I am absolutely certain that Ryker will love wearing as much as I am sure I will like seeing him wearing them.

By the time I was done shopping, I had been at the mall for a little better than three hours, which might just be a record for me. I am not the type of gay guy that likes shopping, though I do not mind going to the tool store and shopping there.

When I made it to Jen and Stu”s, Ryker was excited to see me and came and jumped in my arms. I cradled him by his sexy soggy baby diapered bum, and all he is wearing is said sexy soggy baby diaper, and he feels glorious, I mean soggy. I hugged him tightly, and gave him a gentle fatherly kiss, while rubbing his cute little baby diapered bum gently, he hugged me tighter, and gave me another kiss as well, though his was definitely more, but at least he did not try slipping me the tongue.

“Hey there Handsome, how are you doing?” I finally asked once we were done our cuddles, though, no, I have not set him down, we are still holding each other, and I am still rubbing his cute little baby diapered bum.

“Really good. How come you”re here, do I getta come spend the weekend again?” He asked with no small amount of hope in his voice, vibrating in excitement at the prospect.

“Kinda, yeah. I”d liketa ask you some serious questions though.”

“Okay, what?” He asks, but I think that he might suspect what I am about to ask, because he started vibrating just a little more.

“How would you feel about coming and spending every weekend with me?”

“I”d really like that.”

“Good, and how would you feel about spending every day between the weekends with me as well?”

“Wait, are you really saying what I think you”re saying? I hoped, I dreamed, I wanted it so bad, but, I”ve never had a dream come true before.” He asked, and I can feel him vibrating in my arms in excitement even more now, and I can see a few tears leaking out.

“What do you think I”m saying?” I grinned to him.

“That you”re gonna be my Daddy from now on and that I getta come live with you.” He said softly, like if he said it too loud, it would not happen, and the tears are flowing a little more now.

“That”s right, that”s exactly what I”m saying. That is, if it”s all right with you of course. I”ve already signed off on and approved everything, all we need now is your permission, and then I”m your Diapered Daddy.” I said happily from seeing just how happy Ryker is from hearing this.

“Oh yes yes yes yes yes.” He said, tears pouring down heavily, and with every yes he said, he kissed me.

I admit, I can feel tears of my own flowing down now as well. I had never fathomed having children in the first place, I was certainly never going to have a child the traditional way, just the thought of having sex with a female makes me sick. Now, however, I cannot fathom not being Ryker”s father, we do truly belong together.

Jen and Stu are standing there, watching, happy for us both. They too have tears rolling down gently.

“I”m glad we finally found you the child that I think you”ve needed for years.” Jen smiled warmly to me.

“Didn”t know I needed him “til I met him, but, yeah, I think you”re right.” I said happily. “Now, as for you Baby, what say we go get you dressed and packed up and leave this atrocious dump. I mean, honestly, how anyone can expect a child to live under such horrific conditions as in this place.” I teased.

“It”s not a dump, my real mothers house, now that was a dump, at least what I can remember of it, it was always grossly messy, and it stunk, like bad. That”s almost all I remember of her or her house actually.” He giggled.

“I”m sure it was. So, how”s your new big brother been treating you, do you go around in just your diapers even when he”s around?”

“Oh yeah, and the first time he saw me, the next day after I got home last weekend, he said, how old are you? I said I”m five and a half, how old are you. He said thirteen. Then he asked why I”m diapered like a baby. I said, “cause I am a baby, I need diapers, why, are you gonna tease me for it? He laughed and called me a baby in the mean way. I said, you can call me a baby meanly like that if you wanna, but you”re not hurting me, and I”m not hurting you, but you”re being a big mean bully. I knew Jen and Stu were around the corner watching, I could see them, but I guess they wanted to see how he”d react without them around, and they both smiled from that, it was pretty awesome.

“He called me baby lots more after that, and not nice like you do, and so once I just asked him if he wants my baby diapers as well, “cause he”s acting like a baby by being so mean. Oh, he didn”t like that very much, and when he went to hit me, Stu stepped into the room and said I wouldn”t do that if I were you, remember what your parole officer said, one more incident and it”s to jail, and beating up a little boy would land you in jail faster than you can possibly imagine. I guess he really didn”t wanna go there, “cause he said he”s sorry.

“I totally caught him sneaking out of my bedroom with a few of my diapers, which I pretended not to notice, so, I told Jen and Stu that maybe they should do for him what they did for me, and accidentally show him where diapers that”d fit him are. They did so yesterday, and I already know he”s wearing them, I saw, and I whispered to him, asking him how awesome they are. He blushed and almost started crying. I hugged him real tight and kissed his cheek to show him some love like you did for me, and told him I know how scary it is, but that it”s really amazing and feels even better, and that I bet he looks real cute in his super soggy baby diaper. Too bad he”s not gay, I”d liketa teach him some stuff, I bet his peepee”s just the right size for me.” He grinned brightly.

“That”s wonderful Baby, and it was very nice what you did for him and how you helped him. Maybe this is what he needed, and now maybe he”ll be better. Where is he?”

“He said he needed to go for a walk, I can understand that, sometimes you just needta have some alone time to just think without anyone there to ask you stupid questions. At least he was still diapered, and nice and soggy too, I think he”s still really scared, but that he already loves them so much, I don”t think he”ll ever willingly give up his baby diapers, not now.” Ryker said far too smartly for his own good. Jen, Stu, and myself all nodded in understanding.

“So, you think he”s gonna end up being a full on diaper lover as well?” I asked Stu.

“Hard to say, yet I bet Ryker”s right, but we”ll leave it for a week or two to let him work into it slowly and decide on his own who and what he is, and if the diapers still keep disappearing, then one day I”ll leave a note on the pack for him, telling him that it”s okay, and that we support him and his choice to wear diapers full time if that”s what he wants. He”s already used a few, so I don”t think it”ll take long at all, so far since he started, I don”t think he”s been outta them.

“His reports from when he was younger, though, because he”s been in care since he was five, said that he was a full time bed wetter “til the age of ten as well, as well had frequent wet pants “til then too, and I”m sure that he wasn”t treated with the love and respect he needed in that regard either. So sad, really, I just don”t get why so many people are so horrified by kids wetting the bed or pants, even still, in this day and age, when there”s so many products readily available, you”d think they”d realize that it”s really quite common. Then of course, I still can”t understand how adults especially can tease and harass and bully children like that and feel good about themselves, personally I think they should all go to jail.” Stu said in disgust, but then, both he and I were the same, we were both supreme wrecks when we found each other, and the home we finally found was good for us in that we were not treated like freaks, given the diapers we not only needed, but desperately wanted as well, and we both healed, well, as much as one can heal from what we experienced, which really is why Stu does what he does, and even has a degree in child psychology, which is his main day job.

“I hope it works out for him, and I”m sure there”s gonna be lotsa tears in the near future, but you two really are the best people to help heal and nurture him, and I”m sure before too long, you”ll have him fully cured and ready to face the world as a respectable man.” I said to my good and, really, only friends lovingly, knowing that they will help so many more children to become far more than they ever dreamed was possible.

“Thanks, and the same will be true for Ryker because of you.”

“Thanks.” I said to Stu, then turned to Ryker, who is of course still in my arms, and said, “Now let”s go get you packed up Baby.”

We head to his bedroom, and I only finally set him down once we arrived, Jen and Stu following us only a moment later with a few boxes. They stayed and helped us, but Ryker really has very little of his own. When I asked him if we should take his Pullups, he said, “No thanks, I have much better baby diapers now.” Before too long, we have him all packed up and ready to go, so, we said our goodbyes and head out.

Just as we are about to hop in the car, a young boy walks up the drive, and Ryker skips happily over to him. He is actually a very handsome young man, and oh yeah, he is totally diapered and soggy, and really rather sexy like that too.

“James, guess what, this is my new Daddy, he adopted me today.”

“Good for you Ryker, I”m happy for you. I wish I coulda been adopted, but it”s too late for me now. No one would want me anyway, not now, not after all that I”ve done. I”m really sorry for how I treated you, and thanks for understanding, and giving me what I needed.” He said, though I think he is sad to see Ryker go.

“You”re welcome.” He said, and pulled the older boy down and hugged him, but he held on for far longer, and I know that he is whispering something into his ear, but not what. Finally he let go, said goodbye, but said that because Jen and Stu are my best friends, that we will likely all see each other lots still. We did, and the following week when we went and visited, Ryker happily stripped down to just his soggy baby diaper with James, who seems to have mellowed out far more, and seems truly happy, and I admit, seriously sexy in only his soggy diaper, and his cute cheeky, almost embarrassed grin, though the embarrassment wore off after only an hour, and it never returned while we were there.

“So, what”d you whisper to him Baby?” I asked as soon as we pulled out of the drive to head home.

“I told him that I hope that he continues to enjoy his thick thirsty tape on baby diapers like he is right now, because he was so totally soggy, and that if he gets the courage to tell Jen and Stu, that he might get lots because of it like I did, and that he can finally be happy, because even he deserves to be happy, even with as much not so good stuff that he”s done. I even told him that I hope that the next time I see him, when we come and visit, that I hope he”ll strip down to just his baby diaper with me, “cause I really wanna see him like that. I know you would too, wouldn”t you?”

“Oh hell yeah, in a heartbeat, he”s quite the handsome young man. If he were gay, he”d have his pick of boys, but I agree with you, he”s absolutely not gay, but I bet eventually he finds the girlfriend he deserves, who”ll baby him properly, just like he deserves, and maybe she”ll be the kinda diaper lover that he is and he”ll getta baby her too.”

“Yeah, I told him that too. As soon as we get home, can we change each other and go super extra thick again, please?”


I pull into the shop, so that it is easier to offload everything, and we put it all onto carts for the same reason. Everything that I had bought for Ryker is in bags and boxes, so he has no idea that everything that is in the truck is for him, and he is not snooping. You have to wonder just how abused a child could be to eradicate their innate curiosity, because I know most kids would have been snooping for sure, since he has to know that at least some of this must be for him, considering he knows I have nothing for him at all, but he never even once looked inside a bag or asked what all this even is.

When I tell him we need to take it all to his bedroom though, he still never even questioned it, though I can see in his eyes just how curious he now is.

“So, aren”t you gonna ask what all this is.” I asked him once we made it to his bedroom.

“Why, none of it”s for me, is it?”

“All of it is, actually.”

“Really? But why, there”s so much here, I don”t need anything.”

“Sure you do, and I got everything for you that I thought you might need for a while anyway. You needed lotsa clothes and some toys, and there”s lotsa other things here as well.”

“I had plenty of clothes though, but you really got me toys, like new toys even, and all of my own.”

“No, you didn”t have lotsa clothes, and of the ones that you had, most of them weren”t really all that good. Not to mention none of them were nice. A beautiful baby boy such as you deserves good looking clothes that make you look even better, and trust me, that”s what I bought for you, nice clothes that”ll make you look real good. As for the toys, yes, new and all for you, though I”ll certainly play some with you as well from time to time.”

“You really mean it, don”t you?”


“Thanks.” He said, and started crying.

I picked up my baby and held him once more by his soggy baby diapered bum and hugged him tightly. A few minutes later, Ryker pulled away from the hug and pressed his lips to mine and kissed me. When he tried to slip me the tongue, though, I pushed him away gently, though still holding him, mostly by his cute baby bum of course.

“Sorry Baby, you”re not allowed to kiss me like that. I love you, and I know you love me, I know that you want it to be sexually as well, every bit as much as I would like that myself, but no, at least not yet. You understand already why that is, we don”t need to go over that again, but please don”t do that, okay, it”s already hard enough holding off, and it”s only because I know it”s the right thing to do, even though we both do want it every bit as much as the other does, but like I”ve already told you, it”ll hurt you far more than I ever care to do so, no matter how much you want it, and/or think you can take.”

“I know, but it”s because it”s hard that I really do wanna do it.” He giggled cutely.

“I know, and even though I”m probably every bit as hard as you are, I can control my urges, whereas you”re still too young and inexperienced to be able to do so. So I”ll happily help you with that, teach you how to control yourself, teach you how to love first. Now, let”s strip down to just our soggy baby diapers and get all your stuff put away, shall we.”

“Okay, I could probably stand to have a super soggy baby bum change, any chance we could four diaper each other again, you said we could when we got home?”

“Now that you mention it, I could probably stand to have a super soggy baby bum change as well, and quadruple diapered sounds like a great idea to me as well, but, only on the condition that we have a baby bottle or two, as well as a couple pots of tea, so that we can peepee our mega thick baby diapers properly.” I grinned.

“Goody, and definitely okay.” Ryker said, and so, I dropped him on his bed, which caused him to nearly bounce right back off. He just giggled again.

I went to my bedroom to get all the supplies that we are going to be needing, though really is far more wanting than needing, and when I get back, I find that Ryker is laying there, ready and waiting for me, though he did not get undressed, which I do not mind doing for him anyway. In truth, I hoped he would not undress, so that I can do so for him.

With as horny as my new baby boy is, I was not shocked when he was not only stone hard once again as soon as I opened up his gloriously soggy baby diaper, but that he came powerfully once more while I was lotioning him up. It was so powerful that he did not come down for at least two minutes after I finished taping him up, which of course took a while considering how well diapered he now is.

“Wow, that was the best one yet. I haven”t played with my bum or peepee all week, because it just didn”t feel as good as when you did it for me, so I never even got an explosion once this week.”

“Yes, well, you needta stop letting yourself orgasm every time I diaper you, or I”m gonna haveta stop doing so, and once more, you know the reason why. I wasn”t even trying, in fact I was trying not to let you cum, yet you still did.”

“Ah poop. You just make me feel so good, I can”t help it. I”m not trying to do it, it just kinda happens.”

“I know, but you do needta try not to as well, and do play with yourself, learn your control now, play and hold off for as long as you can, then hold off for another minute after that, I promise you, you”ll be far better for it. A good play session should last an hour or more, I doubt you last more than ten minutes total, and probably have your dry gay baby boygasms three or even four times, whereas I might have only one, or sometimes two really good gay baby boygasms.”

“Not sure I can, it just feels so good, I can”t stop the feelings from coming so fast.”

“You can, it just takes patience and practice. Now, get me diapered like I deserve please, but no playing remember, and then we”ll tape each other up properly.”

“Okay.” He said happily, he loves diapering me every bit as much as I love diapering him, though we both absolutely love having the other diaper us up as properly as we deserve as well, even if and when it just has to be one diaper, we love having the other change us.

Ryker once more did a fantastic job, and this time he did not even try playing, his hands are so soft and warm, and he makes it feel better than I have ever experienced before. He is so soft and tender and loving, and it just flows through him when he is changing me, thus making it feel so much better than any have ever managed.

Finally we tape each other up well, then before we even start opening and putting everything away, we head to the kitchen to make tea and baby bottles, and we both had two baby bottles of apple juice as we waited for our tea to be ready, which then gave each of us two nice large thermal mugs full. We both sigh deeply as we take our first sips.

As soon as we have our tea, we head back to Ryker”s bedroom and get started on unpacking and putting everything away. He was ecstatic to the point of giddy with everything that I had bought for him, and happily put it all away, me helping him to do so, though I let him tell me where he wants things, I did not just put things away, so that it is his say, since it is his bedroom and all. By the time we are done organizing everything, it is time to get dinner going, so Ryker came and helped.

We ended up spending the evening at the table playing with a couple of the sets of Lego that I had bought, and Ryker did incredibly well with it, even though he chose the hardest one.

We had a really good weekend once again, playing in the shop, Ryker learning everything that I can possibly teach him. He is never truly satisfied until I say that I know no more, and by the end of the weekend, I feel that Ryker really does have an excellent working knowledge of every hand tool I possess, and is already working on getting to know the power tools as well, though there are very few that he is even large enough to use yet. Even though he is pretty tough for his age, and especially his size, there is just no way that he has enough power in his tiny little body to use most of my larger power tools, let alone some of the pieces that need to be pushed through them.

Monday morning, I called the local learning centre and asked how to go about bringing my newly adopted son in for aptitude testing and to arrange for home schooling. The lady set us up to come in tomorrow, so first thing Tuesday morning, we head there.

Given that we live in the old industrial area of our old city, the nearest school is damn near half an hour drive away, and I know for a fact that the buses do not come anywhere close to our place, so I would have to drive to take Ryker too and from school, but I promise, I would lose track of time and miss picking him up probably four out of five days of every week. Even with setting alarms and reminders in my phone, and around all the shops, there is little to no chance I would not miss him at least once per week. I know that this would happen, because I miss lunch virtually every day because I just get so in the groove, and am having so much fun, that I simply do not pay attention to that at all. Having Ryker in the shop with me will sort of help with that, because he gets very hungry and says so, which of course lets me know how hungry I am as well, so therefore stop to get us both fed up.

Ryker would probably have to call me every day from school to remind me to pick him up if he went there, but, instead, I think home schooling really is the better option anyway. His being a gay baby boy diaper lover also helps with that decision, because, like me, Ryker cannot truly hide who and what he is either, he really is too proud of who and what he is as well, and the other kids will try and tear him apart, just like they had to me. I made it, but there were more bad days than I care to admit, there were times, too many times, where I wondered if it really was worth it, yet not once did I ever think to give up my diapers, I really would have rather died. Stu and I were able to help each other out a lot in that respect, and neither of us are really sure we could have made it without the other. I think Ryker is the same as me in that regard, and I really truly do not want that for him as well.

All the tests that Ryker needs to take are done on the computer, and so Ryker was shown into a small quiet room by himself to go through the full aptitude test. Once he was in, I asked how long it usually takes, and she said a boy Ryker”s age typically takes no more than an hour, just because they do not know as much yet and so tend to skip a lot. She then said the longest it usually takes is six hours if you manage to make it all the way through, but that they pause it every two hours, no matter what, for breaks.

I mostly just read on my phone as I waited, while the lady went about her work, and a little more than half an hour after his second break, so just about four and a half hours of testing, Ryker exited and said he was done. Then the lady came in, about ten minutes later, after saying that she was going to go and check out the results.

“Um, how old are you Ryker?”

“Five, but I turn six in just a few months.” He answered.

“And when did you learn how to read?”

“Don”t know, couple years ago I guess.”

“Wow. Your reading comprehension is shockingly good and is rated at high grade seven. Your math skills are lower, but still grade four, science and socials, between three and four, your writing skills are low grade four, and you even have a good grasp of poetry, essay, grammar, punctuation, and everything else. You”re just about to enter grade one, right?”

“Yeah.” He said warily.

“No, we”re going to start your schooling at grade four, just because I think you”ll do well with that, but with grade eight English.”

“Really, but everyone always tells me that I”m just a stupid useless animal, that I”m nothing and deserve even less, that I”m not even worth the food wasted to keep me alive.” He said simply, she was appalled to hear this, as was clearly shown on her face.

“Show me who would dare call you stupid, useless, a waste, or any other such utter nonsense and I”ll end up in jail. You, young man, are so far from stupid it”s nearly inconceivable. Nor are you an animal, clearly, and I don”t even want to ask why anyone would dare call you either, or a waste of anything at all, because then I will find them, rip one of their arms off, and beat them with it.” She said rather vehemently, though I cannot disagree.

“I”d kinda liketa watch that.” Ryker giggled.

“Me too, actually, but if I ever meet those people, I too might end up in jail for what I”d do to them, so I don”t blame you. Hence the reason I adopted Ryker, and the reason for being here today was because I just had this feeling that he was far brighter than a boy his age probably should be. I”ve never really dealt with children as young as Ryker, so I really had no clue what to expect, but the fact that he talks as well as most teens that I”ve met do, and I knew he could read quite well already, pretty near as well as I did in high school I felt, I felt that he was smarter than most.”

“I”m glad you adopted him then.” She said.

“Me more so.” Ryker said.

“I bet.” Both me and the lady said together.

“So, here are the instructions for what and when to do and how, all your passwords are included, as well this includes when you haveta come in for testing and whatnot. None of this requires a hugely big or expensive computer, and more than half the people just use simple tablets to do it, though they can sometimes be a bit slow. We do suggest a decent portable computer with reasonable storage space, and of course you”ll need good internet connection. We never need anything printed, you simply email us your assignments, though many of the things are just done within the program too, so you don”t even have to do that. If you have any questions, your contact person”s information is in there as well, you pretty much go through him for everything. Do either of you have any questions before you go though?”

“Um, no, don”t think so, but we can call if needed.” I said, Ryker simply shook his head no.

“Good. Well Ryker, it was a pleasure meeting you, and I expect you to go and do great things.”

“I just wanna be a wood worker. Nothing else.”

“Then I expect you”ll be the very best there ever was.” She smiled warmly to him.

“Oh. Thanks.” He said softly.

Before too long, we were heading out.

“So, how you holding up there Baby?”

“I can”t be that smart, can I?” He asked, still in some shock at what he just learned.

“Actually, I think possibly even more than we really know. Those tests can only show so much, but I see how you look at things, and I”ve seen how fast you memorize things, no, you”re not as stupid as all those horrible people said you were, and I never wanna hear you question that ever again, okay, you are a brilliant, beautiful, baby boy, and I”ll hear nothing else about that, and anyone who says otherwise is gonna have a very bad day.”

“What if it”s me that says it?”

“You”ll have a bad day too, because I”ll make sure you understand how wrong you are, just how good, and beautiful, and brilliant, and smart, and witty, and funny, and so, so much more that you truly are. No, you are to never talk poorly of yourself ever again, because you”re perfect just the way you are, there”s absolutely nothing wrong with you in any way conceivable, and you nor anyone else is allowed to say otherwise. Got it.”

“Oh. Um, yeah, I guess so.” He gulped and looked more than a little ashen from all that.

When we stopped at an electronics store, Ryker never even questioned it, he just came in with me. I picked out the very best notebook computer I could find, and all the accessories that Ryker could possibly need for it. I know what I am getting for him is good, because I just bought all the same stuff not all that long ago for myself.

“Is there anything else you want from here while we”re getting you your computer for your schooling?” I asked, making sure to point out that this is all for him.

“That”s not really all for me, is it?” He asked in awe.

“Of course it is Baby, I already have pretty much exactly the same computer, so why would I need another. Besides, you heard the lady at the learning centre, you need a computer of your own to do all your school work, because I often use mine in the morning for research and/or planning, and that”s when you”ll do your schooling as well. I can afford to get you the good stuff, and so I shall, which is why we”re getting you this. This will last you a long time though, that”s assuming that you take care of it of course. Now, anything else?

“No, but I don”t need anything near that good or expensive.”

“Sure you do.”

“But…..but……but, I”m just a stupid useless baby, a retard who deserves the slops in the pigs pen, and to get my ass beaten every morning I wake up wet or piss my pants.” He said, then promptly burst into tears.

I grabbed him, picked him up and held him tight, and told him that the only thing he said that was true is that he is a baby, but “that he is my baby now, and I will treat him right.” I know that there are going to be a lot more outbursts like this, as brilliant as Ryker is, he is still a very emotional and young five year old boy, who was emotionally and verbally abused to the point that he has so little self worth it is sad, and will almost certainly take me a lot more work to fix than it took for those monsters to cause in the first place, and I know that I will never truly be able to eradicate it totally, that will always be with him, same as it is for me. If I ever find out who they all are, I will be pressing charges.

Once he settled down some, I asked once more if there is anything else that he wants, and he squeaked out a timid little no. I know not to push it, so we headed to the checkout and paid for all of Ryker”s things.

It was a very silent ride home, the only sound was Ryker sniffling every few minutes. We headed inside, stripped down to just our soggy baby diapers, and then I took Ryker and sat him in my lap, cuddling him gently. I have our bare chests pressed into each other, I have one arm wrapped around Ryker”s tiny little back, the other cradling his cute little soggy Pampered baby bum. He has his head on my shoulder, and both his arms around my neck. As soon as we sat and cuddled like this, Ryker very nearly started purring.

“Now, Baby, while we were in the store, you did something that was very bad, and we need to do something about it.”

“Are you gonna spank me, what”d I do?” He asked, and once more I can feel him vibrating, though now I know it is in fear, and I instantly felt tears start dripping down onto my shoulder. The people who made him feel like this should be ashamed of themselves, and they called him an animal, only an animal would treat another human like they treated Ryker.

“No, I will never spank you, and I certainly hope no one else has before either.”

“My mother did, all the time, every time she woke me up and I was wet, she”d call me a useless stupid animal as she was spanking me, she”d call me retard, useless, animal, stupid, freak, and all sortsa other things, and how I should be thrown into a pigpen because I”m just a pig like them, and be fed from their slop bin too. She usually hit me real hard, and some days I just fell asleep while she was doing it, it was too much, I….I….I…just wanted to die. I think that”s how I ended up in foster care, I think someone called the cops on her, because I think I remember them coming to the house after the last time, and then my social worker took me away, and I haven”t seen her since. I think I asked my social worker about her a while ago, and he asked me if I wanna live with her again, and I said absolutely no, I was just kinda curious, I hope she”s in jail. It”s weird though, I don”t remember her, at all, can”t remember what she looks like, but I remember her voice and how it sounded as she was screaming at me, I remember some of what she said to me, and I remember the gross smell of her and our house, but not her.”

“I”m sorry to hear that Baby, that was utterly horrible, and the reason why you can”t remember her, is because it happened too long ago for you, but you needta know, I will never spank you, yet you will be punished for being blatantly bad. We”ll talk it out and come to an agreement on what sorta punishment would be suitable for what it is that you did wrong, and I”ll ensure that you know what you did and why it was wrong. Now, do you know what you did that was bad?”


“You spoke poorly of yourself. You called yourself useless and stupid, amongst many other horrible things, none of which are anywhere near true, and I want you to erase those from your memory for forever. What”d I tell you would happen to anyone who said that sorta to/or about you?”

“You said that they”d have a very bad day.”

“That”s right. Now, I want you to do the hardest thing you”ve ever hadta do, probably ever in your life. I want you to repeat after me, and I want you to say it strong and proud.

“I am a good and beautiful gay baby boy who needs and loves his baby diapers, and I deserve to be loved and cherished for being who and what I am. I am not stupid, I am not an animal, I am not a waste, and I am perfect just the way I am.”

It took a long time for him to be able to say it, and even still it is not as strong or as heartfelt as it needs to be, but we will do this as often as we need to. I am doing this for the obvious reason to help him heal from the hurts of so many that were horrible to him, to help him increase his self confidence. As smart as he is, he has almost no self worth, which is possibly the largest abuse he suffered, to have that ripped out of him. I know what I am talking about though, because that too was how I was raised, and I felt the same for a long time, and a few good therapists were the ones to help me to learn how to deal with all that was heaped on me. Yes, I did charge my abusers, and they all spent time in jail for it, that felt good. I vowed to check on Ryker”s mother to ensure that she too was, or hopefully still is in jail. I did look into it, and found that she still is, and will still be for quite some time, when I told Ryker that, he too was happy to hear it.

“Told you that”d be hard on you Baby. Now, let”s go change each other, but this time I want you to try your hardest to not cum, okay. You almost did it this morning, but you still did, and I wasn”t trying in the least.”


Well, he held off a little longer at least, I was just about finished when he came.

“Almost Baby. Have you been playing with your toys at night like I”ve told you to, to help reduce the urges?”

“Yeah, but I keep wishing it”s you, because doing it myself just isn”t as good anore. It usedta be the only thing I enjoyed, now it”s just, well, not as good. Even if I don”t get the feelings, when you diaper me, it”s always way better than just playing with myself.”

“I know how you feel Baby, truly I do, but do it for yourself, please. Don”t do to yourself what I did, your tiny little body, and your lack of emotional control will cause so much hurt, and I just can”t do that to you. You think you could take it, I know, and you can, but it won”t be what you expect, not “til you”re ready for it.”

“I know, you”ve told me all that before, but I still don”t really understand it, and it”s really not what I want you to say.”

“I know, which is why you”re not ready, and yeah, I know how much you want me to say yes to you, but we just can”t, okay. Once you understand what I mean and the reasons I haveta hold off, then you”ll be close to being ready. That”s likely still a couple years away though.”

“I don”t wanna wait that long though.” He moaned.

“I know Baby, but I”ll make you take all the time you need, I won”t hurt you, that”d kill me. I love you so much already, you”re now my entire world, everything I do is for you, and I would happily sacrifice everything to protect you. I know exactly how you want us to end up, and truthfully I want that as well, but not “til I know you”re ready it.”

“I love you too. Can I start calling you Daddy?”

“I”d very much love that.”

“Thanks Daddy.” He said and hugged me tighter than I thought his tiny little body possibly could.

The next day I got Ryker started on the routine that I had come up with for him, four hours of school work per day, one hour of exercise, and then work in the shop with me for the rest. We will take Sundays off, so six days a week we work. He was more than happy with that, and it works well for both of us, and he does incredibly well with it as well, with not even so much as one outburst.

Over the course of the next almost exactly two years, this is what we did. I tried getting Ryker into clubs and stuff to allow him to socialize with other children, but it just never worked. He is just too different than the other kids and they can feel it, and it is not even that he is a gay baby boy diaper lover, as far as we know, no one ever even realized that. No, he is just so smart, he makes the other kids uncomfortable, and though I know he tried, I think we both know it was not very hard, but then, even he admitted that his heart really never was fully in it, that he is most comfortable around me, and that no one else makes him feel like he can be who and what he is, though he feels almost like that sinop escort with Jen, Stu, and James now as well. I can actually understand that, I had exactly one friend growing up, no one else understood me, and they would all escape as fast as they could any time I was near, so I do know exactly how he feels and what he is going through.

Ryker has grown very well, two years of good food, excellent exercise, and all the love, devotion, and attention that I could give him had done him very well. He is now a little tall for his age, he is still very slim and trim, but with all the work we do, he is probably more muscular than most seven and a half year olds are. He had already been pretty tough for his age and size when I adopted him, now he is more so. He had been a right little cutie pie when we met, but now he is a seriously sexy young man, with an amazing little body, that he loves showing off to me. He loves for me to compliment him, and run my hands all over his lithe little body and admire his young muscles, though there is still one muscle he wishes I would admire more, and though I do, it is just not in the way he desires, then again, I do as well. We now keep his hair well and neatly trimmed and styled to suit him far better, just a little long now, but not more then six to eight centimeters long.

It was easily apparent only a few months before that Ryker is not yet cured from his past, because one day, while at the park to at least have Ryker playing with other kids, something that we try and do at least a couple times a month, Ryker all of a sudden dropped to the ground in the fetal position, wrapped his arms over his head and curled up as tight as he could as if to protect himself from something, whimpering, no, please stop, I”ll try and be a human, and I was dumbfounded. That is until I heard and saw what he had clearly caught first. A little boy of about four or five, standing there bawling his eyes out with soaked pants from what sounded like yet another wet pants accident, while his mother was screeching at him about how lazy he is.

Well, as I attempted to soothe Ryker, I aimed my phone at the poor little boy and his bitch of a mother and recorded all that I could, and when they left, I quickly picked Ryker up and followed them, still recording, and she quite literally threw the poor little guy into the back seat of their car, clearly not buckling him in for safety or anything, and then squealed her tires out of the parking lot. I made absolutely certain to get the license plate, then after getting Ryker calmed down, telling him what I did and what we are going to do, we headed out as well, and I took the video to the police station, gave my report and uploaded the video to them. Maybe she will not be punished, if it was only the first time, and the little boy does not complain, but hopefully she will be, or she will certainly think again.

It took several days to truly calm Ryker down again after that incident, he needed his soothers a lot, as well as very tender words and diaper changes, and lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles. So, yeah, definitely not healed yet.

Boy did he cry the day he had to give up his Pampers baby diapers for good, but we both knew the day had been coming, because even though he had still been wearing them for quite a bit longer than he could truly fit them, it had had to be while inside another bigger, thicker diaper to actually hold it on. Truthfully though, the diapers I found for him fit better, hold even more, and look every bit as babyish anyway, plus he looks just as good in them as well. We still double, triple, or quadruple diaper each other often, probably more so than we really should, that is for sure, but we both enjoy it so much, how can we not indulge as often as we do.

Then there is Ryker”s school work. In the just under two years that I have had him, he has done almost three grades worth. His English is pretty much done, though he has done extra for extra credits, he is doing exceptionally in math and science, and is only a little further behind in social studies and the rest. I feel that he has at most three years of actual school left if he keeps up the same pace.

Ryker though has maintained that all he wants to be is a wood worker, and like I always tell him, that is perfectly fine as well, as long as he at least completes high school. When it comes to working with wood though, Ryker is doing very well for both his age and size, and while I know that he wants to be able to do more, he simply does not have the size or the strength yet to be able to use some of the bigger machines still. What he can use, though, he does very well on, and his hand tool work is getting shockingly good. He does help me a lot in what I do though, so he has gotten to work with all sorts of materials, not just wood. He absolutely loves working with me, but also by himself as well, and everything that he makes sells very well, which of course I put into his account for him.

Once every week or two, we still go and visit Jen and Stu, or they come to our place, and James now always proudly shows off how well and properly diapered and wet he is. Jen and Stu are now back up to their full compliment of four kids, even though technically speaking they are really only supposed to have two, and so, they have one girl and three boys right now. James admitted that at first it was hard to show that to them, that they had all teased him for it, but that once he learned to just smile at them and thank them for their compliments, no matter what they said, it had become easier. He does now have a girlfriend, only she too is a full on diaper lover, I just hope that they are using protection, because I am certain that they have almost certainly had diapered sex.

James truly is becoming a very handsome young man though, and more so in just his soggy diapers, which he claims to enjoy as thick as can be, as often as possible. He even admitted that the day the kids at school had found out had been tough, but now they all know, and know that he is not bothered by them, and smiles to them and thanks them for their teasing as well, it has been better. It is good though, his being so open and free with that has helped others to admit what they like, and his girlfriend, who is a year older than he is, had admitted it to him because of how open he was about it, and now, she too wears all day, every day, and they really do seem to love each other. We have gotten to meet her a few times, and she is pretty, for a girl, I guess, and when those two decide to have babies, they are going to be truly beautiful. Hopefully they have several beautiful baby boys and never force them to peepee potty train, which I doubt very seriously that they would anyway. They ended up having five children, four boys and one girl, and all are beautiful baby diaper lovers as well, every bit as good looking as their parents are. They had offered to potty train the kids, but for some strange reason, they all refused to give up their wonderful, thick, thirsty, tape on, baby diapers. Who could blame them. One of their sons ended up with a shockingly cute little baby boyfriend in grade two, and they stayed together for life. The others were straight, but their partners too were diaper lovers.

Ryker and I still love to change each other”s soggy baby diapers, and while Ryker has certainly gotten better, and most often no longer cums every time I change him, he is still always stone hard. I know that he plays every night, and will happily tell me so, and now finally has no fears of asking for more lube when he is getting low, because I had started putting it on his end table to use and enjoy, and told him to let me know when he is getting low, though for a long time he would not ask, I had to be firm on that, so, now he does at least.

So, here we are, two years after we adopted each other, and life is amazing. We love each other far more than either of us ever thought we could love someone, and not like lovers either, we truly do love each other as the father and son that we are, yet we both know just as well as the other that our love is deeper than that too, that of full on lovers, even if we have not yet made love to each other.

Ryker and I had gotten up at our regular time, had a good workout and then breakfast, since we like to get that out of the way first, changed each others super soggy baby bums, and then I was doing some plans on my computer while Ryker was doing his school work, but I took only a little more than an hour before heading down to the shop to continue working on my current projects. Ryker Joined me at his somewhat regular time, but he was not in work clothes, as he usually is, since he never gets dressed until he has to, but then, neither do I, and really, why should we.

“What”s up Baby, you”re not dressed for work?”

“Daddy, would you take me to the mall please? There”s something I”m looking for, I just don”t know what yet, probably not “til I find it.”

“Okay Baby, I can be ready to go in just a few minutes.”

“Thanks Daddy.”

As soon as I was ready to go, we headed out. When we made it to the mall, Ryker led us to the department store and then to the toy section. That was when I almost laughed, he is looking at the bath torpedoes, and I know exactly where he likes playing with the ones he already has, same as his Lightsaber. We both know that he plays with his toys in this way, yet he never says anything about it, and while I often ask if he enjoys his toys, and he says yes, he still says nothing more about them. I saw his shoulders slump, they only have the same sizes as he already has. So he led the way to the next store, and he found the same problem there.

“Problem Baby?” I asked, pretending that I have no clue what he is looking for.

“Yeah, I was hoping to get a bigger bath torpedo toy or something like that to play with, but the only ones they have are the same sizes as the ones I already have.”

“Oh, you never take toys in the bath I thought, so I had no idea you played with them.”

“I think we both know that I don”t use them in the bathtub.” He grinned cheekily, and sexily to me.

“You”re right. So, you want a newer bigger toy to fill yourself with, but can”t find the right one!”

“Yeah, I can”t get one too much bigger, the bigger one I have I only just started being able to take it all in easily, but it took a long time, longer than I thought for it not to hurt, that”s for sure. Now I can though, and it feels so good, so yeah, now I want a little bit bigger one.” He said, truly the first time he has actually admitted this sort of thing, even though he knows full well that I know how he plays with these particular toys. At least he did not blush or act all embarrassed about it.

“Aren”t you glad I didn”t let you talk me into filling you up, because you know full well now what would”ve happened.”

“Yeah, I thought that I even knew then, but it wasn”t what I wanted. Still isn”t really, but you”re right, you”d still hurt me too much. If I asked, would you buy me the proper toys?”

“Depends, why not try asking the proper question, you know I”d get you almost anything you want and need within reason, I”ve told you that since the day you moved in with me.”

“Yeah, I know. Okay, would you buy me the proper toys a good gay baby boy diaper lover needs please?” He asked softly.

“To tell you the truth, I”m shocked it took you this long to ask. Of course I will.” I answered him happily.

“Figures. I even knew deep down that you”d do it too, I just never asked, I couldn”t, but I don”t know why.”

“Because, even still, after all this time, you still have a hard time asking for anything, or even admitting what you want and need. You may never truly heal from your first few years, I understand that, but almost anything you want that won”t harm you, I”d happily get it for you if I can.”

“Yeah, you”re right.” He said softly after only a moments thought.

“I know it”s hard on you Baby, but I”m here for you, and I always will be. Let”s go home Baby, then we can look at the website together and pick out everything that you need, and most certainly want.”

“Thanks Daddy, you”re the best.”

“You wouldn”t think so if I didn”t agree to buy you your special toys.” I grinned to him, to show that I am teasing him, he still sometimes has a hard time with joking and sarcasm. I suppose because for the developmental portion of his first few years, everything that was said to him was mean, and absolutely meant.

“Yes I would, you”re still the best, especially to me, and I love you more than anything. I”d be upset, but I”d get over it, and probably just go and buy one with my allowance myself.” He smiled warmly to me.

“Yeah, honestly, that”s what I thought you”d do, to tell you the truth, but I think you”re the best and I love you that much and more too.”

When we got home, I grabbed my computer and logged on, went to the toy website I like, and showed Ryker many of the options.

“Wow, there”s just so many amazing dildos. How do you choose just one?”

“There sure is, but is this really your first time looking at one of these sites?” I ask in shock, because had I been in his shoes, I totally would have been searching these sites, but I had to wait until I was quite a bit older before I had computer access to do so.


“Oh, that actually kinda surprises me. Thought for sure you woulda been researching these sites from the first day you moved in.” I chuckled.

“Actually, just never thought about it, even though I knew what a dildo was, and that I definitely wanted one, I also didn”t think I”d really be allowed to look at these sortsa sites, so I didn”t, “cause I didn”t wanna get in trouble.”

“Yeah, you”re allowed, I don”t really care about stuff like that all that much, as long as you”re not on naughty sites and giving out personal information, then that”s bad, but to look at them isn”t, at least to me, but others might have a very different opinion on that. It”s sometimes hard to remember just how young you really are though. You sound and act so much older than you really are, yet mentally you”re still a little baby boy. I think sometimes even you have a hard time with that, hence your issues with other kids, but I think that little things like this you don”t always realize. I don”t know if that makes sense or not, but I think maybe you understand what I”m trying to say, probably more than even I can.”

“Yeah, you might be right, because I do think that I understand what you mean.” He said after taking only a moment to think on it. “But I could really look at almost anything I want?”


“Okay.” He said happily, and I wonder how long it will take him to find all sorts of really good gay diaper love content.

We researched all the options for well over an hour, me often telling Ryker what makes a good toy. He asked how many of these I have, and I admitted that I have several now. He ended up choosing a nice realistic looking vibrating dildo that is just a little larger than what he is used to, so we added it to the cart. I asked if he would like anything else, and he asked if he could get a butt plug as well, so I said yes, and we spent almost an hour more choosing his first one, vibrating as well, of course, it is the same as my personal favorite, only in Ryker”s much smaller size, which is the smallest they have, and will still be a bit of a stretch for my horny little gay baby boy.

“So, anything else you might want while I”m feeling in a generous mood?” I asked.

“Well, I”m growing out of the diaper shirts I had, can we order more of them, but, do you think we could find cute little baby clothes that”d fit me? I”ve kinda always wanted cute baby clothes, “cause I”m kinda a baby anyway.”

“Sure.” I said, and took him to that website, it is where I have bought his past several diaper shirts, and where I buy mine as well.

“Wow, look at all this amazing gay baby diaper lover clothing, it”s amazing.” He said after looking for only a minute.

“Yeah, these people make the best stuff alright. They”re who I”ve gotten your diaper shirts from for more than a year, since you grew out of the cute proper baby ones, and of course I”ve been buying my baby clothes from them for years.”

“You have some of these amazing baby clothes?” Ryker asked in awe, reaching down to adjust himself, he had hardly had to do so from viewing the toy website, but this site, and my admitting that seems to make him extra hard. I damn near laughed.

“Sure do.” I said proudly.

“Why”ve I never seen you wearing them?”

“I think you already know the answer to that. Yes, we both know who and what each other are, but that would”ve been too much for you I think. It already takes everything in me to control your urges some days, and you and I both know what that would”ve done to you, we both know exactly what it is you want, who and what you truly are, and I”ve known exactly what showing off like that to you woulda done to you, so I didn”t, in order not to torture you more than being together and everything we do already does. There”s no way I woulda been able to fend you off if you”d “ave seen me in some of these clothes though, and we both know it.”

“Yeah, I think you might be right, because the vision I just had of you wearing those really cute snap crotch, jean shortalls, with no shirt, and the band of a mega thick baby diaper showing, made me even harder than I was while looking at the sex toy website, and I was really hard then. It almost made me explode in fact.” He giggled, but it was the sexiest, horniest giggle I have ever even heard of.

“Yeah, know how you feel, but, in all fairness, seeing you the same way would make even me want to crumble. Not that I will, you”re still not ready yet, not for what I can do to you.”

“If I asked for them, would you get a matching pair in your size?”

“Only if you can promise to control yourself.”

“Well, I can”t promise I”ll succeed, but I can promise to try even harder than my gay baby diaper loving dinky will be from seeing you like that.”

I did have to laugh at that, at least his logic is sound and he is honest enough with himself to know that.

“Good enough for me.” I said though, and promptly added one of each of our sizes to the cart.

We then look at all the diaper shirt options that they have, and while I have been getting and will still get Ryker just plain colours, this time I do absolutely encourage him to pick out a few cute babyish ones as well, ones that will truly show and tell who he truly is inside, and he picked out some amazing ones for sure, even more than I had said he could, but I just could not say no, especially to a couple of them. Oh boy, he is going to look so fucking sexy in some of his chosen clothes.

“Wow, I can”t wait for all this to come in now, my diapered dinky probably won”t even go soft once “til I finally see them.” He giggled sexily again.

“Me neither, to tell you the truth. The toys will take three to five days, but the clothes are all made to order, so they”re gonna take a few weeks at least.”

“Oh, okay. Wish I could have them all right now, but I guess I can wait, if I haveta.”

I laughed at that, but then we continued on with our day, and I am certain that Ryker was correct in that he did not go soft.

The day the toys arrived, Ryker was still upstairs doing his daily school work, so fortunately he did not know about it until an hour before bed, when I handed him his box. I had already opened it to ensure that it was all there and correct, and it was, but before closing it back up, I dropped in the largest pack of batteries I could buy, a large thing of lube, and a large box of condoms. I had already taught Ryker this skill for keeping everything cleaner and easier, so he already knows.

When he took the box from my hands, he must have known what was in it, because he damn near spontaneously orgasmed on the spot. He opened the box with shaking hands, and groaned from deep within himself, almost cumming again. I had damn near thrown a few scraps of wood and a carving chisel with a note saying do it yourself dildo kit, but I just did not have the heart to do it, because of the shocking amount he desperately needs this, and yes, even at seven, I know he needs these toys just as much as I do, possibly even more right now. Maybe when it comes time to upgrade I will do it, but he has been looking forward to this for so long, it would be cruel. The next time will be funny though, because then we will not need it quite so much.

Without saying anything, Ryker skipped happily to his bedroom, absolutely none of his thinking being done in his top head, and I laughed. That was the last I saw of him until I could no longer hear him for at least ten minutes, damn near two hours later, and so I went to check to see if he managed to diaper himself. He had not, but he does have his butt plug in, so I left it and double diapered him like he deserves, will likely need, and even more wants I know, because he and I are the same there. And, just because I feel I deserve the same things, I too went and fucked myself silly with my toys, inserted my very own favorite plug, and then double diapered myself as well, then fell asleep a very happy gay baby boy diaper lover.

The next morning, Ryker was glowing like never before and gave me even more powerful hugs and kisses than normal, and thanked me as deeply as he had fucked himself, though he still does not say those words, he said filled. It amounted to the same thing anyway, and it would have turned me on to no end to hear him say it, definitely not anger me. I actually think it is hot for boys to talk dirty, especially to me, but I have never told Ryker this, once more, because of how much harder that would make things, and I am not talking my diapered dinky either, though that would be the largest part of the problem.

Almost three weeks later our clothes arrived, and this time Ryker was already in the shop, and he demanded that we go change and mega thickly diaper each other too. I could not help myself and agreed, even though we really should not be doing so, but it truly is what we both want anyway. I got Ryker properly quadruple diapered and very well taped up, then dressed first, and then he got me ready, and boy did he ever groan when I finally stood up and showed off.

“My god, you just look so good like this.” He groaned from deep within once again, and licking his lips so sexily. My diapered dick is so fucking hard it hurts, and seeing him like this really is not helping matters any, but, I will not cave.

“Thanks Baby, so do you. You”re already an insanely sexy little gay baby boy diaper lover, but, like this, no, there”s no scale big enough to measure how sexy I think you are like this.”

“Thanks, same for you. I know we still can”t, but my promise to behave myself is getting really hard to follow right now.”

“Yeah, I do know how you feel, but, you”re right, you”re still not quite ready for what I can do to you.”

“I know, but I”m getting close.”

“Yeah, I know.” I smiled warmly to him.

Another few months pass before we know it, and Ryker is turning eight years old in only a week. Just about a month ago he asked to upgrade his dildo and butt plug, so I said sure, and we picked out the next size up in the same model, since he really likes it. This time, the day I received his toys, he was upstairs still, thankfully, I traded out the toys and put the wood, a good sharp carving chisel and its sharpening stone, and note in the box instead, and handed it to Ryker when he came down, saying his toys had arrived.

He happily took the box and opened it up, then burst out laughing.

“Oh, that”s good. Now, however, if you don”t give me my proper toys, I will carve a dildo, but it”ll be for you, and I won”t use sandpaper.” He grinned to me, he even planted his hands on his hips for effect and everything.

I burst out laughing, that had been exactly what I was hoping for, he had loved the little joke, so I handed over his proper toys and told him he has to wait until bedtime. He did, begrudgingly, but he did not go even the least bit soft for the rest of the evening, I know, because he often very nearly limped, and had to readjust himself so many times I am surprised that he did not cum from doing so. Of course, that made me hot and hard too, Ryker of course missed nothing and knew that he was affecting me.

When it was bedtime, he skipped to his bedroom and fucked himself for nearly two hours, I thought that it was a great idea as well, so went to my bedroom and lasted damn near as long. Once more, once I no longer heard Ryker for at least ten minutes, I headed to his room to check out the carnage and to ensure that he is diapered. I am not surprised to find that he had gone right through his diaper, he does so every bit as often as I do so, that everything is a mess, there is diaper material and gel spread almost a meter around him in every direction, and that he is not in a fresh diaper, which he most certainly needs, because even if his diaper had not been wet, there is no longer enough soaker material left inside it to soak up anything, not to mention the large hole. He does have his new plug inserted though, so, I leave it, and triple diaper him, since that is what I had done for myself, I felt that I had deserved it, and I know that Ryker will feel the exact same way, we are just so alike in that, truly, we would triple or quadruple diaper each other, all day every day if we could and it would not hurt us.

I finally went to bed myself and had a very good sleep, and when I went to get Ryker up the next morning, he smiled so brightly and warmly to me, he almost melted me. He gave me huge hugs, thanking me for everything, and kissed me, though thankfully he no longer tries to slip me the tongue.

“So, Baby, your birthday”s in only a week, is there anything special you want or wanna do?” I ask, though I do know exactly what he is going to ask for, I have seen the signs, and I know that he truly is finally ready for it, so yes, I do know.

“Yeah, there is one thing. I”m ready for you, I think you know as well as I do that I am too. My new dildo isn”t that much smaller than you are, but the butt plug”s bigger around than you, and I can comfortably take them both now. I need you to finally make hot, sweet, tender, gay baby diaper love to me please. I need you to cum and pee inside me, and then make love to me even more with all the cum and pee you can fill me with. I want you to finally kiss me like I”ve dreamed of us kissing since we met, and I want us to share everything.” He said softly, very lovingly.

“Yes, I think you”re finally ready as well, but are you sure Baby, as in, absolutely, positively certain? I know I”m no longer likely to hurt you physically, you”re ready there, but are you certain you”re ready mentally. That”s a huge step, and one a father and son aren”t supposed to take, and I want there to be absolutely no questions about how it”ll make you feel in your head.” I have to ask, even though we both know just how ready he truly is.

“Yes, without a doubt Daddy, I”ve needed it since the day we met, it”s only gotten lots stronger since, and there”s one person, and one person only that I want like that, and that”s you. I need you to make diapered daddy love to me, finally.”

“Then the morning of your birthday, we get up, I make you breakfast and lotsa tea, then I take you to our bedroom, and I”ll make you feel like you never dreamed was possible.”

“Mmmm, thanks Daddy.”

The next week went by far too slowly to be at all healthy, but finally it is the morning of Ryker”s eighth birthday. I woke up first, went and got breakfast and tea going, making Ryker”s favorite of course, and shortly before it was ready, Ryker came sauntering in, in all his sexy soggy diapered glory. He is only wearing a single diaper, which is rare, we are both normally double diapered every morning, but I am only single diapered for the same reason, and we are both about to spring a leak because of it. Funny enough, but we are both perfectly okay with that.

I gave Ryker his customary hugs and kisses good morning, then set him down and told him to dig in and enjoy. We both do though, a lot.

Leaving the mess, Ryker takes my much larger hand in his still tiny little one and leads me to what will now be our bedroom, crawls onto the bed, lays on his back in the centre to give me maximum maneuvering room, and just gives me a look that definitely says come and get it. He looks so sexy right now it is not even funny, yet he also looks to be fully at peace, serene even, as if he is about to get all that he has needed to feel good, to feel whole, the thing that he has needed since the day he was born.

So I join my beautiful gay baby boy, my son, on the bed to give him all that we both need, because I too feel as if I am about to get the one thing I have needed my entire life as well.

For more than three hours I make love to Ryker. I started by just lowering the front of his diaper to expose his pride and joy, then promptly sucked it in. I then poked the hole that would be needed in the back of his diaper. I had expected to find his butt plug inserted, and I was not disappointed. Slowly I relieved him of his toy and replaced it with my fingers instead, finding a good clean hole, so he must have gone to the bathroom and cleaned himself out first to prepare for now, which is good. My tender probing proved to be too much though after scarcely forty or fifty seconds.

Ryker came hard, pulsing easily a dozen times before he was finished, and he sighed deeply. Then he sighed again a moment later when he was able to feed me what little he was able to, and managed to fill my happily piss sucking mouth just about full, so I did not have to swallow any, I get to enjoy it for a few moments more with his fine little erection in my mouth, and I happily pleasure him even more like that until he cums again.

No, this is not my first time enjoying Ryker”s sweet baby pee, but it is the first time getting to enjoy it straight from the source. I have often enjoyed sucking Ryker”s diapers dry, he tastes so damn good, how could I not. I also suspect that Ryker has snuck my diapers damn near as often and done the same to mine, I just pretended not to know it, same as he pretended not to know I was doing so to his, but I am just as certain that he knows just as well as I do that we have both done so, a lot. I would have loved nothing more than to do so in front of him, while watching him do the same to mine, but that may have made me too weak, I know myself well enough to know and understand that, so I had made sure not to do so, though it was hard, in both ways.

Now that he is ready, I get up on my knees, poke the hole in the front of my diaper, poke my erection through the front of my super soggy baby diaper, and then reposition myself to enter my baby boy, my son, my lover.

I look one final time to Ryker just to make sure, and the look on his face is delirious, he sees and understands what I need, nods serenely, and so, I move into position, guide myself where we both need me to be, and then slip deep inside my Baby, going as slow as I possibly can, but not stopping until our diapers are pressed together as much as they possibly can be, and definitely as much as we have both wanted, needed, and dreamed of since the day we met. We both knew this day was coming, I think we both knew it the day we met, but I am glad it took so long, because it is making this moment so much more special too.

Ryker moans lowly the entire time that I am slipping into him, but it is a moan of pleasure, not pain, and the look on his face is still delirious, with a look of calm contentment, he is not in the least bit scared or nervous, he is wanting this so much more than anything ever before, and knows full well that he is as ready as he can be. I am watching for any sign of discomfort, so that I can pause instantly if I have to.

I do not have to pause in the least, though, he took me all in with ease, with not even one tiny frown. We both know just how much he has been practicing for this day, I know just as well as he does how ready he is, but also just how much effort had gone into making him ready as well. I know that there had been times when he had went too far in the heat of the moment, I had seen the signs and we had talked it over. I tried telling him so many times that he cannot push himself too far, because the tiny blood spots in his soggy morning diapers always told on him. He always admitted that while he was playing that he could not seem to stop, even when it did actually hurt, which was what I kept trying to tell and teach him, also reiterating why we cannot make love, because he will not have the will power to stop when it becomes too much. Thankfully he never tore himself much, but nor did I ever actually let him have any toys that would have been large enough to tear him that much, otherwise he might have too, and he knows it just as well as I do, he even admitted that.

Now buried all the way inside Ryker how we have both needed for more than two and a half years, I finally reach down and kiss my Baby how I have wanted to since we met, deep, passionate, and loving. Trust me, he was not the only one who wanted this, needed this, but I had to be sure he was ready, I never would have been able to live with myself had I done something to hurt him, either mentally or physically. I have felt a deep love for him since that day, I had never even dreamed that love at first sight was real, but, as it turns out, it is, at least for us.

Like the lovers we are, we kiss deeply as I make even deeper love to Ryker. How I managed to hold on for the five minutes I did, even I have no clear idea, but I did, though I wanted it to last for hours, days even. I have not cum once since the day Ryker told me he was ready for me, so my load was so big and powerful, I damn near blacked out from the intensity of it, and how my cum is not spurting out Ryker”s mouth and back into mine as we kiss is actually beyond me.

I have been impossibly hard since before I woke up, and even throughout making and consuming breakfast, I had known I had to go pee something fierce, but I held off on forcing myself to do so, even though my bladder had been in pain and had been nearly screaming at me to let it go, so to save plenty for now, and I think I peed for two or more minutes, which might be a record for me, and because I am still so hard, forcing myself to pee deep inside my baby hurt like nothing I had ever imagined, yet that pain never made me in the least bit soft, it might have in fact made me harder, which made peeing even harder, and hearing Ryker as I fill him is making me harder yet, which in turn makes it harder to pee. It was a vicious circle, and I love it every bit as much as Ryker clearly does.

Both of us admitted that we never understood where this desire came from, or why anyone would want it, but we both do, and while I had in fact experienced it, many times, Ryker had not, and from seeing and feeling how much Ryker is enjoying this, I think he too will be hooked and want it lots from now on, same as I want it from him. Good.

Ryker now feels gloriously sloppy, and so I adopt the slowest love making I have ever managed, and for more than two hours, and four more cums, I kiss and make sweet tender gay baby diaper, sloppy cum and piss love to my beautiful baby boy. Finally we both shrink up and Ryker expels me.

“I love you so much Baby, more than I can say.” Ryker says blissfully, he sounds so at peace right now it is amazing, and makes me feel so good, because I know that he is all good.

“And I love you that much plus ten.” I whisper to my Baby, and kiss him slow and tender once more.

“Mmmm, this has been, without a doubt, the very best birthday ever. Thank you so much. Now, would you please plug me to hold all your cum and pee inside me for as long as I can, and then quadruple baby diaper me, then dress me in my baby clothes? I”d also liketa do the same for you.”

“Good, I”m glad, and happy birthday Baby, but for the rest, yes, absolutely.”

And so, we diaper and dress each other up good and proper, and enjoy the rest of our day together. We had lots of tea and apple juice baby bottles, we cuddled and kissed lots, even a couple times throughout the day we just laid on the couch and kissed long and tender and loving for an hour or more, we cuddled and talked, we played a few games, and we had the nicest day together that we had dreamed possible.

The following day it was my turn for Ryker to make just as slow and sweet and tender and diapered love to me, though of course he is still too small to go through our baby diapers, but that did not matter, and though we had both feared that he would be too small for me to truly enjoy, oh, enjoy I most certainly did, and he made gay baby diaper piss love to me for damn near three hours, and it was more than I ever dreamed it could be. Far more than every other time I had been fucked by almost countless others, Ryker made me feel truly loved, and once done, we kissed deeply like the lovers that we are, and diapered and dressed each other just like we had the day before.

After breakfast, we went and worked in the shop, and stayed there, having a great deal of fun the entire day, often looking to each other and smiling lovingly to our baby boyfriend, mouthing I love you to the other.

And together we stayed, for as long as I had breath in me. I had always feared that Ryker would grow away from needing me and to needing someone closer to his age, but he never did and we are still going strong.

The end.

****Well, if you are still here with me, thanks so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed. So, now, a little information on how this story came about. I truly am a custom woodworker in my spare time, and have been shockingly busy lately. Even with all this virus nonsense and pretty near in lock down, I have been so busy lately that I have scarcely had time to sit down and write. I am in an essential service business, so we are still working, but because half our staff took voluntary leave, because they didn”t want to get sick, that has left half the people to do the same amount of work, though thankfully the boss reduced open hours so to help us at least some. So, yeah, between work and still doing custom woodworking on the side, I have been pretty busy. I actually wrote all this on my phone, in the few minutes at a time that I had a spare second to do so, the only problem, it was a massive pain in the soggy baby diapered ass to do so, and it has honestly taken me way longer to edit because of how hard it is to write on a phone. Think of how many mistakes you make just writing simple texts, yeah, compound that into a story, it was not fun. So, the reason for the story, I did have to make this gate for someone, they are foster parents, and the cute little guy was the boy I based Ryker off of, I asked, and he said he was five and a half, he very proudly added the half, but I honestly thought he was low to mid four, he was so tiny, and he truly would have looked seriously sexy in nothing but a soggy Pampers baby diaper. Granted, I think pretty near any boy would look far better in nothing but a soggy baby diaper, but that”s my opinion. I did not ask for his name, I should have, but I couldn”t, because he can only be a vision in my head. Will I ever see him again, well, I can always hope. Was he diapered, well, I doubt it, but I can always dream, and at least hopefully he still gets Pullups for bed. So, as always, I would love to hear your comments on this story, or any of my other more than fifty stories, should you care to do so, at erich5748 @ ail, though, as always, I do not require your comments to continue writing. Thanks again, have a great and soggy day.****

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